Beauty and the Bodyguard 613 I'll Make Sure To Knock On The Door Next Time

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"I…. I'm afraid…." Tang Yin was worried that she would turn ugly and crush her own dream.

"Haha, how will you know if you don't look at yourself?" Lin Yi laughed. "You don't sound like yourself today. You didn't hesitate that much last time, did you?"

Lin Yi was right. Tang Yin was never like this. She wouldn't scared about the consequences and would do anything daringly.

Tang Yin glared at Lin Yi but she didn't say anything. She used to not care about her face last time. Being ugly could have saved her from tons of annoyances but the circ.u.mstances were different now. If she became ugly, would Lin Yi still love her the way he used to? She asked herself.

However, Tang Yin still walked to the mirror anyway. She was extremely anxious when she looked into the mirror and she was taken by surprise the next second!

The wound on her forehead was gone. Only the trace of an un.o.bvious scar remained. The scar couldn't be seen from far. Only once someone got very close to her forehead and observed in an attentive way could one observe that there was a scar hidden on it.

"This is the rejuvenated skin. It's slightly different from your previous skin but there won't be much of a difference after a few days." Lin Yi explained.

"Is it really that magical?" Tang Yin couldn't believe herself. Her forehead was ruined with eight st.i.tches closing them. Although Lin Yi had removed the st.i.tches, the wound should have looked like a chunk of meat instead of perfect skin. In just one day, the skin rejuvenated as if there wasn't a wound before. Was she dreaming right now? She asked herself.

"Nothing magical, Miracle Doctor Kang's Golden Creation Medicine has the same effect too." Lin Yi felt that the medicine he mixed wasn't something to brag about.

"How could my house afford Miracle Doctor Kang's Golden Creation Medicine? We've never used it before. How would we know?" Tang Yin was over the moon, jumping up and down like a bird in the room.

Out of a sudden, Mrs. Tang came in. She was frightened and almost fell down.

Lin Yi quickly came to rescue her and Tang Yin fell into Lin Yi's embrace.

Mrs. Tang wanted to check her daughter out. She was worried that her daughter would curl up in a corner again. After all, they had never used Lin Yi's Injury Medicine before, so she didn't know if the medicine would be effective or not.

However, she entered the room to see Lin Yi and her daughter have an"intimate moment". Thus, she felt rather awkward and coughed dryly, "Erm…I'll just walk around first."

"Mom!" Tang Yin's face flushed as she struggled herself out of Lin Yi's embrace. She didn't dare to look at her mom and was very angry at herself, Why did I fall down the moment my mother entered! This is so embarra.s.sing. Mrs. Tang wouldn't think that her daughter was offering herself to Lin Yi, would she?

"Haha, Mom will make sure to knock on the door next time." Mrs. Tang thought to herself, her daughter was a grown up now. She was no longer a kid anymore. She didn't realize that she needed privacy too.

Of course, she was able to think like that because the person inside was Lin Yi. If the person inside were someone else, Mrs. Tang wouldn't just destroy their moment. She would have done something worse!

"Mom, what are you talking about?!" Tang Yin fidgeted. "The wound of my forehead is healed. I almost fell down from the excitement and Lin Yi…. he was just giving me a helping hand…."

Mrs. Tang was glaring at Tang Yin, so Tang Yin was speaking unnaturally with a guilty conscience.

"I got you…." Mrs. Tang was giving the "I got you" face. Tang Yin instantly knew that the misunderstanding had worsened.

"Aunty!" Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasn't panicked as she greeted Mrs. Tang politely. "How's Mr.Tang's injury?"

"Better, thanks to your medicine. He doesn't feel the pain anymore. He seems to be doing great with your prescription." In fact, Mrs. Tang didn't expect that Jucheng's injury would be healed at this incredible speed. The pain was all gone in just a day. It seemed like he was going to recover in no time.

"Let's go check Uncle Tang out, shall we?" Lin Yi said.

"Eh? Yin, your wound has recovered, hasn't it?" Mrs. Tang observed carefully and found that her wound had really closed up and a shallow scar was the only thing left behind. Other than that, she looked perfectly fine like last time. However, she believed that the shallow scar would be gone for good after a few days.

"En! It's all good!" Tang Yin gazed at Lin Yi shyly as she told her mom.

"Lil Yi's medical skill is really something to be proud of!" Mrs. Tang complimented generously. Her eyes were filled with admiration for Lin Yi. She felt that her daughter was really lucky to have met Lin Yi. Her daughter didn't have to worry about her whole life anymore! Besides, their standards of living were improving as well with Lin Yi around!

Mrs. Tang saw the news. The Qibing tower had completely crashed into ruins. Although the news didn't mention the real reason and that the construction quality wasn't up to the standard, Mrs. Tang knew that the situation wasn't that simple!

Was that a coincidence? Lin Yi had just avenged Tang Yin and the building was leveled at the same time? Also, their reason was that the quality wasn't up to the standard yet? How was that possible? Someone with a brain would know that it was Lin Yi's doing!

At that moment, Lin Yi even ordered Fatty Lai to get him the bulldozer and trenching machine. It was impossible for the building to level itself! Even if Qibing was a black-hearted businessman, he would do anything for money. However, only idiots would skimp on their own building!

They were talking about their own building after all. One should know that the building was the facade of a company! If they couldn't even pa.s.s the qualification for their own office, who would dare to buy their real estate?

However, there wasn't much that Qibing could do. He would rather announce that his building didn't pa.s.s the qualification than tell people that his building was leveled by Lin Yi. Losing face was something that he couldn't tolerate!

Mrs. Tang was tickled pink with the news. Qibing demolished their house and Lin Yi leveled his whole building! He disfigured Tang Yin and broke Jucheng's legs. Therefore, Lin Yi did the same to him: an eye for an eye!

If this was the old Mrs. Tang, she wouldn't have thought about revenge because it was like a pie in the skies; they couldn't do anything to those people. Even if they were forced to a corner, they would have to bear with it in silence. However, the situation was different now. Lin Yi was here to protect them!

Lin Yi followed Mrs. Tang to Jucheng's ward. Jucheng was listening to the radio and when he saw Lin Yi enter the room, he beamed with pleasure. His beaming face changed to a surprised expression when he saw her daughter's face. There was nothing wrong with her forehead at all. He was greatly taken back!

After entering the hospital, Jucheng had never visited Tang Yin before. However, he knew how serious her wound was because he witnessed her bloodstained face when he was being carried into the ambulance.

"Lil Yi, have a seat! Yinyin, is your wound alright?" Jucheng kept his radio and asked her daughter in disbelief.

Beauty and the Bodyguard 613 I'll Make Sure To Knock On The Door Next Time

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