The Ultimate Student Chapter 3172

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Chapter 1293 - The Bad Seeds

After leaving Han Zhong's office, Ji Feng went straight to Zhao Kai.

Right now, Zhao Kai's department was called the Integrated Management Office. It seemed to be responsible for everything, but in reality, this division was neither responsible for logistics nor for the civilian staff. In other words, this division was set up to deceive people.

Although the entire Tengfei Corporation's headquarters was in the same building, Zhao Kai's office was a few floors away from Han Zhong's.

Without informing Zhao Kai beforehand, Ji Feng headed straight for his office.

"Hu ~!"

Just as Ji Feng arrived at the building where the comprehensive administration was located, a shadow flashed in front of him as he stepped out of the elevator. The man opposite him jumped in fright, unable to react in time and almost b.u.mped into the wall.

"What are you doing!"

The person shouted in a low voice, feeling extremely infuriated.

Ji Feng frowned. This was a young man who was not even thirty years old and should be around the same age as him. However, at this moment, this young man had a cold expression on his face as he glared at him, looking extremely impatient.

More importantly, Ji Feng felt that this person's aura was somewhat overbearing.

"It seems like you almost b.u.mped into me, right?" Ji Feng frowned as he asked.


The man cast a cold glance at Ji Feng.

Ji Feng lightly said, "Be more careful in the future. This is a public place, not your own. Don't be so overbearing."

With that, he turned and left.

However, at this moment, the young man coldly snorted. "I think you don't want this to end well!"

Ji Feng's foot that had just been lifted up immediately landed. He turned to the young man and asked, "Which department are you from?"

"What? Are you looking for my Leader, or are you trying to fire me?" That young man sneered, "I'm from Integrated Management Office. If you have the ability, then expel me!"

Ji Feng couldn't help but be stunned. It wasn't that he didn't expect this person to be from a comprehensive organization, but when this person looked at him when he was speaking, his eyes were actually full of threat.

This really surprised him. So what if you are a comprehensive organization? Just reporting the name of Integrated Management Office would be enough to threaten others?

"Are all the people from Integrated Management Office as awesome as you?" Ji Feng was so infuriated that he was about to burst into laughter. He couldn't help but ask.

"So he's a newcomer. No wonder he doesn't know his place!" That person pointed at Ji Feng and shook his head with a sneer. "Just you wait. You'll soon know whether the Comprehensive Affairs Office people are awesome or not."

After speaking, he pointed at Ji Feng, grinned, and turned to leave.

Ji Feng stood on the spot, staring at his back, and couldn't help but furrow his brows. This comprehensive team was truly impressive!

Shaking his head, Ji Feng turned around to leave as well.

However, his heart felt somewhat uncomfortable. If it was only that young man who was acting so arrogantly earlier, then it would have been fine. But everyone's personalities were different. Ji Feng really wouldn't lower himself to the same level as him if they met a slightly overbearing person.

However, that young man actually used the t.i.tle of Integrated Management Office to suppress him, as if he was the senior executive of the Integrated Management Office. This made Ji Feng very unhappy.

Since when did Integrated Management Office have such great authority?

He even became a superior leader?

Was this how Zhao Kai led the comprehensive team?

The wall of the Integrated Office was separated by two layers of gla.s.s. One was frosted gla.s.s, while the other was tempered gla.s.s with special treatment. This ensured that the gla.s.s wall was st.u.r.dy, did not hinder the lighting, and at the same time maintained a certain amount of hidden s.p.a.ce.

When Ji Feng arrived at the door, he discovered that the gla.s.s door of the intelligence team was actually closed. Furthermore, the electronic lock on the door was actually locked.

He took out his employee card and swiped it on the sensor. The door immediately beeped. Not only did it not open, it even issued an alarm!

Ji Feng silently nodded his head. It seemed like Zhao Kai's vigilance was quite good. Ordinary staff cards would not be able to sweep through the doors of the intelligence team.

"May I ask who you're looking for?" A woman in a business suit came to the door and asked as the alarm sounded.

"I'm looking for Zhao Kai." Ji Feng said.

"May I ask who you are?"

"I am Zhao Kai's friend." Ji Feng said.

"Our director is not here. He went out." the woman said.

"Not here?"

Ji Feng asked, "Where did he go? Isn't it working hours? He's not in the office? "

The woman said, "I don't know. Sorry, I still have work to do. You can call him directly or leave your name and we'll contact him later. "

Ji Feng nodded, "Thank you. I can contact him myself."

The woman didn't say anything and turned around to return to her seat. Ji Feng smiled as his gaze swept across the office and found that there were about thirteen people there. Everyone was busy sitting in front of their computers, a rather busy scene.

Since Zhao Kai wasn't here, Ji Feng didn't stay for long. When he returned to Xiao Yu Xuan's office, he sat on the sofa and called Zhao Kai.

