Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 621

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Chapter 621: I really didn't mean it

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Ye Jing looked at the red robed young man who had been thrown out her way in dismay. She could not respond for a moment. Her mind was blank. Her body instinctively stepped back to avoid it. However, somehow, it seemed that she stepped on her skirt while moving backwards. She lost balance and tumbled slightly to the back. However, without giving her time to steady herself, she was suddenly knocked down to the ground by the young man in red.


Two m.u.f.fled grunts were heard accompanied by the surprised gasps from the surrounding crowd. Everyone around them froze. The crowd was in a daze. They looked at the young man in red who had flattened Ye Jing to the ground in astonishment.

Feng Jiu was thrown from the horseback but did not feel any pain after hitting the ground. Under her body, there was a young girl's sweet scent and pliable figure. Just as she was about to get up, she noticed that something was not right. Both of her hands were grabbing at soft and pliable objects. She couldn't help but kneaded them.

For a moment, sharply drawn breaths were heard around her. Before she had time to think what the soft, pliable sensation in the palm of her hands was, she raised her head and looked down at the girl's startled face.

She saw the beautiful girl and remembered her previous act of saving the child. She smiled and said, “h.e.l.lo…”

Before she finished speaking, she saw her face turned from pallor to red. In the girl's shame and fury, she lifted her hand to slap Feng Jiu and shouted, “Pervert!”

“Ah! Don't… don't hit!”

Feng Jiu naturally raised her hand to block and directly changed from falling on the girl to sitting between her waist and belly. Only when she sat up did she discovered that the soft thing she grasped and kneaded earlier was the woman's plump and soft bosom…

She was petrified and stunned.

No wonder the woman's face turned red in shame and anger. No wonder the crowd gasped accompanied by cries of shock. She, in front of so many people, pushed down the beautiful Ye Jing, one of Nebula Academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven, on the street. She also behaved like a hoodlum, touching and kneading the girl's plump bosom in front of so many people. This, this…

“I didn't mean it!”

She jumped up at once and shouted with a loud voice. She felt guilty and didn't dare to hit someone's daughter.

The woman in white seemed to have recovered from her shock. She pointed at Feng Jiu angrily and yelled, “You're a pervert! How dare you touch her in the street? You…you…you know very well that she's one of the Nebula Academy's Ten Proud Sons of Heaven, Ye Jing!”

Before she finished talking, the people around who didn't know Ye Jing started exclaiming in shock one after another.

“Hiss! That's actually Ye Jing!”

“She is one of Nebula Academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven. Besides her beautiful appearance, her cultivation is also outstanding. Unexpectedly, that young man took advantage of her…”

Right after, remarks sprung up from all four corners. One by one, the spectators looked at the woman who rose from the ground with eyes full of shame and anger.

But Feng Jiu did not look at Ye Jing but glanced at the woman in white who helped Ye Jing to stand up.

“Pervert! I'll kill you!”

After all, she was only a sixteen-year-old girl. Even though she had a gentle personality, she had never suffered such unspeakable humiliation. The rim of her eyes reddened and a mist of tears gathered in her eyes. She lifted her hands and stroke at the young man in red who had retreated.

“Ah! Don't hit me, don't hit me! I really didn't mean it!”

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 621

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