Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife Chapter 91 Part2

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Chapter 91.2 — Miss You 

Edited by: Larkspur

Being an eligible spy, oh, no! It should be an eligible a.s.sistant… Jiang Xiaobin felt the need to let President Su know of this important matter. They must block everything that could cause problems for Brother Qin, especially the w.a.n.g Family and w.a.n.g Zhilin. They should be handled by President Su! In this crucial moment, she dared to find Brother Qin still. Does she really think that Queen Su is just a display?!

Three days later, Qin Jiran followed the crew and left. Su Yanyi didn't see him off from the set but did so from home.

"Come home earlier. I'm waiting for you." Maybe these were Su Yanyi's sweet and honeyed words.

A Qin Jiran who was reluctant to part with Su Yanyi solemnly nodded his head. "I will."

After she sent Qin Jiran off, Su Yanyi went to tidy up and headed for the company. Recently, Qin and w.a.n.g Company had been restless. The stocks of the two companies had been dropping substantially, especially the w.a.n.g Family's. Compared to the Qin Family, there was never 'the most tragic', only even more tragic. The Qins couldn't help but sigh. Originally, they thought that they were pretty unlucky but after w.a.n.g Family's matters were exposed, they were a bit gratified.

What was that saying? Please announce your sorrows so everyone can get a laugh from it? Perhaps this was a malicious side of humans. Rejoicing over someone unluckier than themselves. This was no different for the Qin Family.

In reality, it was right to say that the were unlucky. In a short span of three days, w.a.n.g Family could be described as tragic. Besides Lady w.a.n.g who still ran around trying to beg people on behalf of the w.a.n.g Family, the other three members of this family were imprisoned. Even though w.a.n.g Zhilin was a patient, she was under special care. It was very difficult for an ordinary person to even see her.

However, it wasn't a problem for an extraordinary person to see her.

"Let's go." This afternoon, Su Yanyi left the company and Kang Zhong was in charge of driving the car. They arrived at their destination in about half an hour, in front of the specially monitored room for w.a.n.g Zhilin.

Someone was waiting at the door for them already. The moment the car arrived, they went up to welcome them. They didn't say much but brought the two to w.a.n.g Zhilin's ward.

"You only have half an hour of visitation time at most. We will be waiting outside."

"Ok." Su Yanyi nodded her head and told Kang Zhong. "You wait outside too."

"Ok." Kang Zhong said, sternly and coldly. Every time President Su was facing w.a.n.g Zhilin, her mood seemed to be off.

Su Yanyi pushed the door and walked in. She was greeted by a w.a.n.g Zhilin dressed in patient's uniform, lying on the bed. She was expressionless, hair scattered all over. How did she look like a woman in her 30s? She seemed to be in her 50s! It seemed like she'd aged 20 or so years. She looked worse than when she'd just got into a car accident.

Hearing a voice, w.a.n.g Zhilin slowly turned her head. It was a very slow action but when she saw Su Yanyi, she turned her head quickly. There was a sudden change in her aging and expressionless face. She looked bitterly and icily at Su Yanyi and yelled. "Su Yanyi, you dared to come. You dared to come again! I… I will kill you, kill you!"

As she hollered, she wanted to run over but was tightly restrained by the handcuffs. She could only struggle on the bed while Su Yanyi stood indifferently at the ward's door. She remained unmoved and didn't close the door either. The police guards coldly glanced at them but didn't do anything.

"You're, you're a sinister woman. I will kill you! It's all because of you that I am like this today. It's you, right? You gave the information to the media, right? You're an evil woman. I must kill you. As long as I can make it out of here, I will kill you and make sure you die a horrible death!"

w.a.n.g Zhilin had been hooting about crazily. Her hysterical state of mind was one of an insane person. She looked at Su Yanyi bitterly and full of resentment. She really wanted to kill Su Yanyi!

Yet Su Yanyi just stared icily at here. She believed this woman's words. After all, she had died at her hands due to stupidity, had she not? She remembered how this woman had pretended to visit her one time and while Qin Jiran wasn't by her side, in a weak voice, she said, "I want to kill you. I really want to kill you…"

Her malicious tone remained fresh in her memory. But at that time, w.a.n.g Zhilin could kill her while right now, Su Yanyi couldn't, even if she wanted to!

Only by letting her live, would she fully experience enough pain. Her punishment for w.a.n.g Zhilin was for this woman to live in incessant pain!

"w.a.n.g Zhilin, look at yourself now. You're behaving like a mad dog, one that is disabled and even lacks freedom, being chained. You're an old and sorrowful dog who can only bark furiously. What a pity!"

When w.a.n.g Zhilin was finally done with her tirade, she heard Su Yanyi's cold words. Though she seemed indifferent, the words were full of mockery. The words slammed against w.a.n.g Zhilin's heart and her bearing took a turn for the worse and was even paler!