"Ji Feng, are you done?" After the call connected, Zhao Kai asked with a smile.

"I finished yesterday."

Ji Feng knew that he was talking about the things he had to do in the lab. "Since I have time today, I wanted to talk to you all. I went to the office to look for you, but you were not here..."

Zhao Kai said, "I'm abroad!"

Ji Feng was stunned. "You went abroad? "When did you go?"

Previously when he was chatting with Han Zhong, Han Zhong said that Zhao Kai should be at the company. Why did Zhao Kai suddenly go overseas in the blink of an eye?

"He's only been here for two days!"

Zhao Kai explained, "There are some minor problems in Europe. I'm here to take care of them. I'll be back in two days. What can I do for you?"

Hearing this, Ji Feng frowned and asked, "Is it about information?"

"Right, someone has been indicted here. I'm here to take a look at the situation." Zhao Kai said vaguely, "It's not convenient to talk about it over the phone. I'll explain it in detail when we get back."

"Fine, we'll talk about it when you get back." I don't have anything important to talk to you about, I just want to talk to you. " Ji Feng said.

"No problem, I'll go back after I'm done." Zhao Kai laughed.

Ji Feng nodded, "Then let's leave it at this for now."

After hanging up, Ji Feng couldn't help but turn to look at Xiao Yu Xuan and ask, "Yu Xuan, did Zhao Kai go abroad to tell you?"


Xiao Yu Xuan shook her head and said, "I don't usually ask about this. He just needs to apply for the position in the CEO's office before going out."

Ji Feng frowned. "It's that simple?"

"Of course there has to be a reasonable explanation, and if there is a need for reimburs.e.m.e.nt, the examination will be much stricter, including tickets, tickets, even hotel bills and so on. Moreover, if you want to go abroad, there must be a reason. If it is not during the work period, then there is no problem. "

Xiao Yuxuan gave a simple explanation. The company's stall was so large right now, so naturally, she couldn't be the CEO of a family. Otherwise, if she was tired, she would die of exhaustion, let alone having an office.

Since the development of Tengfei Group, everything is on the right track. Everything has its own system, as long as it follows it.

"However, the Integrated Management Office that Zhao Kai is in charge of is a bit special. Due to the nature of the work, it is impossible to determine whether the person in charge of the Integrated Management Office is working or not. This is especially true for Field Service staff."

Xiao Yuxuan added, "Even though the company has a rule that, other than personnel involved in technology and corporate secrets, everyone else must turn on the satellite location of their mobile phones during work, but more or less, there are still omissions. This is unavoidable."

"Mm, I understand."

Ji Feng nodded. Although Tengfei Group was located on Island One, it was not an independent kingdom. In the end, Tengfei Group was only a corporate group and could only use the company's system to manage employees.

He suddenly realized that the management of the company was a bit of a mess, or to be more precise, he had not thought about it properly before.

"Actually, I've been considering whether or not I can set aside the Integrated Management Office." Xiao Yu Xuan suddenly said.

"Cut it out?" Ji Feng asked, "What do you mean?"

Xiao Yuxuan said, "The situation of the Integrated Management Office is too special, it is not suitable for us to rely on the company. Because the company's main business is business, and the nature of the Integrated Management Office is similar to those international business information investigation companies, my idea is that it would be best to separate the Integrated Management Office from the rest and establish a separate company. I don't need a subordinate relations.h.i.+p with the Tengfei Group, but I also want to cooperate with them."

"In that case, won't the authority of the Integrated Office be even greater?" Ji Feng asked.

"That's why someone needs to be in charge!" Xiao Yuxuan said, "But management is always pa.s.sive. The truly efficient way is to supervise each other."

Ji Feng's heart skipped a beat. "You mean …"

Xiao Yuxuan said, "I feel like we should split out a part of the team or the security department to form a company with the comprehensive management and let them manage it together!"

Ji Feng immediately understood what she meant. To let Integrated Management establish a separate company was equivalent to having a business investigation company. However, one definitely could not use this name. At the very least, it was an information consulting company.

Of course, the real issue was to have the team form a company together with the Integrated Management Office, while having the Integrated Management Office fall under the team's leaders.h.i.+p. This way, not only would the team be able to supervise, but it would also increase the intelligence team's field capabilities.

As for the team, they were famous and didn't need to stay in the security department.

As for the business, it was provided by Teng Fei Group.

"This is indeed a good idea!" Ji Feng said, "When Zhao Kai and Zhang Lei come back, I'll talk to them."

"I just don't know if Zhao Kai is willing or not." Xiao Yu Xuan said.

Ji Feng understood her meaning. At present, the overall task force seemed to have some negative implications. It was highly likely that Zhao Kai wasn't willing to agree to the task force and suddenly joining forces with another person, not to mention that he had to submit to them.

"We'll see!"

Ji Feng was silent for a moment before he slowly spoke.

The Ultimate Student Chapter 3172

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