Mystical Journey 1105 Tide 3

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"Light Beam! Gather!"

Fiery Fear's Mech spread its four wings, with bright, red beams of light shooting out of every tip of its wings. The light beams were burning bright, bending as they were aimed toward him, forming a beautiful red Light Sphere.

The Light Sphere kept expanding. Soon enough, everything near the red beams of light had been dyed a shade of red that resembled the searing sun.

"Destruction Laser!"

As though it was being pulled by an unknown force, the Light Sphere suddenly jolted downward.

At the same time, the other Non-falling Levels were trying their best, unleas.h.i.+ng all their powers. The bright light that exploded from the Mechs were highly concentrated, shooting different forms of colorful streams downward.

"It's useless."

A white-robed man looked up at the Mechs in the sky as he walked out slowly from the villa.

As he spoke, a layer of translucent barrier starting forming in the air, surrounding the villa.

All the attacks that were launched disappeared the second they made contact with the invisible barrier, like pebbles sinking into the water.

"Attack!" A furious voice growled.

All the Mechs promptly increased the energy they released, horrifying streams of colorful, electric current-like lights continued to fall from the sky, cras.h.i.+ng into the translucent screen before Garen.

However, Garen took no notice of these people and continued staring at the sky which was becoming a concentrated shade of a rainbow.

"It's coming…"

His stare was intense.

All of a sudden, a white Light Beam shot down from the sky.


The light pillar landed not far away. It was at least a thousand meters wide, as though something was hidden inside the Light Beam.

What followed the Light Beam were actual halos the colors of a rainbow.

The air began to stir as a transparent, vortex-like airstream appeared, while an ear-piercing horn sound rang from the sky.

The entire forest was instantly set on fire, and black clouds swarmed above the sky. The black clouds were pushed to two sides by the white light pillar and the rainbow light, yet it did not want to join back together and cover the sky.

White snowflakes danced across the air, spinning around the white column of light just like streams of rivulets.

The ground shook once again.

"It's really coming this time!"

Garen held his right arm out, his palms curved, as though he was grabbing on to the white light pillar.

"Star Core Resonance…"

As he mumbled in a hushed tone, streaks of red light began appearing on the ground below Garen's feet; they quickly gathered like streams of water in Garen's palms.

The streaks of red light were getting more concentrated as the number of streaks increased.

"He's extracting the Star Core's powers! Stop him!" Fiery Fear was considered well-experienced and knowledgeable since he knew what was happening and started panicking.

Soon enough, all the Non-falling Levels had a great increase in their powers. However, they noticed that their attacks were harmless to the opponent's defensive energy field which served as a barrier.

Disappointment crept onto some of the Non-falling Levels' faces.

Although the Mechs were glamorous and looked magnificent, they were all useless to Garen at this point. Their powers were like absorbed by an endless hole, vanis.h.i.+ng instantly as they made contact with the barrier.

The snow was getting heavier and a light fog was cast upon both the sky and the earth. Everything could not be seen anymore, except the white column of light that was standing tall between heaven and earth.

A layer of frost started creeping up Garen's body, forming a Scarlet Snow Ice Armor while a pair of gigantic, long ice wings slowly condensed to form behind his back.

All of a sudden, Garen took a step forward.

"True form, reveal!"

He suddenly extended both arms like he was embracing the sky.


In s.p.a.ce

The whole surface of the Mother Planet was suddenly covered by an abundant of black speckles. 

At this very moment, the speckles were moving about swiftly as though they were alive, being pulled toward each other and finally forming a black dot.

In a flash, the black dot formed a huge Peac.o.c.k's eyeball. It stuck its skull out from underneath the ground, its entire body was semitransparent just like Mother Planet's soul. Slowly, the enormous White Peac.o.c.k emerged from Mother Planet, its ma.s.sive body almost covering half of Mother Planet already.


The White Peac.o.c.k growled at somewhere deep in s.p.a.ce where the rainbow-like lights were s.h.i.+ning.

It was as though there was a reaction, the s.p.a.ce rainbow lights, which were originally drifting along the white light pillar toward Mother Planet, suddenly accelerated.

