Beauty and the Bodyguard 612 Full To The Point Of Bursting

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Full To The Point of Bursting

During the lunch, Mengyao remained silent and gorged herself on food- she wanted to finish the extra portion Lin Yi had prepared for Tang Yin but there was only so much one can handle- she had reached her limits.

"Shu, eat more!" Mengyao told Shu.

"Ah? Yaoyao sis, I'm stuffed..." Yushu patted her food baby.

"Nope, you have to eat more, your are too tiny, you have make them grow bigger!" Mengyao glared Yushu.

Yushu didn't know what Mengyao was planning but she still followed her orders anyway. She stood up and walked to the kitchen but Mengyao ran over to help her, she placed all the remaining portion on Yushu's plate.

"Ah? That's too much…." Yushu was given a fright.

"Eat, you are still in the p.u.b.erty stage, you must eat more in order to grow!" Mengyao saw Yushu had not yet moved and whispered, "If you listen to me, I'll allow you to be the second wife!"

"Owh, sure, I'll eat!" Yushu was motivated, she picked up her chopsticks and started gobbling down the food.

Lin Yi meanwhile, was staring at them with his mouth gaping, Yushu was really finis.h.i.+ng all the food. He stood up silently, speechless- his idea of bringing food to Tang Yin was ruined.

Yushu was unable to stand up anymore with all the food in her stomach, and just laid down on the sofa like a statue.

Lin Yi informed the Miss about his visit to Tangyin and left the villa.

Mengyao didn't have any reasons to stop him. In fact, she couldn't stop him even if she wanted to, could she?

Tangyin was delighted when she saw the energetic Lin Yi appearing in her room. She was afraid that Lin Yi hasn't fully recovered yet, but it seemed like she had worried too much instead.

"You came," Tangyin got down from her bed and ran to Lin Yi happily.

"En, are you feeling better now?" Lin Yi wanted to hug Tangyin into his embrace but she dodged away- she was too shy to accept the hug under the eyes of the public.

"I'm fine, my forehead isn't pain anymore…." Tangyin was worried that Lin Yi might be unhappy with her dodging his hug so she whispered, "This is a ward, there's a lot of people looking at us and what if my mom came in and saw us..."

"Haha…." Lin Yi laughed. "I prepared you some food before i came, but Mengyao and Yushu polished off everything.

"En….." Tang Yin didn't really mind not having the food- she only wanted Lin Yi's sincerity, as long as Lin Yi cared about her, she would be satisfied with just that.

Mengyao and Lin Yi's relations.h.i.+p had been bothering Tangyin for a while, but she didn't have the courage to ask Lin Yi about it- she didn't want Lin Yi to think of her as a narrow-minded person.

After a peaceful night, the valorous Tangyin had shrinked back to her original form. Without Mengyao attacking her, she would not have made those bold actions in the first place. Now that she recalled back, it was pretty shameful and embarra.s.sing, was she really herself yesterday?

"To tell you the truth, I came to Songshan city because of my old man. He told me to take on a new job which was to protect Chu Mengyao," Lin Yi didn't wait for Tangyin to question him, so he initiated the topic first. After all, he had to reveal the truth anyway at some point, saying it now or later was the same- since Tangyin had already met Mengyao.

"I had already moved into Mengyao's villa the first day I reached Songshan city. She rarely interfered with my private life but I had forgotten to inform her before avenging you, so that might have been the reason why she was so angry…."

Lin Yi explained everything to Tangyin, including the relations.h.i.+p his relations.h.i.+p with Mengyao, without any secrets. After all, there wasn't any secrets to begin with, so he revealed all of it truthfully.

"Owh… that's why!" Tangyin felt a lot better after listening to Lin Yi's explanation in details. After all, Lin Yi was here for the job- protecting the Miss.

"Ya, now that you've learned the truth, are you angry?" Lin Yi asked.

"I'm not that stingy, okay? This is your job, I have no reason to restrict you," Tangyin spoke like that, but she was still a little unhappy about it. Ultimately, he was staying with the two great beauties, Mengyao and Yushu, under the same roof, how could she be at ease?

"Just bear with it for a little longer, I'll be staying in a hostel when we get into university," Lin Yi said.

"En… you are right. Yesterday, they said that you guys have kissed before and you always touched them….." Tangyin was embarra.s.sed, she paused and continued, "Moreover…. 3P?"

"....." Lin Yi was speechless, "3P, how's that possible? If we really did it, there was no way the Misses would let me out to meet you, would they?"

"Oh, yeah!" Tangyin was not stupid- if Lin Yi had 3P with them all the time, the Misses would surely refrain Lin Yi from meeting her. Otherwise, why would the Misses allow Lin Yi to meet her?

"What about.... the kiss and the fondling then?" Tangyin couldn't hold back and asked.

"Didn't I say….. I drank Mengyao's drink accidentally, was that considered as a kiss….." Lin Yi forced a smile, "With Yushu, when she drowned and I gave her CPR, the fondling was also because of the CPR…."

"Really?" Tangyin asked but she had already believed everything Lin Yi said.

"Yeah," Lin Yi nodded.

"Then can you take off the bandage on my forehead?" Tangyin asked.

"Ah?" Tangyin's randomness startled Lin Yi- she was just talking about the Miss and now she was worried of the bandage on her forehead?

Little did Lin Yi know that Tangyin was really just concerned about her face- she was afraid that her face was really disfigured. She wouldn't be able to stand a chance against Mengyao if her face is ruined!

Although, Tangyin didn't comment about it, her sixth sense told her that Mengyao had actually fallen for Lin Yi or else she wouldn't be so angry at him. Even though Lin Yi said that Mengyao was angry because he did not inform her of his whereabouts- Tangyin didn't find that reason acceptable!

Mengyao was obviously being jealous in Fatty Lai's house yesterday. Of course, if Lin Yi didn't mention anything about it, Tangyin naturally wouldn't mention anything too.

"Sure," Lin Yi stretched his hand towards the bandage.

On the other hand, Tangyin lowered her head, anxious to see her forehead's condition.

"Ha….." Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief when he saw the perfect skin on Tangyin's forehead. Tangyin might be confident with using his own medicine, but this was Tangyin he was talking about. He could not help but feel slightly nervous.

"How's it?" Tangyin panicked.

"Why don't you go take a look in the mirror?" Lin Yi smiled.

Beauty and the Bodyguard 612 Full To The Point Of Bursting

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