Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Vol 7 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – New G.o.d Part 1

At that time, all the humans in Zeltis saw something that was hard to believe.

The center of the world that had existed since prehistory. The motherly existence that gave birth to them. The figure of that Genesis crumbling down.

The people were only looking up in blank amazement at the twilight sky without the pillar they were familiar with which had vanished. The sky that had lost the thing that should be there made the people feel the anxiety of losing their place to depend on.

“What will happen to us from now on?”

“This is the end. This world is over.”

“So, everyone will die you mean?”

Anxiety called for terror, terror invited chaos. Zeltis was falling into chaotic mayhem.

A ground rumbling sound resounded over the tumult of the people.

“Hey, what’s this sound? This is……”

That sound didn’t come from below them. The people looked up to the sky.

“Wha-, what is, that!?”

The sky was shaking. The tremor was like an earthquake that split the ground, before long that movement carved a crack in the sky. And then the broken sky became fragments and fell down.


Those fragments destroyed the city’s buildings one after another. At the other side of the chipped sky, a black darkness that was like h.e.l.l was spreading. The sky that was full of cracks hiding the darkness of nothingness was coming down on them. It was only little by little, but the sky was approaching above the people’s heads with certainty. That was the countdown of death towards this world.

The announcement of breakdown without any place to escape swallowed up the people into a whirlpool of despair and chaos.

Whether it was the common citizens, the magic knights of the imperial guard, or even the royalty Aine and Grace, they were all the same.

Grace who was standing with trembling legs was walking as if she was sleepwalking.

“It really, collapsed…..is it.”

When she arrived until the edge of the balcony, Grace leaned on the handrail as if clinging on it.

“It……it’s the end already.”

Aine embraced Grace’s shoulders and hugged her onto her body. However Aine’s body was also trembling.

No matter how powerful combat strength they had, they were powerless in front of the fate of the world.

Just like a beast that was scared of lightning, they were huddling together s.h.i.+veringly.

Kizuna tried to contact Ataraxia and activated his floating window.

“This is Kizuna! Nee-chan, s.h.i.+kina-san, Genesis collapsed!”

Reiri grimaced her forehead and quickly answered.

{You think we cannot see it from here huh! We are heading to the castle right now. Where are you guys?}

“We are at the balcony of the largest spire. I’m together with Aine and Grace too.”

Kei’s typed text was displayed in front of Reiri.

{And where is Professor Nayuta?}

Kizuna noticed that and asked Grace.

“Grace. Kaa-san……Professor Nayuta, where is she?”

However Grace powerlessly shook her head.

“I don’t know. But that woman’s research lab is at the base of the pillar……in this situation, perhaps it had been crushed.”

Nayuta’s research lab was right under the Genesis. Right now it was under the broken pieces of the pillar which were becoming a mountain. Surely she couldn’t possible end up safe from that.

“Nayuta……is alive.”

The voice of a person came from inside the room.

“That voice……Zel?”

From inside the dim room that lost its light, two human shadows dragging their bodies showed their appearances.

Grace raised her voice looking at those figures.

“Zelsione! Also, isn’t that Valdy! Where were you two until now?”

Aine opened her eyes wide at the two’s appearances which was exposed under the light from outside.

“Those wounds……just what happened?”

The figures of the two were figures that made one thought they had just went through a fierce mortal combat. Their magic armors were already gone, they were in their imperial guard uniform but even that looked ragged. Blood soaked the torn clothes and they also understood that blood was trickling down on their exposed skin. Especially Zelsione, she looked severely wounded, she was dragging her feet by borrowing Valdy’s shoulder. After they came out to the balcony, Zelsione crumbled on her knees as if she had spent her strength.


Aine supported her body in panic. Kizuna also lent his hand and laid her body down on the floor.

Zelsione spitted out a painful voice from her lips that were wet with blood.

“Nayuta……as we thought, she wasn’t doing any research for repairing Genesis.”

Valdy’s face hung down. She was clenching her fist with trembling shoulders. A puddle of tears was created below her drop by drop.

Kizuna stared at the figures of the two with a grim expression.

“As expected, Kaa-san is……s.h.i.+t-! Just what is she scheming this time!?”

Zelsione was pressing the wound on her stomach and her face warped in anguish. Even Kizuna being here was inconsequential in this occasion. There was something that she had to convey, that sense of mission made her squeezed out her words while enduring the intense pain.

“Wha, what that woman researched was――”

“The evolution to an existence that is not human.”


There was an unfamiliar girl.

Furthermore she was outside the balcony. She was floating with the setting sun behind her.

“You are……?”

Her appearance was like an elementary school student, it was around that age. Her long jet black hair flapping in the wind was beautiful. Her young stark naked body that wasn’t wearing anything was only covered by a long white robe that didn’t suit her body size.

Her body was wearing only that. She didn’t even wear a magic armor. She was floating in the air with just her flesh body.

Even though her appearance was really lovely and beautiful, they felt unknown terror from her.

It should be their first meeting but, Kizuna felt like he had met that girl somewhere.

‘――That’s right. She is similar with Nee-chan’s photo of the past.’

That was not accurate. But it was an impression that was near the truth.

Zelsione spoke roughly while enduring her pain.

“That kid, is Nayuta!”


For Kizuna, the meaning of those words were incomprehensible.

“You say that this child is Kaa-san……just what does that mean?”

Aine and also Grace, even Reiri and Kei that was watching across the communication window in Ataraxia, were feeling the same like Kizuna.

That girl faced Kizuna and smiled.

“Kizuna. For you to forget the face of your mother, there is a limit even for lacking in filial piety isn’t it?”

‘――Such thing is impossible.’

“What are you saying? Err, who are you?”

Zelsione yelled with a pained voice towards Kizuna who was going to approach the girl carelessly.

“Be careful! That thing is not like how Nayuta was once! It’s a monster!”

Kizuna’s legs stopped.

The girl floating in the air pouted her mouth in a troubled gesture.

“You really are talking rudely aren’t you, Zelsione-sama? I’m not a monster, I want to be called as a G.o.d.”

{G.o.d……you say?}

Reiri talked in irritation from inside the communication window.

