World Defying Dan God Chapter 2278

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"Isn't it too vicious for him to use this method?" What about the rules of the Star Law Divine Realm? "

"Those rules are useless against him. After all, no one could say where those hearts came from. There are so many stars in the Star Law Divine Realm, anyone could easily find a pile of stars. No one would care if those weak mortals were killed."

Chen Xiang heard someone discussing about this matter again, he had actually never heard of it before. Now, many people were talking about it in whispers, it seemed that most of the people near the Everlasting Mountain knew about this matter, but not long after, many people had a very bad impression of Jin Xiongyao.

"Xiongyao, kill him. His corpse is yours to dispose of." The elder said.

When Jin Xiongyao saw Chen Xiang, his eyes also lit up. He seemed to have used some sort of secret technique, allowing him to see that Chen Xiang's body was extremely strong.

"You are not fit to be a Alchemist." Chen Xiang said coldly.

"Whether you are worthy or not, it doesn't matter what you say. Moreover, you are already a dead person! Being used by me as a material to refine pills is a blessing that you won't be able to cultivate even in eight lifetimes. Dying by my hands can be considered your luck. " Jin Xiongyao laughed coldly, "Your physical body is not bad, no wonder you could easily kill Huo Yang."

The clan elder of the Everlasting Mountain suddenly shouted: "Begin!"

Chen Xiang was originally planning to say a few words, but Jin Xiongyao had already turned into a golden light and flew over. From afar, his body looked like a golden sword, fiercely thrusting towards Chen Xiang's throat.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang did not avoid them. Instead, he extended his hand and used two fingers to poke at them. These two fingers of his carried a terrifying heat;

Jin Xiongyao was very clear about flames, at this moment he felt a sudden anger coming from ahead, he was about to get close to Chen Xiang, but he stopped in time, and in a flash, he arrived at the side of the fighting arena. He was shocked, he could not imagine what would happen if he was poked by the two fingers!

With regards to the fear of the flames, Jin Xiongyao could not hide it at all. His face was filled with fear, which made everyone puzzled, because they only saw Chen Xiang jabbing his finger two times without doing anything, which scared Jin Xiongyao to the point of forcing him to retreat.

Even the elders and Leader s of the Everlasting Mountain found it hard to understand. This was because none of them had sensed just how terrifying the flames Chen Xiang's fingertips were! Only Jin Xiongyao could clearly feel that the coercion that was released by the flames was causing the flames in his body to tremble, as if he was seeing the emperor within the flames.

"You … How did you manage to cultivate such a flame! " Jin Xiongyao looked at the motionless Chen Xiang in the distance and roared loudly.

This fear was something only he himself knew. It came from the fear in his soul!

When Jin Xiongyao saw Chen Xiang standing there in a daze, he felt strange in his heart. That kind of flame that made his soul tremble suddenly appeared again, and right in his vicinity. Chen Xiang had actually come to his back!

"You're dead!" Chen Xiang's finger lightly tapped at the back of Jin Xiongyao's head and Jin Xiongyao felt as if everything in his Divine Sense Sea was ignited. After his Divine Deity was combusted, they all exploded one after another.

The flames Chen Xiang used, could burn everything, including anything within the Divine Sense Sea! Jin Xiongyao's Divine Sense Sea was merely injected with that flame by Chen Xiang, and in a few short moments, it was completely destroyed!

Jin Xiongyao felt a splitting headache, but he had already seen the Chen Xiang who was previously standing far away from him.

This attack of Chen Xiang's was using the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace to release a strong flame, and then using a method inside the Heavenly Alchemy, it transformed into an illusory fire, attacking into Jin Xiongyao's Divine Sense Sea.

Towards Jin Xiongyao, this kind of vicious pill G.o.d, Chen Xiang had always been able to kill as much as he wanted. The moment Jin Xiongyao fell to his knees, the elders of the Everlasting Mountain and the Leader who had wanted to give him light all realized that Jin Xiongyao had been defeated. They all made their moves, and the elders at the side of the fighting stage immediately rushed over.

However, the moment they charged over, they saw Chen Xiang's fist transform into a roaring fire dragon, and punch towards Jin Xiongyao's head. The instant the fire dragon roared, it released a burst of surging flames, shrouding Jin Xiongyao who was kneeling on the ground.

Roar …

's Fire Dragon Fist brought along the flames released by the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace, turning Jin Xiongyao's entire person into smoke, not even ashes remained!

"Kill him!" Right now, they did not care about being scolded by others anymore. After having two outstanding disciples killed consecutively by Chen Xiang, they had already been laughed at.

Chen Xiang was still very calm up till now. Seeing the b.a.l.l.s of light and the divine tools around, he teleported into the sky and formed a seal with his hands, causing the ground to suddenly shake.

"Heavenly dragon seal, Ground Dragon Sacrifice!"

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Everyone heard a m.u.f.fled dragon roar that seemed to come from the ground. At this moment, the area around the fighting stage was slightly protruding!

"Run!" Someone shouted.


A deafening roar suddenly exploded out. It came from the ground. A moment ago, a huge gash had appeared in the ground, and several huge, flaming dragons had shot up from below.

"Myriad Dragons Sacrifice the Heavens!"

Chen Xiang then used his Heavenly dragon seal, and all kinds of angry dragons suddenly dropped from the sky, like thunder, like the wind, or like the surging river, constantly striking the elders below.

"This guy is from Divine Dragon Race!" An old man shouted in fear.

"The death of the Divine Dragon Race!" Ming Guang's hair was in a mess right now, he had actually ran up into the sky, holding onto a large sword, he slashed out at Chen Xiang, instantly producing a myriad of red sword qi, like a tidal wave that swept up the ocean, enveloping Chen Xiang.

"Cloud and Sky Constellation!"

Chen Xiang used his Heavenly Vision Technique, his body suddenly turned into mist, and although the Sword Qi pierced through his body, it was not able to harm him.

Following that, he teleported behind Ming Guang, the Heavenly magic sword was already in his hands!

"Die!" Chen Xiang swung out his sword, causing Ming Guang's body to split into two. Chen Xiang immediately grabbed his head, then violently unleashed Devouring magic kungfu, devouring Ming Guang's memories.

"So that's how it is!" After Chen Xiang found what he wanted from Ming Guang's memories, he threw a Fire cloud palm towards Ming Guang's body which was now hanging in the air.

Ming Guang's body, upon coming in contact with the huge palm, instantly vaporized. The big palm fell to the ground like a mountain, a wave of fire spread in all directions, the entire Great Heaven School was immediately engulfed by the sea of fire.

World Defying Dan God Chapter 2278

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