Pet King Chapter 1313 - I Can Only Admire You

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Chapter 1313: I Can Only Admire You

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Many men preferred online shopping, especially for clothing. After all, they could choose at random without leaving the house. The cheap price was an added bonus. If the clothes did not fit them…erm, they could easily alter their self-image in their heads. They could easily replace their faces with the face of Chow Yun Fat and think their bodies were that of Peng Yuxi. However, their actual faces and bodies may be those of Zhao Benshan and Fan Wei; rather fat and unappealing. The difference between the buyer and the seller was the image one saw in the clothes.

Women were more inclined to head to a physical store. Whether or not a thing was good, they had to touch it with their own hands. They also wanted to use their bodies to try the item. They would bring their girlfriends or husbands to help. Everything must be carefully selected and compared before they were somewhat satisfied with their purchase.

Therefore, women always hoped that the more things there were in a store, the better it was. They would not feel tired in a fitting room.

If a man really had to go to a physical store, especially if he was being dragged there by his wife, he would wish the store has fewer things. The best-case scenario was that it only sold one thing, and there was no need to choose. Then they could hurry home and play games or watch the game.

But who cared what men thought? No one.

Regarding the ability to consume, women were greater than children, children were greater than dogs (and other pets), and pets were greater than men. The order of the first three could be exchanged under certain circ.u.mstances, but the man was always sitting in last place.

Therefore, the two girls, having seen all kinds of cats and dogs in the store, threw away their inhibitions. They laughed and opened their eyes wide. They were driven by the surprises and novelties of the store. They could not get enough of it.

The staff have seen all types of customers and are not bothered by now. With one look, they could tell that this is the first time they came to a pet store with a ton of different pets. Most of the first timers have not decided which kind of pets to buy. They may have done some homework before coming, but they would forget all of it when they arrived.

A few cases may be impulse shopping. For example, a person may mention raising a pet through casual chatting. Then, they might pa.s.s by a pet shop. Excitedly, they might buy a pet on impulse. This situation was very common amongst young people, though less so when the purchase was a living thing.

They strolled around the store and thought all the pets looked really good. However, they were not truly paying attention. They could only remember Fina and Snowy Lionet. It was love at first sight.

When they walked back to the cat climbing frame, they admired Fina and Snowy Lionet at close range. The more they looked, the more they liked them. They finally couldn’t help but say, “That… I would like to ask… How much do these cats cost?”

Besides Lu Yiyun, who was sitting at the counter, the girls did not know who else was staff. This was because w.a.n.g Qian and Li Kun were playing games, Zhang Zian included. They could not tell the purpose of those three guys here in the shop, so they asked in general, waiting for anyone to reply to them.

This was not the first query after Fina and Snowy Lionet. Almost every new customer asked about the two cats. Only when they understood that they could not own these cats would they move on to other cats.

So the answer awaiting them was…

“Sorry, these two cats are not for sale. Please look at other pets,” Zhang Zian said. “Besides, they are adult cats. If you want to raise cats, won’t you have more fun raising kittens?”

w.a.n.g Qian and Li Kun heard his sales pitch and gave a thumbs-up. It seemed that Zhang Zian had learned a thing or two from the small business hawkers in Egypt. They were probably experienced from the throngs of tourists visiting every year. If it had been left to the both of them, they would’ve simply replied coldly, “Not for sale.”

When some customers heard that Fina and Snowy Lionet were not for sale, they would try to pay a higher price or eventually leave, disappointed. Neither made Zhang Zian feel good. Thus, after careful consideration, he decided to guide the customers to something else, albeit quietly.

These two girls were disappointed at first, but after they thought about it, what Zhang Zian had said made sense. Everyone who wanted to raise pets wanted a young pet. The idea was that raising the pet from a young age made the pet closer to the person. That was true in most cases. Even if the animal was a cool and aloof cat, it seemed to work the same way.

Besides, these two seemingly beautiful cats were really expensive. As college graduates just out of school, they may not be able to afford it.

However, there were so many different cats in the store. Which was better? They began to hesitate again.

At this time, the store door opened, and a person with wind behind them strode in. This person wore a strong fragrance.

“Dear Mr. Zhang the store manager, where is my gift? Don’t you dare say you didn’t buy mine!”

Every time Zhao Qi appeared in the store, she was decked out in meticulous, exquisite makeup. Although it was not heavy makeup, one could tell she’d put in the effort. Given her clothes, she could, at any moment, give a presentation to her colleagues.

However, as soon as she entered the shop, she stuck out her hand and forcefully demanded a gift from Zhang Zian.

Zhao Qi was willing to spend money on herself. Whether it was tourism, fitness, or shopping, the common goal was to enhance her own value. However, this was not to say that she was profligate. If she could have a discount, she would take it. Therefore, every time she came to the pet store to buy imported cat food, she was always thick-skinned enough to ask for a discount.

Zhang Zian was too lazy to talk with her and immediately handed her a bag of gifts prepared in advance. He handed it to her and made a gesture for her to leave. “Here. Please leave.”

To those who did not know, it might look like Zhao Qi was a bully and asking for protection fees.

Zhao Qi heard that Zhang Zian had returned from Egypt. She had initially prepared many things to say to get what she wanted. However, she had not expected it to be completely useless.

She already had several shopping bags in her hand, and she wouldn’t have to make much more effort to add another.

But now that she’d gotten the gift, she did not want to leave immediately. She glanced at the two girls. Their youthful vitality and age made her a little envious.

She did not know, but the girls were quietly observing her as well.

They were also envious of Zhao Qi. She was the kind of white-collar city beauty that they idolized—designer clothes, designer bags, high-end perfumes, popular lipsticks, bright high-heeled shoes, well-cared-for fluffy hair, and just the right jewelry… She looked just like the cover model on a fas.h.i.+on magazine. She was bedazzling.

After a few years of work, if they could be as beautiful and decked out as her… That waswhat the two girls aspired to be.

The young envied the wealth of the old, while the old envied the youth of the young. People never got want they wanted. That was what being human was.

Pet King Chapter 1313 - I Can Only Admire You

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