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CCCP's Subway Line 35 reconnaissance team was stationed here.

Jiang Chen was correct with his guess. The flesh was no match against the steel armor, at least not the mutants that wandered on Subway Line 35. The CCCP tanks easily crushed through them and left only a pile of meat.

The only trouble they encountered was a group of Spitters and a few Roshans that threw things around.

However, these encounters were just problems. They weren't even considered dangers.

Along the way, three stations were cleared out. Two of the stations already showed varying degrees of collapses. Only the Xinfeng station located within the Fifth Ring Road was relatively intact.

Yegor issued a rest order. More than a dozen tanks sealed the lanes on both ends. The remaining armored vehicles, with the help of the infantry, cleared the zombies in the waiting hall and cleared out some open s.p.a.ce. Several base vehicles were mobilized there before they were deployed into the hall.

On the hundred-meter-long ramp, soldiers wearing CCCP-made military uniforms used polyethylene bullet-proof panels to build simple fortifications at the ticket gates, and mounted machine guns to guard against possible threats from the outside.

After the camp was set up, Yegor jumped down from the tank covered in blood and flesh and moved towards the deployed base.

Not far away, the engineers used shovels to clean the meat chunks from the tank, collected them in a box, and transported the box to the Organic Boiler so that the meat could be processed into nutrient supply. At the back of the armored vehicles were bags full of Spitter bodies. The soldiers in protective suits were searching with their daggers for crystals.

These crystals were energy-rich and could be used to generate electricity via a special generator, or they could be made into pseudo-nuclear fusion batteries to power tank engines.

Although the crystals were not as large as the crystals formed by mutants in the Siberian wilderness, the quant.i.ty was much greater in comparison; greater that they had ever imagined.

In the communication base vehicle, Sminov was in contact with the remainder of the force.

When Yegor entered, Sminov immediately stood up and saluted.

“How is the harvest?” Yegor nodded to signal for him to sit down. He pulled up a chair and sat across from him, “Tell me everything.”

“The captured organic matter produced a total of 3,000 nutrient supplies, and 1,000 crystals. The newly cultivated 50 cloned soldiers in the incubator base have awakened and are currently undergoing training courses in virtual training facilities,” Sminov reported.

The CCCP frontline forces possessed two powerful weapons. One was the cloned soldier and the other was the nano serum.

The former const.i.tuted the Soviet rus.h.i.+ng team, while the latter formed the super soldiers in the Soviet army, both of which gave NATO and Pan-Asia Cooperation a headache.

In the culture tank, with enough nutrient, the clones could complete the baby to adult growth process in just ten days. With minimal training, they could rush into the battlefield. The clones “produced” from this technology had IQs lower than 100 and an average life s.p.a.ce of less than 10 years. The only purpose they served was to oppress the enemy with numbers and waste the enemy's ammunition… and it was surprisingly effective.

With the right commander, it would serve a miraculous effect on the battlefield.

As for the nano serum, it would be a topic for another day.

Rich in organic matter and abundant in energy, all the mutants in Eastern Siberia added together would not be comparable to the metro in Shangjing. While they fought desperately for survival against the extreme weather, the survivors of the Pan-Asia Cooperation possessed such a wonderful treasure.

Compared with Uelen covered in eternal ice, this place was paradise…

“It's paradise here,” Yegor couldn't stop admiring.

He felt fortunate for making the decision of heading south to Pan-Asia instead of crossing Siberia to the west and heading to Moscow.

“Yes,” Sminov was quite emotional too. “Not only are there these weak zombies and mutants, just now, our field researchers found a fluorescent fungus in the subway, rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. These elements could be used as a subst.i.tute for some chemical raw materials… I have to say that there are good things everywhere.”

As soon as Yegor heard chemical materials, he looked at Sminov and hurriedly asked him what he was most concerned about.

“How is the situation with the ammunition production line?”

“The ammunition production line has started to run. We have dismantled some of the facilities in the subway for recycling, and the metal resources have been supplemented, but other resources are still lacking…especially oil and its subst.i.tutes, rubber, and some chemical raw materials.”

