Mystical Journey 1166 Attack 2

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In the darkness, the saber was as bright as a silver path, reflecting the dim lights by the street.

Silver Chain's black claw and Garen's saber clashed against each other.

Clank clank clank clank clank!!

Big white light sparked around Garen. Those sparks were the result of the clashes between the extremely fast moving saber and sharp claw. Every time they collided, a white light sparked.

"Slas.h.!.+" Holding his saber with both of his hands, Garen drew a sharp path forward at lightning speed.


Thud thud thud...

Silver Chain retreated a few steps back as a big, deep wound opened up on his chest. Fresh blood started flowing out of the wound, dripping to the ground.

It was only then that the keys Saber One had thrown out started to fall to the ground. It had already been cut into tiny pieces and no longer resembled its original appearance.

He was stunned as he lowered his head and looked at the wound on his chest.

He was injured?!!!

He was a modified Cyborg, a top cla.s.s warrior from the organization that had experienced hundreds of battles! Surprisingly, he was injured by a man who was less than twenty years old?!!

Silver Chain was in disbelief as he moved his hand and touched the wound on his chest.


s.h.i.+ng... Garen slowly sheathed his saber.

"Do you want to scram on your own or do you prefer me sending you off?" He asked in a condescending tone.

"... I'll let you all off the hook this time!" Silver stared at Garen as he turned around decisively and leaped, disappearing into the darkness in an instant.


Suddenly, plenty of black sharp claws burst out from the darkness and headed towards Garen.


The white sparks appeared once more as the black sharp claws were blocked off with great precision. No one could even see Garen moving his saber at all.

Garen did not pursue after him as he deflected the last black sharp claw. Garen then sheathed his saber once more, making a clunking sound as he did so. It seemed that he had created an Absolute Territory two meters around him with him as the epicenter and nothing would be able to invade this s.p.a.ce.

Furthermore, it was as if he was not in the battle at all from the beginning until the end as his white s.h.i.+rt still looked the same as previously when he was walking back home.

The alley was in complete silence. It was as if nothing had happened here excluding the messy remnants from the battle.

"So... So strong!!" Both Saber One and Saber Two witnessed the whole situation with a dull look in their eyes as they looked at Garen deflecting the black sharp claws.

The strong and terrifying cyborg could not even break Garen's defense at all! This level of Saber Art... was almost at the peak of humanity's limit!!

"That's... That's the Head Minister for you!" Saber One gulped as he now realized that Garen had been holding back more than a trick or two when he sparred with Garen back at the Combat Department. It was no wonder he kept being bullied as the difference between their strength was simply too huge!

It was incredibly ridiculous for a typical human's strength to reach such a level!

"Are you okay." Garen walked towards them and helped them up. "Both of you are seriously injured and will need blood transfusion in the hospital immediately." He frowned and told them as he saw their injuries.

"We're lucky... that the Head Minister had coincidentally walked pa.s.sed here...we will be in big trouble if not for you..." Saber Two smiled wryly.

"It's best for you to not represent the human next time." Garen smiled gently. "That thing is not something you can win against. You shouldn't fight it even if you don't represent the human race."

Saber One was stunned momentarily, and he smiled.


He nodded repet.i.tively.


Half an hour later. Lincoln's ambulance arrived to send the two to the hospital.

Garen stood on the street as he looked at the ambulance disappearing in the distance. If it was not for him to pa.s.s by coincidentally while Saber One and Saber Two were ambushed, he might not be able to discover one of the Four Great Cornerstones was actually Lincoln's cousin brother, Yuria.

He was no other than Saber One, whose real name he did not bother to remember.

In the Saber Art Dojo, Garen's nickname was the Great Saber and beneath him was Saber One, Saber Two and so on until the Saber Tens. This crude management brought about a strong pa.s.sion for compet.i.tion and rivalry as the number in the nickname signified their strength.

"I didn't expect... the Savior, one of the Four Great Cornerstones would be Yuria... I always thought that it would be Lincoln." He held his saber by his waist tightly as he gazed at the silent street around him. As expected, someone with great influence had set up the surrounding beforehand as they wanted to keep it as an absolute secret.

Garen then walked back slowly from where he came from.

At the top of the building far away, a variety of surveillance equipment was set up. Several people in blue tight s.h.i.+rt were crawled in front of the surveillance system. Their faces twitched as they saw the situation on the other side of the monitor unfold.

"This... This is ridiculous!"

"Seven slashes in one second! What incredible talent in Saber Art!" A middle-aged woman in said as she sweated around her forehead. "This level of Saber Art can be coined as a master in the world of blades and sabers."

"Are you saying that this kid who's less than eighteen years old is a Saber Master?!" The person beside her, who was responsible for the operations whispered in disbelief.

"If everyone has this kind of talent in Battle Skills, no one would be using firearms to make up for their lack of skills." The woman smiled wryly. "It's as you said. This young man named Kong Xiaofei has indeed reached the pinnacle as a human weapon and it would be an understatement to call him a Saber Master."

"Legend has it that a Saber Master is able to cut down the airplane in the sky."

