The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 101

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Published at 31st of October 2019 10:59:50 PM Chapter 101
Chapter 101: There’s time to remedy the situation .

Translator: Claire . KK

The Immortal Realm, Lofty Cloudy Sect .

A dark figure sneaked into the forbidden area . He threw the jade Ruyi (an S-shaped ornamental object, usually, made of jade, formerly a symbol of good luck) out of his hands, ignored the defensive formation and came to a stone pillar as high as hundreds of feet .

This was the Devil Suppression Pillar, which had been protected in the sect for more than ten thousand years . The four sects each had their own pillar . And the boundary of wards between the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm based on these pillars .

The differences between immortal cultivation and devil cultivation had been distinguished since the fierce battle between immortals and devils happened over ten thousand years ago . As the immortals and devils split up, a  barrier cut off the communication between the two realms . Then the devil cultivators had been gradually vilified to become notorious . The Devil Suppression Pillars were also hidden in the forbidden area, which few people knew .

The stone pillar, carved with ancient strategies to form a grand magic formation, glowed white light, which lighten the area under the pillar and gave a full view of the spite and rage in the eyes of the comer .  

A beam of light suddenly gathered in his hands and was injected into the jade Ruyi, which then hit against the stone pillar . The strategies on the stone pillar broke up without any sounds and the stone pillar collapsed .

Almost at the same time, the bright light floating around the other three Devil Suppression Pillars became dim immediately .

Yu Mingze, who had been sitting in meditation, immediately came to the forbidden area without any hesitation . When he saw the Devil Suppression Pillar smashed into pieces, he instantly turned pale, trembling all over .

The Anti-Devil Pillar was broken! The boundary between the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm existed in name only! The Immortal Realm was going to lost in chaos and rampage!

As such a big event had happened in the four sects, Gazing Chen Pavilion naturally perceived something . When the definite information reached Ronggu Peak, Mu Chen signed: “The Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm will be thrown into chaos like what happened to them in the previous life . ”

Looking at the message sent here, Gu Yunjue said calmly and peacefully: “It doesn’t matter . There still is time to remedy the situation . ”

“What?” Mu Chen sat down, feeling confused about the meaning of Gu Yunjue’s words .

Gu Yunjue raised the corners of his mouth and stared at Mu Chen with gleaming eyes, which like a fond pen affectionately depicted Mu Chen from his ink-like hair to his waist, then turned back and delineated his face from his eyebrows to the corners of his mouth .


Gu Yunjue liked Mu Chen’s straightforward temperament best . Others must pose and ask in a roundabout way . If it were their apprentice who they would ask, they would definitely put on airs, for fear that they would lose face . They were not like his lovely little master, who was sitting opposite and waiting for his explanation with clear eyes .

Mu Chen’s face froze . He raised his foot and kicked Gu Yunjue under the table, wondering that why the evil disciple just stared at him but didn’t say a word . The evil apprentice had been getting more and more disobedient . He’d better explain it quickly!

Gu Yunjue, feeling hurt, touched his painful leg and explained, “Because the forces of the Devil Realm have been dispersed . I have no intention to fight . Gu Yunjin dare not act rashly . And the Devil Lord isn’t as ambitious as he was in the previous life . He has been almost a spent force and has no time to spare for what happened in the Immortal Realm . ”

Mu Chen nodded and thought that Mu Chen’s words had some truth, “And then?”

Gu Yunjue moved a stool and wanted to take the opportunity to get closer with Mu Chen, “And comparing with the previous life, the same thing happened earlier . The people of the Demon Realm had been attracted by Jing Ming and had no time to fight against the Immortal Realm . So, there won’t be any problems if the boundary can be repaired . ”

Even Mu Chen found that Gu Yunjue was approaching him, he didn’t avoid Gu . He picked up the message as if he didn’t notice that and continued to ask, “Fu Haolong, the man who broke the Devil Suppression Pillar, who is he?”

Gu Yunjue did this in the previous life, but he got more obedient in this life . There should be someone else who made the same mistake as Gu Yunjue did, which made Mu Chen sigh and feel confused . Who was he and why he did this?