Countless streaks of rainbow streams, that were way bigger than Mother Planet, started surging toward the white light pillar.


The rainbow tide slammed against the surface of Mother Planet, completely drowning the White Peac.o.c.k.


Among the White Lights, Clint and the others were staring wide-eyed at Mother Planet, which was getting nearer and nearer, and the ma.s.sive peac.o.c.k above.

"There, there… What a huge peac.o.c.k! Since when did Mother Planet have such a creepy creature?" Clint gulped as he felt his body tingled.

"How bold!" Red Moon was the first one to see right through everything, "Protecting Mother Planet by itself, isn't it afraid that the energy tide would wipe out its Willpower?" He exclaimed.

It should be noted that the size of an energy tide would vary from small ones to huge ones, and this time around, its scale should exceed hundreds of light years. Merely as big as a small toy ball in a big tide, the Mother Planet was completely unnoticeable. A tide like this had a power that could not be simply defended against by one simple planet.

"Be prepared, we'll be landing soon!" Little did Red Moon realize that this tide would not actually involve Mother Planet, but he and his men provoked this happening with their Light Beam.

Red Moon's red Mech was launched toward Mother Planet along with the streak of white light, stumbling among the countless rainbow streams.


On the Satellite

The lady in a white skirt was staring silently at the rainbow tide that was spreading throughout the entire view of s.p.a.ce.

Then, she looked at the White Peac.o.c.k that was peacefully settling on Mother Planet.

"Level Nine huh?" She mumbled. "No.3."

A black shadow appeared behind her in the wooden cabin once again and flew out before landed right behind the lady.

"Ready for your commands, ruler."

"Where's Carthage? Inform him about what's happening here, his p.a.w.n has been growing a bit too fast." The ruler spoke calmly.

"Just inform him?" No.3 responded.

"What are you planning to do then?" The ruler asked back again. "I'm not in charge of the region where Chinande is at."

"Whether he's Jeros or Nonosiva, wouldn't it be easier if we just kill whoever gets in the way of our plan?" No.3 asked coldly. "It's very common for accidents to happen in the Energy Tide…"

The ruler was silent.

Neither one of them spoke for a couple of minutes.

"We'd have a lot of problems once he manages to break the holy bond and becomes a sacred body," No.3 spoke again.

"We need to consider Carthage's situation. After all, he's still one of Chinande's clones. n.o.body would know whether he's actually speaking for Chinande," The ruler said.

"Just one of the three hundred and forty-two clones."

"But this is different."

No.3 let out a laugh.

"Even if he manages to break the holy bond and become a sacred body, do you think he actually stands a chance to surpa.s.s Regent Level? Do you think he can actually rebel against His Majesty?"

"Well, technically, he'd be on the same level already… Regent Level and Perpetual Motion Level, they're both sacred bodies theoretically, but one has the condensation concept whereas the other one doesn't. However, in reality, the contrast between these two isn't as big as we imagine it to be." The ruler retorted.

"Then why don't you agree to just kill him now?" No.3 asked curiously.

"Because of me."

All of a sudden, a figure that resembled fresh blood darted out from a dark corner of s.p.a.ce far away, landing beside both the people within seconds, blowing up a ma.s.s amount of flowers and plants around the area.

The figure crashed down like a lightning, but soundless.

The newcomer was a fair-skinned lady all dressed in a Blood Robe. Although her gorgeous dress up was elegant and enchanting, she had countless red-black airstreams that had faces encircling her, adding a sense of intimidating power to her presence.

She was the Wraith Royalty's princess, also Jeros' sister, Fresh Blood Holy Lord.

A hint of fear flashed on the ruler's usual cold and heartless expression while her body tensed up, her fingers clenched around the book tightly as though she was ready to move.

"So, it's Fresh Blood Holy Lord, your Royal Highness. We apologize for not welcoming you, please forgive us."

Fresh Blood Holy Lord, the number one powerhouse of the Wraith Royalty, was also a highly qualified Holy Lord.

