Dragon Emperor, Martial God Chapter 622 - Buying Everything In The Midst Of Mockery!

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Chapter 622: Buying Everything in the Midst of Mockery!

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"Big Brother Yun, you chose so much rubbish. This is so shameful…"

Tang Meng slapped the funny looking stone on the top of the third cart. He just wanted to go somewhere that people couldn't see him.

"It doesn't take an expert to know that this definitely doesn't have any green in it…" Tang Meng said with a crestfallen look.

"Yes, it doesn't have any green in it…" Ling Yun said calmly while he hugged Long Wu.

More than a dozen people were gossiping, including Zhu Yongw.a.n.g and Hou Yaozong, who were there to gloat. Ling Yun heard them but didn't pay any attention.

The big question in Ling Yun's heart was how to talk to the Lord of Jade and buy these three carts of stones and the King of Stones.

He wanted to settle and head off as soon as he could.

"Oh my G.o.d, Big Brother Yun, are you mad? Why are you buying this weird gourd-shaped stone if you know it doesn't have any green in it? Are you just going to keep it as an ornament?"

Tang Meng stomped his foot in anger. They had to pay for all these, would it kill Ling Yun to lie to him?

There wasn't any green, but there was purple, white, yellow, red, and black. Its value was so much more than green!

Over at the other end, Murong Feixue saw Ling Yun choosing these carts of rubbish. She wanted to advise Ling Yun not to buy them. If he really wanted to play for the thrill of it, she would have asked her father and Song Zhengyang for help so that he could enjoy and win at the same time. That thought was put on hold now that a beautiful girl clung onto him. Jealousy ripped through her heart. She wasn't going to care any longer! Let Ling Yun lose everything!

Do you think you can do anything just because you're brilliant at medicine? This is gambling stones! Nine out of ten lose in this game. You ignored the newly s.h.i.+pped raw stones for a pile of rubbish that has been sitting there for years?

"You wanted to find trouble yourself, so I'm not going to care!" Murong Feixue muttered under her breath. Seeds of hatred sprouted from within.

Murong Wens.h.i.+ and Song Zhengyang were about done with their stones and arranged for some people to watch over them. They then ambled happily towards Ling Yun.

Murong Wens.h.i.+ chose two raw rocks, while Song Zhengyang chose over thirty of them. Each piece was better than the last, making the gamblers envious.

There were some stones that seemed pretty ordinary as well. However, that wasn't a deciding factor in the grade of the stones.

"Ling Yun, how's it going? Did you see any stones you like?" Song Zhengyang was in high spirits and full of confidence now that he was done selecting his stones.

"Uncle Song, please see, Big Brother Yun got all this rubbis.h.!.+" Tang Meng howled before Ling Yun could speak.

Song Zhengyang quickly pushed the surrounding people aside and saw the three cartloads of stones!

"What… What's happening? Why did you get three carts of rubbish?"

Song Zhengyang was shocked beyond words!

Ling Yun was really peculiar. Song Zhengyang thought Ling Yun was just going to play around when he said he wanted to choose some stones. Song Zhengyang was planning to help Ling Yun eliminate some stones so that he would break even. There was no need for that now. Ling Yun was going to make a huge loss!

This wasn't the right way to play!

Murong Wens.h.i.+ walked over as well, accompanied by Murong Feixue. Similarly, he was also stunned!

How did Ling Yun get all that trash?

"Ling Yun, you…" Murong Wens.h.i.+ was very anxious. He was now very fond of the young chap, but this was no way to gamble all his fortunes away no matter how rich he was!

"This person is a bit…"

"Pure stupidity, I've never seen someone as foolish as this…"

"This isn't gambling stones anymore, but burning good money away…"

"I didn't come here for nothing today. The Lord of Jade will laugh if he sees this…"

"What's with the candied gourd? Is he hungry? He would really need to eat it for his whole life if he bought it back!"

"It's ok if you don't understand gambling stones. You can pick it up, but don't just waste money like this…"

"My guess is that he just wants to act tough. He chose them for fun and won't buy them. These three cartloads are probably going to cost him thirty million yuan!"

