Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 22.2

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“The design department is just at the front. I can only accompany you till here. Miss Lou, Fang CEO told me to tell you, although she agreed to let you enter the design department, whether you can stay depends on your own efforts.”

Lou Yao Yao politely said: "Thank you". 

After saying goodbye to Secretary Lin, Lou Yao Yao opened the door to the design department. Regarding the arrival of an outsider, the people of the design department did not have much curiosity. They just took two glances and then continued busying with their respective affairs. Lou Yao Yao found the department head's office room, took a deep breath, and knocked twice on the door rhythmically, neither too light nor too heavy.   

"Please come in". 

To be honest, Lou Yao Yao was a bit nervous. In her past life, she also interned at the mother's company, however, she was doing odd jobs at the logistics department. She appeared when she liked, and her absences were more than the number of times she went for work. She relied on the ident.i.ty of being the boss's daughter, and never cared about other people's opinions. But now, she doesn't want to be a useless vase anymore and also doesn't want to let her mother lose face again.

The design department's department head w.a.n.g was a young woman in her early thirties. She received a notice from Fang Xilei a few days ago, saying that there will be a new person in the design department. If she felt that the person is incompetent, she can refuse her. However, the boss already called personally, how could she refuse her? 

Nevertheless, although it can't be refused, there are many kinds of job a.s.signments in the design department. Specifically, whether it is a job to a.s.sist the designer, or doing odd jobs and collecting information, or even doing nothing and sitting on the bench, she has all the say. When she saw Lou Yao Yao's resume, she already felt that she would let the person sit on the bench and do nothing. Anyway, the person was just coming to beautify her own resume, if she really arranged for the other party to do things, conversely, she will be resented on.

However, after Lou Yao Yao entered the office, Department head w.a.n.g found that the other party was very serious in her words and deeds, and even revealed some feelings of tension. Closing the resume, Department head w.a.n.g considered and said: "You have written on your resume that you have a lot of drawing experience". 

 "Yes, before I was in college, I always specialised in art. After entering college, I also didn't give up on drawing". Lou Yao Yao sat perfectly upright opposite her.

"Although that is so, not everyone who draws can draw a design draft. After all, you have not learnt orthodoxly in this area." Department head w.a.n.g said bluntly: "I have met many people like you, thinking that they had a little art foundation and could then draw a design draft."

“But these people eventually left. In our company, there is an entry test to enter the design department. Usually, I will not accept those who fail the test. Of course, you are different, even if you do not partic.i.p.ate in this test, I will also let you stay in the design department.”

If it weren't for her tone and expression that was too dull, Lou Yao Yao would probably think that she was ridiculing her, but Lou Yao Yao could feel that she was just telling the truth. Compared to those who liked to beat around the bush, Lou Yao Yao preferred people who were so straightforward.

“I am willing to take part in the test.”

Regarding Lou Yao Yao's choice, Department head w.a.n.g did not feel surprised. She stood up and said, “Come with me.”

Department Head w.a.n.g left the design department with Lou Yao Yao, and came to a drawing room. Department head w.a.n.g pointed to the five display models arranged in a row and said: “I will give you one day. After work, hand over four copies of drawing drafts for each display model, so a total of twenty drawing drafts, to my office".

After that, she gave Lou Yao Yao a set of drawing tools, and explained some other details, and left.

One display model, four sketches, front and back, and two sides, shrinking it by ten times in proportion and drawing it down. Lou Yao Yao felt that there was not much difficulty in this, but also felt that it should not be so simple.

She did not rush to start drawing, but she sized up the five display models seriously. Soon, she found an opening. Five display models of varying height and size, five pieces of the same colour, and the styles of the clothing were almost the same. Just a small change, a pleat pattern, the length of the clothes, difference in the small embellishments, made the five display models have a different feeling and temperament. 

Enchanting, pure, strict, casual, cute, five completely different styles, furthermore, these five styles of clothing were completely tailored according to the qualities of the display model's figure.

But what Lou Yao Yao had to do, was not only to draw out these five models, but also to draw out the five styles and temperaments they had.

Drawing is not just an art, but also a way of expression. Even if you had the perfect thoughts of it, and the quality of drawing was superb, if you could not express it well, it will just be empty talk. Lou Yao Yao thought that this was not just a test of drawing, but also a test of keen eyesight. 

Understanding this point, Lou Yao Yao started drawing and did not dare to underestimate the test anymore. Previously, she thought that having a little foundation in drawing would be enough to qualify for this job. Now, it seems that she was too naïve. 


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Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 22.2

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