Spirit Vessel Chapter 695: Phoenix Optic Bone

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Feng Feiyun looked at the skeleton on top of the mountain and next to the ocean of fire.

It towered at seventy feet with a humanoid shape, clearly a giant when it was alive. Drops of blood still lingered on the bones.

Feiyun was instantly met with a horrifying bolt the moment he touched it. His skin got torn off despite his cultivation.

These bones couldn’t be touched then.

Ye Siwan looked at the ocean of fire with a strange glint in her eyes. She said: “This is the strangest place in the outer region. Anyone who dies in Bronze Cauldron would automatically appear here and fall into the ocean, eventually turning into ashes. This fire never goes out either thanks to this influx of power.”

“Nonsense. This is the Ocean of Cremation, the corpses from a place unimaginable by you two are brought here to be refined. Millions are incinerated each day, that’s why the flame in Bronze Cauldron is eternal.” Yama’s voice sounded in Feiyun’s mind.

Siwan naturally couldn’t hear him. She only felt a sudden yin aura appearing in Feiyun.

“An unimaginable place? How come I’ve never heard about it before? Millions each day?” Feiyun communicated using his divine intent.

“Did that great demon in your mind not tell you about it? I doubt these demons can come to a human kingdom without using the holes in heaven.”

Yama kept it vague but still revealed some big information.

Feiyun started thinking. There were indeed certain places matching this description. They were extremely frightening. How could there be a spatial gap connecting them to Jin?

“Did you escape from one of these unimaginable places too?” Feiyun checked.

“You’re too weak right now and there are things you just don’t understand, such as using heaven and earth as a cauldron and taking its fortunes and creations. The bones are coals and everything else serves as bronze. Many big shots have utilized these heavenly holes to steal fortune and reverse the yin and yang to live again, why can’t I do the same?” Yama neither confirmed nor denied.

It looked like Bronze Cauldron was even more frightening than Feiyun thought. This was a spatial gap with remains being brought here by a mysterious power to be refined.

Did Yama also use this method to trick the heavenly dao? He was brought here by this power and managed to escape?

‘Could my mother, the mysterious demon, had also been here and obtained a great fortune?’

“Fairy Ye, how long has this place been around according to your historical records?” Feiyun suddenly asked.

“I’ve read them before, the earlier dates back to ten thousand years before the golden age of Buddhism or even older. It’s all a blur though.” She said.

Feiyun nodded. According to the legends of the Jiang, this place was formed from a battle between Witchcraft G.o.d and a monstrous character of the demon race.

This legend was obviously false. Perhaps a great battle had indeed happened in Bronze Cauldron, but this place certainly existed long before that.

Legends are just that. Too much time had pa.s.sed so the facts were muddled.

‘Yama, I still owe you one, when are you telling me what it is?’ Feiyun didn’t like owing someone. He hated being bound to someone else.

‘Keke, I will let you know when the time is right.’ Yama’s voice was chilling, seemingly amused. It became ethereal as the person returned to the spine.

‘What a fox.’ Feiyun thought.

He focused on the skeletons ahead again. They continued rolling into the ocean of fire.

Some bones exuded a colossal aura. They had a l.u.s.ter just like divine jade. These were the bones of real masters.

These special ones were pulled deeper into the bottom of the ocean with higher temperatures. Just the heat waves alone were as hot as magma.

Suddenly, an old man with scales all over appeared in the sky. He glanced at Feiyun and Siwan for a split second before s.h.i.+fting his focus towards the bones and becoming excited: “Yes, the treasure bones of an Enlightened Being. This place is incredible.”

A while later, another old man wearing a corpse uniform flew over. He stared at the remains and trembled emotionally: “Such powerful corpses. I can definitely refine several supreme corpse kings from this.”

Siwan pulled Feiyun to the back and said cautiously: “They’re Super Giants that has cultivated for more than five hundred years. The scaly man is the Junior Uncle of Dragon Palace Master, he hasn’t shown himself for a century now, a very brutal man. The corpse controller is the cave master of Firmament. This sect isn’t as strong as some of the other ancient corpse caves but it’s still first-ranked. This cave master is very strong. He once killed a Giant from Yin Gou and refined him into a battle corpse.”

Super Giants were at the eight-level of Heaven’s Mandate, far stronger than ordinary Giants and rarer.

Feiyun wasn’t a match for one right now but he was confident in escaping easily. That’s why he wasn’t afraid at all.

Siwan saw his fearlessness and became worried about him. ‘This uncle is too audacious. Shouldn’t old people care about their lives more and become cowards?’

“Super Giants are real overlords. One of them alone is enough to guarantee the prosperity of a large clan or sect. For example, our sect has more than just one.” She began recruiting him again by telling him about its power.

“I will never join Sun Moon unless you marry me, Fairy Ye.” Feiyun turned and smiled at her.

“You really should reconsider my Junior Uncle.” She didn’t know what to do about this old uncle, still wanting to marry a young girl despite his age. How did he have such attainment in Buddhism with this mindset?

The two Super Giants began. They knew that these bones have been restrained by a mysterious power so they utilized a special move to forcefully pull some out.

The one from Dragon Palace carved a round formation in the ground and added twenty-eight spirit stones. The formation rotated and turned into a bright mirror. He reached into this mirror and his hand actually pierced through it and appeared again on top of the corpses.

He became happy and grabbed a winged-skeleton. It had a thick aura with blood still flowing on the surface. Each drop of blood looked like a dazzling ruby.

“Pluff!” A lightning bolt descended from above and turned this Super Giant into ashes, destroying his formation as well. The twenty-eight spirit stones also exploded.

The corpse cave master was also under attack by lightning. However, he was cautious and didn’t move so recklessly.

That’s why only half of his body got incinerated; one hand turned into ashes.

Fear overwhelmed him - that power was just too much. He had a replacement corpse in place to switch with his main body. This allowed him to survive. Otherwise, not even a bone would be left.

One Super Giant was dead in a few seconds; the other grievously injured.

“These bones are under the protection of that mysterious power. We can’t touch them so it’s best to leave.” Ye Siwan said with a stern expression.

Feiyun shook his head and gazed at the pile of corpses. He saw a bright flame - a crimson bone.

‘That… is a phoenix ocular bone… A phoenix fell and was brought here?’ He became emotional.

“What do you want to do?” Siwan saw his hesitation and afraid that he would do something rash.

The cave master has backed off and sneered: “You dare to try for a bone? Keke, even an Enlightened Being would be killed by that mysterious power.”

“Uncle, wake up, the bones here aren’t suitable for us. Touching them will invite a disaster.” Siwan saw his eyes flas.h.i.+ng red with desire, thinking that he had fallen into temptation. She reached out and pulled him back.

He was looking at an ocular bone from a phoenix. Refining it would give him his third bone. Moreover, his phoenix gaze would reach an extremely high level, becoming omniscient and seeing through all illusions. This would be very helpful in learning the heavenly dao and the Minor Change Art.

“I want to give it a shot.” Feiyun couldn’t miss this chance since it was too beneficial for his cultivation, greatly increasing the speed.

If he were cultivating the Immortal Phoenix Physique normally, he would need to wait till the ninety-ninth bone before getting his first ocular bone. That would take too many years.

Ye Siwan didn’t know what to say. The mysterious power had just killed a Super Giant yet he still wanted to be a moth heading straight for the fire. This was simply suicidal.

The corpse cave master had a sneer on his face, wanting to see another person die to the lightning attack.

Spirit Vessel Chapter 695: Phoenix Optic Bone

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