Martial Hero Rebirth Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords

In less than 3 months, Lin Yi managed to acquire internal arts and was promoted to upper courtyard.

Once news of this spread, the entire Huashan was in an uproar!

All the lower courtyard disciples were in a commotion, but they also treated it as something inevitable. From what they saw, it would be strange if Senior Brother Lin Yi wasn't promoted to upper courtyard! As for acquiring internal arts within half a month, unfortunately, the vast majority of the youngsters in lower courtyard didn't have the slightest inkling of how difficult it was to acquire internal arts.

They all thought that even if it was hard to acquire internal arts, but for Senior Brother Lin Yi, it should be normal to accomplish it this quickly.

Only those among the top 100 who had also received a copy of Huashan Sutra gasped in horror. This Lin Yi was truly a monster! Now they no longer felt jealous of Lin Yi because he already surpa.s.sed them by a great distance. He had become a disciple of upper courtyard and was now their senior brother.

In their hearts, they had nothing but admiration for Lin Yi.

On the contrary, cries could be heard everywhere among upper courtyard disciples who were not on missions and staying in Huashan. They were crying out in alarm at the great pressure that was now placed on them.

It was as if they spotted a figure followed by a violent tempest chasing them from behind.

In the end, they would be overtaken and left far behind, leaving them with nothing but a view of his back.

It was the birth of a monster!

Among the core disciples, there was yet another kind of reaction.

Most of them were suspicious of the authenticity of the news at first.

After formally verifying the truth they all fell into silence.

No words were spoken, but there were 2 kinds of expressions.

One group of people were full of apprehension, these were the supporters of Linghu Feng.

The other group of people were gloating at the misfortune of the first group. They were happy at the appearance of someone who could finally threaten Linghu Feng's status as the top talent in Huashan.

Among the Huashan upper echelon was a picture of stillness.

Like a pool of dead water, the storm that ravaged lower and upper courtyard was only able to create a few ripples before vanis.h.i.+ng completely.

But those who were aware knew that deep within this pool of dead water, currents were secretly flowing.

Many elders and hall masters, wielders of great power in Huashan, were secretly discussing and preparing.

The atmosphere of the entire Huashan upper echelon turned mysterious.

The water seemed to be still but deep inside existed countless secret currents.

If one got caught by these currents, they would be smashed into pieces.

These currents weren't something that lower or upper courtyard disciples could involve themselves in.

Even among the core disciples, not all of them had the qualifications to do so either.


Lower courtyard rank 11 residence.

A pale-faced Shangguan Yun heard the news of Lin Yi acquiring internal arts within half a month and getting promoted to upper courtyard.

His face turned morbidly red in an instant.


He spit out a mouthful of fresh blood and like an arrow, the blood bore into the ground, leaving a patch of blackish bloodstains behind.

His bloodless face turned even paler.

"How can this be?"

"How did Lin Yi acquire internal arts so quickly?"

"The heavens are blind!"

"How will I, Shangguan Yun, take my revenge?!"

Shangguan Yun raised his head and shouted, roaring madly.

His voice could be heard in the entire residence, causing many of his former followers who came to see and consolate him to shake their heads and leave silently.

The high-spirited Shangguan Yun who once led them to domineer lower courtyard had left.

He was replaced by a mad Shangguan Yun who wallowed in self-pity.

The leaving of his followers added insult to injury.

Shangguan Yun was so angry that he spit out another mouthful of blood.

With a haggard and dispirited expression, and his hair messily strewn on his face, he resembled a madman.

The only difference was that his eyes were bloodshot and filled with hatred and ruthlessness.

"Lin Yi, you are the one who destroyed everything I had!"

"I, Shangguan Yun, will never let you off!"

"Hmph, you might have acquired internal arts in half a month and surpa.s.sed Senior Brother Linghu, but you will never be a match for Senior Brother Linghu."

"Senior Brother Linghu..."

"That's right, where there's a will there's a way. I can still pledge allegiance to Senior Brother Linghu."

"This Lin Yi is currently so famous that the entire Huashan is spreading the news that he is going to challenge Senior Brother Linghu for the position of top genius in Huashan. Hmph, even if Senior Brother Linghu doesn't mind, his followers will mind. They must be thinking of a way to deal with Lin Yi."

"I still have a chance!"

"That is to get near Senior Brother Linghu and submit myself to his command."

"Haha, Lin Yi, don't think that you can underestimate me just because you have greatly surpa.s.sed me. I will be like a venomous snake hiding in the dark spots, waiting to deliver a fatal strike at all times!"

Shangguan Yun broke out in maniacal laughter. In this life, he was defeated by Lin Yi and fell out of the top 10 ranking, losing his chance to enter upper courtyard. However, just as he did in the previous life, he followed the same route of following Linghu Feng.


System notification:

Quest reward:

Completed the test of 3 months, promoted to upper courtyard, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Quest reward:

Acquired internal arts in half a month, creating a sensation in Huashan, achieving the t.i.tle of genius, and spreading fame throughout Jianghu, 5,000 battle experience awarded.
On the way to the sect library, Lin Yi suddenly received system notifications. Lin Yi was thrilled upon seeing an unexpected windfall of ten thousand battle experience.

