Mystical Journey 1136 Confinement 2

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Time ticked away... Garen could feel his strength weakening.

He was quickly drained from Level Ten and soon reached Level Nine...

Level Nine was also rapidly absorbed and directly dropped to Level Eight...and Level Eight was rapidly weakening.

"This is his purpose?" Garen calmly pondered the countermeasures. "If it weren't for that distortive power which interfered with my condensing strength, how could this devouring force be compared to mine?"

Level Eight quickly weakened and the time on the outside world flew by swiftly.

Garen finally fell back to Level Seven.

"Am I going to bow out this way!?" Garen was starting to get anxious. Watching one's own strength declining rapidly, anybody would become increasingly restless too.

He was not afraid of death, but he could not resign himself to it!! Being inexplicably confined by the White King, not accomplis.h.i.+ng anything yet, and being deterred before he could truly unleash the powerful strength he had, this indescribable feeling of grievance and repression made Garen even more dissatisfied.

"Stay calm…only by staying calm can I find a way!" Garen forced himself to calm down and carefully looked for possible ways to break through.


While in reverie, Garen suddenly realized that the dark golden crystal around him was actually slowly releasing a subtle hissing sound.

Not knowing when did it started, traces of dark golden airstream began to flow inside the crystal.

As time went by, the airstream in the crystal began to gradually condense, forming a fuzzy misty ma.s.s like a snake.

"This is?" Garen was stunned.

Hiss hiss...

The serpentine air ma.s.s twisted its body and became clearer, swimming slowly in the dark golden crystal.

A faintly familiar yet unfamiliar aura rose from the body of the snake and spread into Garen's Soul Seed Ring. It immediately caused subtle waves of ripples.

"This is...Void Creature!!" Garen suddenly recalled the essence of this aura.


The outside world

One hundred and fifty years later...

In a red desert, a white figure walked slowly and steadily on the sand, leaving a deep footprint and another shallow footprint. The figure held a long crutch in his hand. He was barefooted, exposing his dry and darkened instep skin.

A slender curvy shadow constantly moved around his feet and slowly swam in the sand. Even though the sun in the sky was bright and hot, one could only see the fuzzy outline of the shadow. It was a rope-like thing.

"The Energy Machinists have been extinct for more than a hundred years! Why is the environment still this bad? Didn't they say the root cause of the environmental pollution has been resolved? This group of warmongers who only knows how to bluff!"

The figure raised his head, revealing a dry, dark, old face.

Some parts of his cheeks were scorched, leaving some white patches of skin as if they had been smeared with flour.

After complaining a few sentences, he lowered his head and touched the black rope below. The rope was also very cooperative, willingly raised what was considered as the head for him to caress.

"Such a good child. Come on, help your dad to see where to find water next!" The old man was talking to the rope like a pet.

The rope actually seemed to understand him. It circled the ground, raised its head and began to shake it for some unknown purposes.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed through in the sky, fleeting swiftly past the old man's overhead.


"Huh?" The old man lifted his head and looked puzzlingly above his head. There was nothing at all. "Looks like I'm so thirsty that I'm having auditory hallucination…"

He again lowered his head and stared at the snake-like dancing movement by the rope.


Another dark shadow flashed past him, like a big bird zooming over his head.

The old man looked up sharply and still saw nothing.

"What the h.e.l.l!!" He muttered.

Just when he lowered his head once more.


Another dark shadow flashed by.

Almost instantaneously, he immediately looked up but was still a step slower. The sky was empty as if it was ridiculing him that his movements were too slow.


He cursed and bowed his head.


This time, he looked up instantly and there was nothing at all in the sky but blueness. The hot and blazing golden sun made people unable to open their eyes.

Lowering his head.

"Ha!" He immediately looked up again but nothing flashed by. "Could it be that I really have an illusion?" He touched his face and gave up wasting time here. He looked down at the rope.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoos.h.!.+

In an instant, countless dark shadows flashed past overhead.

The old man and the rope were startled and he flopped down onto the hot sand, looking up quickly. But all he saw were countless black silhouettes like that of big birds fleeting with lightning speed above him.

"You can't run away, Clint Beza!!" A cold woman's voice came down from the sky.

"No one can stop me from going anywhere in the Milky Way!!" Another arrogant man's voice sounded throughout the sky.

"After robbing my Scarlet Mourning Hall's treasure, you still dare to come back to Mars. I really don't know if you are conceited or stupid!" The woman's voice teased. "Perhaps you really thought that Baylon would come to your aid? Just give up. The two great Spirit Officers from my Scarlet Mourning Hall had already gone ahead to intercept and finish her off. Even the Almighty Woman, Baylon, is not likely to come back alive!"

"What a joke! Do I still need reinforcement? Is there something wrong with your brain or are you having a brain fart?! Do you speak without observing the situation?"

