The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady The Evil Prince And His Precious Wife The Sly Lady Chapter 234: Kidnapped

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Translator: Madesmoiselle V.
“I have nothing to do in the capital other than waiting for the result. I might as well go to Nanjiang and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way...” Murong Xue chuckled.

“Good idea!” Ouyang Shaochen nodded before asking her expressionlessly, “When do you plan to set off?”

“In a few days,” Murong Xue said softly. In the scorching summer, there was no need to bring so much luggage except for some money and clothes to change.

Ouyang Shaochen nodded. “There is an emergency I need to attend to...”

“Take your time. You don't need to see me off if you are busy...” As considerate as she was, Murong Xue said with a smile.

“Have I mentioned that before?” Ouyang Shaochen suddenly raised his tone in fury and looked up at her with his sparkling eyes. Shuddering in surprise, Murong Xue shot a piercing stare at him. “I have go back and pack up. Hope you'll enjoy the tea, Your Highness!”

Murong Xue rose to her feet before leaving the tea house in big strides angrily without looking back. Walking on the street, she dwelt upon the scene in the tea house furiously. “n.o.body forced him to see me off! Why on earth did he lose his temper like that!

Turning around at the street corner, Murong Xue suddenly sensed an intense smell of smoke as a streak of red light skimmed before her eyes. With everything fading into darkness all of a sudden, she was greatly stricken by dizziness before slumping on the ground...

A man in black turned up from nowhere, seized Murong Xue by her arm, and threw her inside the carriage. Upon finis.h.i.+ng the task, the man drove the wagon away at once, leaving a wake of dust in the air...

Ouyang Shaochen threw a silver ingot on the desk before stepping out of the tea house in big strides. He headed towards the same direction as Murong Xue, his handsome face ghastly sullen.

What he intended to say was that he would accompany her to Nanjiang after settling the affairs at the Lord Freedom's Mansion! Why didn't she let him finish his sentence? What a silly girl!

He shouldn't have entertained the hope that this stupid girl could read his mind...

Suddenly, Ouyang Shaochen caught sight of a glittering pearl at the corner of the street.

He halted and picked the pearl up with his brows knitted. At the sight of the Chinese character “Xue” carved upon the surface, Ouyang Shaochen squinted his eyes as something suddenly crossed his mind. It was Murong Xue's earring, which was given by him as a present! Something must have happened to Xue'er!

“Xun Feng, Wu Hen, block the city gate at once and search for Xue'er. Make sure no stone will be left unturned! If someone dares to resist, slay them right away!”

“Yes, sir!” Following his order, Xun Feng and Wu Hen left swiftly.

Ouyang Shaochen clutched the pearl earring, his face ghastly darkening. How bold they were to kidnap Xue'er!

Murong Xue could feel the slight jolting of her seat, but her eyelid was too heavy to lift. She was undoubtedly in a fast-moving wagon, whose curtains at both sides were fluttering in the howling wind.

Murong Xue squinted. Although she had figured that there must have been something wrong with the fleeting red light, Murong Xue still breathed some poisonous smoke in before holding her breath. Despite the fact that she had already regained consciousness, she was still feeble all over. How powerful the smoke was!

Who on earth had kidnapped her? What was their intention?

With a violent jolt of the wagon, the reckless sound of one of the kidnappers rang outside the carriage.

“The invisible guards of Lord Freedom's Mansion are powerful, for they not only figured out our whereabouts, but also nearly caught up with us just then. Fortunately, they were distracted by An Liu and An Qi...”

“Is it something to be proud of? Haven't you noticed no one has returned until now? It is highly possible that they have been murdered by those Invisible Guards...”

After a period of silence, someone let out a sigh, “Never underestimate Lord Freedom's Heir, Ouyang Shaochen...”

“Indeed. How could the eminent prince Ouyang be an incapable n.o.body? Our master sent thirty Invisible Guards here several days ago, and we're the only survivors. If another Invisible Guard appears, one of us must go and distract him.”

“Just for the girl in the wagon? Ouyang Shaochen hunted us down just for her? Is she really that attractive?” The man said in a low-pitched voice filled with curiosity.

“What do you mean?” The other man asked coldly.

“Aren't you interested in her?” The first man snickered, and his laughter made Murong Xue physically sick.

“I would rather keep myself alive than fulfilling my personal desire. It's our master who wants her. You might as well behave yourself!” The second man warned his partner.

His partner turned his back on him. “What are you afraid of? Our master only wants Murong Xue alive. As long as we keep her safe, our job will be done. As for other things, our master won't care at all.”

His partner snorted. “The Invisible Guards of the Lord Freedom's Mansion might show up at any time. How come you are still in the mood for your selfish desire? You might as well think about how to escape from them and take Murong Xue to our master.”

His partner argued, “There is no need to worry. Our reinforcement will come soon...We have always been running like stray dogs in fear of being caught by the Invisible Guards. It is time for our counterattack...”

His partner sneered. “Don't boast before our reinforcement arrives.”

“I'm not boasting, just telling the truth!” He patted his partner's shoulder and murmured smilingly. “In view of the rugged roads, it will take a long time for them to catch up with us. Drive the wagon first. I will get inside and have some fun. You'll be the next!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man leaped into the carriage before his partner could even react.

“You cannot make a crab walk straight,” his partner scolded and urged, “Hurry up!”

“Alright!” His partner responded casually and approached Murong Xue. She was fast asleep in the carriage, her long eyelashes like b.u.t.terfly's wings, casting two deep shadows on her eyelids, her rosy lips puckered. It would be so cruel to unhallow that serene sleeping beauty.

The lilac dress had been tailored to the size of her body, accentuating her slim figure. The man stared at Murong Xue with his eyes wide open. No wonder Ouyang Shaochen was enchanted by her. Needless to say, he would be greatly honored for the intimacy with her. Hhha...

The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady The Evil Prince And His Precious Wife The Sly Lady Chapter 234: Kidnapped

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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady The Evil Prince And His Precious Wife The Sly Lady Chapter 234: Kidnapped summary

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