{Certainly, this insolent way of talking is really like mother. But, what kind of trick that appearance is? Are you doing some kind of interference with our visual information? Or else an android? There is a limit for dressing yourself younger than your age.}

The girl laughed pleasantly.

“Fufufu, it’s exactly as you see. I’m rejuvenated back to my youth. No, I think saying that I was reborn is more accurate. Not as a human but as a new living being.”

Kizuna was also gradually coming to an understanding. Rather than that the sense of reality was welling up inside him.

He didn’t understand the cause or the method. But, the air this girl was clad in, her presence. This girl was,

‘――There is no doubt, this is Kaa-san.’

Surely Reiri also felt that. She was getting increasingly irritated from her exchange of words with the girl.

{New living being……you say? And, what is the meaning of that!?}

“It’s about a living being that has evolved even further. The same level of existence with the being who created the Core of Heart Hybrid Gear and Genesis……I wonder if it’s easier to understand if I say it like that.”

It was Nayuta’s forte to talk in a roundabout way that the other side couldn’t understand, covering her story with smokescreen. Kizuna yelled impatiently.

“Say it clearly, I don’t understand at all just what you are saying! Kaa-san……if you are really Kaa-san, it doesn’t matter what kind of living being you had become. Rather than that, stop the breakdown of this world!”

Aine also returned to her senses and raised a cornered voice.

“That’s right! You were doing research for that sake all this time weren’t you? Professor Nayuta!”

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders cutely.

“I did. Or I should say, I was researching to decipher the technology of Genesis. Because if I comprehend all of Genesis’s secret, naturally the way to repair it will also be discovered, so I was not lying by any means.”

Grace glared at Nayuta resentfully.

“Stop toying with your justification! Then why was the pillar crumbling! What I commanded you to do is repairing, not destroying it!”

Nayuta was smiling widely without even looking like she had done anything bad.

“I didn’t destroy it intentionally. I made it to do the work of remolding me, so I guess it was quite burdened due to that. In the first place the pillar had been kept operating all the time without any maintenance, so a malfunction occurred. That is the cause of the cataclysm occurring in Atlantis until now. It was continued being used in that kind of condition, so its life span was rapidly shrinking. And then it was only by chance that it reached its limit just now.”

Aine gritted her teeth hard. Enduring her fury, she faced Nayuta and spoke.

“Professor Nayuta……tell me the result of your investigation. Just what is Genesis?”

“The true ident.i.ty of Genesis, is a tool that creates worlds. That is to say, it’s the tool the creator used when creating this world……that pillar is the creator’s parting gift.”

‘――This world’s, creator she said?’

The story of Nayuta immediately sounded like a shady story.

“That is, so to speak the G.o.d you mean?”

“That’s right. Putting it another way, we can even say that it’s a living thing of another world who created this world.”

In other words, someone from another world created this world……that was what she said.

“The Core is also the same. It seems that it was something prepared by the people who created Genesis in order to imitate the figure like them.”

“Why, are they doing something like that? Those creators or whatever.”

Nayuta shook her small head.

“I don’t understand that yet.”

Reiri threw a voice filled with killing intent from the other side of the window.

{Just now, you said that you became a G.o.d right? In other words that is to say that you are the same existence as the creator, you became the same existence like the living being that created this world then?}

“My, that’s a quick comprehension for Reiri.”

Nayuta showed a faked gesture of surprise.

“I wanted to understand the technology of the Core and Genesis. And then, as I continued to further my a.n.a.lysis, I became interested in the very creators themselves who created all of these. What kind of existences they are. What should I do so I can approach such transcendental existences.”

Raising her small hand, she extended her index finger erectly.

“And then I thought. Genesis constructed this world, if it can even create life, shouldn’t it also be able to recreate myself, like that.”

Nayuta spread the fringe of her white robe and twirled in the air.

“And then, it’s just as you see――a great success.”

Nayuta who was all smiles looked innocent, lovely, and ominous.

“However, about the existences which are at the level where they can create both worlds that are this Atlantis and our world that is Lemuria. There are still many unclear points about them. I was continuing my research in order to shed light to those existences and comprehend this whole world. And so, this is nothing more but one of those experiments.”

Kei’s window started up in front of Nayuta’s eyes.

{Professor Nayuta, this is s.h.i.+kina.}

“Aah, Kei. You look healthy. What is it?”

{Just now, you said that our world was also created by the creator, what is the basis of that? For argument’s sake, if that’s true, then why there are no Cores or Genesis on earth?}

Nayuta made a thin smile.

“There are also those things in Lemuria you know? Whether it’s Cores and also monuments that are proportionate with Genesis. It is for this reason that I can say that our world was also created by the creator.”

‘――What, the?’

Kizuna cut into the talk unable to hold himself back.

“Just where do such things exist! It will be a big news if those kind of things were discovered right? But, I have never heard anything like that!”

“No. Kizuna should know about it really well.”


Nayuta pointed at Kizuna.

“Eros is a Core discovered on earth you know?”


Kizuna put his hand at his chest.

‘This Core of Eros……was originally, from earth?’

“It appears that the other Cores fell down to our world when the Another World Conflict occurred. However, only Eros is different. It was a mysterious material discovered at an island of the Mediterranean sea approximately several hundred years ago. But, no matter how we see it the industrial goods of modern time only look like a toy. It was sleeping for a long time inside a certain collector’s warehouse without anyone even realizing that it was an OOPArt.”

‘Such thing…….

It was thought that all their Cores were AU material that fell to earth when Alternate World Conflict happened. But, Kaa-san is saying that, originally, there were also Cores on earth?

Having said that, there is also someone who created our world……and that existence is the same one with the one who created this Atlantis.

The world where we came from, was something someone created?’

Kizuna’s mind was in chaos.

He understood by logic, but he couldn’t comprehend or accept it.

It was not just Kizuna, all people present in this place wer thinking the same.

Reiri and Kei were also shocked.

Reiri snapped at her mother even while her gaze was unfocused.

{However……there is nothing like Genesis there, anywhere at all! Isn’t that just your wild delusion!?}

“There is. It just hasn’t been discovered.”

{Something that gigantic, just where can it exist without being discovered until now huh!}

“That is……my? It seems that this is not the time to speak so leisurely like this isn’t it?”

