Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 743

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Chapter 743: Group Photo

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Group Photo

“Oh, we went to buy a house in the morning,” Tang Yun's heart was filled with sweetness at the thought of it. If her family encountered a situation like this previously, they probably wouldn't have even survived, let alone buying a house.

But now, they had the best situation out of everyone in the shanty town. The others were still waiting to be moved somewhere else, yet her family settled down in an apartment!

Liu Xinwen was envious of her, “Yunyun, you are so lucky. My family is waiting for it too but we don't know when we will receive our compensation. Plus, we know how and how much they will give us. Nothing has been decided and everyone's worried!”

“Well, they only compensated us first because they broke my Dad's leg,” Tang Yun sighed. She didn't know whether it was because of her Dad's broken leg or because she met Lin Yi. She thought about all the good things that had happened because of Lin Yi.

It was all because of Lin Yi, and that was the reason why Tang Yun often treated Lin Yi with appreciation.

“If someone would give me three million, I'm willing to break both of my legs!” Liu Xinwen was envious. Although she went overboard with her words, they were true. Those who lived in the shanty town were part of the labor force at the bottom of society. Why would wealthy people live there?

People there were either retired or jobless. They relied on small business' and hard labor to keep their families supported. Liu Xinwen's parents, they worked for others and their earnings barely supported their own family.

Not to mention buying a house, their life would be difficult even if they tried to rent a place.

“I hope the developer is kind enough to give us some money. Maybe Lin Yi could help and get you guys a special price house in a not so convenient location…” Tang Yun looked at Lin Yi. She didn't have to care about others, but there was no way she could watch her childhood friends, Liu Xinwen and Xiaofen, be homeless.

However, Tang Yun didn't want to put Lin Yi in a difficult position either, so she asked for special price houses at inconvenient locations. Houses in unwanted houses left from the buyers with bad floor plans and floors. Lin Y i had connections, so it shouldn't be difficult for him.

“Of course,” Lin Yi was familiar with Liu Xinwen, “Houses in a bad location are much cheaper.”

“Thank you so much…” Liu Xinwen heard Lin Yi's words and she was extremely touched. She thought that Tang Yun didn't give her heart to Lin Yi in vain. If it was Kang Zhaoming, he would never do this for them.

Liu Xinwen didn't mind the bad floor plan and location. No matter how bad it was, at least it was still an apartment, not part of the shanty town.

The three of them returned to the school. Lin Yi and Tang Yun waved goodbye in front of the third cla.s.s of year twelve before Lin Yi walked into his cla.s.sroom.

There weren't many students in the cla.s.s. It was obvious that many didn't attend today and it was also lunch break.

Miss and Chen Yushu were sitting in their seats reading. Miss raised her head and glanced at Lin Yi when he walked in but s.h.i.+fted her gaze back to her book. Chen Yushu wanted to greet him but decided to stay silent and continue reading under the consideration that Chu Mengyao may not want her to do so.

Lin Yi shook his head and returned to his seat.

Kang Xiaobo wasn't here. He was most likely spending some time with Xiaofen at the hospital. Lin Yi sat in his seat and didn't know what to do.

“Yaoyao sis, s.h.i.+eld bro is back. Shall we take a group photo with him?” Chen Yushu took out her digital camera from her bag.

The last year of their high school was ending soon and so was their lives as high school students. There was no cla.s.s today, so they brought their camera, taking some pictures and recording the last journey of their high school life.

“Why him?” Chu Mengyao was moved but opposed verbally.

“s.h.i.+eld bro will leave after we graduate…” Chen Yushu sounded down, “Yaoyao sis, you were right. s.h.i.+eld bro can't stay with us forever. He will have to leave us one day…”

Chen Yushu's words made Chu Mengyao's heart ache. Lin Yi was leaving? He will leave in the end… High school was coming to an end. He had no reason to stay here anymore.

Lin Yi chased away all those enemies in her father's company. Her troublesome pursuers, Zhong Pingliang and An Jianwen, were both in the hospital after losing a kidney. Lin Yi completed his missions perfectly.

Perhaps Little Shu and her will stay in the university's dorm. Lin Yi won't continue to live in the mansion with them.

What would he do? Rent a place together with Tang Yun?

Miss felt confusion at the thought of the possibility. He originally lived with Little Shu and her, but now he would move out with Tang Yun… Must she give away her happiness?

But, how could she keep it? Lin Yi wasn't her boyfriend or anything. Why should he stay by her side? For the 30,000 yuan salary? The thought was ridiculous to Chu Mengyao. He didn't care about three million, why would he care about a mere 30,000 yuan?

“Then let's take a photo together for remembrance…” Chu Mengyao sighed, “Text him.”

Chen Yushu immediately took out her phone and messaged Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was bored and checked Chen Yushu's message when his phone vibrated.

“Do you want to go to the playground and take a photo with Yaoyao sis and me?”

Lin Yi was dumbfounded. Miss didn't want to expose their relation at school, what is on her mind today? Was it Shu's idea?

Lin Yi didn't reply and walked towards the door, believing that Chen Yushu would understand him.

After a short while, Miss and Chen Yushu followed Lin Yi outside too. In the corridor, Chen Yushu stopped Lin Yi, “s.h.i.+eld bro!”

Chu Mengyao hesitated but eventually stayed silent. The majority of people were aware of her relations.h.i.+p with Lin Yi, and there was nothing to care about. She also declared war with Tang Yun. It would look like she was afraid of losing if she kept on hiding.

As she pondered, she changed her att.i.tude towards Lin Yi and raised her head while pulling Chen Yushu back, “Shu, let's take a photo in the corridor. We can see our cla.s.s sign from here.”

“Okay!” Chen Yushu ran to Lin Yi and pa.s.sed the camera to him, “Help us take a photo!”

Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 743

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