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Near Blackboard Region was another similar graveyard. A group of people dressed in luxurious black clothes was standing in front of a few burial grounds.

Regardless if they were men or women, the entire group were dressed in clothes that were fully black. A few women in the group wore black gauze hats to indicate that they were mourning. Clearly, there had been deaths in their families.

One of the women who had golden curly hair also had beautiful features that even the black gauze hat could not hide. She also had a seductive and curvaceous figure that would occasionally cause her surrounding subordinates to secretly cast their gazes at her.

Garen stood in front of the graveyard and allowed his Willpower to seep underground instantly. He could immediately detect that there were three badly rotted corpses buried deep underground. Two of them were a middle-aged man and woman respectively, while the last skeleton belonged to a young girl.

As his Willpower wrapped them, three thin strands of hair that belonged to each of these people slowly bore through the soil. The hairs were still undamaged and did not seem to have any signs of decay.

After crouching down, Garen reached his hand out and grabbed the three strands of hair. At the same time, he plucked a strand of his own hair and pa.s.sed it to the two laboratory staff in black clothes behind him.

Various expensive testing equipment had already been set up on the ground behind him. A few specialized individuals used gloves to separate the hairs into four different containers. Next, they began the delicate gene examination procedure.

Within ten short minutes, the results of the test were released.

"Mistress, My Lord," said the laboratory staff quietly. "From the results of the genetic correspondence degree, the three corpses that were buried here really belonged to your late relatives. There's no doubt about it."

"Are you sure?"

It seemed as if the air had suddenly become much colder.

The laboratory staff felt slight indescribable chills in his heart. However, since he was completely unable to decipher them clearly, he merely nodded his head firmly.

"I'm very sure. Any laboratory organization would presumably give you these results easily. There are no uncertainties at all."

The chilly winds grew colder.

Garen's expression became colder. Although he was not emotionally attached to the birth parents of this physical body, he had previously promised Nonosiva that he would take care of them. However, he was unable to do it now.

He waved his hand. "All of you can leave first."

Inari nodded and quietly left with the other laboratory staff. It was obvious that Garen was in an extremely gloomy mood.

Garen took a white, palm-sized computer-like thing. This was Scarlet Snow Sect's most advanced communication device.

He dialed a number that he had memorized from constant practice before quickly turning off the location and video functions here.

A little while later, he received a response from the other side quickly.

"Is it Garen? Why is your side pitch black? I can't see anything," Celine's voice echoed from the video. She still resembled her previous self with her short green hair and her temperament that hinted of indifference from the way the corner of her mouth was raised slightly. She was dressed in some kind of service-type clothing that was fully white and looked abnormally British-styled.

"My place has been sealed suddenly and the signal here isn't so good," Garen answered simply. "How have you been lately? Still good?"

"Still alright. My strength has increased now. However, I still feel that it isn't so smooth in certain places. Do you still have any of the ores that you gave me previously? The dark red metal ores," Celine had always been this straightforward with Garen.

"Of course I do. Just send me and tell me how much you need," Garen laughed. On the surface, he sounded as if he was speaking gently. However, a bone-chilling coldness was seeping through the depths of his gaze. "That's right, how are my mother and the rest? They're still well, right? I haven't returned to see them in so many years and now that I think about it, I haven't been filial at all. I'm planning to return and visit them. Send me their full address."

An indifferent look appeared on Celine's face instantly.

"They just moved houses recently and might not have a confirmed addressed for now. If you're coming here, it's best if you inform me first. The Central Star Region isn't the best place to pa.s.s through. I can get you a pa.s.s through my teacher's connections. However, since you're an Energy Machinist now, this should be easily done. Can you get out of your sealed Stargate now?"

"I can get out because I have a way," answered Garen while smiling.

"That's right, your mother wanted to speak to you. You should speak to her yourself. I'll transfer you and connect you to the call," a mysterious smile appeared on Celine's face suddenly before the screen snapped and shut off. It was quickly switched to another place with a little garden in the background.

His mother, Amy Lamda's warm face appeared in the center of the screen.

"Is that Nono?"

"Yes, it's me, Mother. Are my younger sister and Father still alright? I'm planning to come home and visit after some time," replied Garen's voice in a gentler tone.

"There's no need. You're the backbone of our household and your career is important. We've been living well so you don't have to worry about us. However, we haven't heard from your younger brother all this while. If you hear any news about him soon, remember to inform us immediately. Just knowing that he's still alive is enough."

His mother spoke softly and occasionally wiped the tears from her eyes.

Garen chatted to his mother about some of their household matters while listening to her constant compliments about Celine.

While listening to his mother enquire about his well-being through the video, Garen's consciousness was focused on his mother's badly rotten corpse below his feet.

An indescribable chill rose from the bottom of Garen's heart suddenly.

A person who died more than three years ago was actually still chatting and smiling at him through the screen?

In the end, who was real…?

In order to repay Celine's for her sentiments and for taking care of his family, Garen constantly sent the available resources in his possession to her. These items had traveled to and fro and he was unsure of how many things he had sent. Every time he watched the video calls of his family members a.s.suring him of their safety, he felt that he had treated Nonosiva properly. However, he had never gotten deeper into the matter to get any other probable answers.