The sky was still lowering more. The whole surface of the sky that was dyed by the setting sun was cracked all over, the cracks was falling down as sky fragments like gla.s.s.

“This world is over already. I’m looking forward how much influence it will cause to Lemuria that is connected to this world by the Entrances.”

Something snapped inside Kizuna from her way of talking.

“Until now, in order to save this world……just with how much feeling, you think we came this far! You!”

Kizuna clenched his fist. His flaming rage circulated energy throughout his body.

“Kaa-san! I’m going to have you cooperate in saving this world! Even by force!”

“My. You are planning to hit a girl this young?”

“Shut it!”

Nayuta pressed her mouth while slipping out a chuckle.

“In your condition where even your Hybrid Count has. .h.i.t the bottom, can you take me on?”

Nayuta’s body began to s.h.i.+ne with light of magic power.

“Don’t tell me……”

Kizuna’s heartbeat became violent.

The light of magic power created from Nayuta’s body was writing a magic formula, that formula instantly materialized. It created mechanical parts from her body that appeared to be constructed one after another by unseen hands.

Nayuta spoke with a smile that was filled with joy.

“It was said that G.o.d created humans based on his own appearance, but Heart Hybrid Gear was also something the creator created based on their own appearance. Let me specially show to all of you, the original.”

The parts created from her back extended to left and right and constructed large thick arms. And then large leg units like robots were created, fixed on her legs. Whether the legs or the arms, each of them were something large that was even bigger than Nayuta’s height.

And then at her back, a board with beautiful l.u.s.ter was unfolding like a spread fan. It looked like s.h.i.+eld and also looked like wings. The fan with beautiful regularity opened to the left and right which even reached six meters of width.

“This is the true appearance of the current me.”

A headdress in the shape of ornate hairpin was on her head, while a kimono that was like a furisode with her shoulders greatly exposed was created on her body. It was an outfit that was like a daughter of a n.o.ble who celebrated their aging festival in the shrine.

The armor was also beautiful, as if in coordination with the dressed up Nayuta. Elegant line and l.u.s.ter like a lacquer. Graceful ornament and glamorousness. Rather than calling it weapon for the sake of battle, it even gave the impression whether it was actually used for etiquette or admiration.

Kizuna reflexively murmured looking at that reborn figure Nayuta displayed.

“Heart Hybrid Gear……”

Without any doubt, it was a large type Heart Hybrid Gear. However, it had a presence that drew a line compared to the likes of Kizuna’s Eros or Aine’s Zeros. It was not just merely big, the difference in the shaping and material, and then the high cla.s.s magic power emitted from her whole body. It made him feel that it was obviously in a different cla.s.s with other Heart Hybrid Gear.

And then there was one more point, something that made him feel unease. That was the sense of unity between Nayuta and the armor, it was as if the two were completely combined. An existence where it was ambiguous where was the boundary between flesh and machine. He felt like she had completely changed into a living thing of another species.

Nayuta spread both her arms proudly.

“Now, you said that you want to make me listen to you by force right? I’ll look after you then. After all playing with children, is also the role of a parent.”


Kizuna’s teeth gritted audibly.

Both Kizuna and also Aine had their Hybrid Count very near zero, they couldn’t even maintain their Heart Hybrid Gear anymore. It seemed that Grace still had magic power remaining, but surely she still had damage remaining on her body.

Kizuna glanced and surmised the state of Zelsione who collapsed on her knees.

Far from fighting, Zelsione’s condition would be dangerous if she wasn’t treated soon.

This time he sent his glance inside the room.

Valdy was sitting down at the center of the room, staring at the floor with empty eyes. Looking at her, it really didn’t appear that she could fight.

Kizuna desperately thought.

‘――Should I call for Gravel now? However both Gravel and Aldea, even Gertrude, they must be exhausted right now.’

Kizuna looked up once more at the figure of Nayuta floating in the air. He hadn’t confirmed her status by any means. But, he understood. He completely understood. His instinct that had come through several verges of death was alerting him. It was dangerous. Extremely.

“d.a.m.n it……is there no way at all.”

“Are you being reserved? Then perhaps I should be the one starting.”

Nayuta extended her mechanical arm to the front. The tip of that hand disa.s.sembled and transformed. The parts changed its construction like a puzzle and a muzzle of particle cannon appeared at the tip of the hand.

Looking at that, it had been installed with that kind of mechanism since the beginning……wasn’t how it appeared to him at all. It was as though, it was created because it was needed for now――that was how it looked like to him.

An unknown terror was surging out inside Kizuna’s chest. The living thing that was once his mother. He was made to understand that she had transformed into an authentic monster.

Light of magic power was converging in the muzzle of the particle cannon. If he was shot in his current state, that would be the end of the road.

“Now, Kizuna. Here I go.”

――At that time, a golden light of a particle cannon traversed through the approaching sky of darkness.

That light hit Nayuta dead on. The explosion of the fierce light occurred in front of Kizuna’s eyes.


Kizuna stumbled back from the push of the shockwave on his body.

‘The light just now――don’t tell me!?’

Golden large caliber particle cannon that instantly traversed the sky.

An accurate bombing from long range.


A familiar voice called Kizuna’s name.


A Heart Hybrid Gear that even made him felt nostalgic. With golden hair swaying in the wind, the girl extolled as the world strongest was flying towards him.

“It’s my return to the frontline that has rea―lly been too long! I’ll have you become my stress relief here!”

The reliable former ace of America. Yuris.h.i.+a Farandol of Amaterasu.


Swords flying in the sky were coming from behind that Yuris.h.i.+a. The four swords soared through the sky freely and attacked at Nayuta.


Kizuna’s voice was lifted up.

“Professor Nayuta! I won’t let you do any outrageous misdeeds more than this! Himekawa Hayuru, is here!”

Himekawa drew out Sword from the sheath on her waist and rushed towards Nayuta.

Nayuta flicked off Blades with the fan wing on her back as s.h.i.+eld. However the Blades kept changing direction in the air no matter how many times and persistently slas.h.i.+ng at Nayuta’s opening. There Himekawa herself also slashed with Sword.