The t.i.tle of genius was a good tool indeed.

"Looks like I need to make good use of this t.i.tle in the future to gather more battle experience from quest rewards." Lin Yi thought to himself.

He continued his way to the sect library.

That day, Yu Zecheng had reported back the results of the test. After a short while, Sect Master Ouyang Min issued the order to promote Lin Yi to upper courtyard and rewarded him with a choice of a superior sword art from the sect library.

The next day, Lin Yi moved his residence to upper courtyard after receiving the news. Then he made his way to the sect library immediately.

Huashan sect library was also known as the Library of Hidden Sword.

Because a great majority of the martial arts manuals kept in the library were composed of superior sword arts.

Six to seven hundred years ago, Huashan was separated into the Sword School and Qi School.

But ever since internal arts rose in prominence, it became the only standard for martial arts.

The separation no longer existed.

In Great Jianghu, internal arts was the most important.

It enabled one's strength to greatly surpa.s.s the limits of ordinary people.

This was something that no martial technique could compare to.

Even someone who learnt a peerless sword art, Nine Swords of Dugu for example, would be no match for someone who had learnt a silver grade internal art like Huashan Sutra, if he had not acquired internal arts.

That was why the separation into Sword School and Qi School became pointless.

But the superior sword arts that belonged to the Sword School were pa.s.sed on.

Most of these superior sword arts were frighteningly powerful.

Even without acquiring internal arts, one could use these sword arts to challenge third-rate experts who acquired internal arts.

Of course, the premise was that these third-rate experts had not acquired internal arts beyond bronze grade.

If they were third-rate experts possessing silver grade internal arts, those without internal arts, regardless of the amount of talent one had, would lose for sure.

The difference was too great!

But this was sufficient to demonstrate the power of the Sword School's sword arts.

If one who had internal arts learnt these sword arts, it would be akin to adding wings to a tiger!

Regarding Huashan superior sword arts, besides the peerless sword art Nine Swords of Dugu, Lin Yi was most interested in the Huashan superior sword art known as Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

In the game during the previous life, before the appearance of divine skills, this particular sword art was pretty famous.

A player had achieved great fame in Jianghu relying on this sword art, and he was nicknamed by the players: Deadly Swordsman.

Countless players died to this sword art used by him.

His greatest achievement was killing 10 third-rate experts and 1 second-rate expert while he was only a third-rate expert. This happened during the early period of the great war.

This achievement shocked the entire player community.

At that time, second-rate experts had not yet appeared among the players and the top players were only third-rate experts.

The Deadly Swordsman challenged a second-rate expert from a demonic cult using Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, defeating and killing him.

This showed how powerful the sword art was.

Lin Yi was still an unknown who only just acquired an iron grade basic internal art sutra, barely making it to the ranks of third-rate experts.

It was then that he started yearning for this sword art.

Even after crossing over into the world of Great Jianghu, he kept it in his mind constantly.

Most importantly, Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was a perfect fit for his style of combat.

Just like its name, Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was comprised of just 3 moves, and every move was a killing technique.

The moves could be chained one after another, and each subsequent move was more powerful than the previous one.

Famed for being crafty, vicious and fatal, hence the "Deadly".

It fully displayed the unusualness and sinisterness of Huashan sword arts.

The Huashan Sword School senior who created this sword art was a stunning talent, and even Lin Yi deeply admired him.

In the previous life, even though he was a G.o.d-ranked player and a peak expert in Jianghu, he only managed to create a single sword move, Falling Sword Style.

Compared to the great ability of these seniors who were able to create an entire superior sword art, he still had a long way to go.

Towards those stronger than himself, Lin Yi always held a att.i.tude of respect.

The realm that these people belonged to was what he should aim for.

Creating a martial art and pa.s.sing it down to countless disciples.

Just thinking about it made one fascinated.

He restrained the excitement in his heart and calmed his emotions.

Lin Yi arrived at the sect library and entered after giving one quick look.

Without doing anything else, he simply took out his upper courtyard disciple token and handed it to the library attendant: "Upper courtyard rookie Lin Yi is here to choose a sword art."

"You are Lin Yi?" The attendant who had been keeping his head lowered looked at Lin Yi's token, and abruptly raised his head in surprise when he heard Lin Yi's words.

"That's right, Lin Yi pays his respects to Senior Brother." Lin Yi nodded while cupping his hands.

"Heh, you don't need to be in a rush to call me Senior Brother. You are a peerless genius who managed to reach the first level of Huashan Sutra in less than half a month, I cannot handle being called Senior Brother by you. Who knows when you will be promoted to a core disciple. When that happens, I will be the one calling you Senior Brother." The attendant shook his head with a laugh and joked.

"......" Lin Yi was speechless.

"Alright, enough joking. Just state your choice directly, I won't bother telling you the rules. The rule allowing upper courtyard disciples to learn only one superior sword art will probably be broken in no time by a genius like you. I'm sure you will definitely become a core disciple in the future, so you may choose whatever you like, since even if you make a wrong choice you can change it back." The attendant laughed softly, apparently thinking extremely highly of Lin Yi.

If that was the case, Lin Yi had no reason to be polite, and he directly stated the sword art he desired: "I wish to learn Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!"

Martial Hero Rebirth Chapter 43

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