"That goes without saying. President Song and President Murong will definitely stop him even if he's serious. Thirty million yuan isn't a small sum…"

The crowd ridiculed Ling Yun and held him in contempt.

Many people thought that Ling Yun was just showing off.

"Grandpa Murong, Uncle Song, I like these stones, so I want to buy them all. Please help me talk to the boss, I'll discuss the price with him."

Murong Wens.h.i.+ and Song Zhengyang stared at Ling Yun in disbelief. Their faces betrayed their innermost feelings.

Ling Yun came with them. Where should they put their faces if he really bought so much rubbish? They would become the b.u.t.t of jokes.

"Ling Yun, if you really want to partic.i.p.ate, I can relinquish the stones that I chose to you today. They are of rather good quality. What do you say?"

Song Zhengyang tried to advise Ling Yun.

"The two stones that I got aren't too shabby either. I can give them to you if you want. If you think that's too little, Brother Song and I can pick some more for you. However, you really cannot take these three cartloads!"

The jewelry merchants that surrounded them sucked their breaths in when they heard that. They knew the status of Murong Wens.h.i.+ and Song Zhengyang in the Antique Market. This boy must be extraordinary for them to offer that.

Many of them came from out of town. They were afraid that they might get into trouble for saying too much, so they shut up. They didn't cover up the disdain in their eyes though.

"Thank you for your kind offers, Grandpa Murong and Uncle Song. I don't want the stones you chose, I just want the stones in these three carts! Ling Yun insisted on his own decisions!

"Son of a b*tch! How many people would die to have President Song choose the stones for them? He doesn't want the stones that President Song chose for two whole hours! Is he mad?"

"Yes, he didn't take the smart way out and insisted on this trash. I can only say that he has a h.e.l.l of a personality!" Someone finally found a phrase to describe him.

"What a real eye-opener. It seems like he has eaten the guts of a bear. Let's just see how he squanders all his money…"

Everyone started gossiping again.

"Please make way…"

The Lord of Jade and Han Laosan pushed through the crowd.

"Little pal, I heard that these three carts of raw stones were chosen by you?" the Lord of Jade asked smilingly. His eyes weren't big, and they didn't give any clues to how witty he was. They became two seams when he smiled, which would knock anyone off their guard.

Ling Yun, however, could see very clearly that brilliant lights would emit from the eyes of the Lord of Jade from time to time! He was definitely a force to be reckoned with!

How could he grow his business to this scale if he wasn't!

"Yes, I chose them…" Ling Yun replied confidently.

Let's see who will prevail in the end!

"Hehe, my staff also told me that you wish to buy all of them?" the Lord of Jade continued.

"Yes, I spent so much time to choose so many stones. I have to buy all of them, if not, I would have wasted my time."

"Lord of Jade, please get someone here to settle with me. I have to s.h.i.+ft them all back home as well…" Ling Yun didn't give him any time to consider.

The Lord of Jade frowned slightly, and a flash crossed his eyes. He didn't speak immediately. He went forward with Han Laosan and bowed his head, peering carefully at what was selected.

Some people were just really smart and savvy and would rather err on the side of caution.

Unfortunately, the stones were really trash. The Lord of Jade had been playing with jade his whole life, and the same went for Han Laosan and stones. Neither of them could see anything out of the ordinary.

There were indeed many stones in the courtyard. However, it was as that staff member had said, these were leftovers from previous batches. These were stones that both the Lord of Jade and Han Laosan thought had no green in them.

Of course, even though that was the case, they could still sell about eighty to a hundred stones from the lot every week. Few of them ever had any green in them.

Han Laosan brought out his magnifying gla.s.s and his powerful flashlight at the end. "No problem." He shook his head and whispered to the Lord of Jade.

"I don't see any problem either. Shall we state a price?" The Lord of Jade laughed bitterly. Han Laosan agreed.

"Little pal, I won't be calculative with you since Brother Song is my friend. How about sixty million yuan?" The Lord of Jade stood up, patting that candied gourd.

A wave of shock ran through the crowd!

Dragon Emperor, Martial God Chapter 622 - Buying Everything In The Midst Of Mockery!

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