Mystical Journey 1097 Clash 1

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If Garen's memory served him right, the White Light Organization had been swept off the Blackboard Region many years ago. He didn't expect their leader to be part of Carthage's future plan.

Judging from the looks of it, the reason the White Light was looking for Forbidden Mech's parts was clearly aimed towards Red Moon.

"The White Light doesn't feel like an organization that has just been formed. It's set to target Red Moon the moment they appear. Perhaps they've investigated Red Moon's part from the very beginning…" Garen linked the whole situation in an instant.

He looked at Divine Light who had one knee on the ground as he pondered how long White King had been planning all of these since everything had been set up a long time ago.

Now that he thought about it, the draughtsman who allied with the Red Moon the Red King was most likely this man in front of him…

"Cut the nonsense. I want to meet the people who betrayed the Black Flood Party back in the days. Since you've partic.i.p.ated in this plan, I may spare your lives if you hand all of them over to me," Garen replied calmly.

Sweat started to appear on Divine Light's head, who was still kneeling down with one knee.

"The Headquarter is the one who gives me everything I have now so it's natural that I only listen to the Lord Emissary. However…"


Divine Light raised his head. "However, may Lord Emissary tell me your respected name? So that I can inform Lord Puppeteer with minimal issue."

The Puppeteer?

Garen was offended as he had become an insider by following Carthage. However, what about the Puppeteer? It is very possible that he is in charge of this mother planet or perhaps it is just Carthage of the Scarlet Snow Sect's ident.i.ty.

"My name is Jeros and are you oppressing me by using the Puppeteer's name?!" Before Garen could react, Turing appeared beside Garen and released the Non-falling Light onto Divine Light.

"I do not dare…" Divine Light immediately lowered his head.

Garen started to lose his patience as the amount of time wasted had exceeded his expectation.

"I'll give you ten minutes. You shall perish if you don't hand over your men," he set his gaze onto the Polar Region. From where he stood, the whole city was within his view.

"Lord, are you not afraid of ruining the Headquarter's plan?" Divine Light gritted his teeth as he spoke with his head down.


Garen glared at him.


A line of white gas was shot directly towards the Divine Light's face.

Divine Light reached out his hand as he attempted to grab it by instantly gathering a huge amount of Willpower on his palm. However, the white gas unexpectedly took a turn and winded across his palm and went directly towards the back of his head.


A big, white, metal bell shape appeared and surrounded Divine Light.

A high-intensity noise reverberated as the white gas clashed onto the bell and cracks could be seen propagating on the surface of the white bell.

"Lord Emissary!" He shouted anxiously. "Aren't you scared of the Puppeteer questioning you?!" He was shocked and angry as he didn't expect Garen to attack at all.

He then squeezed a small capsule with his finger.

An invisible force imploded the s.p.a.ce dimension was connected to another region which was very far away.

Garen didn't seem to realize it as he stared calmly at the man in front of him.

"Question me? I, Jeros, have no need to explain to anybody…"

He reached out his hand and covered a huge distance at lightning speed as he grabbed onto Divine Light's head.


Divine Light struggled as their Non-falling Light Energy Field clashed and abraded against each other. As a huge amount of extremely cold white gas propagated towards Divine Light from Garen's hand, Divine Light's struggle reduced gradually as he started to freeze by the absolute coolness.


A huge amount of chill started to engulf Divine Light's body except for his head.

They were both Non-Falling Level but the instantaneous strength of the Energy Field from the Scarlet Snow's Ice Armor was Level Eight. Divine Light was completely defenseless when he faced against the absolute chill that was one level above him.

Layers of silver and white metal sheets started to appear on his body. It was the Mech that had been fused within him trying to break through but to no avail. The chill kept invading his body and even his soul.

Cracking sound could be heard as he froze. The layer of ice turned thicker over time and Divine Light's consciousness started to fade away as his gaze became muddy.

Garen mimicked Jeros' personality according to his memories as he revealed an evil and cunning smile.

"Those who defy me must die…!"


A white humanoid figure collided into Garen from the left. However, his Energy Field blocked the attack as he levitated in the middle of the air.

