Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Vol 6 Prologue

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Part 1

After Aine took into her hand the proof of emperor that was a golden tiara, she put it on her head.

The girl who stared back at her from the mirror, had her body attired with outfit that was only allowed to the emperor.

Rather than calling it clothing, it was accessories. Accessories made from silver, gold, and jewelry were attached on her body in place of clothes, and she wore a thin transparent fabric like a robe. All the accessories were strictly measured for Aine’s personal use, created to tightly match her smooth curve line. That sense of unity was to the degree that could made one thought that most of the accessories were body paint instead. And then, the thinly slender ornaments were very little in size, that even the parts which mustn’t be shown to other people couldn’t be hidden enough.

The excessively high exposure rate made Aine felt a strong shame, at the same time it emphasized Aine’s beauty so very much.

This outfit was really similar with the outfit worn by Aine’s little sister who acted as the agent of Vatlantis emperor while Aine was gone. If one had to said what was the difference, it was that Aine’s outfit was even more luxurious than Grace’s.  The outfit itself strongly emphasized that Aine was exactly the only absolute, that she was an existence which was even higher than Grace, that was how one who saw her would be made to think.

Aine sighed deeply.

At one of the corner of her room which could easily be more than a hundred tatami, Aine was just alone there, she was facing the mirror. The girl inside the mirror was in contrast with the luxurious and resplendent outfit she wore, her expression was darkly down.

‘――Is this, the true me?’

She asked herself inside her heart to make sure of it.

Vatlantis emperor, AIness Synclavia.

There was no mistake that was who the person inside the mirror. When her body moved, the emperor inside the mirror also made the same move. Correct, she was the emperor of Vatlantis. She was by no mean Chidorigafuchi Aine of Amaterasu.

However, just what was this uncomfortableness holding still inside herself.

Her memory had returned, her lineage and past had became clear. There was no ground to feel doubt of the fact that she was in Atlantis. Despite so, her current self felt like a lie somewhere.

Aine took into her hand a newly presented golden necklace and wrapped it around her neck before fastening it behind her. Originally this was a work for her attendant, but she want to be alone a little and forced her attendant and guard to withdraw. It was likely that around this time they were waiting in orderly line in front of the room.

Aine sighed one more time and lifted her heavy waist.

When she opened the door that was the size matching this room, he came out to a corridor with even higher ceiling. The height was around two floor and its width was easily more than five meter, even a car could easily drove through here. Just as she imagined, at that unduly wide corridor, the attendants and guard knights were lining up in a row. From the row of fifty people in total, there were several people a step in front of them, Zelsione, and then two of the Quartum, the long blue haired Lunora and the red haired Ramza.

And then in front of them was her lovable little sister, Grace waiting for her.

“Nee-sama, truly you look beautiful. This morning to your beauty look radiant.”

Grace lowered her head reverently, then other people also followed her action.

“Enough with the flattery already. And, stop that way of talking like you are a stranger.”

When she raised her head, Grace talked back with a serious face.

“Putting aside the time when it was the two of us alone, I cannot take that kind of att.i.tude in front of everyone. Nee-sama too will soon ascend to the genuine public duty of the emperor, therefore this is all the more important. The difference between Nee-sama and me has to be displayed clearly.”

Aine thought that her little sister had really come far.

“And then Nee-sama, Kizuna’s subjugation party has been organized. Zel, has the preparation for the audience finished?”

Grace questioned Zelsione behind her without looking back.

“Yes. They are waiting for Ainess-sama’s arrival at the landing place outside the castle wall. Please look at it from the balcony.”

Aine began to walk the corridor that was adorned by silence, followed by Grace, Zelsione, and then Lunora and Ramza, continued by the party of the guards, they were forming a single neat line.

There was a stair when they turned on the corner. That was the stair that directly connected to the balcony exclusive for the emperor, that balcony could command the view of the battles.h.i.+p landing place adjacent to the royal palace. The landing place was extensive like an airfield, so it was obviously enough to gather the subjugation party there.

Aine was suddenly driven by an impulse of wis.h.i.+ng to ignore that stair and pa.s.sed it through. She clenched her fist tightly and descended the stair, getting down and stood on a wide balcony.

