Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 23.2

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Published at 5th of September 2019 01:31:09 PM Chapter 23.2

“My condolences” . Secretary Wen patted Lou Yao Yao’s shoulder sympathetically . Don’t think that just because one was the department head’s a.s.sistant meant that one could show-off . Department head w.a.n.g’s strictness and justness was well-known . Without a strong heart, one could not possibly persevere till the end . Those who were scolded till they cried and then quitted were not just a handful .    

When Lou Yao Yao returned to the office, Wen secretary then discovered that Lou Qing Qing had not gone yet: “Hey, why haven’t you left, is there anything else?” 

“No, I am leaving now . ” Lou Qing Qing walked away and at the door, she couldn’t help but look back at the closed office .

Also a newcomer to the new company, she could only be in a dark office with a group of people, but Lou Yao Yao could have a separate office to herself .

When she returned to the office, the colleagues who had always ordered Lou Qing Qing around took the initiative to talk to her . Their words revealed various kinds of probing and flattering . Lou Qing Qing worked hard to maintain a smile on her face, but she felt incomparably tired in her heart .  


She couldn’t help but think of the Lou Yao Yao she had just seen . The exclusion and gossip that she would have encountered in the design department would definitely not be any lesser . Why did she seem so lively and happy?

The woman seemed to always be so happy, even if she was angered to the extreme at one moment, but in the next moment, she could be teased to laughter by a trivial little thing, and then the previous moment seemed to have not existed . On what basis does Lou Yao Yao get to be so happy, but she {LQQ} has to be repeatedly tortured by those things!

Lou Qing Qing felt tired for the first time . She felt that she could not persist any longer . Just now, Lou Yao Yao treated her like a stranger and completely did not put her in her eyes . She suddenly felt that everything she had done had lost its significance .

Perhaps, she really should not let her life be destroyed by Lou Yao Yao, she should walk out of Lou Yao Yao’s shadow and start her new life .

She suddenly remembered the man who she happened to meet at the banquet last time, and a tinge of sweetness surfaced in her heart .

Regarding the meeting with Lou Qing Qing, Lou Yao Yao did not put it in her heart . Rebirth made her realize a truth . Others could make you unhappy, but you can’t make yourself unhappy, because if even you let yourself be unhappy, who else could make you happy?

When she thought like that, she felt that there was nothing that will make her unhappy .  

Tomorrow is the weekend, and Lou Yao Yao was giggly sorting out the things to bring home, and found that the carton was packed full . Including the parcel sent by Lou Qing Qing earlier, she totally could not move it . Eventually, she called Qin Zhi who was waiting downstairs and asked him to come up to help her with the books .

Concerning her request, Qin Zhi would naturally not deny her .  

However, when Qin Zhi came up, his facial expression was cold, and after he picked up the two carton boxes, his face looked worse .  

Not realising Qin Zhi’s bad mood, Lou Yao Yao happily shared with him the interesting things that happened today . Qin Zhi was cold and indifferent the whole time, and only responded with one sentence after a long time . Lou Yao Yao didn’t feel bored, and cheerfully talked non-stop by herself .    

In the end, Qin Zhi was defeated by her and failed to maintain his cold face .

While sitting in the car, Qin Zhi asked about Lou Yao Yao’s arrangements for the weekend . Lou Yao Yao expressed that during the two days of the weekend, she would be at home . After hearing that, Qin Zhi began to put on a cold face again .

The dense Lou Yao Yao read her book and totally did not realise the change in Qin Zhi’s facial expression .  

Seeing that Lou Yao Yao was holding a book and being fascinated with it, Qin Zhi couldn’t help but sigh .

Probably, the trait of a workaholic was inherited . He heard that when Fang Auntie was young, when she was absorbed in her work, she was busy until she almost dropped dead .   

Although Lou Yao Yao was not as exaggerated as her, but was also fully devoted to her work . Qin Zhi could feel her concentration, her enthusiasm, but … he still didn’t feel good! 

In the past, when Lou Yao Yao was glued to him all day, he sometimes felt annoyed and tired . But now that Lou Yao Yao was cold to him, he felt lost . In fact, it is not that he has never been ignored by Lou Yao Yao . In these two years, because of Chen Hao, the times that Lou Yao Yao ignored him were not little . But, how was it the same as now . Now, she was his girlfriend alright, and she’s actually ignoring him! Can he say that he was jealous, can he say that? 

Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 23.2

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