The Human Emperor Chapter 1909 - The Great Tang Victorious! The World Stunned!

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Chapter 1909: The Great Tang Victorious! The World Stunned!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Upon hearing w.a.n.g Chong’s words, Gao Xianzhi ceased to argue.

w.a.n.g Chong had been almost entirely responsible for the Great Tang’s victory in this unprecedented war between east and west. He had been able to predict almost everything that had transpired.

As long as w.a.n.g Chong continued to plan and strategize, there would be no major errors.


Gao Xianzhi pulled on the reins of his horse, turned around, and began to charge at the remaining Arab cavalry.

Pursuing the fleeing enemy!

With the death of Adnan, the remaining Arab cavalry were in a complete rout!


A vast wave of Psychic Energy spread over the battlefield, carrying w.a.n.g Chong’s cold and callous voice.

“Everyone, listen well! Surrender and you won’t be killed!”


Upon hearing the voice of this ‘demon G.o.d’, numerous hors.e.m.e.n in the sandstorm immediately got off their horses and kneeled.

“We surrender!”

“We surrender!”

“We’re from Damascus! The Arabs forced us to come! We surrender!”

“We’re from Meiya! We have nothing to do with the Arabs and are also willing to surrender!”

“We’re Tanzan people and were also forced to come! We’re willing to surrender!”

For this invasion, the Arabian Empire had not only mobilized its own forces, but also the forces of the various countries on its border. These armies had formed a significant percentage of that 2.6-million-man army.

It was one thing if the Arabs had the upper hand, but now, the Hierophant was dead, the High Priest was dead, and the Governors and Deputy Governors of the Arabian Empire were being slaughtered like sheep. The Arabs had no hope of fighting back against this eastern empire.

Things had already reached this stage, so why should they need to die with the Arabs?!


The battlefield grew much quieter as the soldiers from these various countries kneeled on the ground, so many that even w.a.n.g Chong was rather surprised.

Although he had been the one to ask for the surrender, he had not expected it to be so effective.

Regardless, the reduction in opponents was only a boon to the Great Tang.


With a wave of w.a.n.g Chong’s hand, the sandstorm was pulled away like a cloth, finally dispersing.

Maintaining such a large sandstorm had cost many Destiny Energy points.


As the sands dispersed, the true face of the battlefield was revealed.

On this battlefield, those kneeling were hors.e.m.e.n from the countries around Arabia, but the Arabs had all remained on their mounts. Everyone now instinctively looked up in shock as the skies cleared.

The Arab cavalry had particularly complex expressions. For the first time in some time, they had a clear view of the sky.

It had felt like they had gone through an entire year!

But their attention was quickly drawn to the battlefield, which was covered in the bodies of men, horses, Behemoths, giants, giant birds…

The bodies of nearly two million people were scattered across the region, all of them slain while still in fighting posture.

Blood gurgled and flowed on the ground, pooling together into lakes, the lakes merging together into a sea.

This was true h.e.l.l on earth!

Let alone the Arabs, even the Tang soldiers were greatly shaken.

“Run!” someone suddenly shouted, and a moment later, the pale-faced Arabs fled toward the northwest without even looking back.

Those Arabs who survived would probably not dare to step into the eastern world for the rest of their days.

With the battle over, w.a.n.g Chong rode his horse forward, organizing some of the men to handle the surrendered soldiers while dispatching another group to continue the pursuit.

At the same time, countless messenger birds took to the skies.


The news of the Great Tang’s victory caused the entire continent to shudder. The Great Tang and Arabia were the two strongest empires on the continent, and their war had attracted the intense focus of all other parties. These messenger birds carried with them all the details of the battle back to their respective countries.


“The Great Tang won! They defeated an army of two million, six hundred thousand Arab cavalry?”

In the Western Turkic Khaganate, atop Mount Sanmi, Ishbara Khagan was stunned by the news, slamming a palm against his table as he shot to his feet.

This news was such a great shock that Ishbara Khagan visibly swayed as he got to his feet, almost falling over.

“Khagan, the news has been confirmed. Great General Wunu s.h.i.+bi personally entered the front line to obtain this information. The two supreme commanders of the Arabian Empire, Hierophant Khatabah and that mysterious High Priest, were both killed by that Tang!” the kneeling messenger replied.


Ishbara Khagan’s mind was momentarily blank, as if he had been struck by a cudgel on the head. Once he recovered his senses, he s.h.i.+vered all over.

The strength of the Arab cavalry was acknowledged by the entire world.

