Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 28 Part3

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The Lou Yao Yao in front of the screen was both amused and exasperated. Taking out this video ca.s.sette and searching in the video ca.s.sette container for a while, she took out the wedding video and started to watch happily again. 

  When Qin Zhi carried the Qin Xiaobao, who cried till he was out of breath, she had already fallen asleep on the sofa. The six-month-old Qin Xiaobao saw her mother and stretched her small meaty claws to her mother. Qin Zhi hesitated a little but finally didn’t have the heart to wake her up. Now, Lou Yao Yao in her fourth-year in university, was very busy with her studies. Although she had already become a designer in the company and could work from home and not have to go to the office often, but she still had to take care of the little devil at home. It was pretty tiring.  

  Qin Xiaobao yelled, “Ah ah ah”. As he shed tears, he pulled on his father’s clothes to express that he wanted to go to his mother. Finally, Qin Zhi put Qin Xiaobao on the inner side of the sofa. The Qin Xiaobao who had finally touched his mother stopped crying. He climbed up and down on the sofa as he grabbed onto his mother’s clothes to play. 

  Seeing that Qin Xiaobao was quiet, Qin Zhi finally breathed a sigh of relief. This kid was a crybaby. He recognized people and except for his mom, dad, paternal grandparents and maternal grandmother, he didn’t let anyone else hug him. He cried when others hugged him and really tormented the family. 

  Since she knew that Lou Yao Yao was pregnant, Qin mama did not allow the two children to nest in the small apartment anymore, but let them move home. When the Qin family was buying their house, they bought two houses opposite each other. One for themselves to live in and one for their son’s house after marriage. After their marriage, the two have been living in this house, convenient for both of their mothers to drop by. 

  Fang Xilei now also bought a house here, living alone.

  Qin Zhi stayed by the sides of the mother and son pair for a while, and saw that the TV was still playing a video. He was about to turn it off, but he found that it was the images of his and Lou Yao Yao’s marriage. Their wedding was held at the seaside. The current image was of the bridge speaking. Wearing a white bride’s dress, Lou Yao Yao smiled sweetly and just finished shyly saying “I am willing”. Qin Zhi did not have time to be happy and was immediately lifted up by several friends, and thrown into the sea. 

  She leaned sideways, held a bouquet of flowers in one hand, and held onto her hair on the forehead which was blown messy by the sea wind. Her eyes squinted into slits, as she laughed with happiness. 

  Qin Zhi pressed the pause b.u.t.ton. He looked at the blissful Lou Yao Yao in the screen, and looked back at his wife sleeping sweetly and his son who was very happy amusing himself. His heart could not help but fill with satisfaction. 

  Qin Xiaobao found that his father was watching himself, he opened his mouth wide, showing his missing front teeth and half of the small incisors. Giggling, his whole chin was filled of saliva. Perhaps, his whole face had saliva and hence was not comfortable, Qin Xiaobao lowered his head and leaned on his mother’s chest, wiping his saliva.

  Looking at his naïve and innocent appearance, Qin Zhi couldn’t help but be tickled by him. Coming back to his senses, he took out the video disc and put it back in the box. While doing so, he found a new disc inside, with a sticker pasted on it, and a small label called, “A gift for Baobao”.

  Suddenly, curiousity arose. He took the disc out and put it in the DVD player. 

  After watching it for a while, he found that it was a record of Baobao’s life. There were scenes of them helping him to take a bath, changing his clothes, and changing his diapers. At that time, Qin Xiaobao’s arrival, really tormented whole family. Just for him to take a bath, the whole family was like going through a war. They were so fl.u.s.tered and busy that the sweat they produced was enough for Qin Xiaobao to take a shower with. They were also very careful when wearing clothes for him as they were afraid that they would hurt those small little arms and calves of his. Lou Yao Yao was even more tortured to death by the changing of his diapers.

  On the screen, Lou Yao Yao was pinching her nose in one hand, and holding onto a piece of diaper on the other hand, scrunching up her face, saying: “Oh my G.o.d, disgusting!” 

  Then, she leaned in front of the camera and said, “Look, Baobao, this is your diapers, your diapers! Baobao, now, every day you are wetting the beds! Every day!”

  The lens went back a few steps and Lou Yao Yao glared: “What are you retreating for! You are Baobao’s father, how can you find baobao’s stool disgusting!” 

  After she spoke finish, she carried the diapers and chased the camera. The camera rocked here and there, and finally, the diaper was smashed onto the camera. The Qin Zhi could no longer take it and said: “Lou Yao Yao, that’s enough!” 

  ”Oh, Baobao, You are finished, you made your father angry!” 

  ”Lou Yao Yao!” 

  ”Ha ha ha!”  

  It was unknown what happened after, and only Lou Yao Yao’s laughter and Qin Zhi’s bellowing could be heard. 

  In front of the screen, Qin Zhi face-palmed helplessly. As the party involved, he certainly knew what happened after. Lou Yao Yao threw the diaper onto his hair! He suspected, with his wife saving this video, and when his son sees it in the future, he will probably be angered to tears.

  How can there be such a mother who is so unreliable! 

  After taking out the video and turning off the TV, Qin Zhi looked back and saw his son lying on his mother’s chest and rubbing himself on her. A few of the b.u.t.tons on Lou Yao Yao’s chest were tugged off by the little devil. Qin Xiaobao laid there, his expression was very confused as if he did not know how to start eating.

  Qin Zhi picked him up, and Qin Xiaobao called out, “ah ah” in his arms, and he gestured with his claws and mouth, clamouring for food.

  Qin Zhi pinched his little fat face and looked down. He found that the skin on Lou Yao Yao’s chest was full of saliva and a little reddish tooth mark. He glared at his son and pinched his son’s face again. Then, he took a paper towel to help Lou Yao Yao to wipe off the saliva on her, and was just about to help her b.u.t.ton up, and Lou Yao Yao woke up. 

  Lou Yao Yao first looked around blankly, and then found that her husband’s hand was on her chest, and a few of the b.u.t.tons at her neckline was opened. At that moment, she got crossed, slapped Qin Zhi’s hand away, and said angrily: “Hooligan” 

  After saying, she pushed Qin Zhi away, and ran out of the viewing room with a red face. 

  Qin Zhi, who was scolded ‘hooligan’ by his wife, shook his reddish hand that was slapped, with a blank expression. Well, just now he did have itchy hands. 

  When Qin Xiaobao saw that his mother had ignored him and left, he felt sad and stretched out his hand to the back of his mother and kept on making noises, “Ah, ah”. 

  However, he found that his mother did not pay him any attention, so he aggrievedly  turned his head back, opened his eyes wide and looked pitifully at his father to ask for comfort. 

  The father and son stared at each other and Qin Zhi calmly said: “Son, your mother said that you’re a hooligan”. 

  Qin Xiaobao naturally couldn’t understand, and continued to stare at Papa. 

  Qin Zhi pinched his nose and said: “Hooligan.” 

  Then, Qin Xiaobao cried, so Qin Zhi who could not handle his son ‘had no choice’ but to carry the cry-baby to look for the baby’s mother. 

  Since he was already told that he was a hooligan, then it will be better to really be a hooligan for a while. 

  Otherwise, it will be a big loss!

Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 28 Part3

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