Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 29 Part1

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Qin Xiaobao was awakened by the noise made by his mother. Early in the morning, Lou Yaoyao was stomping her feet.

“Oh my G.o.d, I'm late, I'm late!” Lou Yaoyao anxiously scratched her head and squatted in front of the closet, with her clothes thrown all over on the ground. As she searched for clothes, she complained to her husband, “Qin Zhi, why didn't you wake me up earlier! ”

"I called you, but you didn't want to get up!” Qin Zhi looked at her busily looking for clothes, with his hands crossed over his chest. In the corner of his eyes, he saw that his son whom was sleeping in the crib was awake. He walked over, crouched in front of the crib and squeezed his little chin: “Xiao Bao, were you awakened because of your mother?”

Qin Xiaobao, nickname; Xiaobao, formal name; Qin Yi.

When he heard his father call him, Qin Xiaobao rubbed his eyes and blinked his big lively eyes, looking confused. Then he grabbed his father's palms and rested his cheeks on top, and closed his eyes again.

Qin Zhi's heart momentarily melted.

Lou Yaoyao finally finished choosing her clothes and she put them on quickly. Then, she put baobao's clothes on the crib and said to Qin Zhi, “Help baobao to change his clothes later and then send him to mama's place. I'm going to school first.”

“I'll send you.” Qin Zhi said as he pulled out his arm pillowed by Qin Xiaobao and got up.

“No need, I'll take a taxi by myself, you can pick me up in the afternoon.” She grabbed her bag and the breakfast that Qin Zhi helped her prepare, and rushed to the crib to lay a “Muack” on Qin Xiaobao's face. Then, she rushed to school like her b.u.t.t was on fire.

Qin Xiaobao was kissed, and touched his little face with great bliss. But, he found that his mother actually turned around and left. He immediately climbed up, turned over and went down the crib, and chased towards the door with his small bare feet, as he shouted in unclearness, “Ma …… Ma ……”

With his short legs, he definitely would not be able to catch up. As soon as he climbed up, Lou Yaoyao was already gone.

Qin Zhi picked him up and held him in his arms. Qin Xiaobao looked at his dad with grievances: “Mama ……”

“Mama went to school, baobao be good, papa will change your clothes for you ok.” Qin Zhi put Qin Xiaobao back on the crib, and then picked up the clothes Lou Yaoyao placed on the crib to help Qin Xiaobao wear them.

Qin Xiaobao immediately forgot about his mother and crawled here and there, not letting his father change his clothes for him.

Qin Zhi finally managed to catch the little monkey with much difficulty. In the end, Qin Xiaobao shrank into a ball, making his small hands and legs stiff in that position, thus making Qin Zhi unable to take off his clothes. Qin Zhi was afraid of hurting him, and didn't dare to use strength. For a long time, the father and son were in a deadlock and the clothes were not changed.

Qin Zhi finally knew why every time Lou yaoyao changed clothes for Qin Xiaobao, she would become an exploding lion, roaring nonstop. Usually, as an audience it looked very amusing, but now that the roaring person has changed to himself, it was completely unamusing anymore!

Qin Zhi wiped his sweat, tossed the clothes aside, and pretended to be angry: “Qin Yi, if you make trouble again, I won't help you wear it.”

Qin Xiaobao sat there with his head crooked and looked at his father for a long time. Then, he narrowed his eyes and giggled. He picked up the clothes that were thrown aside, handed them to his father, and softly called out, “Pa …… Pa ……”

Qin Zhi wanted to continue to look cold, but this boy was tugging on his sleeve and looking at him pitifully. Thus, he failed to maintain his cold look for long, and took the clothes. Qin Xiaobao refused to wear it again, and rolled around on the bed happily.

Dressing a child was like fighting a war. Qin Zhi finally understood why Lou Yaoyao was getting more and more irritable now!

After waiting for Qin Xiaobao to get tired from playing, he could then change his clothes. The boy was still disobedient when wearing shoes, and he kept kicking here and there. In this period, Qin Zhi's face was kicked several times. He seemed to think it was interesting this way, and two little feet kept treading on his father's face.

It took almost half an hour to get these all done. Qin Zhi's face had become almost as dark as the bottom of a pot. He had always been proud of his patience, and was in danger of breaking this pattern in front of his son.

Maybe he was hungry because after that, Qin Xiaobao did not make any more trouble. He drank a small bottle of milk obediently. Unlike usually whereby Lou Yaoyao had to coax him for a long time and eventually she would get angry then would he drink it.

Picking up the small naughty monkey that had drank to his fill, Qin Zhi took the car key and was going to send him to his parents' home opposite.


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Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 29 Part1

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