The huge force kept fighting against Garen's Defensive Field as white debris rained down to the ground.

This person had a pair of eyes which were blue and had no pupils. It's as if it was purely giving off a blue s.h.i.+ne. His attire was all black and his hair was very similar to the mythical Medusa as they were all made from silver-white mechanical poisonous snakes that kept wiggling about on their own.

"Jeros… This is my territory!" The man with snakes as hairs spoke with a metallic, gender-neutral voice that was slightly echoic and deep-toned.

"Scram back to your Planet Dragon Emperor!!"

"Scram?!" Garen revealed an even more sinister smile. "You're telling me to scram?!"

In that instant, he released a punch at lightning speed as his fist was gathered with an intense Energy Field and the punch landed flat on the face of the man who had snakes as his hair.


The thud similar to of a thunder could be heard as a huge shockwave spread across the air in all direction. As the Snake Hair Man received the punched straight in his face, his head sunk in and an overwhelming momentum followed afterward, sending him flying away as if he was a rocket. He then crashed onto the surface of the earth far away.

"Jeros!! Don't you dare go across the line!!" Surprisingly, the Snake Hair Man didn't die as he floated out from the surface crater as if nothing had happened to him. His head that had sunk in swiftly returned back to normal as he shouted at Garen with extreme anger.

"Is that Dazzling Silver Metal? Or is it Recovery Metal? The components you have on your body are good stuff…" Garen was shocked before he revealed an even more excited expression. "Coincidentally, I require these metals to enhance my Nine-Level Tempered Body Technique. I'm having trouble finding them and I didn't expect them to appear right in front of my eyes!"

"Don't a.s.sume that I'm afraid of you! Jeros, if you act out of line again I will report it to the Headquarter!" The Snake Hair Man shouted as he warned but it was rather outwardly strong and inwardly weak.

He took a step back and seemed to be preparing to find an escape route…

"Report? Go ahead," Garen didn't care at all.

If he could enhance his Nine-Level Tempered Body Technique, the technique could provide even more Vitality to his current physical attribute even though his Vitality could no longer be increased due to his Soul Limit. However, he could produce a layer of mysterious energy field around his body after learning this Tempered Body Technique. This layer of energy field was similar to being covered by a layer of crystal and it was able to provide extreme physical attributes.

This was also a technique that used external energy to enhance one's body.


Turing appeared behind the Snake Hair Man out of nowhere and instantly restrained him with the power of the Non-falling Light.

In that instant, Garen's chill propagated and towards him and completely froze him, locking him in a solid chunk of ice in a blink of an eye.

Crack crack…

The ice sealed up at the top, leaving no gap at all.

"There's a hundred and thirty-nine types of metal. This robot is definitely valuable… The core is made out of the Dazzling Silver Metal and Shooting Zero's Crystal which are just right to increase two levels to my Tempered Body Technique…"

He stared at the Snake Hair Man in the ice as he smiled. Living beings who were trapped within the frozen ice were still conscious but they were unable to move. It was very clear that fear and anger could be clearly seen in the Snake Hair Man's gaze.

Garen's main objective to return this time around was because of the Energy Tide and his secondary objective was to take revenge on his past grudges.

His Scarlet Snow Technique no longer had any bottlenecking ever since his Scarlet Snow Technique was used concurrently with the Scarlet Snow's Ice Armor. He could improve his strength in a very short amount of time as long as he had enough energy to consume. However, the troublesome part was that it required an extremely large amount of energy. He might not even be able to meet the Scarlet Snow Sect Grade Eighteen's requirement even if absorbed all the energy from a planet.

Furthermore, it required time for him to digest all of the energy from the Energy Ores. He would require at least ten years or more to completely absorb the Energy Ores even if his Peac.o.c.k Technique had reached its peak. Even then, he would most likely not be able to acc.u.mulate the requirement as well.

Hence, Garen had seen the general event that he set his eyes on, the Energy Tide.

This natural tidal wave of pure energy was the easiest thing for him to absorb. It could then be converted into pure energy within the shortest time and swiftly enhance the Scarlet Snow Technique's Grade.

