Dungeon Maker Chapter 24

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“We should’ve brought a cart or something.”

There were about 40 something different items within Kaiwan’s Amory. There were a total of seven items where a magic spell was cast on them.

One helmet, two armors, three swords and one s.h.i.+eld.

He could take them by himself if he wore them, but since he couldn’t wear them now, he had no choice but to take them by hand.

He gave them to Skull, Jon and Kobold and gave the Kobold a s.h.i.+eld so that they couldn’t hide it. After giving them the items, Yong-Ho approached the salamander that was in the corner of the room.

It seemed like they were hit on the head pretty hard because their movement was extremely sluggish.
When they realized that Yong-Ho was approaching them, they showed their teeth and growled, but that didn’t last long. When Yong-Ho slightly raised Aamon, the salamander backed down and when Skull raised the hammer, it started whimpering.

Just like Catalina mentioned earlier, it seemed like it acknowledged the fact that it couldn’t beat Yong-Ho. Yong-Ho asked Catalina.

“How do I register the dungeon monster’s spirit? Is it the same as registering ordinary spirits?”
“It’s quite different, but the things that you have to do are similar. The complicated tasks can be done by the Spirit of the Dungeon. The important thing is that the dungeon monster needs to have the will to submit to you.”

The salamander already submitted themselves. Yong-Ho took one step forwards towards the salamander and slightly raised his hand. After placing his left hand above the salamander’s head, he called the Spirit of the Dungeon.

“Will you register the salamander as a dungeon spirit?”
“It will require more mana than ordinary spirits.”
“Since you’ve already used a lot of your mana, we can use the remaining mana that’s in the dungeon, if you’d like.”

Like Catalina mentioned, what Yong-Ho needed to do was similar. Once he confirmed with the Spirit of the Dungeon, a small, white magic circle appeared between Yong-Ho’s hand and the salamander’s head.

“Registration complete. The salamander is a spirit of the dungeon.”

To prove that, a complicated looking  magic circle appeared on top of the salamander’s forehead.
Maybe it’s because they were a dungeon monster, but the way they were treated by the dungeon shop was different from ordinary spirits.

Acquired salamander. The current situation was great, but he became curious. Yong-Ho asked his question into the air.

“Can I use the remaining mana that’s in the dungeon?”

If Yong-Ho was able to implant his mana into the dungeon, wouldn’t it be possible for him to use the remaining?

“It’s possible. However, it won’t be as effective as the mana that you implant into me.”

“How big of a difference is there?”

“During the implementation process, about 30% of the mana will be damaged.”

It was a percentage he could endure. On top of that, Yong-Ho didn’t need that much mana for what he was going to do.

With the Spirit of the Dungeon’s guidance, Yong-Ho was able to absorb a part of the remaining mana. The way that the mana entered into his body from the ceiling and from the floor was interesting.

“Great, let’s test it.”

Yong-Ho smiled and green flames blossomed out of his eyes. The Power of Evolution started a.n.a.lyzing the salamander.

   [Race : Salamander (M)]
   [Cla.s.s : Evil Spirit (Mid-Rank)]
   [Main Element : Fire]
   [Main Stats : Physique / Strength]
   [Development Rate : 0/100]

Maybe it’s because Yong-Ho became stronger, but he was now able to see the “Cla.s.s” category. To test it out, he looked at Catalina who was standing next to him.

   [Name : Catalina (F)]
   [Race : Half Succubus / Half Dark Elf]
   [Cla.s.s : Demon (Mid-Rank)]
   [Main Elements : Wind / Darkness  Secondary Elements : Thunder / Water / Earth]
   [Main Stats : Succubus - Charm / Mana Dark Elf - Agility / Courage]
   [Development Rate : 70/100]

Another category showed up for Catalina as well.

‘A mid-ranked demon.’

Yong-Ho was going to a.n.a.lyze Skull as well, but he looked at the salamander again. He didn’t absorb a lot of the dungeon’s mana.

   [Physique Level 2 ★★ (2)] -> [Development routes will be revealed upon advancement] 
   [Agility Level 1 ★★☆ (2.5)] -> [Development routes will be revealed upon advancement]
   [Mana Level 2 ★☆ (1.5)]
   [Strength Level 1 ★★ (2)]

As expected, they’ve developed a lot.
On top of that, the additional information regarding the routes were useful.

Yong-Ho slowly raised his finger into the air. When he touched the physique category, it showed a silhouette of their development and the result was interesting. It’s because the large salamander grew bigger. It was an estimate, but it grew at least 1.2 times larger.

Yong-Ho also looked at its agility. Since they had potential, he was excited to see the results.

He drew in the air again. Yong-Ho yelled without realizing it.


Because he suddenly yelled out, everyone, including the salamander, looked at Yong-Ho with a surprised look.
After taking a deep breath, he looked at the silhouette again. When developing their agility, the salamander had wings that resembled a bat’s wings. There wasn’t a big difference, but their body became slimmer.

