Mystical Journey 1135 Confinement 1

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Garen's skin instantly tightened. An extremely great sense of threat gushed out of the soul seed inside his mind. How could it be!!? What happened!?

He should have gone straight to the void battlefield! The people of the Scarlet Snow Sect were waiting for him there. How did he teleport to the White King's headquarters in the North Pole!??

He could not understand what was happening. His mind was a mess and he was caught off guard by the sudden dramatic change.

The White King! He was the terrifying being that dominated more than half of the galaxy! He was the best of the Regent Level!

Garen was just an ordinary Level Ten Perpetual Motioner! It would be as easy as killing an ant if the White King wanted to kill him.

The gap between the both of them was too big. It was utterly incomparable!

Garen tried very hard to calm himself down. However, he could not stop his heart from beating rapidly.

"According to what you've gone through, all the sudden changes and climaxes, coupled with my judgment, 25 percent of your real name is Nonosiva, 6.2 percent is Jeros, and above 60 percent is Garen." The White King looked like an ordinary young lad with a very pure smile. His skin was delicate, like a good milk-flavored jelly. His serene eyes seemed to be smiling. It felt as though he was smiling constantly.

"Am I right?"

Garen's heart tightened once again.

"What… do you want to do?" It was the first time that he felt his voice was so hoa.r.s.e.

Even though the White King had not reached his prime yet, he was still far from someone who Garen can compete against.

"You're not the only one who saw Destiny..." The White King answered in a low voice, while still smiling.

The entire white palace was surrounded by an endless amount of nebula vortex. A large number of meteorites were revolving around the palace at a high speed. This place was like the Eye of The Storm. It was extremely violent on the outside but peaceful on the inside. He could tell that this was the center of a huge meteorite whirlpool. However, he did not know he was located in which part of s.p.a.ce. Being isolated by an endless amount of powerful whirlpools, this place was like a different world. An average expert will not even be qualified to enter this place.

"Everything in the world has a definite number. You and I are also involved in it. Many years later, I will be killed by the Red King, even though he will become my only bosom friend in the future. However, that is fate." The White King lifted his head to look at the rotating meteorite flow. One after another huge gray meteorite flew across the top of his head with a tremendous sense of oppression. It seemed as though it might hit on this palace any time.

After Garen realized that the White King did not seem to have any plans on making a move, he relaxed slightly.

"If you knew that you will die in the future, why not make a move in advance?"

"That is my destiny..." The White King revealed a pure smile. "I was born to follow my destiny."

Garen knew the dream of the White King. He wanted the world to be free from struggles and war.

Since he had seen the overall trend, he would have understood that after the Red King killed him, the human race will unite. After that, there will be an unprecedented prosperity and peace which will last for a very long period of time...

"Since I'm disobeying destiny, how are you going to deal with me?" Garen asked calmly.

"Initially, I was going to kill you." The White King said softly. "However, after seeing you, I am hesitant."

"You're hesitating?" Garen secretly sighed in relief. "Why?" n.o.body would want to die if they were given a chance to stay alive.

In fact, he did not agree to the ideals of the White King. The Universe and the Milky Way were way too big. All the Finite People along with the human race only occupied two nebulae. All of them only ruled tens of thousands of habitable planets and hundreds of thousands of inhabitable planets.

That looked like a huge number. However, compared to the size of the hundreds of billions of stars and countless nebulae in the Milky Way, it was like a small crevice at the side of a pond.

They had already discovered hundreds of billions of galaxies about the size of the Milky Way in the Universe. Each one of them had hundreds of billions of solar systems. It was a terrifyingly huge scale, let alone those that have yet to be discovered. Moreover, there might be another Universe other than this Universe.

In a mere human-mech civilization, a regent level expert who was able to destroy a planet was just as common as a drop of water in the vast sea.

Either way, he still respected the White King for going as far as becoming a martyr just for his dream.

"That is because you're not the same as what I thought you would be…" The White King said gently. "I'm a rational man. You're destined to die in the hands of Chinande, so you shouldn't be killed by me."

"Didn't you choose to resist your destiny?" Garen asked. "Why did you accept it now?" He tried to start a new topic, but he involuntarily brought that up.

After hearing what he said, the White King shook his head.

"Since destiny is going towards the overall trend that I long for, why should I change it?" He replied with a smile.

He stopped looking at Garen and walked towards the stone steps leading to the Palace Square and started to walk down the steps.

Garen looked around him. It was utterly deserted and empty. There were vague traces on the ground from the aftermath of a battle. The entire place was filled with dents and openings.

He glanced at the White King, who walked further and further away. Then, he chose to keep up with him.

On the long stone steps of the white palace, the both of them were like two small dots which slowly moved downwards one after the other.

After they walked to the bottom of the stone stairs, the White King walked to a blood-colored gravestone that stood on the ground obliquely. He stood still and reached out his hands to gently touch the texture of the gravestone as if he was caressing his lover.