“I see. So Amaterasu is also in full-set here.”

Nayuta burst out magic power particles from the thrusters on her back and legs, she avoided Himekawa’s slash and ascended above. However, a huge shadow was standing in the way at where she was evading.

“You won’t get away desu!”

That hugeness surpa.s.sed even Nayuta’s Heart Hybrid Gear. It was Sylvia’s super big Heart Hybrid Gear, [Taros].

“Professor Nayuta, tell us the way to save this world desu!”

Taros swung down its gigantic right arm that was like a hammer. It was a fierce attack that if one was. .h.i.t, it would be compressed and smashed to the ground.

“Fufu, I had interest in that Heart Hybrid Gear.”

When Nayuta raised her flesh arm, the machine arm was also raised up similarly. And then it blocked Taros’s hammer. Creaking sound thundered from the clash between fellow metal.

“It, it was blocked desu-!?”

“For this much change in result only from changing the installing method, it is really interesting.”

At that time, large amount of missiles were approaching from behind Sylvia.

Sylvia retreated after measuring the timing. Right after that missiles impacted Nayuta from all directions. Blast flames occurred in chain explosions and spread, wrapping Nayuta in a cl.u.s.ter of flame.

“Even we are here!”

Five Heart Hybrid Gears pa.s.sed above Kizuna.

“Scarlet! Also――”

The five came to a halt in the air and made a pose after twirling.

“Masters has arrived!”

It seemed that their idol life had permeated deep in their body. However, they readied their weapons simultaneously right after introducing themselves. And then they aimed at Nayuta who showed her appearance from inside the flame and pulled their triggers without hesitation. Bullets rained down on Nayuta like a storm.

“Yaa―yy! This sensation after a few months! As I thought, this is the bestttttttttt! Trigger Happy!!”

Clementine made dangerous eyes and kept pulling the trigger as if trying to break it apart. Her braided orange hair was greatly disarrayed and she fired bullets looking delighted from the bottom of her heart.

Next to her was Sharon who was wearing Heart Hybrid Gear on top of her goth-loli pilot suit, she was rapidly firing her a.s.sault rifle.

“It’s really……has been too long. Fufu-, this might be a little nice.”

Thanks to getting carried away and firing rapidly, they soon ran out of bullets. They immediately took out new cartridge from the unit on their waist and exchanged it with the cartridge that had run out of bullets. And then the cartridge that had become empty was stored back in the waist unit. It had the mechanism of automatically replenis.h.i.+ng the cartridge by creating bullets using Hybrid Count.

When Nayuta tried to look at the distance, her gaze was naturally zoomed up. Furthermore every single figure of Masters was transmitted to her as separate image information. It was a sensation of seeing multiple monitors at the same time that was impossible for normal eyes.

“Masters……come to think of it before all of you became idols, you all were the Heart Hybrid gear corps of the American army isn’t it?”

Particles of light were emitted from her thrusters and Nayuta’s body lightly evaded the bullets. It really didn’t seem like a mechanical movement due to thruster control, she was drifting in the air with natural movement like a water current. It was the proof that she was perfectly controlling the Heart Hybrid Gear like a part of her own body.

“I’ll stop her movement!”

The cheapskate Leila with her blonde short cut let loose a shot with short-barreled shotgun in one hand. The bullet that was a compressed light scattered at the area in front of Leila.

“I’ll give a large service today even if I’ve got to bleed out money! Large sale of my whole inventory of bullets. Just for now, I’ll resolve myself to be in the red!”

Nayuta stopped moving in the sky.

“Spreading buckshot, a weapon for annihilating enemy in large range all at once isn’t it……however, each one of it is really not that strong.”

“Uwaa! Irritating! Henrietta, let her have at it!”

At Leila’s side was Henrietta who was readying a long anti material rifle.

“It helps me that you stop her movement.”

When she pulled the trigger, large spark scattered in front of Nayuta. A shockwave that was as if a small explosive was blasting off attacked the surroundings.

The explosive power of the anti material rifle didn’t exist only at the point of time when it impacted, the shockwave it discharged was also not something halfhearted. Striking shockwave also hit the side face of all the Masters surrounding Henrietta. Even Scarlet who was opening her missile unit and was going to launch her next payload also flinched reflexively.

“Buwah! Hey Henrietta! Shot that thing a little farther from us, that’s a bother!”

“Eeh!? No way, you can say that with a little more……”

Henrietta almost cried from the unreasonable treatment. She fired one more shot even while stirring bad reputation from her comrades, but there was no effect to Nayuta as if it was just a breeze to her.

“Indeed, its destructive power is high. But, at this level it won’t even become a test for the Life Saver.”

Scarlet opened the missile pod of Ares and aimed at Nayuta who looked disappointed.

“Second wave, fire all at once!’

Nayuta was once more enveloped in blast flame. At the same time, large amount of flame and smoke that were spurted out from the missile unit wrapped the members of Masters nearby.

“Gehoh! Oi, Scarlet! This is not in the level of a mere bother anymore!”

Clementine yelled in enragement.

“Indeed……it’s even more annoying than Henrietta’s rifle.”

Sharon too was directing moist eyes to Scarlet.

“Tha, that can’t be helped! This is missile! Because of that in exchange, its destructive power is great!”

Leila spoke as if spitting out at Scarlet that was desperately making an excuse.

“Never mind that, just move away.”

Scarlet received a shock and her eyes turned into dots.

“WHAT’S THATTTT! Isn’t it fine even if you don’t say it like that!”

Kizuna and Aine stared in astonishment at such exchange.

“They are living in a world that is unrelated with words like nervousness or sense of danger aren’t they……those girls.”

“Seems so……but, they don’t let up their attack even during that idiotic exchange, should I say it’s as expected from them?”


A communication from Reiri opened in front of Kizuna.

“Nee-chan! Right now Amaterasu and Masters are fighting Kaa-san. I too want to recover my Hybrid Count but, is there no way?”

{I’m launching the facility for Heart Hybrid. It’s arranged to impact at the center of the room you are in. Be careful.}

“The room’s center you say……!?”

Valdy was still crouching there.

Kizuna snapped to himself and rushed into the room and grasped Valdy’s hand.

