Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 — Overheating of the Brain

Su Yanyi's phone rang with an incoming call. Without even checking, she knew it was from her a.s.sistant. The familiar caller name made her narrow her eyes slightly, and the air around her seemed to drop in temperature. Her eyes even flickered with murderous intent.

Off to the side, as Qin Jiran watched, his expression also became more solemn, and he couldn't help but begin to speculate who the call was from.

Immediately upon answering, Su Yanyi spat out a cold "wait" and walked outside. However, with just this action and her response, Qin Jiran was able to conclude who the caller was.

Su Yanyi had two personal a.s.sistants; a male and a female. The male was called Kang Zhong, and he was responsible for handling the company's external connections and communications. The girl was called Sun Minyi, and she was responsible for Su Yanyi's personal affairs.

The two could be considered her left and right hands, so naturally, she trusted them very much. Usually, Sun Minyi was the one in charge of picking Su Yanyi up.

This was the same Sun Minyi who had ended up betraying Su Yanyi in her past life, and it was not only betrayal but blatant murder. By concocting a car accident, she'd succeeded in sending Su Yanyi into a vegetative state for two years until w.a.n.g Zhilin came along and finally killed Su Yanyi off.

Su Yanyi knew about Sun Minyi's betrayal because when she was a stuck being a human vegetable, Sun Minyi and w.a.n.g Zhilin themselves had stood together by her bedside and told her.

Every single word had been imbued with malice and jealousy, their dissatisfaction towards her, their hatred for her, and most importantly, the scheme they'd devised to use against her.

The image of their vicious faces at the time was still impossibly vivid in Su Yanyi's mind. Thinking about the scene again caused the cold aura around her body to grow more and more intense. Qin Jiran looked on and started to worry.

He had a feeling that something big was about to happen. Though there were several rumors that depicted Su Yanyi's cruelty, this was his first time seeing such a bone-chilling and murderous expression on her face.

Unfortunately, in the end, it didn't matter how worried he was. He could only stand in one place as his gaze trailed after her departing figure. The look in his eyes became deep and serene.

For the sake of chasing after this woman, he'd truly put up a desperate fight, but years had pa.s.sed, and the distance between them showed no signs of closing. He was helpless —so helpless— and he seemed to have become accustomed to this helplessness.

Because of the divorce plans, he'd freed up his entire day. Now, he had nothing to do. He went into the study. Recently, he received the Starlight Film Emperor Award, so all of the scripts he could select from went up by a grade. One of them was a fantasy drama called ⟪Demon Meteorite⟫. He liked it enough to consider taking it up.

However, after more than ten minutes had pa.s.sed, he still couldn't focus on the script. The image of Su Yanyi and how cold she had looked before leaving was stuck in his mind.

Just what had happened?

Qin Jiran s.h.i.+fted his attention over to the computer. He turned it on and went directly onto Resplendent Entertainment's official website. The official website was as normal as usual, without any abnormalities. Then, he went onto his own official webpage, and there, it was as lively as always.

As he read over the myriad of comments, he really didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. The gossipy ones especially—they rendered him speechless. He was clearly clean and possessed excellent self-control, pouring his whole heart and soul into pursuing Su Yanyi, and yet he was still involved in rumors and scandals.

Some insisted on making groundless claims about him and an actress he'd worked with recently, and others were just completely fabricated out of nothing. He didn't even know where all of those names came from, and he had no choice but to hand it over to the imaginations of his fans.

He kept scrolling until a comment made by a fan named "Qin's Little Sister" caught his eye.

[Big Brother Qin, I heard you fell in love again. Is it true love this time?]

True love? He only had one true love!

Maybe it was because he'd been struck with too much excitement in just the span of one morning, but he really didn't know what he was thinking when he did what he did next. That comment was like a fire match, frying his brain until before he knew it, he had posted a message on the website.

[I have a true love, and I'll love her for life. The relations mentioned in scandals are completely fabricated, none of them are true!]

To the outside world, Qin Jiran's most notable qualities consisted of his monarch-like overbearance, good looks, masculinity, and his dignified and lofty aura. However, he was actually a very lowkey person. He never took part in any variety shows or talk shows. Aside from shooting films, he would… shoot films.

Contact with fans was negligible, and he didn't even have any personal posts on his official webpage. Everything was managed by his a.s.sistant. For these reasons, Qin Jiran's fans were labeled as the most pitiful fans in the entertainment world.

If it weren't for how outstanding he was, he never would've reached his current level of popularity.

And now, he had thrown his entire webpage into chaos. After the initial shock wore off, a herd of fans frantically began to leave comments.

[Warning! Warning! Film Emperor's webpage has been hacked, an impostor has left a fake message!]

[Shameless hacker, how dare you pose as Big Brother Qin! Plank him!]

[What kind of ruse is this? I feel a bit dizzy, I think I just saw an alien!]

[Big Brother Qin, Planet Earth is so scary, please take me away from here!]

There was a number of comments, each one more far-fetched than the one before, but their contents could all be summed up with one sentence: None of them believed it was Qin Jiran himself who had posted the message.

His fans were arrogant in calling themselves "Imperial Fans," and as an Imperial Fan would say: Our Emperor Qin would never say something like that! Absolutely not!

Qin Jiran glared at the screen and couldn't restrain himself from typing again. He wanted to say that he was the real Qin Jiran, but two characters later, he received a call from his agent, Tao Yuke.

"Did you write that message on your official webpage? Did you go crazy?"

"It was me. I didn't go crazy." All he had wanted to do was tell everyone that his heart was already taken, and he didn't want to be caught up in those messy rumors and scandals anymore.

"You didn't go crazy, but you still dared to say that kind of thing? Do you know how much trouble you've just caused? Do you think that just because you became the Film Emperor, you can do anything you want? Do you know what you just caused?"

Tao Yuke was speaking in a very harsh tone, and the anger in his voice couldn't be more obvious. The reprimand didn't sit well with Qin Jiran.

As a veteran of Resplendent Entertainment, Tao Yuke had entered the company much earlier than Qin Jiran did, and the man would often put on airs in front of Qin Jiran. He actually didn't like this agent of his that much, but Su Yanyi had personally selected the agent for him. Even if he was dissatisfied, he wouldn't voice it.

Besides, Tao Yuke was indeed very competent.

That didn't mean he had no temper though.

"Watch your tone. If you don't know how to handle this, then I'll go find someone who does," Qin Jiran said coldly. 

Tao Yuke was capable, yes, but most of the time, the two would find themselves on completely different pages. Qin Jiran knew about all of the little tricks Tao Yuke had pulled over the years.

If it wasn't for his worry over how Su Yanyi would react, Qin Jiran would've switched to a new agent already.

[Little Theater]

Film Emperor: Wifey, today my brain overheated and I err'd. What to do?

Beloved Wife: Fear not. If anything happens, I'll protect you!

VIN: The fans are… annoying, to say the least.

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Rebirth Of The Film Emperor's Beloved Wife Chapter 5

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