Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 612 Funeral

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"Where is Uncle?" Qian Jin turned to Duren Burg and asked.

"Marc Gavin is spending time with Fabreidis," Izabella replied as she descended from the sky. She looked at this student of hers with pity as she thought, "When he left last time, he was still a strong and high-spirited young man. This time after we met… everything changed."

Izabella could fell that Qian Jin was emitting a presence that reeked sadness, and this young man instantly matured without others knowing.

Human growth usually came with frustration and setbacks. However, when the setback was too great sometimes… not everyone could bear the pressure of growth.

Fabreidis' relations.h.i.+p with Qian Jin wasn't far from being father and son. Plus, Qian Jin was Fabreidis' son-in-law, and a son-in-law is pretty much half a son.

Qian Jin lost a bit of the arrogance and recklessness of young people, and he gained a bit more maturity and steadiness.

Izabella moved her legs forward and approached Qian Jin, and she suddenly felt like someone's hand was placed on her shoulder.

", somethings he has to endure and hold up himself. A man doesn't need comforting words at this moment."

"Linguan Honzhe!" Izabella's surprised expression was replaced by anger, and she grabbed the Sleeping Lion King's wrist and said, "Kid! Qian Jin can still be counted as taking a long leave, but you are literally skipping school!"

"I had called in my absence and excused myself," Linguan Honzhe yawned.

"When was that? And who did you talk to?" Izabella pursued the topic.

"This… let me think." Linguan Honzhe looked as if he were seriously trying to recall, and he soon added, "I remember it now. I talked to you in one of my dreams a while ago when I was sleeping, and I thought I already got approved for taking a long leave after I woke up."

"You…" Izabella looked at Linguan Honzhe with a headache. This Sleeping Lion King was known for his laziness, and he never exposed his real trump cards.

"What? You are going to leave?" With his hands behind his back, Bhang Wusheng looked at this Sleeping Lion King who had been staying in the headquarters of the bandit group and tried to have practice matches with him every day ever since Qian Jin and others ventured into the territory of the demons.

"I heard some commotions here and came over to look." Linguan Honzhe stretched his back and said, "In here, I can battle with you every day; it is much more fun compared to staying in school. I plan to stay here for a bit longer. When Zence New Generation Warrior and Mage Compet.i.tion happens, I will go there directly. Oh right. Ms., remember to enroll me in the compet.i.tion. I also want to fight with the descendants of the three ultimate bloodline families. I want to see if they are usually as powerful as the rumors stated."

Izabella's pretty eyes opened wide as she stared at Linguan Honzhe, and she thought, "This kid doesn't even have the proper att.i.tude to ask for a long leave!"

"Whatever," Izabella sighed as she looked at Bhang Wusheng.

Linguan Honzhe only slept and slept in the academy, and nothing could pique his interest. In this place, at least Bhang Wusheng was powerful enough for Linguan Honzhe to be interested, and battling such a master was great training in itself.

After all, as the of the academy, Izabella couldn't have practice battles with Linguan Honzhe every day.

", I excused myself this time." Linguan Honzhe stretched his body as he turned around and left. While walking away, he said to himself, "Aya… if humans only stay in sadness, no progression will be made. Only wastrels will focus on being sad and lose track of their goals and ambitions."

Qian Jin's eyelids moved up a little, and he looked at Linguan Honzhe's big figure, thanking this senior brother in his mind even though they rarely talked.

Izabella also looked at Linguan Honzhe who was walking away and thought as she sighed, "Skylan is far inferior in this aspect compared to Hongzhe. Linguan Skylan is trying to copy Qian Zhanxuan. In reality, Linguan Honzhe's direction and development path are good as well."

"Linguan Skylan?" Qian Jin recalled the few encounters that he had with the Thunder Lion King, and he nodded in agreement.

The way that the Thunder Lion King talked and behaved resembled Qian Zhanxuan's dominance.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How should I put this? Many bloodline warriors admire Qian Zhanxuan," Pam Honzi laughed and said, "Many young bloodline warriors are trying to mimic him."

"I heard that Qian Wushan admires Mr. Snake Emperor." Izabella covered her red lips and said, "Qian Zhanxuan was quite jealous about that."

"Qian Wushan? Admires me?" Pam Honzi waved his hands that no longer hurt and said, "He doesn't admire anyone; he only admires himself."

"I'm going back to Yulee tomorrow," Qian Jin suddenly spoke.

Duren Burg didn't pick up where Qian Jin left off. Since Uncle Fabreidis suddenly died, the funeral must happen. With Qian Jin's personality, there was no way that he won't partic.i.p.ate.

After Qian Jin left, the scene suddenly quieted down.

Pam Honzi smiled bitterly again. In previous situations, wherever he was, he was the center of attention.

However, the center of attention in this place wasn't him, the Snake Emperor, but a young man who wasn't a saint warrior yet.

