I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 220

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Caught? Did Jiang Chen really catch him?

The answer was an obvious no. Jiang Chen was too lazy to carry it as he threw the briefcase into the storage dimension. As for GPS signals that could pa.s.s through the dimension, that's only a feat that Lin Lin could achieve.

Now that his storage dimension had expanded to 20 cubic meters, there was no need to consider the lack of s.p.a.ce inside. Five cubic meters was used to store weapons, such as the PK2000 a.s.sault rifle and the kinetic skeleton.

Xia s.h.i.+yu had already left. Looking at the empty office, Jiang Chen had nothing else to do.

Work? If he randomly pokes his nose into the company's business, he may not even be helpful with anything—rather, he would be causing more trouble. Since he had already delegated his responsibilities, he must continue the tradition.

If he didn't work, then he was playing games. As the president, merely sitting in the office is an effective method for increasing the morale of the employees.

Mhmm, that's the case.

As Jiang Chen thought, he sunk into the chair and took out his phone.

Speaking of which, as the developer himself, he hadn't even played his own game.

But thinking that it was too troublesome to register for a new account, he recollected that Future Technology had a partners.h.i.+p with Sohu in streaming. Jiang Chen smiled, searched, and opened Sohu TV.

The new platform was still under development stage, but the Sohu TV now opened a column specific for .

Although it was a mobile game, because of the open world, great freedom, superb graphics, and rich contents, a lot of people play it as a computer-based masterpiece.

Seeing its popularity being ranked as number one, Jiang Chen was secretly shocked breathless as he randomly opened a channel.

The screen was big, but the streamer's face covered one-fourth of the screen.

Looking at the exposed whiteness while hearing the flirtatious voice, Jiang Chen put on his headphones.

The female streamer was playing a thief. She was in the middle of a mission, but her control certain sucked. To kill a turtle-like boss, she died five times.

But that was not the crucial point. Every time she died, she would moan in a seductive voice.

"Is this streamer playing a game or moaning in bed..."

Jiang Chen ridiculed while facepalming as he continued the "market research" until the end.

Like this, Jiang Chen sent Friday in.

Jiang Chen chatted with the employees about to go off as he walked to the elevator empty-handed.

Just as the elevator door was about to close, Jiang Chen, afraid of trouble, sped up and dashed into the elevator.

Coincidentally, Xia s.h.i.+yu was also in the elevator.

Seeing that Xia s.h.i.+yu was looking at him strangely, Jiang Chen realized that his action lacked confidence. He smiled shamelessly and said "Hi" to her first.

"How's work today?"

"It's okay, I have been used to being busy. I am taking the rest of the doc.u.ments home." Xia s.h.i.+yu pushed up her gla.s.ses.

"Don't work too hard, your health is the most important." Jiang Chen spoke with care.

Xia s.h.i.+yu nodded, but from her expression, she didn't seem to plan to listen to Jiang Chen.

"You are working so hard, which is making me, as the president, guilty."

"Then why don't you help me out a bit?" Seeing Jiang Chen being emotional, she couldn't help but mock him.

"Ahem, I'll let the professionals take care of it. If I am doing it, I will only cause a mess. But I can treat you to dinner," Jiang Chen joked.

It was only a joke. Based on Jiang Chen's previous impression of Xia s.h.i.+yu, this girl would probably coldly reject it.

But to his surprise, Xia s.h.i.+yu took a moment to think about it, then nodded her head.

"Okay, when?"

"Mhmm?" Jiang Chen thought he heard wrong.

"Didn't you say you are going to treat me?" Xia s.h.i.+yu raised her eyebrows while tilting her head.

"Uhh, I thought you would reject..."

"Do you want me to reject?" Xia s.h.i.+yu asked, downcasted, as she looked at the elevator door.

Jiang Chen was stunned.

The voice sounded like murmuring.

In her eyes, Jiang Chen saw a hint of confusion, and there was also an indescribable feeling.

He suddenly remembered that night.