“Stand! Come with me to the balcony!”

While saying that, Kizuna’s ear caught the sound of something cutting through the air.

“This is bad! I won’t make it in time!”

Kizuna carried Valdy’s body in his arms and jumped towards the balcony. At that moment the wall of the room cracked. A bullet with the diameter of three meters broke through the wall and flew into the room. Fragments of wall were scattered all over the carpet and dust rolled up.

When the collapsed Kizuna lifted his face, the cannon sh.e.l.l type capsule was sliding in barely ahead of his toes. Kizuna released a sigh of relief.

“……We are saved somehow.”

Kizuna raised his body and spoke to Valdy. However Valdy was still in a state where her heart wasn’t here. It was as if her soul was just an empty sh.e.l.l.

Valdy believed Nayuta. She adored her. She yearned at her like a mother. That was how much shock she received. She was deceived and betrayed.

“Can you stand?”

The man who saved her asked her that but she couldn’t bring herself to answer. Rather, it would be better for her to even die. That was what Valdy was thinking.

Valdy lifted her face and looked up at the object that flew into the room. The hatch at the object’s side opened while she was staring at it with dim eyes, a black haired woman showed her appearance from the inside.

“Kizuna, also you over there. Are you two hurt?”

Valdy stood up as if being struck by lightning.

“Na……Nayuta, sama?”

However that woman made an obvious displeasured expression and spoke as if spitting out.

“Don’t group me together with that kind of thing.”

Valdy curled into herself from fear.

That woman――Reiri sighed then called to Kizuna and Aine.

“Kizuna, Aine! Hurry. Carry out Heart Hybrid!”

Kizuna’s voice croaked from too much shock.

“What did you say!? No matter how you look at it, it’s impossible in this kind of situation right!?”

“It’s exactly because the situation is like this!”

Reiri looked up at the battle between Nayuta against Amaterasu and Masters unfolding above.

“The opponent is that Nayuta. The power of you two that did Kiss Charge Hybrid should be necessary!”

Aine worriedly peeked at the face of her little sister who was standing next to her.

Grace looked back at Aine’s eyes and smiled as if to rea.s.sure her.

“No need to worry, Nee-sama. Rather than that, you have some kind of important business to do right?”

“Yes. But……”

“That Nayuta. That woman has also done something that I cannot stomach. Leave this to me.”

Grace called the name of her Core after saying that.


Grace once again equipped the magic armor with gold and silver wings. Looking at that, Zelsione too supported her trembling body with her arm and tried to raise her body.

“Grace-sama……I too, will be together with you.”

“Don’t say something stupid. Zel, you are resting here.”


Zelsione gritted her teeth in frustration.

“I will clear your chagrin for you. Just watch from there.”


Tears s.h.i.+ned at the outer corner of Zelsione’s eyes.

Kicking the floor, Grace soared up to the sky. After seeing off her figure from behind, Aine turned back to Kizuna.

“Let’s go, Kizuna.”

She smiled at Kizuna with an invigorated smile, as if she had been released from a burden.

“……Yeah. We’ve got to give them a.s.sistance even for a second faster!”

Kizuna also rushed into the capsule that had flown into the room.

“Hurry! I’m locking the door!”

After showing in Kizuna and Aine into the capsule, Reiri closed the hatch and locked it.

“……So, what is this? It looks different from the Love Room?”

Reiri pushed a switch on the wall. Thereupon lighting was turned on until the inside of the dark room.

A pure white bed. At the other side of it, there was s.h.i.+kina Kei wearing a micro bikini.

“s.h.i.+-! ……s.h.i.+kina-sannnn-!?”

Kizuna felt like he was going to fall down.

She was much older than him but, her body figure was completely childish. She was short with fragile pet.i.te body. Even her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were mostly nonexistent. Such Kei was absurdly wearing a white micro bikini in this kind of place.

‘――Why is s.h.i.+kina-san who usually was always sending him instruction from Nayuta Lab here?’

Aine also opened her eyes wide from shock.

“Wh, why……s.h.i.+kina-san is”

As expected she might also feel embarra.s.sed, the cheek of the expressionless Kei was slightly tinged red.

{This is the solace deliverance installation number one. It is something like the prototype edition that was created at the experimental stage of Love Room. Unfortunately, Love Room was completely destroyed together with Ataraxia.}

The letters Kei were typing into her keyboard were displayed at the floating window.

Kizuna looked around the inside of the room.

Gorgeous chandelier s.h.i.+ning inside the slightly dim room. Leather sofa that felt comfortable to sit on. A metallic cylinder case was fixed on the table put in front of the sofa, ice and bottle were put inside it.

“Solace……certainly this room looks comfortable……no, but if that’s the case, why are Nee-chan and s.h.i.+kina-san here? If you two don’t get out so I can be together with just Aine……”

When he took a glance at Aine’s direction, her red eyes were hiding shyly while her face was looking down.

“No, it will take too much time with just you two.”

Kizuna and Aine leaked out voices “Eh?” while lifting their faces.

“This time as it were is a time trial. We have to carry out Climax Hybrid in the shortest time. And there, see……we too will cooperate.”

“That is, what kind of thing? Can you explain so……uwaaa!?”

Reiri suddenly took off her s.h.i.+rt and exposed her voluptuous breast that was enveloped by white underwear. The bra that was knitted with delicate lace was heroically lifting up Reiri’s large b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The drifting off sensuality caused a sensation that was similar with dizziness in Kizuna.

“Ne-, Nee-chan! Wh, wh-wh-wh-wh-what’s this, that appearance!?”

“I, I told you already. We too will cooperate.”

Reiri yelled as if in panic with her cheeks dyed vermilion. And then as though she was throwing her own shame to the wind, she pulled down her skirt in one go. With that Reiri’s style became immoral with only her underwear and high heels.

“What’s the matter Kizuna? Your face is red you know?”

Reiri who said that also had a red face. Her figure that twisted her body in embarra.s.sment looked as if she was putting on a coquettish air. And then her eyes that were moist from shame made him feel that it was not the face of his sister but the face of a woman.

*doki*, Kizuna’s chest throbbed hard to the degree that such sound was going to get audible.

