Mystical Journey 1106 Tide 4

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The enormous planet was approaching, the scorching heat of the Sun was getting unbearable. As the distance closed up, everyone on the Mother Planet could feel the terrifying heat that was escalating by seconds.

Garen was the first one to sense this alarming change.

As the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k, he had already fully converted his Scarlet Snow Ice Armor into its true form by then. Although the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k's true form might only just be a phantom, it was devouring a vast amount of pure energy from the energy tide that moment. The surge of energy would have been considered deadly to an ordinary person. However, for the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k's almost immortal physique, it was nothing.

The gigantic White Peac.o.c.k phantom continued devouring the crazy amount of rainbow energy.

As for those Non-falling ones surrounding Garen, they could not even survive in the energy tide for ten minutes before all their powers were thoroughly wiped out.

If it was not for Garen's qi protecting these two regions, absorbing all the energy from the tide that kept rus.h.i.+ng in, all the Willpower powerhouses of these two regions would have been completely wiped out by the deadly tide, everyone's Willpower completely destroyed.

His Scarlet Snow Technique continued surging as it slowly increased.

All the veins on Garen's body could be seen surfacing his skin and he looked absolutely terrifying.

Black clouds swirled above him, on top of that was the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k's ma.s.sive body. However, the only thing that could be seen at the moment was the white stream of chill churning in the air, and that was actually one of the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k's blood vessel moving. The peac.o.c.k's body could not be seen at all.

The whole rainbow tide was basically blocked out by this white stream of chill.

At that moment, all the Non-falling ones realized that something was wrong - the people they were attacking seemed to be the one actually protecting this region. Each of them stared speechlessly at the other, then fell to the floor in despair. They did not know what to do, other than just observe silently by the side.

The Ice Dragon and the others, who just walked out of the villa, were also shocked at the changes in the sky. It was as if Heaven and Earth were revolving around Garen.

As the white snow melted outside, the ground was once again covered by a new layer of white snow. The forests, which were once luscious, had now wilted, from the original emerald-green to the current shade of burnt black, and they were all covered by the white snow.

This sort of great change in the world, such extraordinary dissipation of the world, definitely marked everyone's heart deeply, and it would be something unforgettable forever.

Right then, Garen's qi swiftly broke through the Non-falling Level's Grade Fifteen Scarlet Snow Technique, and it immediately advanced to Grade Sixteen, and it was still increasing as it continued absorbing energy from the tide. (TL Note: Author wrote 'Level Sixteen' but this seems to be a typo, it should be 'Grade Sixteen')

In just a few minutes, he managed to break through Grade Sixteen, and a dazzling Frost Seed slowly appeared behind him.

The seed seemed like an ice sculpture, round and delicate, and it was slowly planted into the void. Within seconds, it sprouted and a white, icy vine grew out, weaving something that seemed like a screen.

"Grade Seventeen…" Garen closed his eyes and felt the growth of the Frost Seed. At the same time, a Soul Seed that represented the extreme h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k started forming in his mind.

This Soul Seed seemed to be different from the ordinary Soul Seeds. It was not just merely illusory, but it had a vague trace of pure Willpower that should only be possessed by Energy Machinists and Pilots.

He should embed a trace of Willpower of Origin into the Soul Seed!

This was the brand new path of improvement that the Scarlet Snow Sect ancestors had opened up in order to bypa.s.s the board.

The highest achievements of the Ancient Endors, the Soul Seed and the world's most powerful power, the Willpower of Origin, this two balanced everything.

"Semi-Soul… Who knew…" Little did Garen suspect that the Scarlet Snow ancestors would actually use such a method to break through the limits, to enter the Level-Nine realm of the same grade as the board.

The tremendous amount of energy from the tide continued gus.h.i.+ng into Garen's peac.o.c.k. At this point, he was not devouring his own will anymore, but the tide was just pus.h.i.+ng into the peac.o.c.k's body. He did not have to devour the energy anymore, all he needed was to absorb the consumed energy.

