Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1461 - You Will Recover

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Chapter 1461 You Will Recover

Luo Heng was startled and saw Feng Jiu walk forwards past the boundary barrier. Sure enough, the boundary barrier had dissipated and he immediately followed her inside.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had this thing earlier! You made me come here in vain so many times.” He couldn’t help but complained. However, once he heard his voice travel through the deafening silence of the cave dwelling, he closed his mouth hurriedly.

Feng Jiu looked at the items that were scattered on the ground in a mess. In addition to some commonly used items, there were also some medicinal herbs amongst the items. When she walked past the alchemy room, she saw that the shelf that used to hold the elixir medicines had been smashed to pieces on the floor.

She stopped walking and asked in a low voice: “If he couldn’t get up, why is everything in here so messy? Even the elixir medicines are scattered on the ground.”

“You don’t know that he was injured in the Mystic Realm? When he came back he was conscious but after we sent him back here, he struggled and smashed everything within his reach. He must have continued to smash things after we left and even smashed up the elixir medicine shelf in the alchemy room.”

As he spoke, he tilted his head to look inside and said in a low voice: “Why is it so quiet? Has something happened to him?”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu walked inside quickly and when she came to his bedroom, she saw Chen Dao lying on the ground. His forehead was bleeding and he was unconscious on the ground.

When she saw this, Feng Jiu’s heart sank and she stepped forward quickly: “Quickly, help him into bed!”

Luo Heng seemed to be in shock and responded hurriedly. He lifted him up onto the bed with Feng Jiu’s help and shouted anxiously: “I’m going to get a doctor!”

Before Feng Jiu was able to say anything in response, he had already opened the boundary barrier of the cave dwelling and headed outside.

Upon seeing this, she could only take a look at Chen Dao’s injuries. When she checked his pulse, she realised that his internal injuries had not completely healed, and as Luo Heng had said, the most serious injury was his spinal injury.

She took an elixir pill out from her s.p.a.ce and put it into his mouth, at the same time, her palm had gathered spiritual energy to help him digest the pill. She also tended to the wound on his forehead. After about the time it took to burn an incense, he finally woke up.

“Senior Brother Chen, it’s me, Feng Jiu. How do you feel now?” She asked softly as she saw his eyes go still. She then said: “Don’t worry, your spinal injury won’t give you any major problems. Once it’s been treated, it will be just like before.”

She was speaking the truth, however, to Chen Dao, it was just Feng Jiu trying to console him. Therefore, he remained expressionless and just murmured: “I am just a handicap, I have become a useless person. What is the point in living anymore?”

“Senior Brother Chen, how can you give up on yourself? It’s just two broken bones, what’s the big deal? Once the broken bones are mended you will recover. It’s no big deal.”

“You should leave! I know what my situation is.” He stared at the ceiling of the cave dwelling expressionlessly and murmured emotionlessly: “I never thought that I, Chen Dao would ever face such a day, death is better than such a life…..”

Upon seeing this, she continued to speak: “Senior Brother Chen, I may not have many talents, however, I do have a family-owned ointment for treating broken bones. Don’t worry, you will recover from your injuries within three months.”

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1461 - You Will Recover

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