Mystical Journey 1137 Variable 1

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Nebula border, Public Galaxy R-Wasteland.

In the dull cosmos, everything was dark. Only Public Galaxy's sole star, Evallier, was still emitting a soft gigantic golden glow.


Suddenly in the void, there appeared a circular ring made up of metal sheets. Each metal sheet was a few kilometers long and resembled a sharp bone spur. They were arranged together and continuously rotating, forming a huge dozens-of-kilometers ring.

In the silence, a transparent distortion emerged in the middle of the ring.


A disk-shaped grey-black s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p slowly emerged from the middle.

The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was like a black mushroom with a dense array of folds on its surface and had a metal statue of an old man in a robe erected on the top. At this moment, the eyes of the statue were clearly s.h.i.+ning a white light. They were like a searchlight, illuminating the surrounding environment one by one.

On the side of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, in a scallop-type window among the numerous folds, one could see two bald-headed man and woman standing shoulder to shoulder, quietly watching everything on the outside world.

Both of them looked indifferent and solemn from the windows. Their heads were bare and a few pieces of silver metal were implanted on it, giving off the sense of a Modified Human and Robotic Human.

"Is there any news from Finite that side? Evan." The bald man looked out of the window and asked solemnly.

"What news do you want?" The bald woman Evan wrapped her arms around her chest. A silver metal antenna extended from the back of her head. The bottom of the antenna continually spread out blue electric arcs to the top.

It seemed that her body was constantly generating electric arcs and pa.s.sing them out through the antenna.

"The General Military Department has sent two legions out. Only one legion is left behind to safeguard the entire Human Race. Prince Thunderbird from Finite's side will definitely not let go of this opportunity easily. Once there is an accident on the eastern battlefield, the entire Human Race is likely to lose power. We must be extra careful." The man spoke in a low voice.

"Now, it's impossible for Thunderbird to free up his forces to deal with this side. Only three of the Twelve Golden Merit Blue Princes are guarding the headquarters. Are they not afraid of our counterattack?" Evan was perplexed.

"Of course they are. you think they will come to attack us by surprise?" The man asked in reply.

" unlikely..." Evan shook her head.

The man suddenly laughed.

"See? Even you don't think so. If they act in reverse, then the risk of danger is very high..."

"But we have Sky Fortress." Evan argued, "We can combine our strengths that are above the Non-Falling Level as one. Even if they come, they won't be able to break through easily."

The man shook his head.

"How many Non-Falling Levels are there? The individual's strength is not too important now unless the Regent Level personally move in. If I were Chinande, I will come here the first moment to get hold of the key loophole at any time. So long as once a little gap is gotten hold of, then even though we are just a minor clash by the edge, it will still have an extremely serious effect on the overall situation."

He then looked at the outside world again.

"Alright. When we reach the destination, call up White Winter and the others. We should go and check it out. We must be swift, make it a quick battle. We will return immediately after positioning the jump."

"Understand." Evan gave a salute, turned about and left quickly.

A few moments later, on the mushroom-shaped gray-black fortress, several black triangular metal s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps flew straight to the Public Galaxy's only star, Evallier.

It had been more than a hundred years since the Energy Machinist Extinction. The world was not completely without any Energy Machinists, but as most of the Energy Machinists had lost their legacy due to their levels being too low, they had lost the original powerful strength and became purely auxiliary logistics units.

The Energy Machinist Sect only existed in the legends and was called the Ancient Energizers, in order to distinguish the current occupation of Energy Machinists. One hundred plus of years was not a long time to the powerhouses. However, to the ordinary people, it was already equivalent to much of their life or a lifetime. The legend of Energy Machinist very soon faded as the years pa.s.sed.

After White King defeated the Wraith Monarch and exterminated the Wraith Royalty, it took only a few years for him to unify the entire Finite, thus aiming his spearhead at mankind, who was on the opposite side.

The real confrontation between the Mother Planet and Finite people finally broke out.

Among the nine great Royal Star Forces, the most powerful Thousand Pillar King led the other eight Regent-Level mankind to form a formal strategic alliance and jointly fight against Finite's White King's wild ambition.

Throughout these more-than-one-hundred years, Thousand Pillar King and Mo Luo and Mo Guang the two top Regent Levels spearheaded and led the Three Armies in a direct confrontation with Finite's Twelve Golden Merit Blue Princes. Both sides suffered casualties.

White King had personally fought for several times but was resisted by the Star Emperors using the Sky Fortress, which was a unique Willpower joint installation. This technology was learned and invented from the data in the hands of the Energy Machinists back then.

Mankind, whose origin was from Mother Planet, had similar Willpower features. It was like the gene. There were always many common points in the gene strand.

Finite was different. There were the universal unified ethnic, made up of hundreds of different universal ethnics. The composition was complex. Even if this technology was available to them, they could not apply it too.