Stopping behind him, Garen frowned looking at him. He did not know what the White King was planning to do.

"You know what?" The White King suddenly said.


Garen stared at him quietly and waited for him to continue.

"I twisted destiny with my own hands so that it is how it is now..." The White King said calmly.

"What are you planning to do by catching me here?!" Garen frowned and said in a low voice.

"Have you heard of a saying?" The White King turned around and smiled. "One day in Heaven is one year on Earth..."

He lifted his finger and sparkles of gold s.h.i.+mmer lighted upon his fingertips.

As the faint light scattered, Garen found that anything below his legs was frozen on the ground.

It was not a block of ice that froze him, but an extremely clear, dark gold crystal.


The dark gold crystals grew slowly and crawled up to Garen's legs as if they were living organism. It continued to spread out to other regions. It absorbed the cold air that released naturally from Garen's body and became powerful rapidly.

"This is!!?" Garen tried to move his legs, but the power of the crystals was extremely strong. "Gold Void Crystals...! The strongest confinement substances?"

This idea flashed through his mind. Garen soon felt his body losing control. The more he struggled, the faster the dark gold crystals spread. Soon, it covered his chest and was about to trap his throat.

Icy cold...

Ever since Garen learned the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k Technique, it was the first time that he felt cold.

A piercing icy cold chill constantly tried to penetrate to the deep parts of his skin and bones.


The shadow of the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k struggled and wailed behind Garen. Then, it let out a final scream. Numerous white ice crystal vines tried to spread behind Garen and form a giant ice net to a.s.sist him.

However, nothing can act as a leverage in the void.

"Do you know that?" The White King lifted a finger once again. "A lot of people address me as the Absolute Distortion..."

The dark gold s.h.i.+mmer disappeared.


All the ice crystal vines shattered. It turned into countless white light spots and gradually fell onto the ground.

Garen was completely sealed in the dark gold crystal. He was not able to move and all he could do was stare at the White King with his eyes wide open. The terrifying force field around his body constantly tried to condense. However, it was being disrupted by an odd distortive power. Each time his force field tried to condense, it will be broken up.

Even the power of his soul seed was completely destroyed by his distortive power. Everything inside Garen was in a mess.

"Distortion... this was an absolute concept! As long as you're within this area, all the living things will only have one concept, and that is distortion..." The White King explained quietly. "Without your own concept, it will be pointless no matter how you struggle."

As usual, he had a pure smile on his face.

"You shall stay here and quietly wait for the arrival of your destiny..."

He turned around and slowly walked towards the upper part of the white palace. His figure gradually went further. He slowly disappeared in the stone steps and he was nowhere to be seen.

Garen looked at the direction where the White King left through the crystal. Only until he completely left, his distortive power weakened slightly.

"Distortion, huh?"

He tried to condense the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k Technique to restore its body. However, the Living Secret Technique could not absorb the void power from outside through the crystal. There was a huge devouring force that continuously absorbed the chill air from his body.

Along with the devouring power, the ma.s.sive acc.u.mulation of chill air on Garen's body was declining rapidly.


A blue silk string that was trying to reach out from his palm immediately exploded and broke.

"This is troublesome...!" Garen's heart sank as he felt like he might be in danger. "The devouring power is not that strong. It's considered weak compared to mine. However, because of this distortive power, I am unable to condense my devouring power!!"

At the moment, he had confirmed that the White King had no intention of killing him. However, because he was stronger than the White King had expected, he might change the overall trend. Therefore, he was being confined here to wait for his inevitable future.

"If the White King did not lie to me... then this should be a place with an unlimited fold of gravitational force... the gravitational force here can even distort and change the flow of time. The so-called one day in Heaven is one year on Earth... So he was planning to do this..."

Garen seemed to have understood the White King's plan.

At that moment, he looked outside through the crystal. The meteorites on the sky seemed to have moved faster and it was gradually speeding up.

Suddenly, several streams of light descended from the sky and headed directly towards the white stone steps. Soon, it arrived at the stone steps and flew towards the surrounding meteorites.

There were white and blue streams of light. It seemed as though there were shadows among it. However, it was impossible for Garen to see clearly with his vision.

The stones on the ground around the crystal started cracking and gradually became smaller. Finally, it turned into sand particles and condensed into the soil under the moist water vapor.


Shooting stars of various sizes fell from the sky. The larger shooting stars repeated the process once again and turned into soil.

Gradually, Garen felt that the soil around the crystal was getting higher and greater. It rose up from the bottom of the crystal and quickly reached his waist, almost drowning half of his body.

After seeing all these changes, Garen finally realized something.

"As expected, he even distorted time..."

He felt as if only a few hours had pa.s.sed through the crystal. However, it seemed as though a long time had gone by outside of the crystal...

Mystical Journey 1135 Confinement 1

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