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The next morning.

The sun s.h.i.+ning through the window, sprinkling light on her soft and smooth cheeks, made her look adorable.

Jiang Chen looked at the quietly sleeping Yao Yao for a while before he looked out the window.

The snow had stopped.

Speaking of this, there have been more sunny days.

After staying in bed for a bit longer, Jiang Chen slowly got up.

As if she felt Jiang Chen get up, Yao Yao tightened the hand around his neck, her whole body pressing against his.

Although the house temperature was warm, due to anemia, Yao Yao's morning body temperature was still very low. For the heat source next to her, her body naturally hugged it.

It took a while for Jiang Chen to finally move the arm that was wrapped around him without waking her up. Then he snuck out of bed.

He tucked the little girl in, leaned over her smooth forehead, and gave her a kiss. Then he turned away.

Last night, Sun Jiao pushed the wheelchair and took Sun Xiaorou around the square.

Perhaps moved by the lively and joyful atmosphere on the square, it made her remember her time in fallout shelter 071 when her sister and parents lived together.

A long-awaited word Sun Jiao was waiting to hear appeared in a light whisper - "Sister."

The memory of the past began to flashback.

Crying with Sun Xiaorou in her arms, tears burst out from Sun Jiao’s eyes.

That "sister" made the suffering of more than a decade all worth it.

The sisters hugged together as Sun Jiao finally slept in for once.

What woke her up in the morning was the sound of knocking.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she got up from her bed yawning and went to open the door.

"Good morning."

"Good ..." Seeing Sun Jiao's exposed pajamas, Jiang Chen felt his nose began to feel hot as he looked away, "I didn’t see you work out this morning."

"I am being lazy." Sun Jiao sluggishly stretched her waist, the thin as veil s.h.i.+rt was being pulled to its fullness.

Satisfied to hear his gulping, Sun Jiao proudly carved up the tip of her mouth.

Sun Jiao didn’t tease Jiang Chen longer, but she put on an emotional expression.

"Thank you for yesterday."

"I didn’t do anything, did she get better?"

"Yesterday, she called me 'sister'. At night, we talked about a lot of things that happened when we were young... Thank you, I really am grateful." Because of her excitement, Sun Jiao was becoming incoherent with her words.

Sisters that finally recognize each other, Jiang Chen sincerely felt happy for her.

The sequelae left behind by the memory blockage has been resolved. The next step was to solve her lower body paralysis.

Although the Fishbones base and the Sixth Street’s medical condition was yet enough to complete brain tissue repair surgery, Jiang Chen believed that within the buried ruins, the technology will gradually be uncovered. Sun Xiaorou one day will leave her wheelchair.

"Do not thank me, it is her that woke up the memory in her heart -"

Before he could finish, his lips were blocked by a soft redness.

Lips apart.

Crystals hung in her eyes and her pupils were covered by a fine mist. Sun Jiao smiled and jumped back into her bedroom with a hand on the doorframe.

"I'll go and get changed, let’s eat breakfast together."

In the end, Jiang Chen didn’t have breakfast with Sun Jiao.

On the table, he left a "go to the community center office to find me" before he hurriedly left the mansion and went to the cafeteria.

He ordered a bowl of millet rice porridge and two meat buns. Jiang Chen sat with the survivors as they chatted about yesterday evening's celebration while working on his breakfast.

While he was happy that Sun Xiaoruo finally found her real personality, he did not know how to face her yet, or what kind of expression should he use to meet her.

After all, in the bas.e.m.e.nt, he did that kind of thing to her.

After putting the dishes away, Jiang Chen came straight to his office in the community center. Sun Jiao had been waiting.

"Why didn’t you eat with me? I wanted to formally introduce you to my sister." Sun Jiao combed her long hair behind her ear as he covered her mouth, laughing.

"... I, I don’t know how to face her," Jiang Chen said feeling embarra.s.sed.

"Do you plan to hide from her all your life? She is my sister." One hand on her hip, Sun Jiao closed the distance between her and Jiang Chen as she said audaciously.

"Don’t be like this. I… let’s talk about the important task at hand." Jiang Chen coughed as he looked to the side.

With a perplexed look, Sun Jiao nibbled on her lower lips as she wanted to say something, but eventually sighed and did not say another word.

Seeing Sun Jiao didn’t continue to persist on the issue, Jiang Chen felt relieved. Sorting out his thoughts, he spoke about the incident that happened at the base gate yesterday.

After listening to Jiang Chen's words, Sun Jiao paused for a moment as she fell into silence.

"What do you plan to do?" After a long moment, Sun Jiao abruptly asked.

"If the fallout shelter fell into the hands of raiders or unlawful mercenaries, it would be a waste of a G.o.d-sent gift," at the same time he spoke, Jiang Chen looked to Sun Jiao.

Seeing Jiang Chen look at her, she knew that he was concerned about her own feeling. Sun Jiao put on a thoughtful smile as she said softly.

"You don’t have to explain it to me. Indeed, the reason why I separated from my family was that the fallout shelter suffered a culprit attack. But after being on the wasteland for so many years, I have long understood that raiding is normal behavior. "

It was based on this idea that in the first meeting with Jiang Chen, she made a move to tie him on the chair. Even in the w.a.n.ghai area, she has been considered one of the more decent lone travelers.

He paused, the audacious face surfaced a hint of gentleness.

"Moreover, I believe in you. If it is you, even if you occupied the fallout shelter, you would definitely make a different choice than those bandits."

Hearing Sun Jiao’s words of trust, Jiang Chen had a rare embarra.s.sed look and he looked away.

"Yesterday, I talked with Cheng Weiguo. It was impossible to get into the fallout shelter by forcing our way inside. I would like to hear your opinion."

The time cost of the siege was too expensive. If it were only around ten days to a half months, it would be okay. But if it was over a year, needless to say, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have the patience to wait as the unclear situation west of Zhufeng Highway meant that the Fishbone base could not use the force in the Songjiang area to surround fallout shelter 027.

"Generally speaking, surrounding it would be the best choice. Since the fallout shelter opened ahead of schedule, it means that they are facing a problem due to lack of supplies. They would be the first ones to forfeit in such a situation," Sun Jiao said without hesitation.

"But it is too time-consuming that way. Is there a possibility of opening the door from the outside?" Jiang Chen asked in an undertone.

Sun Jiao shook her head.

"I see ..." Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, troubled.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something as he looked towards Sun Jiao. He considered for a while before he said.

"The fallout shelter you lived in before is called Fallout Shelter 071 right?"

"Yes, what's the problem?" Sun Jiao asked.

"If you would excuse me, do you remember how the fallout shelter fell to the raiders?"

Sun Jiao paused.

"Sorry, if I made you remember bad things, just forget about it."

"No, it’s okay." Seeing Jiang Chen’s deep concern, Sun Jiao smiled and waved her hand. "Because at the time I was less than 10 years old, my memory is somewhat blurred. I’ll try to remember."

"Please." Jiang Chen solemnly nodded.

Sun Jiao took a deep breath and looked out the window as if she was immersed in her memory.

"Fallout Shelter 071 ..."

I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 291

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