Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Vol 1 Epilogue

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Epilogue Part 1

Fireworks were launched into the night sky.

Colorful flowers were blooming at the glittering starry sky.

It was the victory party that Megafloat j.a.pan was carrying out. Kizuna was staring at the outside from the balcony of Amaterasu’s exclusive lounge in the command headquarters.

After the victory celebration meeting at the large auditorium, Kizuna together with Amaterasu’s members were made to visit several victory parties in succession. Now he finally managed to get out from those and took a breather here. He opened the b.u.t.ton of his uniform and he felt like he was liberated from the suffocating feeling.

When he peeked below from the balcony, people were overflowing fully on the street, they were drinking and singing boisterously.

The damage was great, but thanks to the defensive installation and shelter, the human damage was suppressed to the minimum. Everyone also understood that. They made merry like in a festival.

The fleet of AU was repelled, most likely this would be the first in history. If this information was transmitted to the other Megafloats, surely it would become a great hope.

Looking at the whole picture, this might be a small victory. However, for mankind, this was a big step.

Right now we are still only running around from the enemy, but someday, the day we take back our homeland will surely come. Without fail.

――The person making that speech in the large auditorium made her appearance here.

“What’s wrong Kizuna? What are you doing looking melancholic in this kind of place?”

“Nee-chan yourself? Isn’t it bad for you to escape to this kind of place?”

Reiri in her full military uniform gulped down the content of the gla.s.s she was holding in one breath.

“I finished the greeting in general. Really, the political things in these times as well…… it’s tiresome. Aah, can I finish already, how nonsensical.”

She grasped the wine put on the table of the balcony and began to drink straight from the bottle.

“If the students see this, they will become disillusioned.”

Kizuna grinned broadly.

Looking at such Kizuna, Reiri glared a him with a sullen face.

“Shut up. I too have my stress. In contrast with that, you are in a good mood huh! Flirting with those la.s.ses!”

“Just who do you think is making me do that!”

“Do you think I made you do that because I like it!”

{Sibling fight?}

A floating window appeared in front of the two.

“Kei. You’re having fun?”

It was s.h.i.+kina Kei’s window. It seemed that she didn’t come to the meeting at all, instead she watched the situation of the victory celebration from the lab.

{I’m having my fill.}

“Is that so? Then that’s fine.”

He became a little bothered just what was she having fill for shutting herself in the lab.

At that time, the door of the lounge opened and the sounds of many footsteps of the celebration’s action committee were coming here.

“So you are in this place, Commander!”

“Now, please hurry. After this the friends.h.i.+p meeting with the prefectural governors of each district float will begin.”

Reiri was making a sour face with her all, but she immediately pulled herself together,

“Got it, I’m going soon.”

She recovered her commander face and exited the room with a firm step.

“Your big sister is a big deal isn’t she? You as her little brother don’t have the slightest resemblance to her. The only explanation I can think of is that there is a lot of bugs in your genetic information.”

There was a girl that entered the room in exchange of Reiri. She was wearing a very beautiful white and blue dress with spreading skirt. Her shoulder was exposed while wearing a glove that was covering until above the arm. Wearing a faint makeup, her facial feature that was already pretty originally became even more prominent.

“…..Eh, ah, Aine?”

“Who else do you think I am? You think I’m a princess?”

“Aah…… you look exactly like a princess.”


Aine had her words lodged in her throat, she averted her gaze and stared at Ataraxia’s night view.

“T, the party after this is not wearing uniform, so the PR department told me to partic.i.p.ate using a dress and prepared this. It’s like I’m an attraction panda, what a bother.”

Aine’s cheek was tinged with a little red.

“I, is that so……”

Kizuna became embarra.s.sed this late from his own words that he carelessly said.

With the atmosphere staying awkward, the two stood side by side watching the night view.

“……Hey, Kizuna.”


“You see, by doing Climax Hybrid, there is one more thing other than the Corruption Armament that I obtained.”

“Eh…… just what in the world?”



“Memory I said. Perhaps…… it’s from seven years ago, or further than that.”

Kizuna approached Aine with an expression mixed with shock and joy.

“What did you say! That means――”

“Even if I said that, it’s not really something that clear. Like…… a scene, just a single scene, it’s only something vague.”

Even so, that was greatly different than not remembering anything.

“There is a beautiful lake, and a spire covered in snow. Tall buildings are lining up in a splendid city. Besides that there is a complex wall, its whole surface filled with mechanized clocks.”

Aine closed her eyes and whispered as if reciting from her memory.

Kizuna reflexively shouted.

“Isn’t that great! But, just why??”

Aine put her hand on her chest.

“By any chance, perhaps the Climax Hybrid released the seal of my memory…… together with the liberation of my heart.”

Saying that, Aine smiled at Kizuna.

“That’s why Kizuna, with me――”

“Aaa―, you are in this kind of place!”

The door of the lounge opened, then Yuris.h.i.+a arrived with quick steps. Yuris.h.i.+a was also in a dress appearance.

“Reaaally, I cannot let my guard down even for a single moment―”

When Yuris.h.i.+a finally arrived with a troubled face, she embraced Kizuna’s arm.

Those big b.r.e.a.s.t.s were pressed on his arm.

“Wa, wait! Yuris.h.i.+a!”

“Kizuna, will you accompany me tonight?”

“Hey! What are you all doing here-!”

Himekawa who was wearing a furisode turned up in this place, terrifyingly she was carrying a katana in her hand.

“Wait, calm down, Himekawa!”

“Who can calm down with this happening! You two separate right now-, or I’ll give the death sentence!”

“Then, if I do this, I wonder if that death sentence will become even more fixed in place?”

Aine too embraced his arm in the opposite side of Yuris.h.i.+a.

“Oi, even Aine! Le, let go.”

The eyes of Aine that were looking up at Kizuna were laughing.

It was the first time for Kizuna to witness that smiling face, a happy smile of Aine.

Part 2

The AU fleet was advancing through the Pacific Ocean.

At its tips, a silhouette that looked really similar to the Heart Hybrid Gear was standing.

Different with the AU, the consumption of magic power in the world of this side was intense.

If they didn’t quickly return to the Entrance, they wouldn’t be able to recover.

The farther they went from the Entrance, the harder the strategy became.

This time, even the large battles.h.i.+p was shot down. But, there was a result that counterbalanced the loss.

The glossy soft lips were smiling.

{The search target has been confirmed. Urgent, dispatch the main force.}

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Vol 1 Epilogue

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