The Devil's Cage 1234 Doesn't Follow The Common Rules

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For the next five days, Kieran didn't leave his room.

Other than having necessary meals, he was absorbing everything that Maxim had to teach about Raven Sect.

His methods were obviously very effective with p.r.o.nounced results.

[Name: Mystical Knowledge, Raven Sect (Master)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: You have an understanding of the secret knowledge of this sect. You are now able to decipher all related basic knowledge and some advance knowledge.]

[Consume: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Each sect has their own uniqueness, their knowledge are vastly different and these pieces of knowledge are always more useful than expected]


"It's almost time," Kieran said as he stood up.

Achieving Master level of [Mystical Knowledge, Raven Sect] within five days had reached his expectations, it would not be that easy to further level it up to Pro level, even with Maxim's guidance.

Moreover, time didn't allow Kieran to further his studies.

"Maxim, I need you to take note and arrange future knowledge of Raven Sect," Kieran ordered before walking out his room.

"Very well, my lord," Maxim replied respectfully.

Compared to the respect and reverence toward Kieran before this, Maxim didn't just revere Kieran's strength anymore, instead, he was completely convinced.

It was too astonis.h.i.+ng!

As Raven Sect's recorder, Maxim had the duty to educate other members about relevant knowledge.

However, Maxim never saw a person as smart as Kieran. No, he wasn't just smart anymore, that kind of gift that allowed him to learn a year's worth of knowledge in one day and ten years worth of knowledge in five days could only be explained as a genius. Especially Kieran's ability to draw inferences about other cases from one instance, it was very convincing to Maxim.

Maxim remembered when Kieran mastered the basics on the first day, he exclaimed that "Give it another month and my lord, you will be able to master this."

But now?

Kieran reached such level after a mere four days. A level that was only possible amongst the majority of the core members of Raven Sect.

Thinking about how long he used to reach this level, Maxim was left with a bitter smile.

More importantly, Maxim was once known as a genius in this field as well.

"As expected, one cannot compare themselves with others."

A sigh later, Maxim carried out Kieran's orders.

While after listening to the sigh from Maxim, Perry Kaner understood it almost instantly as well because she shared the same feeling.

But it didn't stop her from mocking her old rival.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You thought everyone is like you? His lords.h.i.+p is different from you," Perry Kaner mocked coldly.

"Yes, his lords.h.i.+p is different from us, aren't you one of "us" as well?"

Making notes, Maxim refuted without even looking at Perry Kaner.

"Of course I am one, but I am at the forefront, the closest to his lords.h.i.+p," said Perry Kaner.

Then, without waiting for a reply, she quickly left the room.

If Kieran weren't there, she wouldn't want to spend another second in the room.

"Boasting without shame."

Obviously, Maxim and Perry Kaner shared the same thoughts. After seeing her off with a cold grunt, Maxim focused his attention into making the notes for Kieran.


"Did you find him?"

Kieran asked Perry Kaner, who caught up with him.

"I found him and with your orders, Jyaichi and the others are keeping an eye on him. And the thing you requested is ready as well," Perry Kaner nodded.

Speaking of her old comrades and subordinates, Perry Kaner's expression looked a little complicated but it vanished soon enough.

She knew how scary the witch's ring was.

Once dominated, there was no way to undo it.

As for hating Kieran?

She wouldn't.

Based on their relations.h.i.+p back then, it was determined to be normal.

Moreover, if it weren't for Kieran, she was afraid she might not even see any of them now.

What about expressing her thanks?

It was natural that it didn't occur to her.

It wasn't hatred, it wasn't thanks, but a slight gratefulness was mixed in her feelings.

No one knew the true feelings of Perry Kaner at the moment.

So, even when Kieran saw the face, he didn't care.

He judged most of the people by whether they were dangerous or not.

If dangerous, pay attention or eliminate.

If not dangerous, pay attention.

Other than that?

Well sorry, Kieran wasn't used to committing to a fruitless outcome, similar to this exact moment.

"Lead the way," Kieran said.

Perry Kaner then quickly walked past Kieran and moved further ahead.

Both of them didn't take the wagons, let alone being particular about the splendor leaving like a n.o.ble.

Both of them left Warren Palace just like that and entered the inner section of Riverdale. They continued on to a street in the inner city.

Compared to the civilian and merchant heavy downtown, the inner city housed the n.o.bles and knights of Riverdale.

However, after the war with the prairies, the place was quite empty.

Other than the patrolling guards, one could hardly spot others.

Despite the downtown growing more and more prosperous by the day, and almost returning to the glorious days of Riverdale, the inner city was still very quiet.

Kieran didn't kill every one of the n.o.bles but those who dared to return were few to none.

A person only has one life.

No one would dare to gamble theirs with Kieran, in hopes that he would spare them.

Since the original owner didn't return, the inner city naturally became the royal family's property, being at their disposal.

In simple words, the whole inner city belonged to Mary.

Unfortunately, some barged in without an invitation.

"My lord."

Jyaichi, Fanner, and Torstar, who were responsible for the watch, quickly came out from the corner when they saw Kieran and Perry Kaner.

"The target never left the location."

"Four days ago, another middle-aged man came and judging from the situation, he seems like the target's servant."

"Other than that, no one else came."

"The target didn't go out and buy food, so he must have prepared rations in the house."

All three of them reported in detail to Kieran.

"Em. Go knock on the door," Kieran said with a nod.

Jyaichi quickly went up to the tall iron fence gate and knocked on the bronze pull ring.

Dang Dang Dang!

The loud knocking immediately echoed throughout the empty street.

A while later, a middle-aged man with leather armor and a short sword around his waist that looked like a mercenary yet had a clean face walked out.

When the man saw Kieran, he quickly showed a smile.

"Lord White Wolf, Master Aqua Ape has been expecting you." 

The man bowed and opened the gate.

However, the moment the man straightened his waist, he was stunned by what he saw and the smile on his face froze.

Perry Kaner pulled out an arrest warrant in front of his face.

The warrant clearly stated...

Crime: Trespa.s.sing private property. 

Suspect: Aqua Ape

Authorize: Mary James

Executioner: 2567

The Devil's Cage 1234 Doesn't Follow The Common Rules

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