Dragon Emperor, Martial God Chapter 502 - Heaven Devil Elimination

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Chapter 502: Heaven Devil Elimination

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Ling Yun had transformed into a rapidly spinning top. He also activated the Stellar Condensation Technique in preparation for any sneaky attack the Holy Virgin of the Devil Sect might unleash on him. The essence of the moon entered Ling Yun's body through a bright yellow light, turning him into a yellow shadow!

Every turn brought the Holy Virgin nearer to Ling Yun. She was only about ten meters away now!

"Ling Yun, don't force me to kill you!" The Holy Virgin's face turned cold as she channeled her True Qi into her arms and suddenly stopped!

Ling Yun naturally stopped as well. He gave an impetuous smile towards the Holy Virgin. "Come at me if you can!" he said with gusto.

Ling Yun finally caught hold of the Holy Virgin. He had to at least bring her into his arms, unveil her, and let his hands roam wildly around her waist and voluptuous chest.

"Hmph! You asked for it! You don't need to play any dirty tricks, I'll come over now!"

The Holy Virgin let out a shout, unhappy that Ling Yun didn't give her due respect. She flew up into the air and moved to Ling Yun with graceful posture.

"Heaven Devil Elimination!"

The moment she took flight, Ling Yun saw a scimitar appear in her hand. It was activated by her True Qi, instantly becoming two dazzling b.a.l.l.s of white light!

"F*ck, she really had an ace up her sleeve!"

Of course, the Holy Virgin wouldn't just rely on a Devil's Ribbon that was suited for long-range attacks!

Ling Yun wasn't stupid. That weapon must be something special! He took out the Devil's Blade in antic.i.p.ation.

"Take this!"

The Holy Virgin's speed was on par with Ling Yun. She arrived in front of Ling Yun in an instant. At the same time, she had two white lights the size of silver plates. They went for Ling Yun's body one after the other!

Ling Yun returned the favor unceremoniously with the Devil's Blade! It transformed into several black knives and dashed ahead!

"Clank clank clank clank…"

The sound of metal on metal was heard. They were evenly matched!

The Holy Virgin of the Devil Sect used her Demon Walk technique, transforming herself into a black shadow and circling Ling Yun's body dozens of times!

She turned the way Ling Yun did just now to loosen Ling Yun's grip on the Devil's Ribbon.

Their bodies were separated after being so close.

"Cha… cha… cha…"

The Holy Virgin snorted, her arms waved gracefully in the air, and the Devil's Ribbon loosened and unwound from Ling Yun's waist! She had complete mastery over the Devil's Ribbon!


Ling Yun grabbed the Devil's Ribbon in the air in anger. His plan had been about to work!

Ling Yun's body might be blocked by the black ribbon, but his actions didn't go unnoticed by the Holy Virgin. She pulled the Devil's Ribbon away from his hand!

"You rascal, you want to take advantage of me using brute force? You must be dreaming!"

She soared into the air once again with her arms spread wide. The black ribbon spiraled away from Ling Yun's body and out of his reach!

The whole Devil's Ribbon returned to her arms with a light shake of her arms.

She then pushed the Devil's Ribbon towards Ling Yun's neck and legs!

It wasn't known how much stronger she was than Ling Yun. The Heaven Devil Elimination had clashed with the Devil's Blade so many times, but it suffered no damage at all. Ling Yun knew that it must be a very sharp blade. He didn't dare to take the blow directly, so he dodged and slashed at the blade!

The Heaven Devil Elimination seemed to have eyes of its own. It changed its direction, pa.s.sed through the Devil's Blade in a strange path, and attacked Ling Yun's neck again!

Another slash came from eight meters behind Ling Yun, cutting Ling Yun's calf ruthlessly!

"Are you trying to kill your husband!"

Ling Yun was furious. He screamed and leapt up again, slas.h.i.+ng the sharp blade without mercy!


Ling Yun finally managed to hit it this time, causing the sharp blade to fly away!

The Holy Virgin used Demon Walk and churned out two afterimages. She caught the Heaven Devil Elimination in her hand and fell back to the ground.



Their eyes met in mid-air, and they snorted simultaneously. Neither recognized the other.

"All for naught…"

Ling Yun uttered regrettably now that his plan was foiled.

The Holy Virgin, on the other hand, felt ashamed. She had to use almost all of her power to free herself.

She didn't think that Ling Yun would have such strength!

Ling Yun stared at the two identical blades in the Holy Virgin's hands, speechless at their splendor and the fact that there wasn't a scratch to be seen.

It was on par with his Devil's Blade.

"Little devil, you nearly teared up from the scare just now, didn't you?"

Ling Yun's lips curled up suddenly as he made fun of the Holy Virgin.

"A man flaunting his strength is not a hero! Rouge!"

The Holy Virgin secretly gritted her teeth. She had looked at Ling Yun's file and had only decided to test him personally because his surname was Ling and he looked just a tad cute.

She didn't expect him to be so powerful and have such a shameless way of doing things. It seemed like it would be very difficult for her to take him down on her own.


The Holy Virgin activated some kind of martial art that transformed the True Qi outside of her body into a whirlpool. The whirlpool magnified several times and uprooted everything in the vortex.

Ling Yun was outside of the whirlpool, but he could feel a powerful force of suction moving him to the Holy Virgin!

"F*ck, you really want to kill your husband…"

Ling Yun concentrated his strength and slammed his feet directly onto the ground. The rocks underneath his feet were smashed into powder, and his feet sunk into the ground. He also stuck the Devil's Blade into the ground to stop his body from moving forward.

"Rascal, you're too naive!"

The Holy Virgin moved forward and came to Ling Yun, her Heaven Devil Elimination slas.h.i.+ng towards him!

Ling Yun could feel the vortex on him even more clearly now. It felt like he was in a tornado, unable to stand straight. It was unbearable and nauseating!

Ling Yun was now certain that if it was a battle of True Qi, his True Qi was very far from the Holy Virgin's!

They were worlds apart!

"Little devil, it's not so simple for you to kill me either!" Ling Yun was unfazed and filled with smiles.

A cold flash appeared in Ling Yun's left hand. The Dragon Vein Sword was out with its Ninth Killing Technique!

"Shadowless Strike!"

Not even the shadow of the sword could be seen! After swinging it around twice, it collided with the Holy Virgin's Heaven Devil Elimination. The pair were once again entwined together!

This was the first time Ling Yun's weapons didn't have an absolute advantage. Both of them showcased their strength and their strongest skills!

An endless exchange of blows could be heard!


After a dozen moves, the Holy Virgin floated out of range again.

Her eyes flashed with respect. "Rascal, I didn't think you would have so many tricks hidden up your sleeve!"

"Hehe, the same to you…"

Ling Yun was also out of breath. It was very disadvantageous for him to fight her in the vortex.

"Big Brother Yun, I'm here to help you!"

A shout came from afar. Ling Yun turned and saw a red figure rus.h.i.+ng towards him with extremely fast speed!

Bai Xianer was back!

"Hmph, that fox is actually back. I have something else to do tonight. I'll settle this score with you again!"

The Holy Virgin knew it was no longer advantageous for her once Bai Xianer joined the fight. She gave Ling Yun a captivating look and disappeared into the dense forest.

Such a pity, her figure is even better than Xian Er's…

Ling Yun couldn't help but sigh with regret when the Holy Virgin just left like that without any warning.

Dragon Emperor, Martial God Chapter 502 - Heaven Devil Elimination

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