‘It said that development routes will be revealed when agility has been developed…’

He couldn’t know as of right now. But, Yong-Ho was able to a.s.sume.
It was possible for them to develop into a flying type. On the bright side, they may resemble a dragon.

A smile appeared on his face. It was a good thing he listened to Catalina and took them in as a spirit.

“Good job. Good job, Catalina!”

Yong-Ho complimented her while patting her shoulder. It happened all of a sudden, but since it was still a compliment, Catalina smiled sheepishly and thanked him.

“Whew, great. Let’s go back.”

Yong-Ho stopped using the Power of Evolution and looked at everyone.
After returning, he decided to ask Eligor to inspect the magical items and after recovering his mana, he was going to develop the spirits. This put him in a good mood.

Yong-Ho took the lead and Catalina and the rest followed him. Salamander did the same.  


He wasn’t sure how they knew he returned, but all the spirits, including Eligor, were all in the demon king’s room.
As the representative, Eligor showed his respect towards Yong-Ho.

“You have returned, master.”
“How did you know?”

The Goblins usually slept in the corner of the room, so he would sometimes see them in the room, but that wasn’t the case for the Treant.
This was the first time he’s seen the Treant in this room.
Eligor explained while smiling.

“I received a call from the Spirit of the Dungeon. As a spirit that belongs to the dungeon, I’m able to have simple conversations, but can’t talk about anything complicated like you do with the spirit.”

Now that he thought of it, last time when the dungeon was being attacked, Eligor called all the spirits and locked the door.
After nodding his head, Catalina and the other spirits placed the magic items in one place.

“We only brought the magical items for now. We need to bring the others later.”

After looking at the magical items, tears started forming in Eligor’s eyes. It couldn’t be helped. It was the same armory that the previous owners gave up on finding.

“You have done well, sir.”

 Eligor tried his best to suppress his feelings as he spoke. Yong-Ho shrugged his shoulders.

 “I’m not the only one that worked. Everyone did well. Skull and…”

 Yong-Ho stopped talking and slightly rolled his eyes. He saw Catalina’s ears flinch.

“Catalina worked the hardest.”

Catalina bowed her head after hearing his comment. She was probably trying to hide the smile she couldn’t contain. On the other hand, Skull was expressing his joy by waving the hammer in the air.

They were the dungeon’s reliable treasure.
Eligor spoke while wiping away his tears.

“We’ve prepared water for you to wash in and food as well. Please rest up.”

He was able to smell the food. Yong-Ho was desperate to rest, but the magical items were urgent.

“Does it take a long time to inspect the items? Is there something that’s required other than mana?”
“For strong magical items, there are times when special preparations need to be made, but the weaker ones can be inspected right away. And...they were within the armory that belonged to the owner from three generations ago. Even if the items were cursed, it only activates when those outside of the House of Mammon wears them.”

It was as if he prepared the answer because Eligor spoke with ease. Yong-Ho tilted his head.

“Huh? It’s  possible to tell the difference?”
“It’s because the spirits of the House of Mammon register themselves in the dungeon. It’s similar to getting a tattoo to differentiate them.”

In other words, there was no need to be worried about the curse.

‘Now that I think about it, there wasn’t a curse on this ring either.’

Yong-Ho nodded his head. If the items weren’t cursed, then they could use each of the items and check its effects.
In that moment. Catalina quietly coughed and caught Yong-Ho’s attention. She pointed to the others with her eyes.

“Oh, introductions have been overdue.”

Yong-Ho spoke and Catalina reacted to it.

“I’ll bring them.”

When he mentioned introduction, Eligor just blinked his eyes. It was the same case for Ron and the Goblins.
Moments later. After Catalina pa.s.sed through the opened door, Eligor exclaimed.


The Goblins were filled with fear after seeing a lizard that was covered in flames. Even Treant was surprised that it started moving around.

“Did you register the monster that was guarding the armory as a dungeon spirit?”

Eligor managed to talk while panting. Yong-Ho nodded.

“Yeah. It was Catalina’s idea.”

However, it seemed like Eligor didn’t really hear the last part about Catalina. After he admired the salamander a couple of times, he looked at Yong-Ho.

“Oh my. I can’t stop being amazed by your skills.”

Not only did he reclaim the armory that the previous owners couldn’t, but he managed to register the salamander as a dungeon spirit. It’s only been about 10 days since Yong-Ho ascended the throne, so it was a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Instead of being proud, he patted Eligor’s shoulder. They headed towards the place that had the food that Eligor and the other spirits prepared.

Eligor prepared a lot after hearing the news, but the food wasn’t all that special.
Currently, out of clothing, food and shelter, they were borderline between poverty and sufficient.
Their main source of food came from whatever Catalina caught during her hunts and the grain that was provided by the dungeon shop from the payment they made beforehand. At first, it seemed like there was a lot, but since they had a lot more mouths to feed now, they felt that it wasn’t enough.