“This is……there is really so many gathered there……”

Aine’s words were caught in her throat looking at the force gathered there. Gigantic battles.h.i.+ps and aircraft carriers were lined-up in tight row, filling the landing place fully. What seemed to be the leaders of each unit, knights wearing magic armor were standing at the end of the s.h.i.+p that appeared to be the flags.h.i.+p with their sword raised.

And then behind them, was a force of magic armors that lined up neatly. There were several hundred in total, no perhaps it was in thousands. A number that even made her depressed to count was lining up. Aine wondered if the majority of Vatlantis’s combat strength might be invested into this. Aine even felt timid at the excessive large scale of the subjugation party.

“Even if you don’t make it so large like this, even though I alone will be enough for this……”

Zelsione shook her head as if to say ‘good grief’.

“Please don’t jest. There is no way we can let Ainess-sama go alone. In a certain meaning, this is one battle that is the most important against Lemuria. Defeat is not allowed, most of all we cannot allow any tarnish on Ainess-sama’s war record. Of course, this me and Lunora and Ramza will also accompany you.”

Aine talked in admonishment at Zelsione with her eyebrows knitted.

“No. If even you, Lunora, and Ramza are added to the subjugation party, Zeltis will become short of hand right? I want the three of you to protect this Zeltis and Grace.”

“Nee-sama don’t need to worry if it’s about me. Originally, I want to kill the demon king Kizuna with this hand myself. Of course it will be after granting him the greatest pain imaginable.”

“Grace……then, this is not like what I said just now but, please think of this as the command of the emperor. What will you do then if that’s what I want?”

Grace’s face instantly tightened.

“……Then it cannot be helped. As Nee-sama will it.”

“I’m sorry Grace. Just like you are worrying about me, I too is worrying about you. I’m not saying this to be mean. I want you to understand that.”

“I understand. The affection of Nee-sama make this Grace really too happy that it feels like I can ascend to heaven.”

Laughter came from Zelsione and the attendants.

Aine also smiled and stared outside once more.

The large army spreading fully in her sight.

Whether she wanted it or not, the inside of her heart became melancholic.

‘――Kizuna, what are you doing right now?’


Part 2


The state was where people couldn’t quite move their body inside the fully crowded train. Inside such train, a girl was desperately fighting the hand that was crawling, aiming for her body.


However her resistance was in vain, the hand of the man mercilessly crawled around the girl’s body.

The girl wearing the uniform of Ataraxia looked like a middle school student with her pet.i.te body. When compared with the man standing behind her, the difference in their body build was like adult and child. The cheeky eyes under the short cut black hair were putting up bluff as hard as they could. However, the moment the man’s hand touched the unripe body, they immediately crumbled completely into an anxious expression.

“Don’t……my voice come out. If anybody noticed, my life will be over……”

When the train shook, the body ma.s.s of the other pa.s.sengers would weigh on. Slipping amidst that confusion, an unknown hand was clinging tightly on her a.s.s while caressing around.

At that moment, shuddering s.h.i.+vers ran around inside the body starting from the a.s.s.

“Even though I don’t like it……haah……”

“……Hey, Ger-san”

“……Can you please don’t call me Ger-san! Even though I finally get in the mood, now it’s ruined! Just why you cannot do that, boss Kizuna!”

When the girl turned around calmly, it made him wanted to die from too much shame. Gertrude Veardo of Masters was looking up at Kizuna resentfully.

There were three lines of underground train in Ataraxia. The north-south line that pa.s.sed through vertically at the center, the east-west line that traveled horizontally, and also the loop line that made a lap at the outer circ.u.mference. Right now, Kizuna and Gertrude were riding the loop line. The time period was the rush hour in the evening, where inside the train was reaching 200% of pa.s.senger rate. While the train was in that fully crowded state, the two of them were talking without minding the surrounding pa.s.sengers.

“Gertrude, you have something like a wish of being molested?”

“I don’t want that done to me. In the first place, I have never encountered a molester……but that just mean, it’s like being told that I don’t have any charm as woman, it feels irritating somehow. Well, and so I just think, how about experiencing it for once with this kind of chance.”

“As I though, you want to get molested then?”

“There is no way I want that done to me!”

‘Should I call her complicated, but she is troublesome anyway’, Kizuna thought that but he didn’t say it.