She was drunk that night when he carried her home.

Under the influence of alcohol, they were very close...

"Who do you like?" The confession-like words swirled around his ear.

If it were not for the phone ringing suddenly, Jiang Chen knew that, with his personality and with Xia s.h.i.+yu being forward, he would not be able to control himself that night.

A crazy but intimate idea overtook his head.

If something did happen between the two that night, how would it feel like now?

"Of course not." Jiang Chen smiled, and with a gentle voice, he asked, "How about tonight?"

"Okay." Xia s.h.i.+yu nodded.

When the elevator reached the b.u.t.ton, the two walked out of the elevator and into the parking lot.

"Where is your car?" Jiang Chen asked as he took out the key.

"I didn't buy a car yet. I drove company's car last time at the gathering, I usually take the train to work."

Xia s.h.i.+yu's response surprised Jiang Chen.

"You are an executive at a billion-dollar company. The bank would not offer a loan to you?" Jiang Chen was puzzled as he opened the door courteously for her like a gentleman.

"I hate loans." Xia s.h.i.+yu's mood was down.

Jiang Chen paused for a moment as he then recalled that she originally experienced hards.h.i.+p due to a loan.

"Sorry, I made you remember unpleasant memories."

"It's okay... That time, thank you." Xia s.h.i.+yu got in the car and lowered her head.

"Don't worry, everyone has their ups and downs." Jiang Chen sat in the car, strapped on the seat belt, and started the car.

"... I am talking about that time when I was drunk." Her face turned red as she said embarra.s.singly, "If I said something weird, I hope you didn't mind."

Because they both remembered the intimacy that happened in the living room, the two fell into silence together.

The ride was smooth.

Once the car hit the highway, Xia s.h.i.+yu didn't say anything. Jiang Chen didn't know what to talk about either, and the atmosphere in the car was awkward.

Suddenly, Xia s.h.i.+yu broke the silence.

"I have read Weibo recently."


"Do you have a girlfriend?" It was an abrupt question.

"No, why do you ask?"

"I saw that you are only following one person... Her name is Liu Yao?" Xia s.h.i.+yu asked, looking down.

The words sounded like jealousy to Jiang Chen.

Speaking of this, Liu Yao seemed to have mentioned it before. Because she was the only person he followed, people spread rumors about them, and that girl became popular for a while because of this.

Because of Ayesha's "interruption" last time, Jiang Chen forgot all about it. Liu Yao, without receiving permission from Jiang Chen, would not proactively clarify the situation, but instead, used a tactic common among celebrities—answer ambiguously.

The girlfriend of the nation's husband!

Liu Yao wouldn't have thought that her fans would increase exponentially because she registered a Weibo account for Jiang Chen.

"I happen to see her movie, so I just clicked follow." For some reason, Jiang Chen subconscious lied.

His Weibo account was registered by Liu Yao.

Xia s.h.i.+yu opened her mouth as she seemed to have wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

[He isn't anyone to me. Why do I care so much?] Xia s.h.i.+yu thought out of spite as she looked out of the car window.

Although she had a boyfriend who hasn't even held her hands, when it comes to relations.h.i.+ps, she was still as naive as a child.

Realizing that the person she liked had an ambiguous relations.h.i.+p with a female, she didn't try to pull him back to her, but rather, she became cold to express her jealousy and pushed him away.

Even more so now, since the two of them were not officially together.

At this time, Jiang Chen's phone rang.

[Is it Ayesha? I'll have to tell her I am not coming home for dinner...]

He didn't mind. With one hand on the wheel, Jiang Chen connected to the Bluetooth and, with his eyes focused on the road, he accepted the call.


"Do you have time right now?" A pure voice with a hint of seduction echoed by his ear. It was obviously not Ayesha.

Jiang Chen paused for a moment, he then looked at the phone screen in his right hand:

Also looking at the phone screen was Xia s.h.i.+yu, sitting on the pa.s.senger side.

I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 220

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