Even though they were the same level as Perpetual Motioners and Regent Level, only a real insider would know that Regent Level was actually the strongest of them all after battling against the Holy Lords after so many years. They represented the ruling over this big piece of land, so they were addressed as the Kings by the Holy Lords.

This was also how Regent Level originated. The concept, in fact, was the common ground that people have discovered from those Regent-Level powerhouses.

There were no longer any specific cla.s.sifications of combat levels in the Holy Lord Level, only the gap between one's combat power. Therefore, one would have to kill his own way to gain reputation and status. The so-called Concept Level was just another term for Regent Level. 

Fresh Blood Holy Lord, who was standing right across, was one of the few Overlords from Wraith Royalty who would be qualified to enter the elite Regent Level! She challenged the Finite King of the previous generation thrice, and even though she failed, she retreated in good form. Moreover, the Wraith Royalty was able to retain its ruling area mainly because of her support and help.

"Fresh Blood Holy Lord, your Royal Highness, you've come here personally, is it because you have decided to deal with your brother?" No.3, on the other hand, was not afraid of her at all. After all, he was just a mere clone over here, and he was hidden well, so the other party would have no clue as to who he really was.

As he finished speaking, Fresh Blood Holy Lord's appeared before him phantom-like; one arm pierced into his chest.


No.3 instantly collapsed into a wisp of smoke and vanished into thin air.

"Suspicious little b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

A malicious look was written on the Fresh Blood Holy Lord's face. She held out her finger and stared at the droplet of fresh blood on the tip of her finger, before leaning in to lick it.

"Aren't you going to do something about Jeros' behavior? He's already violated the plan. If we don't do deal with it, the King is definitely not going to ignore the fact that the plan is being ruined…" Bang!

After the blow, the ruler's body flew backward due to the force of impact, cras.h.i.+ng into the wooden cabin, even smas.h.i.+ng through the wooden door. She could not be seen after the crash, just a vague view that she was trying hard to get up from the ground.

"Are you trying to pressure me by naming the White King?!" Fresh Blood Holy Lord did not even bother to turn to look at the ruler, instead, she kept her confused gaze on the ma.s.sive White Peac.o.c.k resting above Mother Planet.

"Why is Jeros' qi so weak? He still wants to absorb the energy tide's energy?" She was getting more confused by the second, but a spiteful crept up her face. "He's no doubt my idiotic younger brother. Just a short period of time of not seeing him and he's perished once again! To be so weak until this point, he is a disgrace to the Wraith Royalty!"

She slowly stretched out her jade-like slim fingers.

"Let me teach you what sort of att.i.tude you should possess to exist in this universe as a Wraith Royalty!"

A clump of metallic red blood started burning in her palm.


Unexpectedly, she flung her arm at the only huge star in the solar system, Mother Planet.

She then clutched her fist.


The entire star started shaking violently before bursting into red flames suddenly. It was like an ignited solar particle, burning with a bright blood-red shade.

"There you go! Ha ha ha ha!" Fresh Blood Holy Lord enjoyed the immense heat of the star, her body was getting more excited, as though it was being recharged. A vast amount of fresh blood energy started surging into her body and she began laughing wildly.

With a loud boom, a terrifying clump of b.l.o.o.d.y inflammation burst out from her body and rushed into the sky. At that instant, the entire small planet shook and moved directly out of its original trajectory, flying toward the star.

"My stupid younger brother! Are you trying to take everything? Let me, the Holy Lord, gift you something huge!" Fresh Blood Holy Lord was laughing hysterically, "If you can't swallow everything, you can die!"

Inside the wooden cabin.

"Crazy! That crazy person! She wants to destroy the entire galaxy!"

The ruler was so overwhelmed by the gigantic amount of energy that she could not even look forward. They were both Holy Lord and Perpetual Motioner Level, yet the difference of powers between them was as different as heaven as h.e.l.l!

"The King will never forgive you!! You are the one who destroyed the plan…" She yelled, spitting out a mouthful of blood as she spoke.

Mystical Journey 1105 Tide 3

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