Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 29 Part2

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The couple was busy during the day, so Qin Xiaobao was usually taken care of by Qin Zhi's mother during the day and will then be picked up at night to go home.

Although Qin Zhi's mother was in her early fifties, her looks were well maintained and looked like she was only in her thirties. When she saw Qin Zhi walking over, carrying her grandson, she immediately smiled and her eyes narrowed to a line. If you speak of who doted on Qin Xiaobao the most in this big family, it would be none other than Qin mama.

“Where's Yao Yao?”

“She is going to take an exam today, so she went to school earlier. Mom, today I have to trouble you to take care of Qin Yi again."

“What trouble? Taking care of my own darling grandson, how is it a trouble? Come, xiaobao, let grandma hug!”

Qin Xiaobao hugged Qin Zhi's neck tightly and did not let go. No matter how Qin mama pulled, he didn't let go. Finally, when she grabbed him over to her, but he cried aloud at the top of his voice, struggling to return to Qin Zhi.

The mother and son looked at Qin Xiaobao, who was crying and was out of breath, and was very distressed. Usually when Lou Yaoyao sent him over, he did not make any noise. Why when it was Qin Zhi who sent him here, then did he cry in such a manner?

Qin mama's heart was in pain from his crying, so she asked Qin Zhi: “Are you going to work today?”

“I'm going to the company in the morning, but I just have to make a short appearance.” Qin Zhi also felt distressed from his crying.

Qin Xiaobao cried for a while and seeing that it had no effect, he started kicking around in Qin mama's arms. As a result, he got what he wished for and returned to his father's arms.

In fact, children were very good at looking at people's expressions. He was very clear as to whom it will be effective to cry to and to whom it won't be effective to.

In the end, this little devil was placed on the child safety seat at the back seat by Qin Zhi and brought to work.

When they arrived at the company, the employees felt that it was very fresh to see their boss holding a baby, but they generally did not guess that it was his son. They only thought that he was a child of a relative or friend, because Qin Zhi looked so young and looked nothing at all like a married man with children.

Qin Zhi put away all the things with sharp edges in the office, and then gave Qin Xiaobao the toys that Qin mama gave him. Seeing that he didn't cry, he started busying with his work.

Qin Xiaobao had very good sense, and obediently played with the toy. When he saw that his father was gone, he dropped the toy and started to touch everywhere, trying to find something interesting to play with.

After playing for a while alone, the door of the office was suddenly opened, and two women crept in.

Qin Xiaobao opened his eyes wide and stared at them curiously.

Qin Xiaobao, who was just one year old, looked like he was carved out of gem. His small face was tender and pink, which made people want to pounce and take a bite. When his pair of big bright eyes, inherited from Lou Yao Yao, with black and long eyelashes blinked, it tickled people's hearts.

The two female secretaries' hearts instantly melted.

The two approached, and the first secretary asked, “What are you doing, little kid?”

Qin Xiaobao naturally could not answer her, and just blinked at them.

“So cute.” The second secretary covered her face, and then said, “Little kid, who's your dad?”

Qin Xiaobao finally responded, his slanted his head like he was thinking: “Dad…” Then he said excitedly: “Dad, “Ben! Ben[1]!” (stupid)

The two secretaries looked at each other wondering what Qin Xiaobao meant. It can't be that he was saying his father was “stupid”?

The two then asked who was his mother, but Qin Xiaobao said “go to school”. Then, the two continued to inquire about Qin Zhi's news and Qin Xiaobao basically just opened his eyes and listened. Occasionally, he murmured a few words but it was all incongruous.

When Qin Zhi returned, he saw the two secretaries who were supposed to be working at the front desk surrounding his son and talking. When Qin Xiaobao saw his father, he immediately ran over and hugged his thigh, saying “Ben Ben”. Qin Zhi carried him up and said coldly to the two secretaries: “What are you doing here, aren't you going to go back and work?”

“Yes.” The two little secretaries answered obediently, but they casted a sidelong glance at Qin Zhi from time to time.

Qin Zhi did not look at them anymore as he went out carrying Qin Xiaobao. Hearing that he was still shouting "Ben ben", he squeezed his little nose: “Say Baba[2].” (papa)

“Ben Ben!”

“Say Baba!”

The father and son quarrelled with each other as if they were no one around while the hearts of the two little secretaries were really broken this time. Baba? They didn't mishear, right? This boss, who seemed to be only in his twenties, actually had a son who was more than one year old? This wasn't true right?

How could we live like that? Why were all the good men now married or planning to get married!

There was really nothing much to be busy with at the company. Ruan Sinan had just gotten married some time ago, and he was now on his honeymoon. Without Ruan Sinan in the company blindly causing things, the work in the company instantly became very leisurely. Qin Zhi carried his son for a turn around the company and then, went back.

When Qin Xiaobao was eight months old, he began to spit out words unclearly. The first thing he learnt was not "Mama" or "Baba", but the "Ben" from "Ben Dan" (stupid). Maybe, Lou Yaoyao called Qin Zhi "Ben Dan" too often, and was picked up by the child. Now, Qin Xiaobao sometimes called Qin Zhi "Baba" and sometimes called him "Ben ben", which made Qin Zhi very helpless.

[1]Ben (p.r.o.nounce like buhn/burn.) means stupid/ dumb.

[2]Chinese spelling and p.r.o.nunciation for papa/daddy. So, will use this for the chapter, since it links with the ben ben (stupid). 


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Every Vicious Woman Needs A Loyal Man Chapter 29 Part2

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