However, such tidal explosion could only be activated under some special circ.u.mstances.

This activation was not in the hand of the humans and could only be chanced upon. Among all of the general timeline that he had seen, it had only activated once when Clint was traveling between the Four-Star Alliance and Mother Planet.

This was Garen's true final objective.

He could use the energy from the tide to push his Scarlet Snow Technique to its maximum potential. At the same time, he could gather Soul Seeds and increase the upper limit of his Soul Limit.

The Energy Tide would last for a few days once it activated. Garen had prepared himself as he had already inherited countless of experience from the ancestors. With these energies and the height of Secret Technique that he had achieved, he would be able to condense multiple Soul Seeds of different Secret Techniques without any constraints in a very amount of time. This theory would definitely work!

In the past, he was not able to see the patterns in condensing the Soul Seeds. Practically, it would be possible for one to reach the realm of Soul Seed if he were to master the Secret Techniques, condense the experience and inspiration and merge them with the techniques. It was one of the most basic rules to condense a Secret Technique and inspire. Once it had been condensed, it would be able to guide every cell in one's body to change according to the rule and achieve a higher physical limit.

This was the truth of the Soul Seed increasing the Soul Limits.

Garen gained a lot of senses as he inherited a huge amount of Secret Technique experience.

The Living Secret Technique was not necessarily required. As long as it was a top end Secret Technique that didn't possess incredible power, one would be able to condense a Soul Seed with enough energy and basic inspiration.


The Snake Hair Man's body broke down as it disintegrated into metal debris. The metals were many colors and were mixed together in a very messy manner.

Garen then separated two metals out from the rest with one of his hands and started to compute at high speed via his Energy Machine Imprint as he gently inhaled with his mouth.


The metals, one black and the other white, turned into liquid as they flowed into his mouth like a river stream.

"As long as the Tempered Body Technique is enhanced, my body's resistance would enhance as well. I would be able to counter the negative effects of the Destructive Impact Fists once it has reached a higher level!" This was one of the main reasons he had chosen these two Secret Techniques back then as they could support each other.

Garen stood at the peak of the mountain. Divine Light was completely frozen inside the ice and could not move an inch. On the other hand, the Hair Snake Man was completely disintegrated by Garen into a huge amount of rare metals. He had picked out a portion of it for collections and the remaining metals were completely devoured by his Peac.o.c.k Technique which had turned into the essence of Cold Energy to supply his consumption.

Unfortunately, not all of the metals were considered high energy materials. Although some of the metals seemed very valuable, it didn't possess much energy. Hence, the metals and the Energy Furnace inside the Hair Snake Man's body were not able to give Garen a lot of Cold Energy. It was only equivalent to devouring a mountain of high energy mine. Furthermore, he required some time to completely digest them.

Garen stood at the pinnacle of the mountain and waited quietly as he finished absorbing the metals.

He closed his eyes as black halo started to illuminate around his body.

Soon, a layer of black film flashed across his entire body. Then, a translucent white layer flashed across his body as well.

These two metals soon managed to push the Nine-Level Tempered Body Technique to the second level.

Garen, who once practiced the Divine Statue Technique was very familiar with the sensation of his body being enhanced in a strange and miraculous manner. Hence, he was able to get used to it very quickly. Afterall, what the Nine-level Tempered Body Technique lacked was material and time instead of the difficulty in mastering the technique.

It was similar to the Ice Coffin as it was a technique that required hard work and patience.

However, Garen would only require tens of Potential Points and the problem would be completely solved.

Garen's Potential Points broke into the thousand as he had absorbed a huge amount of Holy Tree Branches from the Business Alliance. Hence, he no longer needed to spend them sparingly like he used to in the past.

The second level of the Tempered Body Technique had been achieved within minutes with the help of the ingredients and potential points.

Garen opened his eyes as he was able to feel a thin layer of film that seemed to be protecting his body and ensuring it would not come in contact with the external world. Despite that, it was very mysterious as it didn't affect his senses in the least. His body's defense was enhanced dramatically and this ability seemed to derive from his own Vitality.

Mystical Journey 1097 Clash 1

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