I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World I Have A Mansion In The Post Apocalyptic World 800 Vrcity Online

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Jiang Chen decided to join forces with the Russians and WASP Consortium to take out the Jewish Consortium that exerted a tremendous amount of influence in Europe and North America. After defeating the biggest boss known as the Freemasonry, he planned to bring the Russians to board to eliminate the WASP that shorted the Russian Ruble.

Half of Fed's shareholders would then be in shambles.

When the s.p.a.ce elevator is completed, Future Group's attack on the dollar would be much easier to execute.

In the darkness of the night.

Natasha had already fallen asleep. After Ayesha confirmed this, she walked softly into Jiang Chen's office.

Jiang Chen was sitting at the table, and through the holographic screen projected by the watch, he turned to look at the information about the Freemasonry exchanged for Evelyn from Russia.

After receiving the information from Natasha, he scanned all the data to the wrist.w.a.tch and handed it to Jean for sorting and sharing to all the Ghost agents with permission.

In the materials, Jiang Chen accidentally saw many unbeliveable secrets.

Including Kennedy's death, including the Iran-Iraq War, the Freemasonry seemed to be behind all of these. Just like the Rothschild was far more than Carmen and Lafite Winery revealed in the public, the Freemasonry hide their strength in the underworld. What Jiang Chen has seen and what the KGB has investigated may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Freemasonry was by no means a pure secretive religious organization, but a highly inst.i.tutionalized organization.

However, what surpirsed Jiang Chen the most was not their great achievements in the modern times, but the action plan that was collected by the KGB.

"The first step is to establish a Jewish-led world order. The second step is to reduce the world population plan by means of vaccines, artificial viruses, and genetic weapons, and control the global population to within 500 million. The third step is to rule the world with a small population that enjoys the world's natural resources and realizes the mythological Eden...just like a novel."

Jiang Chen shook his head and minimized the holographic image projected on the wrist.w.a.tch and slid it to the side.

No matter from which point of view, this piece of information was a bit too inconceivable. However, the KGB also made an annotation under this piece of information that it was just a speculation based on limited intelligence, rather than a fact that can be supported by evidence.

However, the one thing Jiang Chen cared about was a series of NATO's military operations, codenamed "s.h.i.+pwreck", against the Somali warlords that covered up Kurofune members. Nearly six months had pa.s.sed, however, NATO has still not withdrawn from the infected area.

Or, the "military contractor" responsible for maintaining local order had not withdrawn from the infected area.

Could it be...

He suddenly came up with a terrifying hypothesis as his eyes narrowed.

"Ayesha," Jiang Chen looked at Ayesha, who had been standing beside him. "Sent a Ghost Agent to Somalia to find out who is the military contractor maintaining the order and who are the shareholders behind them. Apart from implementing the UN law, what else are they doing in the area?"


Ayesha replied softly and turned to leave.

Bu then, Jiang Chen suddenly stopped her.


"Is there anything else?" Ayesha turned and bowed her head in confusion.

"It's already so late. You can give the order tomorrow..."

The moonlight gradually climbed onto the treetops, and the lamp in the office that had been lit for a long time was not extinguished until deep into the night.


Early the next morning, Evelyn boarded the plane to Russia and headed to Moscow for political asylum.

Before leaving, he repeatedly expressed his grat.i.tude to Jiang Chen and stated that when he takes office, he would certainly make his own contribution to the friendly relations between Frankberg and Xin.

Jiang Chen just smiled at the blank check Evelyn had given him and didn't think too much into it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

To be honest, he did not think that before the collapse of the Freemasonry, the former deputy prime minister would have any opportunity to revitalize the party and regain control of Frankberg from the New Choice Party.

From the Ber Incident to the New Choice Party taking office, the Rothschild family had obviously been carefully planning each move. Now that Frankberg was not the Frankberg two years ago, the issue of refugees had made the whole European public's opinion lean right. There was no chance of winning the election just relying on Evelyn alone.

A Ghost Agent had already departed to Somalia, and the military modernization construction in Moro was also in full swing. Before the Freemasonry played their next card, Jiang Chen could only hold his cards and wait for the next step.

Uncertainty aside, in order to fill the bottomless s.p.a.ce project, making money became his focus!

Recently, Future Technology has finally completed the development of VRcity. With high expectations from many, it would enter the VR application market.

The social media platform called VRcity would allow users to DIY their own private virtual s.p.a.ce and own their own property in a virtual city. In terms of virtual shopping and other functions, VRcity would be linked with VRstore. When users purchase virtual goods, they could directly purchase one copy of the virtual goods if they were satisfied with the products.

In addition, VRcity also allowed users to meet new people through the "quests" scattered throughout the city, which would be a great tool for the NEET's to socialize.

As expected, VRcity was well received by users since its launch.

Not all VR users like the fantasy-style online adventures of "G.o.dly Land". The emergence of VRcity filled the blank in leisure games, making the entertainment of the virtual reality network more diverse.

Although there were also games produced by other companies in the VR application market, compared to Future Technology, these latecomers were lagging behind. And limited by factors such as servers, games developed by these developers all stop at the online level.

However, among game studios, a number of compet.i.tive products were emerging. For example, Microsoft's MGS game studio's leading game - Minecraft. This phenomenon IP performed extraordinarily on the VR platform despite the pixel style. Prior to the advent of VRcity, Minecraft was at the top of the chart among casual style games.

Yes, before VRcity appeared.

Even this game lost to Future Group's brand influence and technical excellence.

"As of noon today, the data provided to me by Future Technology showed that the number of registered users of VRcity has exceeded 50 million and is expected to exceed the 100 million mark before the end of the month!" Reporting to Jiang Chen in the office, even the usually collected Xia s.h.i.+yu, showed some excitement.

In just one week, the number of users already exceeded 50 million. The outstanding performance was indeed something to be proud of.

I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World I Have A Mansion In The Post Apocalyptic World 800 Vrcity Online

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