Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife Chapter 92 Part3

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Chapter 92.3  — I Missed You Too 

Edited by: Larkspur

 "President Su, take a picture so you guys can use it for PDA." Jiang Xiaobin smiled eagerly and waved the phone in his hand. Although he wasn't a professional, they could still use the picture.

Su Yanyi was reading the book. She raised her head and stared coldly at him. Jiang Xiaobin froze when he met her gaze. Then she lowered her head and continued to read.

He just wanted to take a picture of their PDA. Why are President Su and Brother Jin's gazes so cold? As an a.s.sistant, he had a lot of pressure!

In the past, Jiang Xiaobin felt like Film Emperor Qin was the only one pressuring him. Now, he felt like two people were crus.h.i.+ng him with their weights!

Jiang Xiaobin walked off feeling miserable. Qin Jiran finished cooking quickly. Because of the conditions, Qin Jiran didn't cook any special dishes. There was spicy shredded pork, mushroom chicken, and a large bowl of seaweed soup. When he set them on the table, the dishes looked normal. But as the aroma wafted, Su Yanyi immediately had an appet.i.te.

"There's a limited amount of food. Just make do with what we have and when we return, I'll cook better food for you." Although the crew had brought food over, it was extremely constricted. Naturally, it couldn't compare against the food at home.

"It's pretty good." Su Yanyi buried her head down and ate. She hadn't eaten a full meal in a few days. Now that she finally was able to, how dare she complain?

Qin Jiran was on the side, pouring water and putting food in her bowl. He didn't eat much but he took care of Su Yanyi well.

He had never expected Yanyi to visit him. She was in the car for the entire day and had brought him a lot of things. She stood on the snow, waiting for him. He felt very complicated.

The first moment he saw Su Yanyi, he almost thought that he was hallucinating. When Su Yanyi persisted on waiting and watching him film, he felt warm within his heart. To him, not only was Su Yanyi waiting for him, but she was also supporting and guarding over him!

At that moment, Qin Jiran had that feeling when he saw her standing afar. It was a feeling of realization. He recalled the feeling like when he wanted to guard over Su Yanyi. Wasn't she doing the same for him? In these three years, if it weren't for Yanyi, he wouldn't have achieved this degree of accomplishment no matter how hard he tried.

"Eat." When Su Yanyi was about done with her food and noticed the man was absent-minded, she placed a piece of chicken in his bowl, her tone was cold.

"Ok, you eat as well." Qin Jiran placed some vegetables in her bowl, and he started to eat happily. He could really feel Yanyi's care for him.

After dinner, the biggest entertainment in a place without Wi-Fi was the TV. The two cuddled together on the kang bed stove. Qin Jiran gently held her in his arms and the two enjoyed watching the simplest TV shows. They finally had time to chat.

"Are you going back tomorrow?" Qin Jiran's voice rang by Su Yanyi's ears. It was deep and pleasant to the ears.

"No." Su Yanyi answered calmly.

"You're going to spend an extra day here? The conditions here aren't that good. It's better if you go back tomorrow." Qin Jiran was a bit shocked, but he cared for and worried more about her. In a single-story house, on the heated brick common bed, in the cold snow and temperature, where hot water needed to be boiled over the stove, Qin Jiran was really worried that Su Yanyi might not be used to it. Of course, he was afraid of giving her less than what she deserved. Yanyi probably never lived in this kind of environment as a child.

Su Yanyi raised her head to look at Qin Jiran. She had a strange look on her face as if he said something wrong.

"What's the matter?" Qin Jiran asked in confusion.

"When are you going back?" Su Yanyi confronted him with another question instead.

"In about a week or so." The weather was getting colder and colder here. The crew had been rus.h.i.+ng the filming so they wouldn't delay. He should be able to return as per his plans.

"We will go back together." Since she's already here, how could she settle for only a day or two before going back? Before she arrived, she'd already arranged her work and planned to stay here for vacation. However, she never thought that the conditions here would be that bad. They weren't even sleeping on a bed…

Thinking of the heated brick common bed, instead of dislike, Su Yanyi was actually curious. She'd never imagined that she would've lived here one day, so she found it fascinating.

Qin Jiran was stunned. Go back together? This answer was too surprising!

"Will the company be ok?" He hugged Yanyi tighter, his face betrayed his excitement.

"Naturally, it will be fine." Su Yanyi answered with confidence and her spontaneous proud demeanor touched Qin Jiran.

Confused as he was, he stopped asking questions. Instead, Qin Jiran slowly pressed Su Yanyi against the heated brick common bed and kissed her deeply.

Su Yanyi slightly squinted her eyes, enjoying the warmth the man was bringing her. They softly kissed and lingered onto each other.

After a while, it was Qin Jiran who ended it. "Yanyi, it's really tiring here. I need to film so I can't take care of you."

In reality, he was trying to convince Su Yanyi to leave but he didn't want to say it so bluntly. After all, in his heart, he hoped that Yanyi could stay. When Yanyi was here, he felt even winter was warm.

"I can take care of myself." Su Yanyi slowly opened her mouth and her voice was still a bit hoa.r.s.e. The lingering feeling hadn't left yet. She looked at Qin Jiran with intensity.

Qin Jiran's body started to warm up from her gaze. His body secretly reacted to her. They had had many chances to get intimate with each other, but his self-control had gotten weaker and weaker especially every morning…

Cough, cough. Qin Jiran uncomfortably s.h.i.+fted his body to tame a certain body part that was waking up. Although it was tiring and depressing to endure this, he was willing to. His and Yanyi's relations.h.i.+p was turning more and more harmonious. But in reality, this had been only for a short amount of time. Therefore, he treasured this feeling as if he was dating. It was pure and sweet.

He avoided the awkward position but still held Su Yanyi in his arms. At this moment, Su Yanyi was extremely gentle, without a hint of cold aura. She was like a lazy kitten, softly lying on Qin Jiran.

She s.h.i.+fted a bit and then again. Su Yanyi was already used to finding a comfortable position on Qin Jiran, or a place that was suitable for her. Then, she s.h.i.+fted her head and looked at his eyes. There was a glint of a smile in her eyes.

"How long do you plan on enduring this for?" Su Yanyi asked, bluntly. At that moment, Qin Jiran's ear tips went red.

The man was a bit angry from embarra.s.sment. Of course, this was only on the surface. He pretended to be mad and brash. He pounced on Su Yanyi's lip and bit her. After all, he had learned this from her!

"You love to tease me. Aren't you afraid that I won't be able to hold it in?" Since she dared to ask such a blunt question, he naturally couldn't act too coy in front of her!

Seeing how the man pretended to be angry, Su Yanyi softly laughed. She pressed him down and gave him a dominant kiss. "Look at you! You want to threaten me?! You're a bit too weak for that." How could the domineering Queen Su allow herself to be beaten at such a time?!

Looking at how proud Su Yanyi was, the smile in Qin Jiran's eyes deepened. He pushed her down and his finger slowly slid past the corner of Su Yanyi's lip, his gaze intense.

"How could I threaten you and how could I bear to? These days, I have been thinking of you every day. It's great that you could come…" By Su Yanyi's ears, Qin Jiran said this with incredibly deep emotions.

"…I missed you too." Of course, she missed his cooking more! However, she didn't say that out loud. It's better to be romantic now, her high EQ's speaking. She just needed to keep this in her heart.

Right now, their eyes only contained each other. They slowly moved closer and started to kiss pa.s.sionately, with lingering feelings.

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Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife Chapter 92 Part3

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