Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 635

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Chapter 635: Lovable and innocent Feng Jiu

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When she heard him, Feng Jiu simply looked at him and smiled. She walked inside without saying anything. When she entered, she saw two teachers who were in the midst of a conversation. Her eyes swept over the badges of the two and saw that they were Second Ranked Alchemists.

“Greetings to both teachers.” She went forward and bowed respectfully.

The two who were in the midst of their conversation stopped and looked at Feng Jiu at the same time. One of them asked: “Have you refined any medicinal pills before?”


“Have you read the Grand Spirit Herbs Collection?”

“Yes, I have.”

“How much of it do you remember?”

“If not a hundred, then at least ninety percent of it.”

Upon hearing this, the two teachers laughed out at the same time. They didn't say anything more and only instructed her: “There's paper and brush over there. Write out a hundred of first grade spirit herbs, their medicinal properties, things that they are in harmony with as well as their antagonists.”

“Yes.” She replied and walked to the table and started writing.

The two looked at each other and shook their heads. It was not difficult to write out a hundred kinds of first grade spirit herbs. However, it was not easy to list out their medicinal properties, things that they were in harmony with as well as the antagonists of each spirit herb.

This youth did not say anything more, his reply was simple and straightforward. It was either he was not confident or he was just too full of himself. In their view, this youth was only fifteen or sixteen years old. At this age, it would be difficult to make it in Alchemy. To be familiar with the medicinal properties, things that they are in harmony with as well as the antagonists of each spirit herb was something that was almost an impossible feat.

Therefore, the two of them started to reminisce about the good old days and talked about the decline in the number of applicants who came to apply for the Alchemy division this year. Until now, no one had been accepted and they had to discuss whether they need to discuss with the headmaster to see if they should lower their admission criteria.

While listening to the two people talking there, Feng Jiu wrote down the medicinal properties of the hundred spirit herbs, things that they were in harmony with as well as their antagonists. She had studied the Grand Spirit Herbs Collection before and she was very proficient in medicine. She also had a very good grasp of the pharmacology of those medicines. Therefore, this level was really nothing to her.

About half an hour later, she handed a few sheets of paper to the two people: “I've written them all down, please have a look.”

The two of them were stunned momentarily before they glanced at the youth and started to read the contents on the written paper. With one look, they felt somewhat unbelievable, because there was nothing wrong with the answer. This accuracy really confirmed what he had said earlier. Towards the Grand Spirit Herbs Collection, he remembered at least ninety percent of it.

They had initially thought it was just his exaggeration and he was full of himself. Now, when they look at it, the two of them couldn't help but look at each other. Great! This was great! They had finally recruited in a new student to the Alchemy division! They had not recruited any students in the past two admission exercises.

They suddenly had a feeling that he could definitely pa.s.s the a.s.sessment.

At this moment, both of them were beaming. From the initial indifference to the present kind and amiable face made Feng Jiu lost for a moment.

“Your name is Feng Jiu? You are sixteen years old this year? From a ninth grade country?”

Feng nodded her head as she looked at the two of them strangely.

“Not bad, not bad. Feng Jiu, you are the most outstanding person that the two of us have seen today. Come, come and take a seat and chat with us.” The two of them waved her over as they pulled a chair before them and invited her to sit.

Feng Jiu blinked her eyes and was stunned for a moment before she let out a soft sigh. She walked to the chair and sat down in front of them. Seeing her innocent and well-behaved appearance, the two teachers were excited and their expressions softened.

They only felt that not only did this child look good, but also looked like a lovable and kind person. At first glance, he looked like a good boy.

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 635

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