Gu Yunjue leaned over, rested his chin on Mu Chen’s shoulder, and turned to look at Mu Chen, “Master, don’t you remember?”

Mu Chen shook his head . He had no impression of the man .

Gu Yunjue was pleased by Mu Chen’s att.i.tude and explained kindly, “He and I were contemporaries . He had been wis.h.i.+ng to be Master’s apprentice before . In order to defeat me, this man of thunder attribute dared to eat poison . Later, he was locked up by Chief Martial Brother to reflect on himself and cultivate his mind and skills for a hundred years .

Mu Chen thought for a while and answered with an “oh” . He remembered that man, but their paths had never crossed before .

Gu Yunjue rubbed against Mu Chen’s cheek with satisfaction, “Master indeed dote on me . Others truly mean nothing to you . ”

Mu Chen looked at him and felt speechless, wondering what was going on here .

Then he heard Gu Yunjue’s voice that betrayed his worry, “Master, I have no ambition or desire, and I’m good at nothing . Will you dislike me for that? All I want is you . ”

Mu Chen couldn’t help pus.h.i.+ng Gu Yunjue’s forehead . ‘Evil disciple, he is the one who has no aspiration? He is the best at scheming and calculating . The nutrition he absorbed when he was a child all were wasted on conceiving wicked ideas .

Gu Yunjue laughed, grabbed Mu Chen’s hand and said seriously, “Master, you can’t be distracted by those things . At present, all you need to consider is our wedding ceremony . The fixed date, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, is coming . And by then all the people of the three realms will know that you are mine . ”

Mu Chen curled his lips, ‘By then?’ He already knew that the evil disciple had leaked the news here and there and now the three realms might all know it . There was no need to wait until the day of the ceremony .

“As for the people of the Immortal Realm, master don’t need to worry about . I will make your name become a taboo . n.o.body will dare to mention your name . ” When Gu Yunjue said this, he looked like very domineering, high spirits floating between his eyebrows which implied his powerful self-confidence .

However, Mu Chen suddenly raised his hands, directly put them over Gu Yunjue’s eyes, and unhappily pinched Gu Yunjue’s nose, saying, “If you were still to kill people casually, I would let you kneel down until your legs are broken .

Gu Yunjue felt helpless, “Can master cooperate with me even for one time?”

“How can I cooperate with you?”

“Pretend that you wors.h.i.+p me . ”

“Wors.h.i.+p you?” Mu Chen, with the corners of his mouth turning upward and his eyes full of joy, said, “Should I wors.h.i.+p you for that the bed-wetting never happened to you when you were a little boy?”

The corners of Gu Yunjue’s mouth twitched, and he realized that this topic could no longer continue . He changed his mind and said solemnly, “Master, have you ever thought that all happening now is like being dominated by someone? If so, the heaven should be able to think as a human being . Otherwise, he wouldn’t always go after us . What does he want?

Mu Chen also calmed down, carefully thought about what happened recently, and felt the same .

“If we want to know what he plans to do the next, we must figure out his purpose . ” Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes slightly and became interested in this . He felt exciting to fight against the heaven . Mu Chen wanted to slap him again .

At this moment, outside the door, a subordinate reported, “Pavilion Master, the devil master of the Floating Souls Valley arrived at the foot of the mountain . ”

“Gu Yunjin came here . ” Mu Chen clicked his tongue and decided to let go of Gu Yunjue temporarily . The father and his two sons were really strange . The father wasn’t kind . The two sons were not filial . The older brother wasn’t amiable . And the younger brother wasn’t humble . But in the end, it came down to that Devil Lord hadn’t taught them well . If Devil Lord taught them like what Mu Chen did toward his disciple, the two brothers wouldn’t have become enemies .

Gu Yunjue also stood up, having some intentions concealed in his eyes, “Will master go with me?”

Mu Chen shook his head, “I have no interest in these things . Just go . I wanna go out for a walk . ”

Gu Yunjue ordered, “I will come to accompany you later . Don’t run around . I’m afraid that I can’t find you . ”

Mu Chen asked curiously, “What would you do if you couldn’t find me? Will you cry?”