“Well, it’s that. We have reserved this car with trouble like this, let’s do our best to make the Heart Hybrid a success.”

The other cars were boarded by pa.s.sengers normally, the train would also stop at the station. However only the car where Kizuna and Gertrude were at wouldn’t have the door opened, the coming and going from the other cars were also disabled. This car was reserved by Nayuta Lab for the whole day by Reiri’s instruction.

“I guess so……even so, what’s with these extras? They look strangely real that it feels scary.”

The pa.s.sengers that happened to board in this car so crowdedly didn’t react at all to Kizuna and Gertrude’s conversation. Gertrude felt spooked looking around at the faces of those people. Male wearing suits that seemed to be office worker, female researcher wearing doctor robe, also students of Ataraxia, and so on, there were all kind of gender and age here.

“They are mainly used at practical test of weapon, experiment dummy. It seems that weapon will be used to these things for real to test what kind of effect they will have to human body. According to s.h.i.+kina-san’s story, it seems that these dummies were upgraded for the experiment this time.”

“Well, if it’s these guy then even if their body got damaged or even exploded by gun, they will not even bat an eyelid.”

“That’s how it is. Their weight and physical ability basically aren’t different with human. Also, it seems that depending on the program they can act any kind of human you know?”

“Certainly they are exactly just like human……but, if that’s the case then isn’t it faster to just use Love Room?”

Gertrude looked up at the dummy that was likely set as a salary man in his thirty and scowled her face.

“Aah……about that, recently I used the Love Room too much and it seem the effect is lowered for me because I got used to it.”

“Got used……you say?”

“Yeah. In short, somewhere in my head, I get the awareness that it’s not reality. Even in combat simulation, if you don’t go at it like a real combat then there will be no result coming out right? That’s why it seems that the feeling of nervousness and tension needed for the Heart Hybrid is diluted for me.”

Gertrude glared at Kizuna with fixed stare.

“In other words, boss Kizuna has repeated this kind of thing so much, to the level that you got used to it and become unable to get excited at all, that’s it?”

“U…..st, still! It seems that previously when I used head mount display and carried out Heart Hybrid in real s.p.a.ce, I could obtain an amazing result. So, s.h.i.+kina-san changed the policy and explore for the method that doesn’t use Love Room like this.”

Of course, there was also the good affinity with the partner before. However Kizuna was completely ignorant of the ident.i.ty of that partner.

“But, if the mobs are completely a dummy then isn’t it the same? Even like this they are just fake anyway, if I have to say whether this is realistic or not, I have to say that it’s not.”

{Then I’ll change the setting.}

The electronic papers that displayed the hanging advertis.e.m.e.nt inside the car suddenly all changed into the projection of s.h.i.+kina Kei’s face and the text she typed.

“Owaa! You listened to that s.h.i.+kina-san?”

{I changed the setting so that the dummy wll react like normal human. If you raise gasping voice, they will react, if they notice the molesting act, they will raise a commotion.}

Kizuna pondered with his hand on his chin.

“I see, if it’s like that then my nervousness is coming out……”

{Saying it even further, the information that this dummy perceived will be recorded in the database here. If the dummy noticed the molester play the two of you do, that information will be delivered to all the account of the research department. It will be possible to browse for the stored image and voice database.}


Gertrude screamed with bright red face.

{I pray for the good fight.}

The hanging advertis.e.m.e.nt returned to its original message.

“Wait a second there! This is not a joke, something like that――”

“Wa, wait, calm down Gertrude.”

The dummies were scowling and glaring at them as if to say they were bothered. Their expression and gesture were different from each other, they were exactly like human with their own individual personality.

“Eh? I……I’m sorry.”

Gertrude whispered in small voice at Kizuna as if they were doing small chat.

“For some reason, the atmosphere suddenly changes, all these dummies!”

“Yeah, just as s.h.i.+kina-san said, the setting was changed so they reacted more realistically. Besides from now on, the act that we will do inside this car will leave a record. Furthermore all the member of the research department can see it as they pleased……only if the dummy noticed it though.”

Gertrude’s complexion paled this time.

“G.o.d d.a.m.n……what the h.e.l.l with this. Bo, boss Kizuna, this method is bad. Let’s get off the train at the next station.”