"S-Scram! Scram from here. I don't want to see you. Leave here!" w.a.n.g Zhilin's finger was trembling while she pointed at Su Yanyi. She was frightened and angry, but it was more so fear.

Of course! w.a.n.g Zhilin felt fear the most and not resentment. Being locked in this small ward, she couldn't even get off the bed. She'd lost her freedom which meant that she'd lost everything. How could she not be afraid?!

w.a.n.g Zhilin was terrified. She was very scared that she wouldn't be able to make it out of here in the future. To her, being imprisoned was probably worse than death!

"Heh, why should I go? I came here to see how pitiful you are. Plus, I haven't seen enough of you." Su Yanyi softly laughed in indifference. In w.a.n.g Zhilin's eyes, she was as terrifying as a demon.

"You, it's all your fault. If it weren't for you, the w.a.n.g Family wouldn't be like this. It's all your fault, right? Why, why did you do this? Even if I like Qin Jiran, I never did anything to him. Who gave you permission to do all of that to the w.a.n.g Family? How could Qin Jiran possibly like someone as evil and sinister as you? Qin Jiran shouldn't like you. I will reveal to him your true face and make him leave you. You're a horrifying woman who deserves to die. I should've killed you earlier…"

w.a.n.g Zhilin said incoherently and her words were all jumbled together. In truth, her words came from the bottom of her heart, especially the last sentence!

Right! w.a.n.g Zhilin had long thought of killing Su Yanyi. It wasn't something difficult to hire based on her status, but Su Yanyi never gave her a chance. After she'd gotten into a car accident, she had busied herself with recovering. When she'd gradually improved, she became busy dealing with her two admirers. So, she didn't have as much time to think of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. Therefore, she hadn't made a move at all…

Thinking of her two pursuers, w.a.n.g Zhilin's face slowly became calmer, a contrast to the frenzied state from before. Yet, she still looked sinisterly at her.

"Su Yanyi, you will have retribution for doing this to me. Don't think that you can defeat the w.a.n.g Family like this. The power of the w.a.n.g Family is beyond your imagination and there are people who will help me. There will be someone who will rescue me. When I am out of here, I will teach you a lesson and have my revenge. You won't have a good ending!" Thinking of her two pursuers' statuses and pa.s.sion for her, w.a.n.g Zhilin's words were filled with confidence.

Su Yanyi's eyes sparkled and looked meaningfully at w.a.n.g Zhilin. Don't think that she had no idea what w.a.n.g Zhilin was thinking. When she had let the two people in the hospital get close to w.a.n.g Zhilin, she'd already factored in today's situation.

She wanted w.a.n.g Zhilin to slowly lose hope but she was willing to let her feel some sort of hope while in despair. She wanted this to happen to her time after time, letting her lose everything gradually, subject her spirit and mind to torture each time!

This was like a game controlled by Su Yanyi. The rules of the game were dictated by her. She could play it however she wanted to. If the rules weren't to her taste, she could just change it. When she was done playing it, she could change the rules as well. As long as she didn't want it to end, it would never end!

Just like the report this time, there was not a shred of evidence that she'd provided which could sentence w.a.n.g Zhilin to the death penalty. This was because she didn't want her to die yet. Plus, she didn't want her to stay in jail for too long a time. Or, she temporarily didn't want her to be in jail yet…perhaps she should begin with her next step!

"Then let's see who will end up worse." After she finished her words, Su Yanyi left a screaming and berating w.a.n.g Zhilin behind.

w.a.n.g Zhilin's battered look placed Su Yanyi in a very good mood. Once she got in the car, she called three numbers in a row before she quieted. She looked at the scenery outside, as if thinking about something.

From w.a.n.g Zhilin's reaction, the two men she'd specially sent over had held effects on her. Plus, they held a lot of importance to w.a.n.g Zhilin. Clearly, she would use them right now. She had given them extraordinary statuses, otherwise, why would w.a.n.g Zhilin ever think of them?

Su Yanyi had a.s.signed the two men their tasks. She believed that not long from now, w.a.n.g Zhilin would be able to see the two men as she wished.

"President Su, Mr. Qin Zhenyi's a.s.sistant had called a third time today. Lady w.a.n.g called twice as well. According to your orders, I didn't directly reject it. Lady w.a.n.g left a message, saying that she sincerely wants to chat with you." When they were close to the Su Residence, Kang Zhong reported. He had received quite a number of calls these days. Besides the Qin and w.a.n.g Family, all the people in A City who had grasped this piece of information had all called over to confirm the news; either contacting him or President Su.

It could be said that Su Yanyi's moves had almost disrupted A City's market. Many were anxious.



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