Gu Yunjue thought about it carefully, nodded and said, “I will . ” Mu Chen’s eyes lightened up . Gu Yunjue hastily added, “I will scream and shout until others can’t sleep well .

Mu Chen’s eyes darkened . He lost all interest, pushed Gu Yunjue away, and said coldly, “Go now . ”

Gu Yunjin was received by Ronggu Peak and directly taken to Yanyang Palace . He glanced around the surroundings and decoration, disdain creeping on his face .

His younger brother, Gu Yunjue who had been faithful to a man for so many years should have been fascinated by a man! He not only brought the man back, but also decorated the residence as the Immortal Realm . As Mu Chen’s ident.i.ty was special, if things were mishandled, it would lead to the Immortal Realm’s dissatisfaction and attack . But if he could utilize Mu Chen’s ident.i.ty…

“Big brother, how have you been?” A gentle voice interrupted Gu Yunjin’s consideration . Although the voice was mild, the meaning of the words aroused Gu Yunjin’s vigilance .


After receiving the warning from his divine soul, Gu Yunjin’s body stiffened for a while and then relaxed . Like Gu Yunjue, he also got used to disguise himself as an innocent man . After living under the control of the Devil Lord and pretending to be a puppet for many years, he had attained perfection in his acting . Within only an instant, he changed his face as if he missed his younger brother very much . He smiled, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time . As your old brother, I am so worried about you that I come ahead of time . I never imagined that you are the host of Ronggu Peak . ”

Gu Yunjue stood still and didn’t walk out to greet Gu Yunjin . He opened his charming eyes which were full of unknown emotion and smiled, “I could no longer continue to live in the Immortal Realm . A jerk revealed my ident.i.ty and wanted to kill me with the aid of the ma.s.s . I am so desperate that I come back to join you . ”

Gu Yunjin gritted his teeth . No one knew what he was thinking about . He continued to smile, walked closer while keeping a safe distance with Gu Yunjue, and pretended as if he didn’t know anything, “It’s good to have you back . We can take care of each other . ”

Gen Yunjue smilingly welcomed Gu Yunjin .

When Mu Chen saw this scene, a phrase came to his mind: fair face, foul heart .

To put it bluntly, both of these two brothers were not good people . His little apprentice sometimes did bad things . That wasn’t because Mu Chen didn’t teach him well, but for the problematic blood he inherited from his ancestors .

Seeing that Gu Yunjue had no problem with dealing with Gu Yunjin, Mu Chen no longer watched them . He turned around and went out . Several attendants met him . They just extended respects to him and walked away obediently . They hadn’t yet figured out the temperament of this lord . Some of them who were clever all knew that Gu Yunjue placed Mu Chen in a higher position than himself and were afraid of offending Mu .

Mu Chen caught sight of the things held in their hands . He was about to ask when a ray of thunder light split the air . As the familiar pressure approached, Mu Chen’s first response was—run!

Before his spirit power started function, Mu Chen felt that the collar behind his neck was grasped . He usually lifted others, and it was the first time that he had been picked up . He was very embarra.s.sed and his feeling was…indescribable .

Mu Qing asked angrily, “Where will you run to?”

Mu Chen opened his eyes and wanted to quarrel with Mu Qing when he was stunned by the little baby in the arms of Mu Qing . The baby, being chubby, had a pair of narrow and slanted eyes, rosy lips and pretty white teeth . His pure amber eyes looked at Mu Chen curiously .

Mu Chen inexplicably thought that the baby looked familiar .

Seeing Mu Chen also looking at him, the baby immediately squinted his eyes and said with a smile, “Daddy, I have finally found you . ”

Mu Chen was stupefied for several seconds . He had never touched any women’s hands except his mother . So where on earth did this baby come from? There was only one idea left in his mind that if Gu Yunjue knew this, the stupid apprentice would become crazy .

Before his brain reacted, his body made a response quickly . Mu Chen suddenly reached out and grabbed the baby in MuQing’s arms . Never did he know where his power came from . He s.n.a.t.c.hed the baby, even without looking at him, and threw him away like he was a hot potato . Mu Chen looked frightened, his face getting pale .

‘Where does the elf come from?! How come he misleads people with lies?!’

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 101

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