“No……even if this train reaches the station the door won’t open. Besides, I guess they won’t let us get off this train until we do Climax Hybrid. Those people are serious.”

Kizuna knew about his sister’s strictness about the mission that she imposed to him and Kei’s abnormal tenacity regarding experiment. Putting aside success or failure, they surely wouldn’t tolerate them by any means until they seriously made result in this experiment.

“Besides, for the sake of the next operation, the Climax Hybrid of you and me is needed. Both of our injuries are recovered at last. We made everyone waiting during that time, we cannot drag everyone down even more than this.”


“What we are doing might look really stupid, but the fate of the whole human race rest on our shoulder. We have to do this.”

Gertrude’s eyes were blazing in flame.

“…..I got it. Now that it has come to this, I’ll resolve myself too. Just come at me!”

Right at that time the stopped train was starting to move again. The car shook and the weight of the dummies leaned on the two. The dummies had similar weight with human, so it was hard to push them back. The two who were standing nearby the entrance were now pushed on the door.

“……You okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Err……”

Gertrude’s chest and stomach were pressed on the door and she couldn’t move. But, the pressure seen lightened. When she turned back thinking it strange, Kizuna was sticking out his arm like a pole and pushed at the door with his hand. The pus.h.i.+ng weight of the dummies was supported by Kizuna’s back, protecting Gertrude from being pushed.

“Sorry……that, Kizuna’s hii-!”

Kizuna’s right hand touched at Gertrude’s a.s.s. To be clear, his hand was not caressing, the back of his hand was pus.h.i.+ng as if enjoying the firmness of her a.s.s. His hand was pus.h.i.+ng and separating in unison with the shaking, so it was hard to judge whether this was accidental or intentional.


This time Kizuna moved the back of his hand matching with the change of his posture. That gave the same stimulation to Gertrude like her a.s.s was being brushed up. At that moment, a strange voice leaked out from her mouth.

All at once the expressions of the dummies around changed into doubtful look, staring at the direction of the two. Kizuna whispered into Gertrude’s ear.

“Shh, quiet. If we are noticed……no, it’s troubling the others.”

“……Geez-, there is this thing called preparation of the heart you know? Stop doing it out of no……nn, -wheree……”

Gertrude criticized Kizuna with whispering voice. However during that time Kizuna’s palm rubbed Gertrude’s small a.s.s brazenly this time.


She bit her lips and groaned. Tears were gathering inside her reproachful gaze and she glared at Kizuna.

However Kizuna felt that her gesture was strangely cute.

The complaining gaze gave a reverse effect, making Kizuna even more proactive. He rolled the fringe of the short skirt and tried to enter his hand inside it. Gertrude who guessed his intention desperately tried to block that hand by grasping it. However her hand couldn’t move as she wished it backward like this, Kizuna toyed with her a.s.s just as he wished.

From Kizuna’s viewpoint he couldn’t see Gertrude’s underwear. However from the sensation at his fingertips, he could at least understand that the panty was made from cotton covering large surface. When he pulled up that panty, the mountains at the left and right of the a.s.s became laid bare while the fabric dug strongly into her groin.


It made Gertrude stood on the tips of her toes. Surely she was unconsciously trying to lessen the stimulation. However, Kizuna mercilessly pulled up even stronger.


Painful sigh leaked out from Gertrude’s mouth. The student standing beside them separated his eye from the smartphone he was holding and glanced at them with doubtful gaze. Gertrude who noticed that pressed her mouth in panic. And then her face turned so red that it felt like a flas.h.i.+ng sound could be heard.

“You okay?”

“Eh……ye, yes.”

Gertrude returned a cramped smile at Kizuna who asked her shamelessly.

“I’m sorry here, looks like she got a little cold.”

Kizuna faced the dummy and spoke to it. Thereupon the dummy lost its interest again and his gaze returned back to his smartphone. Judging that there was no more irregular reaction, it returned back to its normal programming. With this the information shouldn’t be transmitted to the research department that was in the other side of the dummy.

“Geez……boss, you get carried away too much.”

“What are you saying? The real thing will start from now on.”

Kizuna separated his hand that pushed at the door and caressed around Gertrude’s breast.


Gertrude’s breast was exceedingly flat, the undulation was even more inferior than Sylvia.