In this way, mankind had Sky Fortress, this kind of joint installation; whereas, the overall strength of the Finite people was much stronger. After the high-level forces from both sides confronted each other in the Inverse s.p.a.ce for a while, no one was able to bring harm to the other party and things had to be halted temporarily.

After the strategic level of attack and defense had stagnated, the crucial point lied in the stealth warfare which was similar to the boiling frog syndrome.

War, to a certain extent, was the fight of resources and economy, so the great conflict between the two key communities, which was the conflict of resources, resurfaced once again and became the confrontation point of a new round of war.

Now, the human army fleet, which had always holed up, took the initiative to attack because it discovered a brand new gaseous mineral planet. Once this planet was occupied, mankind's increasingly stricken energy crisis would be temporarily alleviated.

For this reason, the scientists had also named the planet as the Lord of Hope – Cameron.

And now, this mushroom-like s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was headed toward the Cameron Star, which was located in Public Galaxy.

The news had not spread yet. The Finite people did not yet know that this planet was a rare gaseous mineral planet. The entire planet was full of various types of mineral dust and gas which could be utilized. This was also the key opportunity for the Human Race.

Therefore, the two legions positioned a similar planet and pretended to occupy it, but the real team that would occupy the planet was secretly moving in.

The mushroom s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p slowly went forward. It released several small insect-like flying s.h.i.+ps that flew silently toward Public Galaxy. A huge khaki-colored planet over there was spinning slowly, and a huge yellow star ring was suspended at its waist.

"It's here! Found it! Haha!!" One of the small flying s.h.i.+ps spread out an ecstatic voice. "It is it! Cameron! Hahaha!!" The mad laughter continued.

"Immediately determine its position. Prepare to extract samples!"

"The collection knife is ready. Begin."

Two small flying s.h.i.+ps quickly approached the khaki-colored planet. They jumped halfway and quickly crossed a large distance, immediately appearing at the edge of the star ring. They extended their robotic arm and began to collect samples.

At the same time, a swarm of mechanical bees was densely dispersed. They flew in all directions to detect the surrounding movement at any time.

The khaki-colored planet rotated slowly as if it had been slowly rotating as such since numerous years ago. The enormous volume was comparable to a star not far away. It was totally unknown why it was confined by the star's gravitational pull to revolve around it.

As the robotic arms began collecting, a strange aura gradually diffused all over Cameron Star.

Above the planet, endless khaki-colored storms raged wildly, and the black spots in it were like fruits hanging in the storm. They were extremely dark and were floating in the void.


Suddenly, a black spot exploded and transformed into a dark small hole. It began to devour the surrounding khaki-colored airstream.

Very soon, a beetle full of compound eyes on its entire body climbed out of the black hole. It lifted its head to raise its ferocious mouthparts and looked into the sky, which seemed to be just in the direction of the acquisition flying s.h.i.+ps.

Hiss hiss...

The subtle cry began to travel through the storm.

It was a huge variable which no one had expected. It seemed that it was finally triggered due to an unknown reason…


White King's Central Palace.

Garen could not remember how long it had been.

Since he was confined in the crystal, everything in the outside world had become extremely fast. But as time went by, the distortive power finally began to weaken.

The distorted time was also finally beginning to return to normal again.

Garen's concept of time was also turned around again. However, although the distortive power no longer distorted the time, his body was still firmly confined. There was no possibility for the slightest struggle.

His current strength had been confined and devoured, reducing to Level Seven, the Non-Falling Level. This seemed to be the limit, a point set by White King.

Garen knew that he hoped he would die in the hands of Chinande in a way that was consistent with history. The time was coming soon. Everything was just waiting for the Battle of Ice Age to break out. That was the time when he would officially meet his death.

Through the dark golden crystal, Garen vaguely saw that the outside world had acc.u.mulated a lot of dust and sand, almost completely burying this Void Crystal of his. Only a glimmer of light vaguely shone from the overhead.

"Snake, come here." Garen transmitted the voice from his mind.

Soon, a dark golden snake slowly condensed from the crystal. It wriggled its body and slowly crawled to the front of Garen. The Confining Crystal seemed to have no effect on it.

Hiss hiss...the little snake made a slight hissing sound as if asking what was up.

"How much dark energy have you absorbed?" Garen asked bluntly. An aura of the Void Creature, h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k, was exuded from his body and stirred in the crystal. That immediately made the little snake felt warm and happily spun a few rounds in the atmosphere.

It generously gaped open its mouth and spit.


Large plumes of ink-like dark energy quickly spread within the entire crystal. Only a small part of it came into contact with Garen and was absorbed by the Devourer Ability in his pa.s.sive body. The other part was wasted and dispersed throughout the crystal, making the crystal stronger and more horrifying.

Mystical Journey 1137 Variable 1

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