Condemning The Heavens Chapter 278

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Xue Wei took a long glance at Yuan Bailong as he caught up, and a smile spread across his lips, Xue Wei understood the other man’s thoughts, and he understood that the other man just suddenly had an epiphany. 

There was no doubt about it, this was a disaster for the entire academy; in fact, it was a disaster for the entire continent, but it was also an opportunity for those who had improved their Qi levels to rise above the, as the Yuan and Gu families had.

With this new opportunity at the forefront of his mind, Yuan Bailong was able to remain calm despite this worrying situation. He was curious about what had happened to the Soul Tower, but it was no longer a necessity to do all in his power to fix it. 

It was not only him who thought like this. While Yuan Bailong had needed Xue Wei to make him realize it, the majority of the Yuan and the Gu family had already understood this part, and they were all looking exceptionally laid back amongst those in front of the Soul Tower.

“Are you okay?” Xue Wei worriedly asked the small girl in his arms. The closer he got to the Soul Tower, the more uncomfortable she became, visibly starting to squirm in his arms and beginning to look spooked as they got closer. 

“There is something in there that I do not like,” the girl whined in his arms. “It is calling for me, but it is also scaring me,” she continued, as Xue Wei nodded his head. It seemed that the Soul Tower’s issues actually had something to do with Luoluo.

But what about the bloodied marks then? Xue Wei was still confused. “During these years you have never left the forbidden area?” he asked Luoluo gently. 

“Never,” she answered straightforwardly and with determination. 

Xue Wei nodded his head, but considered it was possible for her to have encountered the Soul Tower before she was locked up within the forbidden area. 

Currently, the Soul Tower was closed. No one could enter it, apart from elders of the academy, who were all busy trying to figure out what was happening with the tower and its lack of soul power. 

Xue Wei, Xue Luoluo and Yuan Bailong stood next to each other at the edge of the square, right in front of the Soul Tower. The entire square was filled with anguished people who were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with worry and despair. 

The Soul Tower was the reason behind the high cultivation base within the Yan Dalu continent. Without the aid of the Soul Tower, although they still had the great support of their bloodline, their cultivation base would not be able to advance as rapidly. 

If they no longer had the support of the Soul Tower, the spiritual energy cultivators would no longer be able to dominate the continent. In fact, many Primordial Beasts would be as powerful as them with their Qi cultivation, even some normal humans who had a talent for Qi cultivation were equal to the Spiritual Energy Cultivators. 

Xue Wei glanced at the petrified students and could not help but chuckle slightly. He always believed that, although there were methods and external aids to help increase one’s cultivation, it was not a good thing to become too obsessed with them. Being too dependant on such outside factors meant that one would easily fall into despair when they were no longer available. 

Nothing would last forever, the only thing that one could fully trust was one’s strength that was gained through one’s own hard work. Although the Soul Tower was able to a.s.sist them, it had become their crutch in the end, the one that held the pillar of their entire society. Only those experts that went to the Garden of Shadow, and therefore had access to the Soul Tower, were capable of becoming something in the society of Yan Dalu. 

It seemed that Yuan Bailong also understood this at the current point in time, and he patted his chest feeling much more at ease with himself and the current situation. 

Xue Wei stayed for some time at the square and observed everything around him. He saw how the other experts either turned lifeless or got so worked up that they could barely stand still. 

“What is everyone waiting for?” Xue Wei asked a person by his side, and the one who was standing there gave a small glance at Xue Wei before answering curtly, “The is inside the Soul Tower right now. We are waiting for him to give us an answer regarding what is happening.” 

Xue Wei nodded his head  as he contemplated. He looked at Luoluo in his arms, who was still feeling rather uncomfortable, restlessly moving around in his arms, and clearly not at all comfortable with how things were right now.

Looking at her uncomfortable little face, Xue Wei did not need to spend much longer to consider what to do. Since he had called her his little sister, she would become his family in the future, and when she was uncomfortable he did not need to waste more time thinking, he just had to get out of here so that she could calm down. He could always return later when he was alone. 

With his mind made up, Xue Wei returned to the courtyard, an ever present smile adorned his lips as he carried the small child away in his embrace. 

He could not help but feel that she was adorable, like a small figure who depended on him to protect her. Although he was unsure of what her real strength was, her mind was that of a child, and in her mental stage she needed someone to protect her, to cherish and to keep her company. 

In a way, it did not feel as if he had just picked up a small child, or a little sister figure, it was more like he had gotten himself a daughter or a small pet. 

When he was a child, Xue Wei had always felt loved. He had been deeply cherished by his father before his death. After losing his memories, he had been cared for by Xiao Lei, and although many looked down upon him and hated him due to his inability to cultivate, he had never felt unloved by those close to him.

