Mystical Journey 1090 Return 2

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The girl, Tesna's fist technique was very surface-leveled. Compared to the other party's Willpower, she was obviously a little weaker in her actions, reactions, and prejudgment. Coupled with her lack of strength, she gradually fell into a disadvantageous position. If it were not for the fact that the concept of the fist was stronger than the other party, she would not have been able to hold out long ago.

"I'm someone who wants to pursue ultimate power! How can I lose out here?!" Celine's roar from that time reverberated in his ears again. Seeing the girl was still struggling, Garen recalled how Celine persisted under his fist technique back then.

These ordinary people were far from achieving the realm of flawlessness. Although flawlessness was something relative, when the strength and speed were not equal, there would be an outburst of flaws. However, to be flawless in the scope of ordinary people could be achieved through advanced computer-simulated training, just like Eagle's Nest of the Blackboard Academy back then. Obviously, Tesna was just an ordinary person incapable of reaching that level.

"Left knee forward."

Garen suddenly voiced out.


Tesna involuntarily gave a knee-forward hit and it strangely landed on the lower body part of the opponent, who had wanted to dodge.

A sound was heard, and something seemed to have broken...

The tall man clasped his lower body and howled miserably, rolling around on the ground.

Tesna was dumbfounded on the spot. She did not expect her earlier move to be so powerful.

Suddenly, two other men surrounded her. Their face darkened.

Meanwhile, that girl who was held captive had already fled some time ago, leaving her alone instead.

Both sides were going to start another fight for the second time, but Garen was somewhat impatient.

Although the girl who had betrayed her friend brought him a little surprise and fun, this kind of drama was also very spa.r.s.ely common. It was just that this girl in a white dress, Tesna, still had such a naïve kindness within her, making him felt something.

"Turing, get rid of them."

Garen informed plainly.


A dark shadow suddenly lunged out of the darkness and swept past the three men in an instant. There were three m.u.f.fled sounds at the moment, and all three fainted at the same time. The dark shadow quickly penetrated into the darkness and disappeared.

Garen was too lazy to watch and turned away.

Tesna was left standing on the spot, stupefied. She immediately knew that she had met an expert.

"Must be a powerhouse!" Her heart suddenly thumped. The outbreak of war brought a serious loss of sense of security. As a result, there were more and more martial arts pract.i.tioners with relatively good battle skills. Some even installed a miniature Mech to strengthen themselves. This was a good way for self-defense. The government had also liberalized the restrictions on miniature Mech because of the ever-growing legal problems. Anyone with money could purchase a set. This had also led to the increasing popularity of battle skills.

Tesna was a typical fanatic lover of combat, at the same time, she was also a typical character of one who had a serious lack of security.

"Wait up!"

She shouted loudly and ran after Garen right away.

Unexpectedly, even though Garen seemed to be pacing slowly in the dark, she could not catch up no matter what.

Tesna felt strange, but this all the more confirmed that the other party was an absolute powerhouse, and not just not any ordinary ones.

"I will absolutely not let this opportunity pa.s.s this time! Absolutely!" Tesna gritted her teeth and ran madly. Even though her socks were worn out and her skirt was flapping due to the wind, she did not seem to notice them at all. She chased after Garen madly without any shoes on. However, the distance between them did not close in even with her accelerated speed, instead, it was getting further.

"Why are you chasing me?" A voice sounded in her ears.

"Whew... Whew... To be your disciple...!" Tesna was out of breath. She was sweating profusely and there was an abnormal flush on her face.

"Be my disciple?" Garen stopped. The momentary pause caused Tesna to almost into him from behind. She immediately braked, and only then did she feel a burning pain in both her feet. Obviously, she had injured the skin.

What Garen appreciated was people with a strong determination, just like Sinno from Radiation Zone; that child was untalented, yet she was constantly putting in hard work. And so, he helped her to obtain the hope of having Sixth Divine Wind General's guidance; a hope to bail herself out of her own fate.

And now, he seemed to see a trace of this quality again in the girl.

"Bring my disciple is not an easy thing..." He turned around and spoke quietly as he looked at this girl, who was not quite pretty but had a good temperament.

"I know," Tesna did not talk much, but her tone was resolute.

Looking at this little fellow, Garen immediately remembered that, in the Totem World and Secret Technique World, he seemed to be in favor of those children with this kind of cold temperament but a firm determination. It was the same, even for now.

"You must understand that if you want to be my disciple, you must accept my test. And the hards.h.i.+p of some tests is beyond your imagination."

Tesna recalled the strange scene she had just seen. It was just the spin of a shadow and the three people totally fainted without any resistance.

As an untalented ordinary person, even if she cultivated Willpower, it would still be like a balloon leaking. There was no way to deal with it. Perhaps this person was her only hope!

"I'm not afraid!"

She nodded with certainty.

With Garen's current status, he naturally would not simply take in disciples. As the Sect Master of Scarlet Snow Sect, the greatest genius in history, and the strongest person who had inherited dozens of ancestor's Will, he was destined to surpa.s.s the first Sect Master and reach an unprecedented realm.

With such a level of power, taking in disciples would have a far-reaching impact. It was not just to him alone, but a kind of adjustment to all the people under his command as well.