Cech Flet walked away quietly with Eunala in his arms, and Fanta Kunge also walked away in silence to find a place to absorb all the essence that he absorbed from the Heart of Lucifer.

Duren Burg yawned and stretched before wrapping his arms around Box Lily and walked away in a direction.

"Kid, slow down." Pam Honzi chased after Duren Burg and said as he patted the latter's shoulder, "Did you see the battle just now?"

"I saw it; it was fascinating," Duren Burg replied and pointed out his thumb. "Those few fighting techniques are great for hydra bloodline warriors to learn, and they are extremely powerful."

With a proud smile, Pam Honzi asked in temptation, "Do you want to learn them?"

"Great!" Duren Burg's eyes lit up, and he said, "I'm just worried that I don't have enough fighting techniques to use the full power of my Teleportation Soul Realm."

"Teleportation Soul Realm…" Pam Honzi thought to himself as his facial muscles twitched a little. "Qian Jin just used the Destruction Soul Realm earlier. Could it be that this kid also obtained a soul realm that is at its infancy? Could it be that after spending time with a monster, others will also become monsters?"

"Oh right. If the condition is that I have to join the Hydra Bloodline Family, I'm not interested," Duren Burg added and shrugged his shoulders.

Pam Honzi looked at Duren Burg with a headache. "This kid's personality is as stubborn as a rock! My methods of alluring others are useless in front of him. Any being with intelligence have their desires and wishes, which means that they have weaknesses. Duren Burg's weaknesses are cultivation and fighting techniques. If anyone else is in his place, it would have worked. But…"

"Oh! Right." Duren Burg suddenly stopped his steps and let go of the hand that was on Box Lily's waist. He returned to Pam Honzi, and he placed his fingers on his chin as he said after he observed the Snake Emperor for a while, "Do you really feel some pain in your right shoulder about one hour every seven days? In these few years, your spine is also hurting, and you even have headaches for a few minutes in seven days?"

Pam Honzi's pupils instant contracted, and he gazed at Duren Burg with some cold sweat appearing on his forehead. He thought, "This kid… how does he know?"

This is the ultimate secret of all masters of the Hydra Bloodline Family.

Suddenly understanding dawned on Duren Burg, and he nodded and said, "It seems like it is true."

"Just a guess?" Pam Honzi suddenly got even more curious and thought, "How did this kid guess it? So accurately. My headache only appeared in the last three months or so. According to the information that our ancestors left behind, the headache will increase in time and intensity; it will hurt more than any other locations."

"Come with me." Pam Honzi grabbed Duren Burg's shoulder and disappeared in front of everyone like a gust of wind.

"How did you know that?" Pam Honzi found a quiet place and put down Duren Burg who was rotating his shoulders.

"Qian Jin told me that." Duren Burg sat on the ground and looked up at Pam Honzi. "He said that the runes on the Second Altar have issues. If modifications aren't made, anyone who entered the altar will have your issues. The more frequent someone goes there, the more intense the pain will be."

Pam Honzi felt like his brain wasn't enough to process the information at the moment.

The Snake Emperor thought to himself, "Qian Jin only went to the Second Altar of Pam Family once, and he stayed there for a very short amount of time. However, he was able to guess that the users will have side-effects and suffer from it."

This situation was the top-tier secret in the Hydra Bloodline Family. Although the pain would erupt at different times for different hydra bloodline warriors, the more powerful a hydra bloodline warrior was, the more likely it was for this person to have such an issue.

It was clear that the Second Altar had issues. Like a slow poison, the hydra bloodline warriors knew that this altar had this strange shortcoming, but they couldn't defend against the uniqueness of such an altar.

If a hydra bloodline warrior could obtain a great ability, it would be extremely beneficial in battles. It was no different from having a second life.

Pam Honzi obtained the abilities that he planned to get after entering such a place several times. Therefore, he was suffering from more side-effects compared to others.

"He… can modify it?" Pam Honzi stared at Duren Burg with antic.i.p.ation. He didn't dare to hope that he could be saved from this situation, but he wished that the successors of the Hydra Bloodline Family wouldn't suffer from these side-effects like him."


Pam Honzi gasped. Although he knew that Qian Jin was great at runes, he couldn't believe it and was shocked after learning that this young man could modify the giant and complex Second Altar.

The runemasters of Pam Family thought about modifying the Second Altar, but this altar was way too complicated. If a runemaster studied this altar all his life, he might not be able to understand how this altar functioned.

Modify? Pam Honzi already lost hope in the runemasters in Pam Family. Even if the Snake Emperor could invite the President of the Central Runemaster Union of Zence, he didn't think it was possible.

The Second Altar was insanely huge. Every time Pam Honzi saw the altar, he would greatly admire the intelligence of his ancestors and self-mock his powerlessness.

"I remember Qian Jin said that as long as he could slightly adjust the altar, Uncle, you can also enter it once more to fix all those issues you have. I remember him saying this," Duren Burg said as he walked out of the door.

Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 612 Funeral

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