Ammunition had always been a big problem that plagued the border guards. Without an industrial backbone, it was almost impossible to maintain this gigantic armored force. Fortunately, they owned dozens of base vehicles, as long as they gathered resources, they could achieve a certain degree of self-sufficiency.

Of course, the premise had been that a sufficient amount of resources could be collected.

When Yegor heard the news that the ammunition production line started to operate again, the issue that kept Yegor up at night finally went away. The weather-beaten face finally showed a hint of a smile.


“What's going on?”

“Do we still want to continue to explore?” Sminov looked out the window. “These resources are now enough for us to digest for a long time.”

“Why not?”


“You want to talk about the risks and benefits, right?” Yegor smiled. He was in a good mood today, so his temper was much better. “My dear comrade, I know exactly what you mean. After all, the rewards today are probably more than the gains of a week in the Siberian wilderness. Especially with the Organic Boiler running non-stop. The wonderful noise is like a melody. To tell you the truth, I never imagined that we could live with such wealth.”

“Then why…” Sminov said with some hesitation.

Although they didn't encounter any danger, the dark tunnel always gave him an ominous premonition.

It felt like the tunnel was leading straight to h.e.l.l.

“Did you notice?” Looking at the direction of the subway line, Yegor narrowed his eyes. “The tunnel here is wide, even in the middle of the tracks, there is a cement road enough for two cars to run in parallel.”

Yegor's original intention was just using the subway line as a mean to launch a sneak attack against NAC's steel airs.h.i.+p, however, as he continued to explore the subway, he began to notice the strangeness of this place.

“This is a strategic tunnel for Pan-Asia Cooperation.” Yegor pointed at his feet, “The underground transportation network of the city together const.i.tutes the Pan-Asia Cooperation wartime transportation network.”

Sminov nodded. Obviously, he also noticed this.


So what?

“Comrade Sminov, I don't know if you have considered this,” Yegor grinned with his hands behind his back. “For example, what is buried underneath this intricate subway network?”

“Why are you so sure something must be buried below?” Sminov was confused.

“The instinct of a leader.” Yegor pointed at his head with his finger. There was a sense of excitement buried in his pupils. “My instinct tells me that there must be something buried underneath. It may be a super weapon., it may also be just a bunch of useless gold, but in any case, I can't sit still and just let it lie below my feet. Do you understand this feeling? Comrade Sminov?”

Sminov took a deep breath and nodded.

“I understand.”

“That's good.” Yegor looked at him, nodded and was about to head out.

However, with one foot already out the door, he suddenly stopped.

“Right,” He turned and looked at Sminov before he pointed to his feet. “Are there a lot of fungi here?”

Slightly stunned, Sminoff nodded.

“I don't know if there are a lot, but there are quite a number of them. But most of the fungi are inedible. Even if it is used as a raw material for nutrient supply, the organic matter percentage is not high either, and it is not comparable to mutants…”

“It's not food, it has nothing to do with food,” Yegor opened his mouth. “I heard that there is a kind of alcohol that seems to be called… mushroom wine.”

Sminov took a slight pause, and his expression gradually turn into ecstasy.


Mushroom wine!

The two Russians looked at each other and simultaneously began to laugh hysterically.

Alcohol was a wonderful substance!

Even if it were a poisonous mushroom-brewed alcohol, as long as they could distill the alcohol and drink it.

As for the taste, who cares?

Anyway, vodka was almost the taste of alcohol, and many people had not tasted alcohol for more than ten years. Even the most inferior blended alcohol would be the finest wine in the world for the Russians.

As long as it was alcohol, they were never picky!

“I'll give you a task.” Yegor's expression changed. “Select two field researchers and be sure to tackle the issue of brewing drinkable mushroom wine!”

As if he had already smelled the alcohol, Sminov's back was straight as he shouted loudly.

“Guaranteed to complete the mission!”

“Go now!”

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