Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 1512

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Chapter 1512: Wanted to Say Sorry

Chapter 1511 – Wanted to Say Sorry

Plus, Nitian didn't plan on letting Lin Yi and Yu Bing go either- he had the pride of an ancient sect member, after all. Even if his followers were useless, he had no interest in partnering up with enemies!

Since Yu Bing and Lin Yi were enemies, then he had to continue! Yu Shan might be trash, but he still made his promises- this was the problem of honor when it came to ancient houses!

With this, he would have more supporters.

After hearing what Yu Shan said, he was even more convinced that he shouldn't let Lin Yi and Yu Bing go- it was as he said, if Yu Bing was crippled as well, there was hope!

“Yu Shan, don't you dare! Even if I get crippled, I won't let you have your fun!” Yu Bing said.

“You don't get to!” Yu Shan laughed after hearing that Nitian wasn't planning on letting them go, relaxing. “Your teammate is now held down by Nitian Bro- if you go even more step, you'll get frozen as well!”

“Ah?' Yu BIng paused as he looked at Lin Yi- he was frozen!

Lin Yi right now still maintained his posture of attacking- as if he was about to do something, but couldn't.

Lin YI was, in fact, held in place by the Nitian's Sky Defying Arts- but still, he was able to think. He could see clearly what was happening, and listen to what was happening as well- but he couldn't move his body!

As expected! Lin Yi felt that this was what Yu Bing had described- it was as if his body had been frozen completely!

“Lin Yi, I admit you're pretty strong to be able to defeat even Zhang Naipao- but against me, you'll lose for sure. Once you enter my world, anyone under Earth cla.s.s will be locked down- you can't move!” Nitian said, feeling satisfied as he looked at Lin Yi.

While he never fought Naipao before, he understood that the guy was from the ancient level, just like him. He still had the urge to see who was stronger, but because of their ident.i.ties, he couldn't really just fight him, but still, they wanted to know who was stronger!

So now, if he were able to beat Lin Yi, who had destroyed Naipao- it would mean that he was better than Naipao! Of course, he'd be overjoyed!

“Nitian Bro, I finally found you… Huh? You guys- isn't this Brother Ling?” Qikun and Qijiu weren't in the same group as Nitian, so they'd been looking for them- and finally, here they were. But something seemed to be taking place?

“Master Kun, they seemed to be fighting…” Qijiu said quietly.

“That's…” Qikun paused, and after some hesitation, stepped aside.

He'd heard of the news of Ling Yi crippling Naipao, and that was quite the shock- he didn't think that Ling Yi would be strong enough to beat even Naipao, who was from an ancient sect!

This made Qikun regret being with Yu Shan earlier- if it weren't For Yu Shan, he'd be in a team with Nitian and Ling Yi- wouldn't they be invincible? Yet now, seeing Lin Yi in a fight with Nitian, he really couldn't decide who to help- and so he decided not to help anyone!

In his eyes, Lin Yi versus Nitian was a fifty fifty situation- he wasn't sure that Nitian would win for certain!

“What… What situation is it here? We all know each other, let's keep it peaceful…” Qikun said as if he didn't know what was happening.

“Qikun, you don't have business here- just watch!” Yu Shan was worried the Qikun might mess with what was happening.

“Then… Fine!” Qikun was worried that he wouldn't have an excuse to just watch- Yu Shan's words made it easier for him.

“He… What do we do now?” Qiqi said as she asked Yu Bing.

“I don't know either… But we shouldn't mess with the fight…” With what had happened between Lin Yi and Naipao earlier, he trusted that Lin Yi would have a certain plan if he made a move at all.

“Oh…” Qiqi frowned but didn't do anything.

“Alright, I'll take care of you first before I deal with the other two!” Nitian said as he looked at Yu Bing and Qiqi.

With that, he sent a fist at Lin Yi- he didn't use any tricks at all since he thought that this man was basically a dead man. He could only get beaten up, and there was nothing he could do about it!

With a thundering boom, Yu Bing and Qiqi all winced- Lin Yi may be strong, but it seemed like it was over this time! After all, Nitian was different from Naipao- his arts were way too mysterious! He was able to completely freeze someone!

The boom was much louder than the one with Naipao earlier- it was a thunderous sound!

That instant, the snow around Nitian and Lin Yi all blew up into the sky, dancing around in a mist- n.o.body could see what was happening!

“Nitian Bro is strong- but the Sky Defying Arts is strong too! Just one simple hit alone defies to heavens Yu Shan said in awe as he looked at the fly9ing snow- he felt relaxed. If it was this big of an impact, Lin Yi was dead for sure- or at least crippled!

Qikun was quite shocked as well- he didn't think that this guy would be able to send such a large impact despite being able to use his insane Sky Defying Arts! Ancient houses and sects really were different!

“Lin… Ling Yi!” Yu Bing quickly changed what he called him.

Lin Yi was more than just a teammate to him- there was still the familiarity between him and his sister, and they were friends, as well!

The large burst sent a shockwave, pus.h.i.+ng Yu Bing, Qiqi, Qikun, and Qijui away, despite the fact that they were pract.i.tioners- they all almost fell to the ground!

Qiqi's face had a flash of sorrow- she had sworn to kill Lin Yi, but after meeting him a couple of times, she realized that he was a nice person! She never admitted it, but she really did feel that way- he had healed her out of kindness, as well, and she was just like that wolf in the story- ungrateful after being saved!

Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 1512

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