"My Lord, it's a flying bird..." The woman said helplessly.

"Alright, alright. A flying bird. It's incredible that he is able to stand toe to toe against our ultimate cyborg warrior without modifying his body at all!" The man in charge praised. "How are we going to deal with this talented man who appeared out of nowhere?"

" I think..." The woman adjusted her "I think we can try and make contact with him. The purpose of humans living in this world is to obtain reputation and authority to lead a better life. Perhaps we can recruit him into our organization, Vulture."

"Recruit him?" The person in charge started to ponder about this possibility. "Although he looks very promising, I don't think we have a suitable position for him even if we manage to recruit him...unless he is willing to be modified."

"While it's true that we do not have a place for him to do what he does best, I think he is very suited to become an instructor. You have to know that there are less than five people with talent similar to his in the entire world and all of them are big shots with widespread reputation and influences. He has nothing as compared to them so he should be easily tempted by this invitation."

The woman explained.

"Let's send some people to test the water." The person in charge decided.



"It seems... that there is a little bit of Soul Energy, but it isn't as much as I expected," Garen recalled the amount of aura he sensed from Yuria. He could only sense a vague Soul Energy when their limbs came in contact with each other.

"It seems to be in an inactive state."

He sat in the courtyard in his new house. The golden sunlight shone through the skylight above him, bathing nothing else but him in the courtyard.

His new house was a villa located in a high-end residential area of the city center. A villa at the heart of the Lily of the Valley, a second-tier city, did not cost much at less than half a million.

The design of the villa is of the traditional, square double story with a courtyard. One may call it a gigantified version of siheyuan instead of a villa as it had slightly more area than the usual ones. Furthermore, it was much more beautiful as there were exquisite eagle sculptures placed at every edge of the roofs.

There was also a small pond at the entrance with a beautiful copper mermaid sculpture in it.

"I still can't confirm that he is an Inheritor. I need more time to interact with him," Garen pondered.

He then recalled that Cyborg earlier and thought that he was rather powerful.

"I believe they will contact me on their own accord to test my att.i.tude soon. The Vulture and The Four Great Cornerstones..." Yuria had told him everything he knew in the hospital and he had also found out that the Cyborg belonged to a large and mysterious organization, Vulture.

"The Savior is able to borrow the strength from the people around him and become strong enough to achieve his goal. Is he able to borrow strength from the others? Interesting..." Although Garen did not know what kind of abilities the remaining Three Great Cornerstones possess, he guessed that it would be something of similar scale.

The ability of the Savior was very subjective as it depended on how the user made use of it. If the people he borrowed the strength from were powerful, then he would be powerful as well. If he were to borrow it from many people, he would then become the Savior who bore the hope of tens of thousands of citizens. This would grant him strength so powerful to the realm where no one had seen before.

Crack... He heard someone returned as the door to the living room far away was opened, breaking off Garen's chain of thought.

"I'm back." Kong Xinxue threw her high heels to one side, stepping onto the wooden floor still in her white stockings. She entered the house without even wearing any slippers.

"I heard that you are the one who sent Yuria and the other to the hospital?" Kong Xinxue carried a chair towards Garen, placed it down in front of him and sat on it.

The white one-piece dress was wrinkled horribly as it was used as a cus.h.i.+on when pressed in between the chair and her b.u.t.t.

"Yeah." Garen nodded.

"I heard that your Saber Art is incredibly good? Where did you learn that? Why did I not see you practice before in the past?" Kong Xinxue stared at Garen suspiciously.

"It's because I'm a genius." Garen had no sense of shame. "I learn those things via observation." He replied calmly as he sat cross-legged on the floor.

"A genius..." Kong Xinxue was speechless. "Alright genius. Can you tell me why there's such a drastic change in personality before and after the fever? Don't tell me a spirit possessed your body or something the Mysterious Old Man novel used to trick the kids."

"Mysterious Old Man?" Garen was stunned. Transmigration novel had yet to gain its momentum in this world, right? Only people from Planet Earth would be able to mention the Mysterious Old Man novel naturally in their examples.

He then stared at Kong Xinxue suspiciously.

"What are you talking about?"

"What do you mean?" Kong Xinxue seemed to have sensed something as she started to act dumb. "Regardless, I feel that there's something off about you."

"In what aspect?" Garen did not understand her.

"Every aspect about you seems off." Kong Xinxue took a deep breath. "Recently, you've scored full marks for every exam paper. The teacher has already taken your paper as a benchmark for being the perfectly answered paper in the entire Five School Alliance. Oh right, I guess you haven't realized that that was a mock examination for the college entrance examination. Every student in the schools including us would be partic.i.p.ating in it. You, on the other hand, have hit a perfect score..."

Garen wanted to say that he had solved them while he's half-awake but he was not sure if he should...

Regardless, he had decided to come to this world to take a rest so he was too lazy to take note of such trivial stuff.TL Note: siheyuan is a historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China, most famously in Beijing and rural Shanxi.

Mystical Journey 1166 Attack 2

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