Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife Chapter 115.2

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Chapter 115.2 Scram further away, got it? (2)

“Well a good evening to this Eastern miss. Could I have the honour of inviting you for a drink?” His shoddy Chinese sounded very weird but this 'pretending to be a gentleman' manner of this man was very hateful.

“You'll never have that kind of honour.” Su Yanyi said without any courtesy, throwing out the chips in her hand and without even a glance at the man.

The man was naturally dissatisfied with being ignored. With a flash in his eyes, he turned a cold look at Qin Jiran.

“What, your sugar daddy is here so you can't talk to me? Beautiful miss, you have to understand that there will always be more men in this world better suited for you.” This man clearly wasn't some gentleman, no more than two sentences and he had already revealed his vile intentions.

In reality, there really weren't many true gentleman who had boarded the liner. Not surprisingly, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were the only exceptions.

This was the first time Su Yanyi had heard someone calling Qin Jiran her sugar daddy. Instead of feeling insulted, she thought it was quite interesting. However, interesting being interesting, it didn't mean that she would let off such a lecherous man.

Su Yanyi waved her hand, signalling to the secret team to take control of the situation, but before any of the team moved, Qin Jiran walked directly in front of the man and poured the gla.s.s of wine he had been holding on the man's head. In an instant, the man who had been pretending to be gentlemanly became a pathetic pile of chicken soup with wine cascading down, causing those in the vicinity to laugh.

The rule of the Banquet was very simple: the weak were the food of the strong. As long as you had sufficient power and ability then you would have enough say in this place. The Wallens family had never set any rules stating that no fighting was allowed at the Banquet. Thus, there were a couple of people who died on this liner because of some personal vengeance so a lot of old timers who knew the rule knew that there was a show to watch.

Su Yanyi saw Qin Jiran's actions and stopped playing dice. She turned around with a lot of interest, revealing a “there's a good show to watch” expression. She was somewhat looking forward to this man's angry manner, or perhaps she should say his jealous manner?

“To h.e.l.l with you! You're challenging me, I'll, I'll throw you into the sea! You stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, come over and beat him to death!” The man whose head had been drenched in wine went mad with anger. His eyes went red and was about to lift his fist but when he saw Qin Jiran's icy cold gaze, he was shocked and he started stuttering. He waved over his four bodyguards.

When the four bodyguards rushed over, the secret team members already had them surrounded and those bodyguards couldn't move anymore. Even if they couldn't match up in strength, they still understood they had the disadvantage in numbers. At that moment, even the man who had hit on Su Yanyi blamed his own carelessness. He was so caught up in looking at the pretty girl that he hadn't noticed all the bodyguards around her, if not, he would have looked for more people to come!

Even at this stage, the gentleman bro who had wine poured on his head still hadn't grasped the situation and still felt that he had the advantage.

“Don't think that you're great because you have a lot of people, do you not know who I am? You better apologize to me now, if not don't blame me for being discourteous!” Gentleman bro's gaze viciously threatened but actually, he smartly stopped moving. A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. They currently had less people.

Qin Jiran's reaction was very simple yet very rough. His leg kicked out. He now at least understood that trying to reason with people here was useless; using power was the best solution.

Gentleman bro became silly from the kick, as if he had never expected to actually be hit! How could he possibly have been hit? Do these people know who he was?!

“You, you actually dared to hit me? I'm Feynan Thiers, I'm the heir of the Thiers family. You…” Thiers clamoured out of reflex. Actually, he had drunk quite a lot of alcohol and his mind wasn't very clear. However, those who had come to mix around weren't people who had a lack of IQ. At this time, Thiers had calmed down a lot and had stopped shouting. Instead, he used chilly tone and continued speaking: “Who are you guys, what status do you have?”

The Thiers family was one of Europe's crime families. They were very famous and were smugglers. They also had over a hundred years of family history and could be said to be an existence that toed the line in Europe. That was what why Feynan had not been on his guard and had arrogantly run into Su Yanyi, acting like a big shot. Of course, he still did not know that he had run into an even bigger shot and was still in the suspecting phase. However, he was still thinking that if this person's status wasn't as important as his, he would definitely little by little torture them to death!

The strong eating the weak had always been the law of the jungle, then perhaps bullying the weak and fearing the strong was also one of man's basic instincts.

“Scram further away, got it?” Qin Jiran coldly looked at the man who was being protected by his bodyguards. No matter who this man was, he had dared to insult Yanyi. That was definitely not okay!

In reality, Qin Jiran was already holding back. He didn't want to incur any trouble but trouble looked for him so don't blame him for not holding back!

“You! Do you dare to give me a name or not! Even if I'm humiliated today, I should still at least know who my enemy is right?” Feynan was still talking big. He was a prideful man. Although he knew that he couldn't make a move at this moment, he could still say whatever he liked right. Actually, this was what he had been thinking.

Qin Jiran had noticed that Feynan's eyes were vicious and saw that Feynan's gaze now held killing intent. Maybe he had never walked in the underworld or killed anyone but it didn't mean that he couldn't. He would do his best to nix any existing threat in the cradle!