"What do you want to learn from me?" Garen asked with interest.

"Battle skills! Powerful battle skills!" Tesna said without hesitation.

"Battle skills..." Garen immediately smiled. "I have three tests. If you can pa.s.s, I will decide to take you in as my disciple and teach you these battle skills."

Tesna's eyes lit up at once. The rapid breathing just now was forcefully suppressed to slow down, fearing she had misheard anything.

"Which three? I'm sure to pa.s.s without any problem!"

"Don't overestimate yourself," Garen extended a finger. "First, it is now snowing heavily. Within two days, dig out a two-meter-deep pit by hand. Remember, only by hand."

"Only by hand?" Tesna repeated.

"Go ahead. At the unmarked burial-mounds outside of the city to the south. Remember, you can't use other tools. You have to use your fingers to dig out the soil bit by bit," Garen added. "I will come to see you when the time comes. If you can't do it, then don't mention the matter about being my disciple."

"I'll go!"

Tesna did not hesitate at all and flatly agreed. She did not ask how he would find her, instead just turning around and left without any disinclination.

"Tsk tsk... Maybe she really is promising," Garen shook his head slightly. "Next up, let's go and visit Professor."

Looking at the figure of Tesna leaving, Garen turned around and slowly merged into the darkness, disappearing completely.


Pa.s.sing through Inner Courtyard was only a simple use of Willpower to Garen. The computer protection capability here was basically useless for high-level Energy Machinists.

The Energy Machine Imprint could calculate the loophole in a split second. Garen walked leisurely into the Outer Courtyard and roved around the Academy which had not changed much. He did not see any acquaintances. All of the people there were new students, so he went straight to the Inner Courtyard.

The Inner Courtyard was underneath the ground. After getting himself the status of a student, Garen naturally entered the underground s.p.a.ce with a few Inner Courtyard students.

The artificial sun was still s.h.i.+ning upon the entire Inner Courtyard.

Like the outside world, it was also rather deserted here. Obviously, there were too few people who met the high standards of the Inner Courtyard. There was almost hardly anyone on the street, and most of the shops were closed. Only a few were open but the customers were also very few.

Compared to the outside, there were still maintenance robots doing cleaning and maintenance work here.

Garen checked the address in accordance with the map obtained from the internal network. There were no changes made.

However, the Director of the Security Bureau had been changed from Fila to Red-Eyed Medero, who was a very mighty resonance powerhouse back then. He had no idea how strong her strength was now.

Following the original route, Garen once again came to Professor Van Doe's residence, that same small, double-storey house which was white. It looked very ordinary.

Just when he was ready to knock on the door, the door opened automatically.

A yellow-haired woman about two meters tall looked at Garen puzzlingly.

"Who are you looking for?"

Garen's image and temperament at this time had changed dramatically. In the eyes of those with Willpower, his entire body exuded a touch of faint chill, and he was completely a different person from the original Nonosiva. Adding to the horrific transformation of the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k Technique, there was now only a faint contour of the past.

"Senior Sister Galafil?" Garen smiled and easily called out the other person's name.

"Senior Sister? How do you know me? I don't remember the Professor having you as a disciple." Galafil was one of the three among Garen's two senior brothers and senior sister in those years.

"Are Junior Brother Milo and Junior Sister Nehri doing well? Have you forgotten me after just a short period of time?" Garen said with a smile. "I'm Nonosiva..."

"Nono?!" Galafil's expression suddenly became abnormally bizarre. The Nonosiva whom the Professor announced had betrayed and left the Blackboard Region was suddenly back!?

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Garen shrugged.

Only then did Galafil react over from her stunned expression.

"Please...come in." She hurriedly let the door open.

Garen walked through the door, but he did not hear the voice of the smart butler.

"How did you think of coming back suddenly? Didn't you leave?" Galafil seemed to have only heard bits of the original news. Obviously, Professor Van Doe did not tell her everything.

In any case, Garen was a victim of the conflict between the parties. If the truth was really announced everywhere, it would be harmful to the reputation of the Black Flood Party itself.

"After leaving for so many years, I miss my hometown, so I came back." Garen entered the living room and sat down on his own to rest. "At that time, I was lucky enough to have escaped from the Blackboard Region. What happened after that? Senior Sister, why don't you tell me? I heard that Fila and Seventh Divine Wind General who besieged me at that time were all declared as rebels. So, my case should have definitely be overturned?"

There was a trace of complexity in Galafil's eyes as she sat opposite Garen, pouring out a gla.s.s of fruit juice for them both.

"Indeed, it has been overturned. Your matter has long been determined to have been wronged. The statement of your case was issued long ago. It's just that, the monster that suddenly appeared when you were besieged had slaughtered many soldiers and civilians. Even though it was eventually enc.u.mbered and terminated, but..." She was not a fool. Although she did not know the truth, there were some things that could still be felt, such as Van Doe's att.i.tude back then, Britney's att.i.tude which initially supported Garen, as well as the sudden appearance of the besieging Mech forces at the hospital.

His own disciple was beleaguered, but as the Professor, he was unmoved. Was not this att.i.tude obvious enough?

Mystical Journey 1090 Return 2

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