After eating a pancake, Yong-Ho looked at Eligor.

“Hey, Eligor.”
“Yes, sir?”
“How do you earn money in the demon world?”

From what Yong-Ho knew, in the older generations, they lived off of the taxes they received from their territory.
Demon, meaning if an owner is placed into aristocracy, the dungeon becomes their territory. However, he was getting suspicious whether it was possible to have an income through this dungeon.

Instead of answering right away, he thought for a second and then spoke.

“I’m not sure about the human world that you lived in...but I believe the way that money is earned is quite similar.”

The demon world was a place where people lived within demon families. Even though the law of the jungle applied here, society can’t be maintained if everyone killed each other.

“There are several ways you can earn money through the dungeon.”

Eligor didn’t talk in a soft tone. The only person that cared about Yong-Ho’s current conversation was Catalina. The Goblins and Kobold were busy stuffing their faces with the food that was before them and Skull was rolling around the floor as usual.

“The main method is to trade the various items that are produced within the dungeon.”

It was the most exemplary answer. Eligor continued talking.

“There’s no facility yet, but...there are various ways to produce items within the dungeon. There are dungeons that produce different medicinal and magical plants and there are dungeons that trade mana itself. The previous owner raised various magical plants.”

Like how farmers farm and catch fish, the dungeon grows different items and sells them.
But it didn’t stop at just selling simple items.

“There are times when spirits are sold and bought to earn a living…”
“I don’t know about later, but that’s a method I want to avoid right now.”

Yong-Ho immediately spoke up and Eligor admired him.

“You’re definitely wise.”

Yong-Ho had the Power of Evolution, which allowed him to evolve the spirits.
After purchasing low-ranked spirits like Skeleton and the Goblins, if he evolved them and then sold them, he would be able to get some money quickly, even if it wasn’t as much mid-ranked spirits.

However, that would let the world know about Yong-Ho’s existence.
Spirits that have evolved were special. If those spirits were shown at the market, it would get the attention of the demons in the demon world.

The House of Mammon was still too weak. Right now wasn’t the time to let the demon world know about Yong-Ho’s existence and about how he was from the human world.

“Also...I can’t say that punishments are a method, but after fighting off the enemy, there are times when you’re able to obtain items from them.”
“Just like the guy I took down last time?”

The green cape that Yong-Ho was wearing belonged to them. Eligor expressed the pros and cons at the same time.

“There are times when intruders are part of the same demon family, but there are times when figures from the human world invade the dungeon.”
“Figures from the human world?”
“Yes and with all due respect, you’re technically a figure of this world as well. It’s because you were born and raised in the human world.”

In some ways, he was right. Eligor continued his explanation.

“There are times when special s.p.a.ces within the demon world ‘connect’ to the human world. Even with this connection, nothing bad really happens and it’s resolved peacefully, but…”
“There are times when that doesn’t happen.”

“An owner that controls a dungeon sometimes enters the human world and attacks and humans do the same as well. No matter which side wins, they’re able to obtain a considerable amount of items. There are a couple of demons that grew at a fast rate because of this and have been written in the demon world’s history.”

It meant that a soldier fought with a demon of a dungeon.
Yong-Ho remembered the games that he played before and a frown appeared on his face. Yong-Ho was now the boss monster that protected the dungeon.

“It’s something I would like to decline.”
“It doesn’t happen often, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Eligor had a smile after he finished talking and focused on his food again.
After putting the pancake into his mouth, Yong-Ho drank a cup of water. Even though he achieved something great today, he still had a long way to go.

‘I have to obtain the gold mine.’

However, obtaining it wasn’t going to be easy. There were a lot of Crazy Ants and Slimes and inside the mine, there might be a Queen Ant and other dangerous monsters.

‘But still.’

It’s something he could take his time with. When he first entered, Catalina and Eligor were the only spirits in the empty dungeon, but now, the dungeon had advanced a lot.

In some ways, it was a very strange story.
Two weeks ago, Yong-Ho was the son of a chicken shop owner and was a freshman that majored in computer science.

‘But now, he was an owner of a dungeon and was a demon.’

In the end, it wasn’t a light topic. If he didn’t do anything, demons will invade and target the Heart of the Dungeon and in the end, he’ll lose his life.

But Yong-Ho couldn’t deny it. The current situation and the days that he spent in the dungeon were fun.
Was this Yong-Ho’s own feelings or was it Greed’s influence?

Yong-Ho didn’t think too deep into it. It didn’t matter which side it was, but that’s what he felt right now.
He’ll get stronger. He’ll have it in his hands. He’ll move forward.
His primary goal was to install the ‘Door of the Room.’

How far would he be able to go?
What will he find once he reaches that point?

Yong-Ho didn’t try to find the answer.
He looked at the spirits. He had the same warm smile that Eligor had.



Dungeon Maker Chapter 24

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