“Just now, you are thinking that I have no breast or something like that aren’t you……”

“…..Please don’t throw me something like a choice, whether to take honesty or kindness.”

Gertrude floated a self-depreciating smile.

“Well, because practically I have none anyway. It’s flat, it’s a plain, it’s really just a precipice. For boss who is used to rub and squash the breast of Yuris.h.i.+a-senpai who is like a Holstein, something like mine is not even funny to be touched!”

“Never mind that, calm down I said! ……Ah, I’m sorry, everyone. Ahahaha.”

Perhaps she had a complex that she had no breast, but Gertrude didn’t even care of gathering the attention of the surrounding and howled, making Kizuna having cold sweat.

“Besides, you are still at the age that doesn’t even need to worry about your breast size. You are concealing an unknown possibility……wait, right now is not the time to mind about something like that. What we should focused at is……”

Kizuna searched for the tip of Gertrude breast from above the uniform, then he pinched strongly with his fingertips.


Gertrude’s body jumped twitchingly.

“Wha, what are you do-……I told you boss, there is no breast or anything to touch there, please let go already. If you want, you might as well touch other pla――”

“Listen to me, what is important right now is not the size of the breast. It’s whether you feel it or not. If you feels good having your breast touched, then there is worth in touching it. But, if you feel nothing but discomfort, I won’t touch it.”


“Besides, the sensation in my fingertips is just secondary factor to decide whether I have fun touching or not. I’m happy if I can make Gertrude feel it with my hand. If you can feel good by my touch, then I’ll have fun touching your breast.”

Gertrude’s eyes moistly wavered. And then, inside those eyes faint light particles were beginning to swim.

“……If I have to confess……it’s actually, feeling absurdly good. That’s why……au!”

Kizuna’s palm drew a circle and lovingly caressed Gertrude’s breast.

“Hii……uh, ku”

Gertrude suppressed her voice and withstood the pleasure.

The sensation that his fingertips and palm felt was meager. But Gertrude’s body was reacting terrifyingly sensitively from the slight movement of Kizuna’s finger.

“Perhaps it’s small, but the sensitivity is amazingly good. To feel it so easily like this…….even though your body is childish, but it’s actually a really lewd body.”

The voice whispering in her ear made something shuddering traveled through Gertrude’s spine.

“I, I’m not……lewd or anything.”

“Then, how about I try touching directly?”

Kizuna’s hand opened the front of her uniform and tried to strip her off, at that time――,


“Thi-! This is bad-!”

Gertrude reflexively raised a sharp voice. Fortunately that voice was drowned by the sound of the train entering the platform. The outside of the window suddenly turned bright and the speed of the train dropped.

“The station……but, this car is reserved so the door won’t open, the common pa.s.senger won’t enter here.”

“But, I’ll get seen! It’s visible from the door! Right now is no good!”

Certainly there were a great number of pa.s.sengers waiting at the station platform. Especially with how this station was nearby the school so there were a lot of students going home. Other than them there were also office workers and research staffs and so on which were moving due to their work. All of them were welcoming the train with a face that seemed to express ‘finally it’s here’.

“Certainly it’s completely visible from the gla.s.s of the door. So do your best to make a normal face okay?”

“Eh? That, what does it mean.……”

Gertrude’s face stiffened from a bad premonition and she looked back. However before she could see Kizuna’s face, a pleasure in a different dimension from anything until now pierced through her body.


The same time she shrieked, the doors of the other cars opened and the pa.s.sengers began to get down. The announcer of the platform rang out.

The intense pleasure Gertrude felt from her crotch made her sight seemed dizzy. Kizuna’s right hand embraced the slender body that hadn’t growth yet and slipped into inside the skirt from the front. And then he was caressing at the most essential place from above the panty. Furthermore, his left hand grasped her b.u.t.t and softly rubbed.

‘――The, the front and behind at the same time, of all thing……this is just too intense, boss!’

Unable to even say it from her mouth, her mouth opened while desperately inhaling oxygen. Her face was hot and her head was also completely blank. The stimulation she felt at her lower body was shaving off her thought circuit.

Kizuna’s right hand unreservedly got into between her opened legs and sent her stimulus with his fingertips pressed tight. The stimulation of small vibrations was like electric shock that numbed her legs.