‘――Ca, calm down me! This is Nee-chan. Calm down!’

Aine was staring at the flurried Kizuna with moist eyes.

“Hey Kizuna……are you getting even more excited than with me?”

“Wha, what are you saying. There is no such thing at all Aine-san.”

“……Just what’s with that honorific.”

Kei was carrying a portable keyboard with both her hands and began to type with her thumbs.

{We explored for a method to make Kizuna and Aine the most excited based from the track records until now. We are going to boost Kizuna’s excitement by entertaining you with lingerie.}

“Wait a second! Come on, just why I have to get excited towards Nee-chan and s.h.i.+kina-san.”

“Never mind that and calm down, sit over there.”

Reiri glued her body to him from the side and took Kizuna’s arm. And then she urged him to sit down on the sofa. When she brought her body near, Reiri’s large chest was pressing on Kizuna’s arm.

‘――Wha-, what a pleasant feeling!? Its size is even more than Aine!’

Kizuna followed what he was told and sat on the sofa. He was sandwiched by Reiri on the left and Kei on the right.

“Do you want to drink something?”

“Ye, yeah.”

Being caught between his sister in underwear and his sister’s best friend in a risqué swimsuit, Kizuna didn’t know what he should do. When he looked down, the valley of Reiri’s large b.r.e.a.s.t.s was right before him. It drew a beautiful curve, from the twin hills with full score at both its volume and presence, a sweet smell was rising up.

“Here, this is a special make energy drink.”

A gla.s.s with ice inside was handed over to him.

“……Thank you.”

He thought whether this was really the time to leisurely act like this, but it was also a fact that his throat was parched. When he brought his mouth near, the thirst in his throat was even more p.r.o.nounced, he drank it all down in one gulp. Thereupon Kei’s window appeared in front of his eyes.

{I’ll say it clearly but, ingredients that are absolutely cannot be sold are included there.}

He reflexively choked.

“Eh, that’s……”

{It’s something that was specially developed in order to recover stamina and mind.}

He thought of protesting but his eyes and mind were stolen by the summit’s pink color rising to the surface from her breast that was visible through the gaps in Kei’s micro bikini.

‘s.h.i.+kina-san, the bikini is too baggy……breast.’

However the breast with small undulation was also strangely immoral. In addition, the fact that he saw Kei’s breast made him excited even reluctantly.

“You want to drink one more gla.s.s?”


The lingerie appearance of Reiri who was gently smiling was exactly opposite of Kei. The brutally voluminous b.r.e.a.s.t.s made his head go hazy just from looking. Each time she moved, the breast that was shaking following her every single movement was also concerning but, the panties put on her plump waist and the part hidden underneath were really bothering his mind. The fabric on both places were thin, the color of the thing hidden beneath them was faintly rising to the surface.

Noticing Kizuna’s gaze, Reiri hid her crotch with her hand.

“He, hey, don’t look that hard.”

“Eh!? No, I-I-I-I’m not looking like that you know!?”

It was really hard to tear off his eyes once his gaze got captured. When he somehow looked at the other side, what was waiting for him was the naked body of Kei who was wearing micro bikini on that childish figure.

It was Kei who usually was really silent doing research where he didn’t feel any s.e.x appeal at all from her. And then now there was this extraordinary feeling from the stimulating appearance she was in. This place where he was sandwiched by elder sisters in lingerie was exactly an alternate universe.

{The aim at this time’s Climax Hybrid is based on the case that was most effective in the past――}

Kei was typing on her keyboard once more. The text was visible until where she typed [where Kizuna with Reiri], but the cursor was immediately returning and erased the letters.

{Kizuna need a fresh stimulation. Females like us which you normally don’t imagine in s.e.xual connotation are showing this kind of appearance will create an element of surprise. That will awaken the carnal desire and excitement of Kizuna.}

“That’s stupid! You mean I, with Nee-chan and s.h.i.+kina-san?”

{Fact, Kizuna’s heartbeat, pulse rate, and the blood flow to your erectile tissue are rising to the level that has never been seen before.}

Reiri sent a feverish gaze at Kizuna’s crotch and then her throat gulped audibly.

“It’s already, like that……it’s even more amazing……than that time.”

“That time?”

Kizuna tilted his head towards Reiri’s murmur.

“N, no! Nothing. Anyway, that’s the reason why we too are taking off a layer of our clothes.”

Aine crossed her arms in dissatisfaction.

“You two are saying all that……but, for me this has the opposite effect instead.”

{That’s wrong. Our presences are also effective towards Aine.}

“Ha? What are Commander and s.h.i.+kina-san going to do to make me excited?”

{We are going to be watching here when you two carry out the Climax Hybrid.}


Aine’s complexion changed all of a sudden.

{There is really no chance to observe until this close, so I have an extremely deep interest. I have also prepared observation device, so I can record the change to Aine’s body in detail.}

“So, something like that……no way. There is no way I can do that with people watching!”

“If you cannot then we will force you until you do it. Normally what kind of thing you do with Kizuna, I have been thinking that I want to try confirming it for once.”

Reiri was murmuring with a voice that contained anger somewhere.

Aine’s face that became pale was now tinged with red in contrast. Her heart was beating fast with *doki doki* sound. Her thighs were rubbing at each other fidgetingly.

“That kind of shameful act……I cannot do it.”

{This is a rare chance so I’ll collect detailed data. I’ll record everything of the act that will be done after this, both the image and the sound.}

“No way……”

Aine’s eyes were moist. She was moved to tears from imagining the treatment that was awaiting her. Light of magic power was swimming in her eyes mixing with her tears.

Kizuna stared at that light and became astonished.

“Indeed……it looks like there is an effect.”

Reiri brought her mouth near Kizuna’s ear and whispered as if blowing her breath to him.

“Do your best♥”

Shuddering stimulation was driving up Kizuna’s spine.

Part 2

Even after receiving the all-out attack from Masters, Nayuta didn’t even twitch. The machine body generated Life Saver. It was laid out all over her body in a shape that clung tightly on her skin, bouncing back all the bullets. Nayuta’s face was calm and collected as though she was receiving a gentle breeze.