The sky was suddenly clear. All the dark shadows stopped instantly. One of the dark shadows removed its hood, revealing a young man's handsome face. Behind him was a vaguely transparent stream of transparent particles. It was this stream of particles which helped him to achieve a high-speed flight.

Opposite the man was five women's figures, headed by a splendid blond with blue eyes. She held a large, silver-white laser cannon in her hand, her stony face was full of murderous intention.

"Stupid Martians!" The man opened his mouth and lambasted. His savage expression made people want to beat him up. "Put down your weapons and surrender! You have been surrounded by me!!"

The man wrapped his arms around himself made a confident posture.

This immediately caused the five people on the opposite to react as if they were confronted by a great enemy. They became alert and observed the surroundings, carefully watching out for the dangers which could arise around them.

The hot wind was still ravaging. There was nothing but silence in the desert.

The expression on the man's face seemed to be not able to hold it out anymore. His face twitched a few times and he quickly glanced around. Still unable to see his ambus.h.i.+ng companion, he immediately panicked.

"Another empty threat?!" The blonde-haired blue-eyed woman glanced around and when she did not find any threats, she immediately settled down. "Did the ambush you mention referred to that good-for-nothing on the ground?"

She moved her arm.


A thick white laser was suddenly shot downward.

It was aimed at the black thin old man who had slumped to the ground in fear.

Such laser cannon caliber was enough to melt several meters of alloy steel plate in seconds with just a simple shot. How could an ordinary desert traveler resist such a large-scale sophisticated weapon?

The old man only felt a white radiance on top of his head. In a trice, there was an intense barbecue-like heat coming down on him from the head to the toe.


Only then did the prolonged laser sound slowly drift over.

"Killing the innocent indiscriminately, die!" At the same moment, a cold female voice rang out in the man's ear.

"Unparalleled Sword."

The expected hot scalding did not come. Instead, it was an icy coldness which was so cold that it could cut through the heart.

A beautiful woman dressed in white stood in front of the man. She held the sword in one hand and blocked the lasers completely. Numerous white spots of light were continuously sliced and shattered, turning into solid-like ice cubes and falling to the ground.

"Peac.o.c.k!" The woman's voice was also cold and filled with a killing intention.

Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz...!

Four consecutive slicing sounds like that of a lightning.

The figure of the woman with a ponytail had leaped up high and landed on another spot on the sand.

"You!!" The blond-haired blue-eyed woman in the sky shuddered as she stared at the woman on the ground. "Almighty Woman!! The two Spirit Officers couldn't even..."


A blood hole suddenly opened up at the throat of the four figures behind her. They crashed to the ground like fluttering black b.u.t.terflies, splas.h.i.+ng broken bits of sand waves.

"Spirit Officer?" The ponytail woman lifted her icy and pretty face and opened her hand. There were two blood-stained delicate scarlet rings in her palm. "Do you mean this?"

Without any hesitation, the blonde spun around and fled. Her figure turned into a dark shadow and flew towards the distant with lightning speed.

"Unparalleled Sword..." The ponytail woman once again raised her rapier. "Die!"

A silver-white sword-light twisted and caught up with the opponent, penetrating the blonde woman's back without any hindrance and exiting from the chest, bringing out a large b.l.o.o.d.y shower. Only then did it quickly flew back into the ponytail woman's sword.

"I'm becoming less than you..." Clint came to the woman's side with a look of pain in his face.

"Let's go." The ponytail woman ignored him, kept her sword and was ready to leave.

Clint looked at her back and felt helpless.

"Since the death of Big Brother, you have been constantly like this. It's been so many years, can't you let it go? Energy Machinists have been extinct for more than a hundred years. We will definitely take revenge for Big Brother, but you..."

"I'm different from you." The ponytail woman stopped in her tracks, but she did not turn around. "You do not understand."


Clint looked at the other party's original black hair which was already mixed with some white color. As a powerful pilot who had integrated with one's Mech, white hair was already appearing in just a hundred or so of age. One could imagine how much pain the other party was in. How did she live through this past hundred years? Perhaps only she herself knew.

"Sacrificing life in exchange for power, is it really worth it?"

"I think it's worth it." Baylon did not look back and walked away.

With her family gone, she could still look up to her older brother. Now that her older brother was gone, there was no one else to depend on. When she first received the news, it was such a huge blow to Baylon that she went berserk.

From the outbreak of his terrific strength in Scarlet Snow Sect to older brother changing his name to Garen, leading Scarlet Snow into the highest level and bringing the people of Scarlet Snow to flee, when she finally received the grievous news and that Scarlet Snow was mourning for him, all of Baylon's pillars instantly collapsed.

In this world, her last family member had also died. He had died in the conspiracy of White King. After waking up, what had left in her heart was only an endless hatred –a hatred towards White King!

Mystical Journey 1136 Confinement 2

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