Even while being a.s.saulted by the pleasure that might make her unconsciously forgot herself, Gertrude was desperately suppressing her voice.

“Hey, are you okay? We are going to get discovered you know?”

“He? I’m holding back my voice properly……”

“That’s true but, that face of yours is pretty obvious you know?”

“What are you say…..”

She suddenly noticed her face which was reflected on the gla.s.s.

It was a face of an intoxicated woman. Her cheeks were blus.h.i.+ng red and her half-closed blank eyes were filled with obscene light. Her slovenly opened mouth was letting out drool, and the pleasure that was given to her body was expressed on her expression.

She received a shock from herself who was making that kind of face. And then it felt like her heart almost stopped from the fact that there were people who were looking at that face from the other side of the door.


Gertrude reflexively looked down.

‘――I, I was seen?’

“Don’t worry. They are just thinking that you are merely imagining something that causes you to make that kind of slovenly face. Rather than that, it’ll make them suspicious that you suddenly look down like that you know? Raise your face and then look normal.”

Gertrude timidly raised her face.

The people lining in the platform noticed that this car was reserved and they were moving to other cars. Right now the people who were getting down were only walking toward the exit and there was also no one who sent their gaze at the two of them. Even so, if their state was too strange then they would surely get noticed.


Her knees almost dropped with a jerk. She thrust her hand on the door and somehow held on.

But, she would somehow endure this if it was just this much, just when she was about to think that, Kizuna’s attack became even more severe. The fingers that stimulated the front became only one, tracing along the trench and then dug in deeply.

“! ……mm……ku”

She once again bore in mind to make a normal face. However, in contrary to that her lower body was rapidly heating up. Ignoring her own will, her body was arbitrarily beginning to demand for pleasure.

At that time the bell that signaled the departure rang out at the platform.

“Ahau! Mmm, haaan!”

Slipping into that sound, the pleasure that broke through her endurance became coquettish voice that flew out from her mouth.

In order to stop the overflowing pleasure, she pressed on her mouth with both hands in panic. She tightly closed her eyes and desperately stifled her voice. Enduring it so much made her body trembling in convulsion.

As if to corner Gertrude even more, Kizuna’s finger persistently tortured the valley where her honey was welling up.

Gertrude’s consciousness was getting far away. At that instant, s.h.i.+ning yellow particles were created from her body. Her eyes that were blotted with tears reflected the light particles dancing around inside the car.

“Yosh, the Heart Hybrid is a success. Only one more go left now.”

She couldn’t enter strength into her waist and legs anymore. It was absolutely impossible to do more than this. That was what Gertrude thought.

Even herself felt the honey flowing down through her leg. By any chance, there might be a puddle created below her feet.

“Do your best okay?”

The whispering voice in her ear reverberated toward under her stomach.


A pleading voice that made even herself felt disgust came out.

Honestly speaking, she was already didn’t care of whatever he was going to do to her. It was fine even if the surrounding dummies noticed and the guys of research department watched. In exchange, she wanted to be taught of what lied beyond this pleasure. She was unable to suppress the excitement of such feeling.

Kizuna’s finger inserted inside her underwear. And then the place that created the honey which was overflowing from inside her, the door that was still closed tightly started to open.


Her voice disappeared into the noise of the train, but she had the feeling that she could hear the sound Kizuna’s finger stirring her important place.

The train exited the platform and ran on the underground. She pressed her body on the door and stared at the light of electronic display streaming outside. The curtain of colorful light streaming inside the darkness was beautiful, she felt like she was going somewhere to a different world.

At that time, Kizuna pushed his way through to an unexplored part of herself.

A sensation that she had never experienced yet before a.s.saulted her whole body.

She guessed that most likely it was pleasure. However that pleasure far surpa.s.sed the range her mind permitted, it was like her consciousness was led away to a new world.

Inside her dimming consciousness, yellow and pink lights filled her sight. The boisterous dance of the two colors of light particles was even more beautiful than any kind of scene she had seen until now. While staring at the dance of light absorbedly, her consciousness was getting far away as if washed away by the stream of river.

‘――Aah, this is Climax Hybrid.’

That was what she thought right before her consciousness cut off.

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