Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Volume 16 Prologue

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Prologue - Bud of Rebellion

(I, didn't receive help from anyone……)

(No one──came searching for me……)

(Those two, betrayed me……)

Within the morning glow of the sun that hadn't fully risen, the medium sized Blade of polished Mythrildyte cut through the air.

The dilapidated underground room of the abandoned building was the ideal hideout in this capital city, it was possible to train there even while in the middle of infiltration mission.

Although, it didn't mean that the radar of special equipment type Drake wouldn't detect this activity, so they couldn't completely let their guard down.

But, they basically concentrated and carried out their daily routine.

「Fu, ha……!」

Their hand instantly touched the Sword Device on their waist, and right after that they pulled the trigger of the Drag-Ride's right armored arm and executed body control operation and mind control operation simultaneously.

The perfect harmonization of two types of control operation.

Precision and concentration where not even an instant of deviation was allowed were indispensable.

A speed that the eye couldn't even follow, that wasn't the case here.

For their current self, they were able to produce a G.o.dspeed in the level that could only be confirmed after the slash had happened roughly only once in ten times.

Even so it was a drastic improvement.

Until half a year ago their success rate was only once in a hundred times.

One year ago it wasn't even a surety that they were able to do it once in a thousand times.

「Tsu……! Fuu……!」

The inside of their pilot suit became sticky with sweat after finis.h.i.+ng their five hundredth's practice swinging.

Exhaustion flooded their body the instant they stopped and they staggered. They leaned on the dirty wall of the dilapidated building.

They felt dizziness like anemia and their consciousness felt distant.

「Fu, fufufufufufu……」

It was still far from being complete.

They knew that the difficulty would further rise sharply in the real battle.

But, they were definitely getting near.

That pleasant realization filled the body of that person.

「──To be able to do this one hundred times out of one hundred, the Black Hero is really terrifying.」

They brushed up their front hair that was sticking on their face due to their sweat while muttering with a voice that was filled with respect and longing.

「Most likely that person is far older than me, he──or perhaps she, still feels very far out of my reach.」

The legendary Drag-Knight that they had never seen.

They felt like they were touching a portion of that person by learning his technique and felt exaltation from it.

They took off their pilot suit, wrung out a wet towel, and wiped their sweat inside the underground s.p.a.ce.

Bit by bit.

(It's bit by bit but, I too am getting near to become the same monster──surely.)

That felt extremely enjoyable, and delightful.

For this person who spent half their life in despair, there was no greater purpose of life than this.

That didn't change even at this world changing situation.

Above all else, there was the prospect that at last they might be able to finally meet with the legendary Black Hero──, the existence that they idolized who they didn't even know whether that person was a man or woman.

(I'll be able to meet, that person who saved me.)

Just from thinking that, an exaltation that was incomparable from when they felt the result of their training was making this person's chest throbbed hard.

At that timing, sound suddenly came from outside the building and this person took a vigilant stance.

「Almsama. Are you there?」

「──What do you want? Say the code first.」

「Yes! Pardon my rudeness!」

Alma wore their pilot suit while the young man who came to contact them muttered the decided code.

The code was the pa.s.sword that was used by fellow members of a certain company.

『Kilzrake Family』.

It was a group that controlled a gigantic market next after Magialca Zen Valfrick firm that boasted the greatest influence in Marcafal Kingdom. It introduced itself as a company at the surface, but it was practically something like mafia.

Armed might that included Drag-Knights, human trafficking, drugs, s.e.x industry, etc, it's a group that handled illegal commodity and service in a large scale.

Its name wasn't really known in the new kingdom, but in the neighboring country it was treated with caution as a threat.

It was managed by a boss whose ident.i.ty was unknown. This girl named Alma was a subordinate who was a trusted confidant of that boss.

She was called with the codename Alma Kilzrake. She was an elite Drag-Knight.

She had skill that allowed her to pilot EX Drake in her age that was only 14. Her characteristic was her fierce fighting style that was greedily pursuing victory, but her birth and true ident.i.ty wasn't known by anyone except by the boss.

Wearing a hat with wide brim, her well-ordered features and her blonde hair that was tied into a short ponytail gave her a look like a boy who still had the trace of youthfulness.

The arriving messenger informed that Alma.

「Actually, there is a message from boss──. He asked you to contact him at last. That silver haired ch.o.r.e prince, no, he is called as the hero of new kingdom now as the one with great contribution to the victory in Avalon.」

「I see, so the time to move him finally come.」

Alma who heard that made a fearless smile on her lips.

(Iwatas.h.i.+……no, Iore know that this world is false.)

At her childhood, she received Baptism from unknown person.

And then, the existence that was her 『boss』 told her the fact that this three days of parade had been repeated by three times.

She knew about the existence of the queen who schemed to bury the sin of her past by tricking the people and about the princess who didn't know anything.

How she was completely forgotten and abandoned by the two.

(Finally, the time to accomplish my revenge has come!)

Alma possessed a certain deep fate that was related to the present new kingdom.

「Fu, fufufufu……」

After the messenger left, a laugh leaked out from the corner of her lips.

Thus that person started to move.

As a ghost seeking to settle her unfortunate fate.


Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Volume 16 Prologue

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