"Alright, I still have matters to attend to here. We'll talk again soon," after conversing with his 'mother' for a while, Garen could not suppress the murderous intent in his heart and disconnected the phone call quickly.

"In the end, I never acknowledged them as my family from the bottom of my heart. This is how this ending has occurred," Garen knew the source of this in his heart.

Only now did he recall that Celine had almost given up all of her femininity in her sole pursuit of power. She had created a baseline that even he could not see clearly. Despite their deep sentiments throughout the years, had she merely been helping herself without caring about anything else?

The White King's p.a.w.ns were still hiding in this region. As the White King who could see the line of destiny and would be able to challenge the Red King in the future, would he allow the events to occur without hesitating at all? This probability could not be imagined at all.

When the Energy Tide appeared, the secret pieces would be present as well. This was because the Red King's Forbidden components would truly appear when the Energy Tide appeared.

Without suppressing the murderous intent in his heart any longer, Garen turned around and glanced at Inari before his silhouette disappeared in the air instantly. Immediately, everyone could only feel a cold wind soaring into the sky before it dashed away and flew into the distance.


Polar Region -- t.i.tan City

Garen floated in the sky quietly. He looked down at the bustling white city.

t.i.tan City, the area with the highest concentration of n.o.bles within Polar Region was also currently the largest and strongest force in the area where White Light was located. Although it was not a metropolis, it was still the most prosperous city in Polar Region. Especially after more than half of Black Flood Party was destroyed, the initial Polar Region surrendered after they were defeated. They were currently already a.s.signed to the White Light Organization as their base.

Numerous s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps of different sizes were floating around in the sky above the city while endless streams of cars came and left on the ground. Some Mech groups that were circulating around and patrolling the entire city could be seen occasionally.

The entire t.i.tan City resembled the most accurate precision instrument. It was unusually complicated and magnificent and possessed an atmosphere that was completely different from Blackboard Region's desolate decadence.

Garen floated in mid-air and extended his hand slowly as if his palm was about to grasp the entire city.

"All creation cannot escape from their destined deaths in the end," he murmured as the black clouds in the sky circled faster. Countless floating clouds surged frantically while an uncountable amount of cold white gas filled the air and turned into a terrifyingly gigantic palm.

The gigantic hand pressed down slowly towards the sky above t.i.tan City.

"Which senior's esteemed arrives in my t.i.tan City! I'm White Shark, the City Master. On behalf of Lord Divine Light of Polar Region, I ask you to kindly stop the flames of your fury." A white Mech with a shark's head rose into the sky. An imposing Inherited Level air could be felt throughout its entire body. There was a light green crystal that was clearly embedded in the center of its chest. It was obviously of the same style as the previous White Light Mech.

The Energy Fields throughout this Mech's entire body was condensed in one area. It transformed into a seemingly substantial great white shark that charged into the sky towards the gigantic hand.

"I kindly ask my senior to show mercy!!" yelled the City Master furiously.

Terrible chaos had already appeared throughout the city below them. An abundance of s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps and cars were blocked up. Traffic was a mess. Numerous people began to lose their minds while panicking, causing the chaos to worsen. Large crowds of people were squeezed together in the city. Within a few short moments, situations that depicted the downfall of the area appeared within the order of the city.

He looked at the gigantic metropolis below him quietly.

Garen closed both of his eyes.

"Faded… Creation…"

He reached his hand out and clenched it gently.

"Freeze History."


The enormous hand that was made up of chills suddenly dispersed and turned into numerous shrouds of white gas that dived downwards.

The abundant chills resembled raindrops that poured down directly. Everything they touched was quickly covered in a light layer of white frost before completely turning into solid ice.

The white chills that filled the sky like rain brushed past the side of the Shark Mech's body. It was useless no matter how much it struggled.


The Shark Mech charged at Garen frantically. He used both of his hands to take out a gigantic sickle that was made by being folded. It drew a crescent-like white light in mid-air.


The gigantic sickle that was over ten meters long was blocked by a single index finger that Garen held up. His terrifying momentum made it seem as if he appeared out of thin air before disappearing. It did not adhere to the laws of physics at all.

"H… How!!"

As countless frozen layers extended towards the Shark Mech's body from the sickle quickly, his last words escaped from his mouth after his final struggle. His entire body was completely frozen into an ice block before it fell down from the high alt.i.tude.

"Within three days, give me the traitors of Black Flood Party. Just like this city, those who disobey orders will fall into eternal sleep," Garen's silhouette became blurry within the high alt.i.tude. However, his low but clear voice was transmitted across the screens of the monitoring forces without any omissions.


After some distortions, Garen disappeared in mid-air. The previously prosperous city did not even have a moment to reflect before it was completely frozen in ice.


The faraway capital of the Polar Region.

Inside an open and s.p.a.cious gloomy meeting room.

The leaders who were seated at a round table looked at the city that was completely frozen on screen silently.

Both eyes of the white-haired man who sat at the host's seat were gloomy while all ten of his fingers were interlaced on the table. He wore a black suit that was rimmed with silver stripes.

"A degree of this sort…" He opened his mouth slowly while his hoa.r.s.e voice escaped.

Mystical Journey 1094 Murderous Intent 2

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