Right at that moment, the most horrifying fact of the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k revealed itself.

Garen could sense it himself. As his powers continued to rise, the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k's digestive ability increased just as well.

The energy that was first consumed by his body was still barely able to be digested, however, it was more than adequate now.

It was indeed the Ancient Endors' rampant creature. That incredible digestive ability was simply the strongest point of the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k that was known for its immortality.


At this moment, Garen heard a soft sound behind him that sounded like gla.s.s clinking against each other.

The vine that grew out from the Frost Seed was slowly weaving into a delicate, huge screen, and it was almost done. Numerous ice crystals growing along the vines s.h.i.+mmered a fluorescent white. Looking from a distance, Garen seemed to have a gigantic piece of vine-made screen that was glinting in white on his back.

The original ice-crystal wings were pushed aside to the back of the vine-made screen.


The white, icy crystal vines on Garen's back continued growing frantically toward all directions. Soon enough, almost the entire sky, which was about thousands of kilometers wide, was fully covered. Both the sky and the ground were filled with mesh vines of ice crystals.

The black clouds were long gone from the sky. At this moment, the Sun was getting nearer and the temperature was rising.

Without even sensing the changes to his own self, Garen raised up his head and looked at the sky.

"This… This is!?" He could actually sense that the Sun was slightly redder and it was diving toward Mother Planet!

"The Sun is getting nearer!"

Fiery Fear and his men also noticed that something was off.

No instruments were able to function right then as the energy particles storm was too big of a disturbance. Only their eyes and senses remained.

"If this continues, the entire Mother Planet will peris.h.!.+" Diofie mumbled. All of a sudden, he started panicking and became an utter mess. Under such natural disasters, he had no idea at all what to do despite being the leader of the region.

"What in the world is this!!?" Fiery Fear roared furiously, but his voice was drowned by the endless surge of energy disruption, only to be transmitted within the range of a hundred meters beside him.

This moment, everything came to his mind. His family, children, academy, brothers, best friend, wife… Every familiar face that he knew floated through his mind.

"Oh my goodness! G.o.d, why are you punis.h.i.+ng me…" Fiery Fear was stunned by the chain of changes that was happening, it was all too overwhelming for him. As the distance between them and the Sun that was closing in, he had zero reaction despite the end of the world being imminent.

Facing such a natural disaster, if the Sun did not return to its own position, the entire Mother Planet would be thoroughly scorched; n.o.body would stand a chance of surviving through it.

Not just him, every single one of those powerhouses sent to suppress Garen was weak on the ground with their stagnant eyes wide open, not knowing what to do.

No matter how strong they were, they had no chance going against such a powerful force.

Unconsciously, everyone's eyes paused on Garen.

"It must be him! He must be the one who triggered this doomsday!"

"If we can kill him, everything will return to normal!"

A ferocious grin appeared on each of their faces.

"Let's not waste any more time! Move, everyone! Let's get rid of this demon!"

One of them leaped up and dashed toward Garen.

Crack crack…!

A chill started creeping up from beneath the person's feet before rapidly spreading as it crept upward. He was soon frozen, his eyes wide opened with disbelief. As he stood in the block of ice, his body started corroding swiftly just like a candle.

Everyone was shocked at this sight.

Right then, Garen simply ignored those people.

He was engrossed in devouring the heat from the approaching star.

The terrifying thermal tide was mixed among the energy tide, but the Solar Seeds, which were tougher to be digested compared to the energy tide, was still pouring into his body.

Most of the energy that was emitted by the Sun itself was not just pure energy. They mostly required a longer period of time for one to absorb and convert them into Cold Energy. This was why Garen did not choose to absorb the star.

All of a sudden, a bright white light burst out of his body and he entered the Eighteenth Grade of Scarlet Snow Technique completely.


However, at the same time, Garen suddenly coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

That was the sign of his body was damaged by all sorts of gas substances that were mixed along the star.

Cold Energy and Thermal Energy were battling against each other. These two entirely different energy were high up in the sky, constantly colliding with each other between Mother Planet and the Star.

