World Defying Dan God Chapter 2290

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"Yes!" As long as you cultivate up to the Divine Sense Sea, there will always be a Divine Sense Sea World, it's just that the majority of the things inside are your fantasies, and the s.p.a.ce inside the Divine Sense Sea World is pitifully small! But if your head condenses Bones, you can treat Bones as the core of your Divine Sense Sea World, shape it into a Core of the Earth, and then absorb the energy of the outside world through your Bones! " Wu Zhi said, laughing: "This way, you can create a real Divine Sense Sea World."

"Real Divine Sense Sea World? "Where would that be?" Chen Xiang said in surprise: "If it was a real world, wouldn't others be able to break through s.p.a.ce and enter? Or is this so-called real world like the s.p.a.ce inside the Storage magic treasure? "

"No, the real world is real. You are the G.o.d of this world, so you can designate this world to follow your thoughts! Time, s.p.a.ce, sunrise and sunset, Stellar Transposition, they could all be controlled at will! And you yourself entered your own real world, enjoying the benefits that this real world brings you. " Wu Zhi's face turned serious: "According to the legends of our Undead Divine Race, if one wants to break through the realm of Peak Divine Lord, the head must condense Bones."

"Our Patriarch broke through the realm of Peak Divine Lord, and now that he's dead, we all suspect that he's immersed himself in his own world. In his world, he can control everything, gather limitless amounts of resources, and bring him to the peak of another realm."

Chen Xiang was stunned. This sounded very mystical, but it did not sound like it was impossible, and he himself had experienced many miraculous things. For example, he himself had two Divine Sense Sea s, and Yue'er could not understand this.

Wu Zhi saw that Chen Xiang was deep in thought, and said, "Earlier, some of the elders in our Undead Divine Race were experimenting. For example, those elders who possess nine Divine Deity, they would cripple a piece of their Divine Deity and then condense it using all sorts of methods. It's just that it's not easy to condense Divine Deity, and it's even more difficult to condense Divine Deity in the head. For so many years, our Undead Divine Race had not seen any Divine Deity in the head. "

Chen Xiang was thinking, of the four Divine Deity s on his head, two were already in his eyes, and when they congealed, they fused with his eyes, and could be said to have broken away from his bones! And these two Bones that had just been condensed out could be considered as the true head Bones!

He felt that every time he condensed the Bones, it would always be the Double bone level, and that was because he had the second Divine Sense Sea. If he were to use the Bones as the equivalent of the Core of the Earth, then of the two Bones that had just condensed in his head, one would belong to him, the Core of the Second Divine Sense Sea?

Chen Xiang's control over the Divine Sense Sea had always been strong, for example, he had previously tried to refine pills inside the Divine Sense Sea! Although the Divine Sense Sea contained a very powerful divine power, the inside was extremely weak. To release a Magic method furnace from the Divine Sense Sea that could explode at any time to refine pills, this was equivalent to suicide.

But Chen Xiang had done it, and his Divine Sense Sea was also very stable, allowing him to do such a dangerous thing!

All along, Divine Sense Sea had reflected the yearning in one's heart. Right now, this Divine Sense Sea of Chen Xiang yearned for a peaceful and tranquil world, it was because he was too exhausted all these years. For his family and friends, for his own survival, he ran all over the place nonstop, partic.i.p.ated in all kinds of wars, and experienced all kinds of dangers!

Therefore, he longed for this peaceful and peaceful life from the bottom of his heart! However, deep in his heart, he had an even greater desire and ambition. Even he himself did not know what it was! It was just that over the past few years, due to all sorts of things, his terrifying ambition did not explode, and as time pa.s.sed, it grew quiet. However, it still existed deep within his heart along with him!

That was his second Divine Sense Sea, which was also his true appearance!

"I'll soon be arriving at my second Divine Sense Sea. As long as I condense the Hundred G.o.ds level, I'll be able to see my true Divine Sense Sea with nine Bones." Chen Xiang clenched his fists.

Wu Zhi said: "The earth's core is always hot, and this Bones is used as the core, so of course it's for the fire attribute! Of course, you can also choose other attributes. "

"I understand!" Chen Xiang nodded. He had already decided that if one of the two Bones s he had condensed just now fused with the Life and Death divine soul, it would allow his Divine Sense Sea World to be more lively and beautiful.

And the other one was prepared for the second Divine Sense Sea. In order to match his second Divine Sense Sea, he needed to find five sets of divine soul! which also corresponded to the five Beast statue in his second Divine Sense Sea!

Right now, Chen Xiang could not go and condense the ninth Divine Deity, because before that, he had to finish condensing his divine soul, and condense his Divine Deity to one hundred before proceeding with the final sprint. At that time, it would definitely not be difficult, because he would be able to condense them very smoothly after eating the Bone level fruit.

"Elder Wu, I'll go look for divine soul now, it might take some time to return. If the disciples don't have enough divine pellets, ask them to wait a little longer." Chen Xiang said.

"Divine pills are definitely enough. You already gave them a lot, and they are already very satisfied!" Because of the death of Purple Yuan Sect, we can't let them go out right now. This caused them to clamor all day just to kill Special G.o.d beast s and help you earn some Shen Yuan stone s. " Wu Zhi laughed.

I'll be fine. I'll be back in three months or so, and at that time, the Purple Yuan Sect will probably take action as well. They won't let this go easily, and they'll just let the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star off the hook like that. Chen Xiang said.

"The Purple Yuan Sect already has a new Leader. Their Leader died here, so no matter what, they will come here to find trouble! This group of people are all very ambitious, they would definitely use this chance to swallow the entire w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star. This way, they can occupy two Heavenly Stars and become the strongest power in the Star Law Divine Realm. " Wu Zhi nodded his head: "But we don't have to worry, they won't be able to find us for now."

After Chen Xiang changed his appearance, he headed towards the Transmitting Square. He was not going to look for divine soul, but to look for Ge Long on the Earth Dragon Star. He wanted to know more about that kind of Bone level fruit.

If he could get a lot of these Bone level fruit, he would be able to build an army of Peak Divine Lord soon!

After a few teleportations, Chen Xiang finally arrived at the Earth-stage Stars, Earth Dragon Star. Ge Long was the Star Lord here, he directly arrived at the largest city on Earth Dragon Star, Emperor Dragon City!

"Why isn't this place called Earth Dragon City? And it's called Emperor Dragon City? " Chen Xiang came to Di Long City via the Transmission array, smiling as he talked to himself.

"Landwyrms are already quite unpleasant to listen to. I expect that not too long from now, Earthdrake will be named Emperor Dragon Star." Yue'er smiled.

World Defying Dan God Chapter 2290

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