“What, you want revenge?” At this moment, Su Yanyi coldly opened her mouth, looking at Feynan as if she were looking at a dead person.

Maybe Su Yanyi did not know what Qin Jiran had been thinking but at the same moment, she had the same idea as in. You had to get rid of all the weeds. Since they had made an enemy, they should act quickly and clean up later. If not were they really going to wait for an enemy to attack them?

Qin Jiran's and Su Yanyi's expressions were too cold, giving Feynan an extremely fearful feeling. He swallowed back any further statements of revenge. He felt that if really said as much, he would perhaps be spending the rest of his life at this Banquet!

“Say something, don't you want revenge? You don't even dare to say anything now?” Su Yanyi's indifferent tone gave an awe-inspiring chill.

Feynan was indeed in a dilemma; he didn't want to lose face yet he was scared on the inside. However, he didn't actually think that these people could really disregard his family. He was thinking that as long as he stalled for enough time until his father could rush here, it was enough. He had already let his bodyguard activate the communication device.

Feynan had come with his father. His father had come for the auction while he had come to play at the casino. Now that the auction had ended, Feynan's father, Lotefa Thiers would be here soon.

“My father is almost here. If you guys don't want any trouble, you better be more polite to me.” While Feynan had been speaking, his hand slowly reached into his suit jacket as if he was taking out a gun.

“You better not move.” In the moment that Feynan grabbed hold of his gun, a wispish figure appeared at Feynan's back. Then, Feynan discovered that he was being held at gunpoint!

The four bodyguards were all shocked and immediately began to pull out their guns but at the same time, the other members of the secret team had already had their guns pulled out and aimed at the lot of them. Mantis, who was behind Feynan, coldly said: “If you don't want to die, ask them to put away their guns.”

“Put down your guns!” Feynan naturally didn't want to die and immediately issued the order to his four bodyguards. Although his four bodyguards weren't willing, they also didn't dare to joke around with Feynan's life and could only put their guns on the floor.

Right now, the crowd who had been watching the show smartly distanced themselves, finding a place to conceal themselves though none had the intention of leaving immediately. The people who came here were all used to seeing this kind of scene. After knowing that the one whose gun was taken was the heir of the Thiers family, even less people were willing to leave.

Actually, Su Yanyi really wasn't the kind of person who took advantage of her superiority, nor did she want a life to be lost because of such a small issue. However, teaching Feynan a lesson was a 'should'.

“Tie him up.” The moment Su Yanyi gave the order, Tiger immediately took out rope and tied Feynan's hands and feet together.

“What are you guys doing, my father really is almost here. You guys aren't really intending of blowing things up are you, the Thiers family isn't that easy to bully.” Feynan didn't dare to resist but he also didn't want to be obediently taken away. Who knew what these people would do to bully him!

“Whoever wants to bully a member of the Thiers family should ask whether or not I agree.” As if affirming Feynan's words, Lotefa Thiers appeared at the back of the crowd right after Feynan finished speaking. At his back were six bodyguards who upon seeing this kind of scene already had their guns raised.

The secret team members also reacted very quickly; when those people walked over, they had already separated two of the guards. Su Yanyi immediately discovered Lotefa. She had seen this man in the portfolio from her grandfather and had recognised him in a single glance. Qin Jiran moved his body slightly, putting himself in the middle of the two of them. He was trying his best to ensure Su Yanyi was not surrounded by them. He didn't want anything untoward to happen.

“Lotefa Thiers, are you here to apologise to me on behalf of your son?” Su Yanyi asked imposingly. She was still sitting at her seat, lightly swirling a gla.s.s of wine in her hand. That kind calm demeanour left a lot of people feeling extremely surprised.

“Who are you?” Lotefa wasn't angry. As a crime boss, he was more shrewd than his son while at the same time, a lot more calm. He could very easily tell from the posture and focus of the secret team that these weren't ordinary people. Of course, the key factor was the calm demeanour of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. Just a glance at them was needed to know that they weren't ordinary.

“Su Yanyi.” This time, Su Yanyi revealed her name. She had never intended to conceal it.

“Surname Su? From country Z? Who is Su Yanmo to you?” Su Yanyi's name was indeed unfamiliar but it was enough for someone to very quickly connect it to something, such as Su Yanmo's name.

Compared to Su Yanyi, Su Yanmo's existence was known throughout the underworld. There were even a lot of people who would call him the prince of the underworld, there were also a lot of people who called him the big boss of the mercenary world. His name was very bright, no less idol-like as Qin Jiran's. Of course, the two of them belonged to two different worlds so their fans were different.

“My elder brother.” As expected, big bro's name was more useful than her own, Su Yanyi thought as the other person's face became more serious upon hearing her answer.

At that moment, Lotefa's face wasn't the only one to change colour, there were a lot of people surrounding Feynan who had heard this statement. The people at the Banquet were all people who had dealings in the underworld. Amongst these people, there was almost no one who hadn't heard of Su Yanmo!

Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife Chapter 115.2

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