“If it’s just an attack at the level of Masters, then it will only get bounced back.”

Nayuta nodded to herself in understanding.

Masters shooting skills was just as expected from them. However although the bullets impacted, the armor that had l.u.s.ter like a lacquer didn’t allow for even a dent.

“If gun is no good, I’ll directly cut it! Blade!”

The sky flying swords standing by behind Himekawa soared towards Nayuta. Nayuta should be skewered instantly. However at the destination where the Blades were heading, Nayuta’s body was nowhere to be found.


Blades that were supposed to pursue the enemy no matter where lost sight of Nayuta. It was a movement that was just that sudden. Himekawa searched for Nayuta’s figure and looked around her restlessly.

The alert of her sensor notified her of danger from above.

Her spinal cord reflex flew the Blades above her. The Blades soared through the sky and intercepted the falling down Nayuta. However Nayuta also drew out a sword and wielded her sword with fast technique that even the eyes couldn’t follow, hitting back every single one of the Blades.

“No way-!?”

Nayuta was falling down heading towards the shocked Himekawa. Himekawa’s reaction was just a moment slower from her excessive shock. Nayuta swung down a merciless attack at that opening.


Himekawa held her Sword above her head to block against it somehow. However Nayuta’s sword snapped Himekawa’s Sword. And then it split into Neros’s armor just like that.


Fragments floated in the air from the broken chest armor. Her body numbed and she was falling down to the ground unable to move. Nayuta swooped down in order to add further attack.

At that time when she tried to inflict the finis.h.i.+ng blow――Nayuta was blown away right to the side. The impact that was inflicted to her from the side was a really thick pillar of light. It was a bombing from a large caliber particle cannon.

Nayuta turned her eye to the direction where the bombing came from. Normal human eyes couldn’t see anything even if they looked at the direction where the light was coming from. However Nayuta’s eyesight caught the figure of Yuris.h.i.+a beyond the cracked sky at the far distance.

“I see. So just now it was the Differential Frame.”

She caressed the fan that blocked the particle cannon with admiration.

Nayuta pondered a little, and then she extended her mechanical arm. The tip of the arm was changing its appearance into a particle cannon.

That right arm emitted explosive light. Lines of light were spreading around the arm, piercing the center, a light of magic power extended to the cracked sky. Ahead of the light that was extending in a straight line was Yuris.h.i.+a.

Nayuta set her sight, and Yuris.h.i.+a who was aiming for the next shot hadn’t imagined that she would be aimed at in return.


Without delay she exchanged the Differential Frame from supplying attack power into propulsive force. The light of Nayuta’s particle cannon grazed Yuris.h.i.+a’s head. Few centimeters of the tip of her beautiful blonde hair was evaporated.

“At this range!? That’s bulls.h.i.+t!”

Yuris.h.i.+a swooped down with her thrusters fully opened. She hid at the behind of the first castle wall that was nearest to the castle, then she was circling along the castle wall. Suddenly the castle wall ahead of her path exploded.

“No way-! I’m being accurately tracked!?”

Nayuta’s particle cannon was piercing through the castle wall while chasing after Yuris.h.i.+a that was behind it. And then Yuris.h.i.+a was finally shot accurately.


With her Differential Frame destroyed, Yuris.h.i.+a was going into emergency landing towards the downtown.

“Sylvia won’t let you go further desu!”

Sylvia’s Taros was charging towards Nayuta. With the terrific propulsive force from the enormous rocket, Taros’s huge body was lightly accelerating. Taros swung up the hammer of its right arm.

“Shouldn’t you understand already that your attack won’t work?”

Nayuta blocked the attack of Taros.

Sylvia’s eyes s.h.i.+ned.


The main cannons at Taros’s shoulders opened fire. The firepower that equaled the main cannon of a battles.h.i.+p attacked Nayuta from point-blank range. Fierce flame blast hid Nayuta’s figure from Sylvia’s view.


Sylvia thought that Nayuta was. .h.i.t directly. However nervousness ran through Sylvia’s face. She swung down the hammer raised. Following the momentum she rotated and struck her hammer right behind without even confirming it. The hammer stopped still as if it collided against a wall.

“That’s a good instinct.”

Nayuta blocked the hammer that was as large as her body with her small hand.

“Certainly you have the outstanding talent as a pilot.”

With a light snap of her wrist, Taros’s huge body was blown away towards the ground.


Sylvia fell down on the roof of a five storied building inside the castle. She crushed through that building and broke through the floors in succession before Taros collided with the ground. It was as though a deconstruction project was being done there, the building that was turned into rubble was falling down on Sylvia.

Nayuta rotated her wrist and confirmed the motion of the arm that threw away Taros.

“I came to understand the spec of this body considerably.”

The bombardment of Masters flew at her once more at that time. Every single shot contained the force to defeat magic weapons. Nevertheless, they couldn’t put a single wound on Nayuta.

“Aa―geez―! Just what’s with this person-!”

Henrietta raised a loud voice with her gla.s.ses slipping down. It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to manage her unease and terror if she didn’t yell out.

Their attacks weren’t working at all. This was the first time they were feeling this powerless.

“Everyone do your best! Even that person should have a limit to her energy!”

Scarlet’s encouragement rallied back Masters breaking spirit.

Adding on the bullets that were raining down like heavy rain, barrage of missiles were heading to Nayuta. Nayuta didn’t dodge and received those missiles. Several explosions occurred and Nayuta’s body wasn’t visible behind the smoke.

“Yes! ……Eh!?”

Scarlet’s hand that was going to make a guts pose stopped.

Nayuta who appeared from inside the flame faced the Masters and elegantly spread her hand.

“Then, so that it will be fair to all of you Masters, let’s prepare firepower on the same level.”

The fan that was varnished black and gold spreading on Nayuta’s back. At its surface the weapons that the Masters were using were reflected.

“Eh……my rifle?”

A dubious expression rose to the surface of Sharon’s face.

“Not just Sharon’s. Mine too……what’s, that?”

Clementine also twisted her head.

Each of their favorite firearms was rotating in 360 degree like a 3D model. And then the images stopped moving when they faced forward, before starting to float from inside the fan.

“What’s with that!?”

Scarlet raised a fl.u.s.tered voice.

