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At the intersection in front of them, there was a line invisible to ordinary people called the boundary of jurisdiction.

Community policemen were often called "area police" in the capital. As the name implied, they were the policemen in charge of a region. Different area policemen were responsible for different jurisdictions, and so were the a.s.sistant policemen under the policemen.

Zhang Zian instantly understood.

Just now, when one of the auxiliary policemen made a phone call, the policeman working in the community must have made a commitment to help them hide the fact that they were acting without any authorization. After all, they were acting out of goodwill. That way, they could have the best of both worlds, neither letting the suspects go nor affecting the corrections of the two a.s.sistant policemen.

However, all the cover up could only be done in the region they were in charge of. When they went to the other area police's jurisdiction, other people would not be bothered with hiding anything.

"It's fine. We've almost caught up. Stop the car. It's better that I follow them alone."

Since he understood what they were worried about, Zhang Zian did not want to force them and requested to get off the bike. Anyway, he already saw the woman carrying the infant, and he knew he could not lose them again.

The two auxiliary policemen did not stop the car. They knew that, as an ordinary citizen, Zhang Zian had no right to enforce the law. At least they were wearing the auxiliary police uniform and could scare people. Not everyone knew the difference between auxiliary policemen and civilian policemen.

The young woman turned her head back. When she saw the police uniforms, she got even more fl.u.s.tered.

Just as she pa.s.sed a large, covered trash can––who knew what was going on in her mind––she suddenly put the baby on the top of the trash can. She had thrown off her burden and was not trying desperately to escape.

Seeing that she was acting guilty after doing something bad, the two auxiliary policemen decided to control her actions immediately. One of them went to grab the baby because the garbage bin was dirty and smelly. The other increased his speed to catch up with the woman quickly. He stopped the car in front of her.

When she saw Zhang Zian on the backseat, she was so angry she wanted to jump onto him and bite a few chunks of meat off him.

"Comrade, please show your ident.i.ty card," the auxiliary police stopped his electric bike and said in an official tone.

"I didn't bring my ident.i.ty card." Her face was green. "Is there a problem?"

"Then please report your name and ident.i.ty card number," the auxiliary police said politely.

"I've forgotten. My memory is not good," she directly replied.

The other auxiliary police carried the infant over, questioning sternly, "Why did you throw this infant onto the trash can? Is this your child?"

The other auxiliary police also asked her, "If this is your child, then it's a crime of abandonment. Did you know that?"

"What?" She pretended to be innocent and said, "I don't know where this child came from. I picked him up from the road and I carried it for a while to find his mother. In the end, I couldn't find her, so I put him down…"

Zhang Zian quite admired her quick wit; she could come up quick reasoning.

"Then how about this––please cooperate with our work, and come with us to the police station. Help us investigate this incident." The auxiliary policeman was also quite helpless and made a motion with his hand, requesting for her to follow.

"What right do you have? I don't have time!" she cried out fiercely. "Just because you're a policeman you think you're great? You can't just randomly arrest people on the road!"

She increased her volume and encouraged the people around her. "Everyone look, look––the police are randomly catching people. They will catch whoever they want. Is there still order in this world?"

Everyone was born to sympathize with the weak, and a young girl was a weak person in front of the two policemen. Pedestrians who did not know the truth stopped to watch, and some people picked up their mobile phones to film it, thinking it was another incident of police disturbing the people without reason.

At that time, it is obvious that the experience of the young auxiliary policemen was lacking. In previous missions, there were on duty policemen with them. When the sky collapsed, there were still policemen with them to hold it up; they just need to lay their hands on it. For the first time, they were on their own. Faced with the crowd's mobile cameras and comments, they blushed. They clearly had words in their hearts, but they just couldn't say them.

Zhang Zian was not more experienced than them, but he was thick-skinned. He often pointed out that the two a.s.sistant policemen were too thin-skinned. He pulled up his voice and shouted, "You can take pictures, but after taking pictures, you must add mosaic to the girl's face. Although she is a suspect of abducting and selling babies, the suspect also has human rights! Please cooperate with us!"

That young woman had thought that she had managed to stun the police and was just preparing to take advantage of the situation to escape. Upon hearing Zhang Zian's words, her face turned pale immediately.

Those few sentences angered the civilians. Instantly, the atmosphere did a 180-degree turn!

Who didn't hate human traffickers? As long as one was a normal human with a conscience, they would hate human traffickers to the core.

When the surrounding people heard that the young woman, who was acting innocent, was an evil human trafficker, the sympathy they had immediately disappeared.

Their phone cameras were still recording the situation, but they weren't focusing on the two auxiliary police anymore. Instead, they were focusing on the young woman.

There was someone who shouted, "Don't worry, we will all respect people's privacy, Before we share it on Weibo we will add mosaic––add mosaic on her legs!"

"Right, we will add mosaic, but sadly we are lacking in skills. If we add mosaic to her hand, you wouldn't blame me, right?"

"Oh? The mosaic thing… Isn't it coding?"

"No, you got it wrong, that means signing up."

"Oh, I understand now. I'll definitely put mosaic, and I'll make sure to put some extra!"

It could have been imagined that such a video was popular on social media platforms. If one casually added on to it, then its popularity would soar…

The two auxiliary policemen looked gratefully at Zhang Zian, then told the young woman, "Do you want to be filmed by everyone here, or would you rather follow us back to the police station and a.s.sist in the investigation?"

The young woman's two hands were not enough. She did her best to cover her face, and only dared to peek out through the cracks between her fingers. At the same time, she said, "I'm warning you all, don't touch me. Otherwise I will sue you all for acting inappropriately!"

Although the whole situation had been reversed, the two auxiliary police really did not dare to randomly touch her, especially when one of the auxiliary police was still carrying an infant.

At that moment, a police siren rang from nearby.

Everyone on the scene turned their heads to look. Two police cars with flas.h.i.+ng lights came quickly and stopped at the roadside one after another. Several patrol police, including policewomen, finally arrived at the scene.

It was the traffic police who had reported the case, and he had explained the situation at the same time. The main controller at 110 had instantly sent out patrol police, but because the young woman was constantly moving and hiding around in the alleys in the old city area, the patrol police had used quite a lot of time before they managed to find their way there.

The policewoman came up to her frosty face, put her arm on her arm and trapped it, then pointed to the police car and said, "Please follow us."

At that juncture, the young woman knew that resistance was futile. She instantly changed from being forceful to weak. She fell onto the floor and cried loudly.

Pet King 965 Network Of Justice

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