Now that he saw a small child, even smaller than he had been when he was persecuted as trash, being all alone in the world and with no one to care about her, he felt his heart clench. Although he was not a soft person, he still felt that such a poor child deserved to be given the warmth of a family and the caring of friends. 

Since he was more than capable to care for this child, then why not do it? 

He could not help but keep shaking his head, feeling so incredibly sentimental and out of character, but there was something special about this little girl that made one want to dote on her. 

In fact, she was more than capable of looking after herself, her strength was in no way inferior to Bai Tianyi, in fact, it might be even greater, but her current mental state was far from his. 

Returning to the courtyard, Xue Wei fussed about Luoluo for some time to ensure that she was no longer uncomfortable after being close to the Soul Tower, and then he went to find Lin Xiao.

“Look after Luoluo,” Xue Wei told Lin Xiao. “I need to go out and check something,” he continued. Lin Xiao, who had absolutely no idea as to how one would look after a kid, could only stare with wide open eyes as Xue Wei left the courtyard as quickly as he had returned, leaving all the possible troubles that might arise to him. 

The moment Xue Wei put a foot outside of the courtyard, he instantly felt that someone was trailing him. Frowning, he wondered who these people were and what their purpose might be. 

If he could sense them, then it was obvious that their strength was not as profound as his, however, there were quite a few people, so it could become troublesome to deal with them, in case they had some evil intentions for following him. 

“I can always transform if things go wrong,” Xue Wei muttered to himself as he started searching for an abandoned alleyway to confront the pursuers. 

Unfortunately, the entire academy was filled with people, especially now that panic was spreading around because of the Soul Tower, every person was rus.h.i.+ng to gain information. 

Thinking like this, Xue Wei could only really consider one place suitable to confronting his pursuers, and that place was right in front of the forbidden area. Although it was not completely deserted, it was rare for people to go there unless they had some explicit purpose to be there, and right now everyone would prefer going to the Soul Tower. 

As he reached the forbidden area he stopped in his tracks and turned around. “Since you have followed me this far, why not show yourselves?” He asked with a smirk on his face. As expected, there was no one here, Xue Wei thought as he looked around. The wide open, square shaped s.p.a.ce in front of the forbidden area was the ideal place to deal with these people. 

“To think that young master Xue is so alert,” a voice dawdled just before a young man and his entourage appeared next to Xue Wei. This young man was not at all foreign to Xue Wei, he was precisely the young master of the Baili family. 

“Are you here to get some information, or perhaps you already have the information you need?” Xue Wei did not need to think long before knowing that the young master was here because he wanted the knowledge he had on the Qi path. 

“The Baili family is quite fast,” he continued before the Baili young master could say anything, “to come looking for me just as the Soul Tower has broken down, it makes me feel that I am quite valuable in their eyes.”

“You are,” the young master did not deny it. “Before we didn’t care too much about the Yuan and Gu families when they started branching out into the Qi realm. But now that there is a chance that Qi will become as influential as Spiritual Energy here in Yan Dalu, they undoubtedly have an advantage, something we are rather unhappy about,” he continued explaining.

“What does that have to do with me?” Xue Wei asked with a smile on his face, yet the smile did not reach his eyes. 

“We are not completely unaware that their rapid development of quite a few Qi cultivators is due to your a.s.sistance,” Young master Baili was straight forward when he spoke, “I require the same a.s.sistance you gave them for the Baili family, I also request that you terminate your current dealings with the Yuan and the Gu families.”

“I am quite sure that you have much more at your disposal than what you have taken out so far,” he said, self-righteously as if the decision had already been made and that Xue Wei had no say in the matter at all. “Take out the best of the best and our Baili family will not treat you badly.”

Xue Wei started chuckling when he heard this, and then he shook his head. 

“I am afraid that is impossible,” he said with a fake apologetical expression on his face, “I already decided for whom to work with, I am not going to change it halfway through.”

Young Master Baili’s face turned ugly upon hearing this, his eyes were sharp, and his brows furrowed. 

“Are you sure that you want to go against the Baili family for the sake of the Gu and Yuan families? Be aware that, although there are three major families in Yan Dalu, and even if they are two while we are only one, both of them combined cannot amount to as much as our Baili family does.”

Xue Wei laughed out loud after hearing this, “that might have been so in the past,” he readily agreed, “but now the Yuan and Gu families have me supporting them, so they are not likely to be easily overthrown anymore.”

There was a strange confidence in Xue Wei’s voice as he uttered those words. Although he was not considered a strong expert in Yan Dalu, he did indeed have many tricks up his sleeves, and no one would take him lightly anymore. 

Condemning The Heavens Chapter 278

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