The image projected in the fan was materializing. Rifle and shotgun, anti material rifle and missile pod, and so on, something similar with their weapons were surrounding around Nayuta.

Nayuta thrust forward her small fist and opened her fingers.

At that moment, simultaneous firing was begun towards Masters.


The barrage that they had unleashed until now was returned at them. Masters became dispersed like baby spiders scattering everywhere where they ran away in confusion.

Looking up at the created weapons, Nayuta floated an enraptured smile.

“So creation of material is also possible. Exactly an almighty existence……the t.i.tle of G.o.d is really fitting.”

“It’s ridiculous for you to be something like a G.o.d!”

An angel appeared before Nayuta. An angel of ma.s.sacre with wings of blade carrying a scythe. It was Grace who equipped Koros. The scythe to reap away life which was held in her hands was swung down.

The scythe received an impact when it reached in front of Nayuta’s face as thought it collided against something.


Nayuta’s small fingers caught the scythe between them. The blade of the scythe was restrained by her index and middle fingers.


Grace’s eyes opened wide in fright.

She was supposed to be bisected into two with one attack. Even if it was blocked, Grace thought that it would be blocked by the mechanical arm. Never would she have thought that a flesh arm, furthermore it were the fingertips, that would stop her attack. Such thing was unbelievable.

Nayuta smiled with a face that was only young in appearance towards the grimacing Grace.

“Grace-sama’s ability is to steal the opponent’s magic power……the life force. How about trying to steal it? The life force of this me.”

Grace clenched her teeth. Her body was going to tremble if she didn’t do that.

‘――Fear? This me is feeling fear?’

She glared at Nayuta who was showing an innocent smile.

‘――Such stupid thing, is impossible!’


Grace’s pink hair s.h.i.+ned, feathers of light were aimed at Nayuta from Koros’s wings and they were fired. Nayuta’s body was pierced by the feathers like a joke.

“I got you! Your magic power!”

The feathers piercing Nayuta’s body absorbed the magic power Nayuta had and brought it back to Koros’s wings.

“Hahaha, I’ll suck you dry!”

Feathers of light were coming and going bustlingly. However, even after a while their intensity wasn’t stopping.

Cold sweat was trickling down on the cheek of Grace that was showing a joyful smile.

‘――This woman, just how much magic power she has?’

Grace’s body was rapidly increasing in radiance. It meant that the magic power Grace’s body couldn’t stock was overflowing out.

‘――I cannot absorb anymore than this. My body is breaking!’

Nayuta faced Grace and showed an innocent smile. That smile made Grace tremble in her boots.

“Are you full already? You are more of a light eater than what I imagined Grace-sama.”

“Nayuta……you b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

“Then how about an after-meal work out?”

Grace’s body was blown away even before Nayuta finished talking.


The impact that attacked her body out of nowhere confused Grace.

‘――Wha, what happened!?’

When she noticed, her body had sunk into the spire of the imperial castle.


Nayuta was floating still at the far distance.

‘――I was blown away……from over there? How? By what?’

Grace blinked.

Her eyelids closed, and opened, Nayuta who was supposed to be at the distance was before her eyes.


Her stomach received a terrific impact.


Nayuta’s mechanical arm was continuing to unleash blows with terrifying number of rotation. The impact from that destroyed the stone wall of the spire. Cracks were surrounding the spire before fragments and dust cloud burst out like an explosion. Cracks entered Koros’s armor and its wings broke.

“Gah! ……Haah! ……GUHAAAAu!”

And then finally the spire snapped at the middle. Grace’s body was falling down together with the destroyed spire. Even while receiving raining down rubble with her body, Grace was withdrawing from the rain of rubble. And then she landed with a roll on the courtyard of the castle.

Before her, a beautiful Heart Hybrid Gear so big one needed to look up at it was getting down.

“Even the Koros Vatlantis is proud of is nothing considerable isn’t it……if it’s like this, then perhaps Kizuna and Aine will be tougher adversaries. As I thought let’s have those two as my opponents.”


Grace stood up with trembling legs. However her field of vision was turning round and round, she was in a state that it was difficult to immediately stand.

There was no way to win. But, she had to fight. If she was defeated, perhaps it would be Zeros next that would experience this bloodbath.

“I could reconcile with Nee-sama after great pains……I won’t let you lay your hand on Nee-sama.”

She pulled out a scythe from her wings after shouting that sentence that was like a spell.


With all the might of her body, she slashed towards Nayuta. However the feedback she felt that was like bouncing back from a rock made her body get flicked away.

Grace’s body rolled on the lawn.

“Gu……gehoh……Na, Nayuta……”

Nayuta blocked the scythe with her mechanical arm. However because the magic power was stolen, the fingertip was cut down. Looking at that, Grace smiled widely.

“Fufu……even your armor, if its magic power is stolen, will vanish into nothing.”

However Nayuta returned a composed smile.

“Aah. This? There is no need for you to worry at all.”

The moment she said that, Nayuta’s mechanical arm that was cut was regenerating as if the part was growing again from the base.

“Wha……what, the?”

Grace’s eyes were unfocused from looking at the unbelievable sight.

Nayuta approached the collapsed Grace and grasped the wing of Koros with the regenerated arm. When she put strength, the bone frame of the wing bended greatly and it was easily smashed up.

Nayuta smiled sweetly.

“Is there any other weapon? Don’t tell me, this is not everything there is to it isn’t it?”

Grace’s eyes were wet with tears.

“Do, don’t underestimate me……this is, just the beginning!”

She made a fist with trembling fingers.


She punched at Nayuta. She couldn’t reach the body and hit at the armor of the large leg unit. However the protection of the armor was solid, not a single wound appeared on it. However this was the only thing she could do right now.

“Hic……I will, Nee-sama……guah!”

Nayuta’s steel arm seized Grace’s neck and lifted her up.


Her breathing choked with her neck squeezed.

“I feel disappointed of Grace-sama. For you to have strength only to this degree.”

“Kuh……Na, Nayuta…..only, you……I won’t……”

Grace’s sight was becoming white as if in a haze.

“Much appreciated. It’s fine for you to rest already.”

The strength squeezing G

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