Pet King Chapter 1373 - The Only Difference is the Person

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Chapter 1373: The Only Difference is the Person

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When Zhang Zian squatted on the tires, the parents had already gotten dressed and went out. They urged, “We are leaving. You should hurry and get back to the house.”

“No! This tire has a problem! This tire here; the right front wheel!” He stood up in a hurry and hit the tire from the side. He struck it very hard as if trying to deflate the tire on the spot.

“Is there a problem? What is the problem?”

Usually, his father is responsible for driving, so he bent down to look and said, “No problem at all. The car was fine when they drove it earlier.”

“No problem? The tracks on the tires are almost smoothed out. How can it be okay? They are fine driving this before, but if you drive this now…”

Zhang Zian’s volume suddenly increased. He never yelled at them so loudly before. Yet, at this moment in time, before he had said much to them, he started choking up. In his brain were fragments of memories. Another way of depicting it is that he hit a brick wall in his thoughts, and he cannot continue speaking.

His parents didn’t know why he was so emotional and were very puzzled. They secretly wondered if it was because the morning blind date was not successful and so he was in a bad mood.

“But, this tire has to be changed, and it will not last for a few more days.” It may be because of the boy’s accident; his father softened his tone and agreed with his son. “Zhang Zian is right. We cannot be so lax with driving. It is fine if there is no accident, but when one happens, it will be a terrible thing. Besides, the auto repair shop is just nearby. Let’s change the tires first, then go look at the pets.”

“If you want to change it, you might as well change all the tires. The others are also near their end.” Zhang Zian walked around the car again and saw that the condition of the other tires was not good as well.

It takes a lot of money to change four tires all at once.

The mother was somewhat distressed by the money but did not object.

“Be sure to change it! You must! You can’t promise me now, only to turn around and only do it a few days later!”

Zhang Zian is not like himself suddenly and continued nagging, much like an old man.

“I know what I promise you I will do. I will not fool my children.” His father laughed cheerfully. His son behaving like that reminded him of all the interesting things he did when he was younger.

Zhang Zian is not in the mood to crack a joke. “Be careful when driving on the road. I would rather you slow down and drive slowly, don’t rush. Also, don’t fight with others on the road for s.p.a.ce.”

“Haha, I had a driver’s license much earlier than you! Don’t worry!”

Although the father sounded like he didn’t care from his words, the boy’s accident was still fresh in his mind. It gave him enough reminders to watch the road, so he listened carefully to Zhang Zian’s warning.

Zhang Zian was still restless. Even when his parents drove to the nearby auto repair shop, they were asked to send a location pin to confirm that they were actually changing tires at the auto repair shop.

That evening, his anxious mood was only relieved when his parents returned safely.

After his parents came back, they were very happy. They talked very late and slept later. They had found a good pet breeding base and will buy pets from the new one in the future.

The next day…

Zhang Zian woke up earlier than yesterday. This time he can’t blame his biological clock. It is really something in his heart that is bothering him. In addition, yesterday, he slept a lot more in the afternoon as well.

Even in his sleep, Zhuang Xiaodie, in her traditional Chinese costume walking down the mountain road appeared in his mind.

This does not mean that he fell in love with her at first sight. It only proves that the visual impact and presence are extremely strong. If it was someone else and not Zhang Zian, be it a man, woman, or child, they will not forget her as well even only after spending a short time with her.

The experience from yesterday was like a big stone in his calm and ordinary life. It caused a wave of ripples. If it wasn’t for this blind date, he would definitely not be able to make an intersection with a girl of such caliber. This made him very puzzled. How did Auntie Liu, who opened a laundry shop, found such a lady whose social status far outdid them?

Dreaming of Zhuang Xiaodie is no problem at all. After all, she is an amazing beauty. However, his dreams were repeatedly interrupted by flashes of his parents leaving the pet shop in the Golden Cup Bread Van. He did not know why he was particularly concerned about this van, so much so that he even dreamed about it.

He sat up and opened pulled back a corner of the curtain, confirming that the Golden Cup van was parked by the door of the store. Hit by the morning light, his heart felt instant relief.

In the morning, he helped his parents to do more cleaning and business preparation. He was so skillful that they were stunned, as many of his techniques were more scientific and efficient than their old-fas.h.i.+oned techniques. He was asked to teach them.

Little Celery came to report on time, but Zhang Zian first questioned her some aspects of traffic safety in the form of games. Seeing that she gave good answers and answered fluently, she was allowed to play with the hamsters and rabbits.

“Zhang Zian, yesterday’s blind date… How did it go?”

During a break between work, his mother sensed that his mood seemed to be very good. Thus, she carefully asked what she wanted to ask yesterday.

“Not very good. I don’t think we will work out. The other party is also not very suitable.”

He said calmly.

A blind date is different from an ordinary love relations.h.i.+p. It is clearly for the purpose of marriage. Therefore, compatibility is very important. However, the other party obviously did not seem that compatible with him. She might even look down on him.

“Oh…nothing, no hurry. There are always others to introduce to you later.” His mother comforted me, but still felt sorry and regretful, and perhaps also secretly worried for him – another three months will be another year, and then he would have grown older by a year. What can we do?

“Right, aren’t the both of you going out today?” he asked. With his mother’s positive reply, he was a lot more relaxed as well.

In fact, he wants to stay in the store to help them, but first, they do not let him intervene in the day-to-day operations in the store. Second, they always will have a chance to pull him aside and ask for more details about yesterday. That was not something he particularly looks forward to.

He understands why his parents don’t let him intervene in their work. This is because they feel that there is no future for running a pet store. It is better to work outside and live an enviable white-collar life, much like in the TV series.

In fact… This is obviously a misunderstanding. Just as the Korean drama is not the daily life of Koreans, the real Chinese urban white-collar workers are not living it up as in the TV dramas. However, this is difficult to explain to them clearly in a few words.

“Then, I want to go out for a walk.” He put on his coat.

“Ok… You aren’t really going out for a second date?” His mother still did not give up hope completely.

“No. I’m really not.” He smiled helplessly. “I plan to go to the library to borrow some books. Although it is a holiday, I cannot be completely idle. I should try to upgrade myself to prevent being eliminated by society.”

“Oh, yes, go.”

Parents expressed understanding that they also know that the compet.i.tion in big cities is stressful and he should do all he can to upgrade himself.

“Right, the old library in Binhai City has been closed. If you want to go, go to the new library.” Father reminded, and handed the car key to him, “Drive there.”

Zhang Zian just didn’t want to stay at home and get repeatedly asked about the details of the blind date. He simply found an excuse to go out. He didn’t plan to drive, but he changed his mind and will drive anyways. By doing so, they would not have the chance to drive, so he nodded and accepted the car keys.

After asking clearly about the location of the new library, he drove away from the pet shop in the Golden Cup Bread van.

Pet King Chapter 1373 - The Only Difference is the Person

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