The ma.s.sive gravitational force gradually diffused around. Garen could no longer hold against the control of the gravitational force. Besides the protected villa region, everything around him collapsed instantly, turning into a black abyss.

The villa basically became an island.

"Who is it!" Garen remembered clearly that he did not see anything about the star back then. "Who is it!?"

He felt an excruciating pain all over his body, waves of pain were transmitted from his h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k's body.

His Willpower was slightly blurred… But the star was still getting nearer.

The h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k's digestive system finally collapsed. After all, it was not the actual h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k Queen but a mere phantom. A result like this was already way beyond Garen's imagination.

"It's Sister!! It's Gersa!! Hahahaha!!!" A sudden laughter rang through Garen's head. To his surprise, it was Jeros, the one who was once devoured by the Nine-headed Dragon's Soul.

Turns out he had yet to perish, the remnants of his Will just regained consciousness, fully taking advantage of Garen's currently-weak state.

"You're doomed! Doomed!" Jeros continued to laugh hysterically.

Although his last piece of soul would soon be devoured by the Nine-headed Dragon once again, he did not seem to mind.

Garen's will was still blurred.

The star was not just destroying Mother Planet at this moment, its primary target was actually him.

The immense gravitational pull of the star had completely locked on to him. He had no way to escape or dodge, he could only keep resisting!

Cracks could be seen on the Semi-Soul that was just condensed as it was being placed under extreme force right now.

"I… How can I die here…" Garen's deepest conscious was growling relentlessly. He wanted to break through this monstrous force so badly.

"How is this possible! How can I fall here!!" He bellowed, but still, he was unable to resist the terrifying force pushed upon him.

"You are Scarlet Snow Sect's last hope! It's been a couple of thousand years already! How can you fall here!" An angry rumble thundered from the Armor of Ice that Garen was wearing.

The human souls of the early ancestors started flowing out from the armor, spinning around Garen.

"You are destined to be the strongest of Scarlet Snow in the past thousands of years!"

"No! You can't let Scarlet Snow's hope die in a place like this!"

"Those in our path shall die!"

All the ancestors were beyond furious, their souls burnt with raging fire. As the souls burn within the Scarlet Snow Ice Armor, an incomparable burst of energy surged within him.


The enormous gush of cold air rushed toward the sky, heading straight toward the nearing Sun.

With a hard knock at the side, bursts of fiery lava and rocks flew out. However, it did nothing to stop the steadily-moving Sun that was still heading straight for Mother Planet.


Another gush of cold air flew toward the sky, cras.h.i.+ng into the star.

Each and every Level Nine Elders' strengths were showcased, all of them burnt madly as their souls started melting. Their power, combined with Garen's, shot into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Against the continuous ferocious. .h.i.ts, the Sun finally seemed to slow down.

After all, the Level Nine powers had already reached a terrifying state. Plus, Garen was still continuously devouring energy from the tide to convert into Cold Energy to be used as the source of his powers. As long as his body could withstand it, he would have an endless supply of Cold Energy.

The Mother Star, once again, started moving along with each hit.

Finally, the Sun began to move away.

"No… The Mother Planet was the one that moved…" Garen's Energy Machinist Imprint formed such a conclusion under his current blur state.


He fell to the ground.

Everywhere around him was chaos. Other than him, the villa was shattered, the others were frozen icicles, some melted, yet some remained as blocks of ice. Although this attack was not directed towards them, only some were able to survive.

Now, Garen knelt alone at the stone pillar of what was originally the villa. There was nothing around him.

The distance between Mother Planet and the Sun had finally returned to normal, and the Sun was back to its original shade, not the horrifying, b.l.o.o.d.y-red hue anymore.

Right at that moment, Garen cracked. His blood was frozen by the chill within him as lines of scars started forming all over his body.

The land was yellow, both heat and cold sizzled together, making the entire surface around the pillar and everywhere else akin to a desert.

Mystical Journey 1106 Tide 4

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