But in the southwest, the Great Tang had defeated the four hundred thousand soldiers of the Mengshe–Ü-Tsang army while vastly outnumbered, had done the same at Talas, and now, when Arabia had mobilized all of its armies, sending a force of 2.6 million soldiers, accompanied by two legends in the High Priest and Khatabah and numerous Governors and Deputy Governors… it still could not defeat the Great Tang?

Was there any man or force in the world that could contend against the Great Tang?

In the future, no matter how large an army one had, no one would dare to act recklessly around the Great Tang, or else, just as the Sage Emperor of the Great Tang had warned in his official letters to the various countries, the Great Tang would only have obedient va.s.sals on its border in the future, heeding its commands for all eternity!

“w.a.n.g Chong, w.a.n.g Chong… as expected, it was you again! With the Nine Provinces Protector-General protecting the Central Plains, who would dare to think of disobedience!?”

Ishbara Khagan clenched his fists and slowly looked upward, helplessness in his heart.

“As expected… even Arabia lost? Just who in the world will be able to contend against the Great Tang in the future?”

Ishbara Khagan was far from the only one with such thoughts. Atop the lofty Tibetan Plateau, in the royal capital, Dalon Trinling sat on a large armchair, muttering to himself as he gripped the letter from Namri Songtian.

His wise eyes that were always sparking and flas.h.i.+ng with ideas had greatly dimmed.

Even Dalon Trinling and his thousands of stratagems could do nothing about the final outcome of that war in the northwest.

After some time, an anxious and uneasy voice broke the silence. “Imperial Minister, then the soldiers we have waiting for orders in the east…”

All the Tibetan generals in the hall immediately focused.

“Withdraw! Have them all withdraw!”

Dalon Trinling closed his eyes and weakly waved a hand.

“Pa.s.s on my order! Starting from now, all our soldiers will retreat eight hundred li from any area frequented by the Tang army.

“In addition, prepare a letter to me informing the Emperor of the Great Tang that there have been many misunderstandings between Ü-Tsang and the Great Tang over the years. If the Tang Emperor wishes, Ü-Tsang is willing to make a long-lasting peace with the Great Tang!”

“Yes!” A voice came from the side.

The dejected generals in the hall lowered their heads.

The soldiers stationed in the east had been waiting for the opportune moment to intervene in the war between the Great Tang and Arabia, or else to strike when the battle was over. But after this battle, everyone understood that the Great Tang had used its indisputable strength to take the place as hegemon of the continent.

Although the Great Tang’s interior was empty and all of its hundreds of thousands of elites were on campaign, chasing down the defeated Arab soldiers, no one dared to use this chance to attack the Great Tang’s interior.

Because once the Tang army turned around, no one dared to even imagine the consequences.

The Ü-Tsang Empire had lost all right to compete with the Great Tang for supremacy!

Now, it could only retract its claws and become an eternal subject on the Great Tang’s borders.

To the west, far across many mountains and rivers, was the Arabian capital of Baghdad.

While other countries were fraught with concern, Baghdad was a scene of jubilation, awash with dance and music.

“Your Majesty, the Hierophant has already crossed into Qixi and a.s.saulted the City of Steel. We will soon be able to occupy Longxi.”

“With the paltry soldiers the Great Tang brought, how could it possibly contend against the Hierophant and his army of two million, six hundred thousand soldiers? And even the High Priest is lending a hand this time. The Great Tang is no match for us!”

“Congratulations, Your Majesty, congratulations! Once we receive word from the Hierophant, our Arabian Empire can truly be considered to have conquered the world, united the east and west!”

“That’s right! Hierophant Khatabah has spent his life on the battlefield and has never been defeated. Your Majesty should have Khatabah escort the Tang Emperor back as a hostage so that he can pay obeisance to Your Majesty, and that w.a.n.g Chong too! All the shame and humiliation suffered from the previous invasion can be returned in kind.”

“Haha, once the Hierophant conquers the east, Your Majesty will become the greatest ruler in the history of the Arabian Empire! In the future, all people of the world will remember Your Majesty’s mighty deeds, and all the other empires will be eternal slaves to our Arabia!”

Countless great dukes and high n.o.bles filled the palace, gathered around Caliph Mutasim III and showering him with flattery.

Mutasim III was seated upon a golden throne, squinting as he gently rocked a goblet in his hands, the red within sliding along the gla.s.s sides and forming a beautiful little whirlpool.

Although he said nothing, he had a slightly flushed complexion. It was clear that he had been taken by the words of his n.o.bles.

The Human Emperor Chapter 1909 - The Great Tang Victorious! The World Stunned!

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